I introduce myself as Applicant Name, daughter of Mr. Parent’s name and Mrs Parent’s name, inhabitant of Newartole, 06 Thanapati, Nuwakot, Nepal, but currently residing in Samakhushi Pragatipath, Tokha Municipality-29, Kathmandu. I was born on D.O.B and I am the only child of my parents. My marital status is single till date. I am willing to apply for Masters of Professional Accounting (MPA) in the University Name  Sydney, Australia for July intake A.D to enhance my knowledge in the field of accountancy. My dad owns a cold store named Company Name Store at Ward no. 13, Lalitpur and my mom is a housewife.

Regarding my academic background, I completed my school leaving certificate (SLC) in Year A.D. with Score % from School Name , Samakhushi, Kathmandu. After SLC, I decided to pursue my further education in the field of management. So, I joined College name for my intermediate level. Because of my good grades in SLC I was awarded full scholarship for my intermediate level. I chose Business Studies as my major subject and passed higher secondary level with an aggregate percentage of Score % in Year A.D.. Being a business student, my teachers, seniors as well as my parents suggested me to join bachelors in the field of managerial or administrative sector. Thus, I decided to join BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) in a college affiliated to University name for my further education. As per the requirement and criterion of University name  , I appeared for CMAT examination and interviews. In the process, I received Score %  scholarship from Campus name and got admitted there in Year A.D .I passed out from the campus in Year A.D specializing in banking and finance with an overall CGPA of XX%. However, I received my final transcript of BBA in  Year A.D. During the course of my study, I got an opportunity to do eight weeks internship at corporate credit department of Company Name,, Lazimpat from Year A.D to Year A.D at my last semester.

After the final semester examinations of my bachelors I took the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) class from Year A.D. Getting prepared for the test for around 2 months I attended the IELTS examination on Year A.D and got my result announced on Year A.D. I scored overall XX in IELTS with XX in listening, XX in reading and speaking and XX in writing. Then, I applied for the offer letter from University Name on Year A.D and after an interview on Year A.D, I received the offer of admission from University on Year A.D with student ID XXXXXX. It took about two months for me to prepare necessary GTE documents and I submitted the documents on Year A.D which got approved after a week, Year A.D

It took a long time for university to provide us the transcript of final score and degree. Hence, during that leisure period I searched for a contract job through a job agent and got opportunity to join Company Name Tripureshwor on Year A.D. After a month they placed me at Company name, Maharajgunj, the location near to my home. Since then till now I have been doing the contract job at the same place.

I have chosen to do master’s right after the completion of my graduation. Currently, as a BBA graduate I can apply for the positions like junior accountant, trainee assistant, junior auditor and similar other positions. As I have been working as bank teller in the Company name and have done internship in the corporate credit department of Company name, I have realized that the salary we receive for the post we apply in the banks or any other organizations is relatively lower to the positions that we will be applying after our master’s degree. And also, if we join the organizations for the junior or trainee level positions it would take me three to four years’ time period or even more to reach in the positions that I have been seeking to work as right after my master’s. There is a wide range of opportunities for master graduated students along with better salary pay resulting to a better lifestyle. Therefore, to Master in a field of my own interest as well as to secure my future and make base and securing a better career path in various organizations, I intend to pursue my master’s degree as soon as possible.

There are only five accredited universities in Nepal at the moment for which the competition is very tough. Universities such as Kathmandu University, Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University etc are offering Master’s degree course in Nepal. To get admission in those Universities student needs to sit through various entrance examinations which are the derivatives of/GRE/GMAT. It takes time to do and even when done, the education is not globally competitive. Most universities here have traditional teaching pedagogy. Education provided by professors are mostly theoretical based. Also lack of proper timing of exam and result has become a major frustrating issue among the students. For the students, like me, who have completed bachelors in the field of management have just two to three options to choose for masters. They are Master’s in Business Studies, Master’s of Business Administration, Master’s in Business Management, etc. But I have developed an interest in accounting since my bachelors. Chartered Accountancy is the course that a person would prefer to do, but as I have already completed my 4 years degree, I thought of choosing a course that would provide me the certificate which has similar importance. There is no such post graduate program in my country. Course like MPA is not available in my home country, Nepal. Similarly, the courses of Masters offered in Nepal are not updated well and paper based only, which made me to think about MPA in foreign countries. Hence, the desire to specialize in the field of professional accounting has driven me to look forward for abroad studies. So, being sure to apply abroad for my postgraduate study, I started doing research on academic environment and cost of different universities outside the country. There are some Colleges offering international education such as Lord Buddha Education Foundation, Islington College, The British College but most of them are offering distance education. Also its been long time I studied in Nepal and now willing to study abroad.

