Statement of Purpose (BIBAAADH)

It is my great pleasure to state that I am writing this statement of purpose to Department of Home Affairs for the enrollment in Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) at University name , Melbourne; one of the truly great, innovative and multi-dimensional university of Australia with its amicable academic and  excellent history.

Education background

I am applicant’s name  permanent resident of location name , Nepal currently residing in the same city. I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from School name , location name, Nepal with score % in year  A.D. and Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) from college name , location name with score %in year  A.D.. and I graduated my Bachelor in Business Administration from college name, affiliated under University name in year A.D with XX CGPA. I have scored overall XX (Listening XX, Speaking XX, Writing XX and Reading XX) (Enclosed IELTS Score sheet) on my recent IELTS; dated year A.D . Talking about my gap, after finishing my bachelor degree I started working as an assistant accountant in an organization called company name  located in location name  since year A.D  to year A.D where I get to experience the actual working environment of a firm. Initially it was a new firm supplying frozen food items; however, throughout the period it has managed to expand its business in various main cities of a country. During my work period, I get to put my theoretical knowledge into practice that’s when I realized that studying something and performing the same in the field are two different things. After completion of my bachelor’s, I realized that postgraduate education from an internationally recognized institution will provide me professional skills to grab the opportunities arising globally. I felt that gaining education from abroad consists many benefits i.e.; different styles of learning, being familiar with the new cultures and language skills, better career opportunities, international exposure, personal development, life experience and many more So, I am applying for Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) in University name  

Gap Explanation

With the abroad study plan I started to research and visited different consultancies, education fairs and seminars and after that I applied for my offer letter in University name . I got an offer letter from University name  on year A.D and then I collected financial documents and application process for Education Loan to Bank Name  from year A.D to year A.D. I submitted GTE documents to University name on year A.D and got financial and GTE approval on year A.D. Then after I made No objection letter and payment made on year A.D.

Why not study in Nepal?

Now that I have completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration, I’m looking for the next challenge in my life and that is to attain a postgraduate degree in Master in Professional Accounting (MPA). I have researched the possible universities of Nepal but none of them were to my liking, as there were only a handful of accredited universities and getting seats for the course requires students to take entrance examination much like GMAT which can be very time consuming and even when everything is completed, the education isn’t globally competitive. Also, there is no university in Nepal offering a Professional Accounting course as I have researched possible universities such as Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University and Kathmandu University which are some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Nepal. Furthermore, the universities in Nepal utilize traditional methods of teaching and lack modern technology that is required in contemporary classrooms. The classes are usually theoretically based and there is no proper timing of examinations and results and most universities have a yearly system instead of the semester system. Hence, I opted for Australia as the country provides MPA that are internationally recognized and provide international exposure. Also, I have spent more than 16 years studying in Nepal and now I want to get an international degree where I will have an opportunity to know about international education as well. Studying

abroad is not only getting a degree from abroad, but it will also give so many other things which we can utilize in the future while working.

Why study in Australia, not in other countries?

Australia is the hub for international students. It is the third most popular international student destination after the USA and UK. The country is world renowned for providing strong academic credentials that are internationally recognized. The universities and institutions are recognized by the Government making it safe for students to pursue their future and academic prospects. The Government provides The Educational Service for Overseas Student (ESOS) which protects the rights of international students making Australia a very safe and welcoming country for international students. Also, the Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) helps to secure the tuition fees, enacted by the institutions of Australia, keeping the fees stable and not volatile. There were many other countries like the USA, Canada and UK to choose from, but the level of benefit that a student can get from Australia outweighs all these countries. For instance, in the UK, the master’s program period is of only a year but I want to study 2 years course and in the case of the USA, students have to sit for competitive exams like GMAT which takes a lot of time. There are many famous and reputed universities in the USA and UK, however, universities in these countries are highly expensive and hence are not affordable as the currency conversion rate of the USA and UK is higher than that of Australia. Furthermore, these countries do not provide Tuition Protection Scheme and other educational services like in Australia. Also, Australia offers a Post Study Work opportunity for international student but in other countries there is no PSW facility for international students. Australia has a very low crime rate in comparison with other countries. Living expenses are affordable and also there are so many Nepalese communities, students where I will not feel so far from my culture. Keeping everything in mind, Australia is not only supplying a variety of courses at affordable fees but also delivering committed support to the students in completing their education and engaging them in being more productive towards the community as well as their own personal growth. I also researched some European countries i.e. Germany, Finland, Denmark but I came to know that most of the European country requires to learn their own language for admission which is really hard and takes a lot of time. I have also compared the currency conversion rate of different countries where I found that 1 USD – 110 NPR, 1 GBP – 150 NPR, 1 Euro – 130 NPR, 1 AUD – 80 NPR and found that Australia has low currency conversion rate which will be less expensive for me for the tuition fees and living cost. So, I have decided to study in Australia.