With being mentally prepared that I would study abroad for my masters, I started researching about the universities around the globe. During this process, I learnt universities from USA, UK, Australia, and Canada providing the course that I am willing to study. After that I started to learn about the procedures to apply to these countries. There I got to know, to apply for students’ visa in USA, I have to prepare and appear for the exams as GMAT, etc. Appearing these exams would take around 6 months period which is too time consuming. Also, regular news regarding the cold war in between US and other countries raised some security related doubts in me. Australia is one of the most secure and peaceful place to live and study as compared to USA due to the commencement of new policies, different racist appellations pronounced day by day. So, I dropped my plan to apply for this country. Likewise, I thought of choosing UK for my further study. But in case of this country, the tuition fee of the universities seemed to be too expensive for me as the exchange rate of British Pound with Nepali currency is always around 1£ approximately Rs. 140. High accommodation cost and expensive living style became a hindrance for me to choose UK for my further study. Also in case of Canada, the weather seemed to be too unfavorable for me as it is too cold and I have a body that could not resist cold. These countries were inappropriate for me in a way or another, so, I chose Australia over them.

Australia is the third most popular International Student Destination of the globe. The country offers excellent value for money and a quality standard of living. Universities here provide globally recognized education to its students. 6 out of 100 top universities in the world are in Australia. According to site www.internationalstudent.com/study_australia, almost all the universities in Australia are government recognized which makes the students safe about their future and education. Also, each year Australian Government offers international scholarships that help international students to pursue higher education at Australia to make their future career scopes. Students are facilitated with innovative teaching pedagogy and research resources. Australian education system provides Global Exposure to their students as most of the universities provide internship opportunities to their students in the related field of their study. In comparison to other countries as USA, UK the living cost of this country is much more affordable for the students as 1 USD = NPR 108, 1 GBP = NPR 142 and 1 AUD = NPR 81. Also, this country provides PSW (Post Study Work) opportunities for international students to explore oneself around international working environment and gain some experience in the actual work field. Australia has friendly and welcoming natives and also the country is considered to be very safe as crime rate is comparatively low. Australia has 5 of the 30 best cities in the world for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity, all those important elements for students when choosing the best study destination. The country is renowned for multicultural behavior and soothing climate with high living standards. These things had a huge impact on me to choose this country for my higher study.

The government of Australia provides an excellent support system for international students to protect the rights of international students. They have implemented laws to maintain the similar standard of education to both domestic and international students. Australian government ensures the quality of education for international students so far that the Australian government provides Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) act 2000, which establish legislative requirements and standards for the quality assurance of education and training institutions offering courses to international students who are in Australia on a student visa. The Act provides the right to know the knowledge of courses, fees and related information before enrolling to the international students. Similarly, the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) helps the international students to gain the detailed information regarding the courses offered to overseas students in Australia. Likewise, Tuition Protection Services (TPS) right assures refund service will to the students if the institution becomes unable to complete the course. As a student, the above mentioned reasons hold much importance to me being attracted towards Australia.

ABOUT University Name
University Name was originally founded as Institute name of Technology in year AD in Place name University Name gained the full university status in year AD it was when it changed its name from Institute name  To University Name. University Name is a firmly established largest university in Australia with having more than 30,000 students spread across XX number campuses in Australia. It is the most inclusive university of Australia which has the highest ratio of students from different age groups, economic status and family background and offers various courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

WHY University Name?
I was looking for number of universities in Australia to pursue my master’s degree study. After lots of research in Internet, suggestions of my mentors and friends, I decided to choose University Name to pursue my further education. University Name is globally recognized university and is one of the top 100th young universities of the world. MPA program offered by this university is ranked as top XX% courses worldwide. It is a reputed education institution providing educations with affordable tuition fees and scholarships to international students like me. Annual tuition fee of the university is AUD Amount which is comparatively affordable than some other universities like Australian Catholic University (AUD Amount), Deakin University (AUD Amount), Curtin University (AUD Amount), etc. XX% scholarship offered by the university made it even more affordable for me by reducing the fee to AUD Amount. Getting scholarship from the highly recognized University dripped some greed on me for making efforts to get enrolled in this University.

Also, I had attended a seminar organized by University Name in Hotel Annapurna in Year A.D. There I got to know about the teaching environment of University Name. Information provided by vice chancellor and president of University Name, Prof.name and Prof.name had a great impact on me. Information provided by them about the teaching and learning environment of this university sounded too convincing. Quality education, regular monitoring and evaluation of students from their professors are the things that an international student seeks for and these are the things that the university is providing without any compromises.

University Name comprises of score% satisfaction and ranks at 501-600 position in world ranking of top universities [website name]. University Name also offers more than 300 education and training offerings, from short course and certificates, through to undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. They practice the innovative teaching methodologies to develop and enhance the problem solving and potentiality of the students. Likewise, they provide the internship opportunities and work placements to the students who would love to enroll themselves in an international market to develop the practical knowledge and enhance potentiality University Name has an overall full-time graduate employment rate of XX percent (as referenced by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA)). There are high rates of chances of getting hot jobs after completion of graduation from this university. These wide ranges of campus territory as well as high-ranking standards attracted me to join University Name for my higher studies to grasp the knowledge and experiences from the proficient professors.

The two years MPA course constitute the core accounting and offers accounting with knowledge of law, finance, taxation, economics, auditing, accounting systems, information systems, etc. addressing complex business problems and arriving innovative solutions. This course is quite similar to my undergraduate course BBA which further opens the doors of opportunities in various sectors. It is a program that has influencing career and shape students to become a vigorous part of the professional workforce as it enhances the employment opportunities.

I am a BBA graduate specialized in finance. Being focused in my goal by specializing in a particular course and being a part of well recognized organization, I have chose MPA for my masters. Scholars specializing in this area have higher scope for the jobs in reputed organizations worldwide. To be a part of banking sector, NGOs and INGOs and large business houses is a dream of every student who specializes in this field. This discipline provides students with the technical, practical, analytical and creative skills to deal with accounting and finance issues in the organizations. It will broaden one’s knowledge in the line of accounting with providing greater career with higher salary and higher job responsibilities. Graduating and qualifying with MPA degree offers challenging jobs jobs in different firms including the posts of chief financial officer, management accountant, finance manager, business consultant, or tax specialist.

Masters of Professional Accounting in University Name (CRICOS CODE) is a 2 years course with a total 96 credit points. The total study duration is 2 years full time and the program is fully accredited by Certificate Practicing Accountants (CPA) Australia and the Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), and meets the membership requirement of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA). In total I have to complete 14 core and 2 elective subjects in 4 semesters. Some of the units that I need study are Economics for Managers, Managerial Finance, Accounting in Australia, Foundations in Accounting, Foundations of Management Accounting, Accounting Systems and Information Assurance, Company Accounting, Contemporary Accounting Theory, Auditing and Ethics, Ethics and Governance, Australian Commercial Law, Statistics for Managerial Decisions, Corporations and Business Structures, Taxation Law of Australia. Some electives Units are Research in Business, Professional Project, Business Internship, Forensic Accounting, Financial Data Analytics etc.

After graduating, students usually have multiple career options. Graduates can work for different national and international accounting firms as professional or chartered accountants. Graduates of the course are eligible to apply for the position of an Accountant, Professional Accountant, Auditor and Financial Planner, etc. It has always been my passion and interest to develop my career as a successful banker and I want to begin my career in Nepalese banking and financial sector as a Section Officer in Company Name in the Audit Department. I believe that the knowledge and experience that I will gain during the two-year master’s program from University Name will help me to achieve my goal. People with knowledge regarding accounting control and management are demanded worldwide. Every organization needs accounting professionals to look after their operations and reach the ultimate goal of profit maximization. A Master’s degree in Accounting with focus on the professional aspects will prepare me for accounting and financial management oriented careers. I am confident that graduation from this university will make me a competitive and qualified candidate after returning to Nepal and also will be able to use the experiences and technical ideas that I achieved for the progress of my country.

  1. Career Plan in Financial Sector/Banking Sector
    There are A class commercial banks, B class Development Banks, Financial companies in different areas of Nepal where I can work. Everest Bank, Nabil Bank, Nepal State Bank of India (Nepal SBI) Bank and Standard Chartered Bank are some very well reputed and established banks in Nepal with a very attractive career opportunity for the employees. The starting salary would be around NPR amount which is only going to increase as I get more experience and become a senior employee.
  2. Career Plan in Business Organization and Firms
    Dugar Group, Sharada Group, Panchakanya Group, Dabur Nepal etc. are some leading business organizations of Nepal. They are searching recruiting capable candidates and I believe master’s degree in MPA will provide me with qualifications to get the required job. I can apply for job as Accountant, Branch Manager, Administration Manager and Business advisory services in these and other various organizations. Also the offered salary ranges of NPR amount to NPR amount per month according to the candidates position and qualifications. The degree from Australia will help pave road for my professional career.
  3. Career in INGOS
    My other plan is to be a part of INGOS; as US AID, save the children, UNDP, WVIN, Dan Church Aid, WHO, UN, etc. These INGOS required capable candidates in finance and accounting area. They are high paid organization they pay around NPR amount to NPR amount per month for the lower level employer like account/Finance Manager, Assistant Managers procurement Manager. My post graduate skill and knowledge from Australia will lead me that organization.
  4. Career Plan in Government Sector/Organizations:
    Government sector is another sector where I can show my skills and knowledge gained during my study period. The government pay ranges from NPR amount to NPR amount per month for entry level officers. Even though the pay is not so great like private organizations but working there would really make me happy because I would be helping country in its development by working there. In long and through experience and hard work I will get promotion and my position will be higher and salary will also be high later on in government organization.

Similarly, professional accountants are growing in limited numbers in our country, so I will have plenty of opportunities after my return to here, which will obviously help me to have sound income and better social reputation that I want in my future. I expect to earn minimum of NPR amount per month in Nepal as I would have international degree instead of local one and broader knowledge about global competition. In long run, I have aimed to be a CEO of a reputed business house of my country.

My sole intention is to complete my post-graduation in Accountancy from renowned university from Australia with better grades. I will be achieving exposure to international community with cultural diversity, enhance my communication skills, improve my personality and gain enough maturity with the help of foreign degree. I strongly believe accounting course will equip me with all the necessary skills and proficiency that a sound accountant should have, so that I can contribute for the development of the economy of my homeland. My parents have helped me a lot to become what I am today and they are still supporting me for my further studies. They have a lot of expectations from me. So, after being well educated and independent it is mine responsibility to look after them in their old age when they need me the most. Moreover, we do have the property of around NPR amount  in Nepal and I will be the only one to look after the property as I am the single child of my parents. Therefore, I have to return back to my country to look after my family and property.

As an international student I am completely aware of visa subclass 500. I abide by the rules and regulation that falls under the 500 subclass. The followings are the rules and regulations that I must obey under visa 500 subclass:

  1. I must maintain 80 % attendance record in the university and need to achieve satisfactory pass academic grade on the program.
  2. The student’s main course of study must continue to be a main course in the education sector that matches their student visa.
  3. I must keep the education institution informed my current address in Australia. I must inform the university about the changed address/contact details within 7 days.
  4. As a student on student visa, I cannot work more than 40 hours fortnight.
  5. The course I have selected should be registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
  6. I must maintain the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) entire the duration of course and I should be able to pay tuition fee before the due date of next semester.

During my stay in Australia, I will abide by all these visa rules and shall always seek for my academic excellence and nothing more than that. With all the gained knowledge from university name, I am confident that I shall utilize the opportunity that is given to me to the best of my knowledge and ability. I hope with the guidance and motivation from the professors, I will help myself to grow and believe this growth of mine would not only be limited within me but also will help my society and country.

Concluding with the university motto, “Be What You Want To Be” I believe I will find the best opportunity to apply myself that I have been searching for at university name. I am a seeker and I believe university name will be my perfect guide in my endeavors.

If you have any queries regarding my application, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to my golden academic career to your esteemed University.

Thanking You!

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