Reason to study University name

During my research to continue my further studies in Master of Professionals Accounting(MPA), I went to different sources and after my long research among different universities and institutes in Australia, I am convinced with University name because it provides quality education with standard teaching methods and learning technique. University name is one of the reputed and fast-growing universities in Australia. University name offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs, which will provide great advantages and opportunities to  international students. University name organizes various research Centres and seminar which will help the international students in their academic sessions. I can get new experience and knowledge through the practical teaching techniques and training as well as the online resources provided by University name. I have chosen University name because it will enable me to gain recognition by peak professional IT specialists. While comparing fee structure for BIT in Australia I found that the fee structure of University name is more economical than other universities. The fee of University name is around AUD Amount but the most favorable thing is it provides XX% scholarship for the international students. Because of that, we have to pay only AUD Amount which is affordable compared to other universities like James cook university, University of Wollongong, Federation University, Deakin University, etc. After my research, I found University name, Melbourne as the best place for my post-graduation in MPA. So, I decided to study at University name, Melbourne. In University name, students benefit from a friendly and supportive campus environment, access to highly qualified teaching staff, personal attention, and modern technology and facilities. It allocates senior students to help in studies, projects and finding accommodation. The main advantage of the delivery is the applied nature of teaching. Courses are structured to include lectures, tutorials, a simulated work environment and an opportunity for practical placement within several of the degrees. Students benefit from the University name gaining a tertiary qualification normally only available through the university. I am choosing University name for my Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) because this college is a cost-effective, interest developer and the best college for my career.

University name Australia has a unique and interesting history. The University was originally founded in location name in year A.D . By year A.D it was among only a few Australian institutes to commence the delivery of distance education. At University name, students are equipped with real-world skills, up to date industry knowledge and networking opportunities before they graduate. Placements and internships play a crucial role in developing your employability and maximizing your employment prospects. It has altogether XX campuses inside Australia which means there are a large number of student networks in different locations. Since its inception in year A.D, University name  internship program has had a positive influence on what they do to deliver the best possible overall student experience for international students, one that includes the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience during their studies, at no additional cost or extension to the duration of their course.

Master of Professional Accounting Course

The Master of Professional Accounting course is designed in such a way that graduates are recognized and given the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required for acceptance for Associate Membership of Professional Accountancy bodies such as Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and CPA Australia. The course gives me the foundation for a successful and rewarding career in professional accounting. The course comprises of 14 core subjects and 2 elective units and this course offers students an introduction to the broad organizational in which accountants operate in and students are able to pursue advanced learning with the help of professional practice and the theoretical standards that determine such practice. Under this course I will be studying subjects such as managerial finance, Company accounting, Auditing and ethics, Foundation of Management accounting, Economics for managers, taxation law of Australia etc. All subjects must be studied in order and in the final stage; the course ends with a research project that reinforces the technical excellence with an emphasis on core professional competencies in critical thinking, strategic decision-making, problem-solving and ethical awareness and reasoning. With the Master’s degree in Professional Accounting from University name  , I can find employment as a financial manager, auditor, management accountant or financial investment advisors. This course will provide me with professional skills in accounting, finance, statistics. I will get completing accounting knowledge from this course so that I can apply that skill in the workplace in future. Also, this course is not available in Nepal so it will be easy for me to get a job in the related field in Nepal with the Australian qualification. This course choice of an interesting subject for me and relevancy with my previous studies as well as I have completed BBA previously and there are sone related subjects I studied. Under this course I will get 10 weeks internship as well which will give me extra practical knowledge under this course. I can get the Australian work experience under the internship, will meet different people, will know the time management skills under this internship.

My Future Career Plans after Completing Qualification from Australia

After achieving my Master’s Degree from year A.D, I will return back to my home country being fully competent and confident in the field of accounting. My ultimate goal is to become a successful Accounting Manager/Entrepreneur. I will use the acquired knowledge and skills to establish a business firm in Nepal where I will involve as a professional accountant. Moreover, I will look for an employment opportunity in Government organizations or one of the leading multinational Accounting/Finance companies of my country such as Chaudhary Group, Panchakanya Group, Golchha Group, Khetan group also in “A class” financial institution named Rastriya Banijya Bank, Himalayan Bank, Siddhartha Bank, Nabil Bank, Standard Chartered, Bank of Kathmandu, SBI Bank and so on as an Accountant, Business Analyst, Financial Manager, Events Manager, Public Relations Manager, Marketing Manager, Budget Analyst, Finance Manager. Such highly renowned companies in Nepal seek employees who have internationally recognized degrees and who have the experience and exposure from an internationally recognized university. In terms of salary, master degree holders can earn up to Nrs amount- Nrs amount  rupees per month initially which may increase above 1 lakh depending on their experience and work adaptability. So, I would also be expecting the same amount in the initial phase and I hope my experience and knowledge from Australia will help me to stand out here in the market. I came to know about the demand for qualified   professional   accountants   is   huge   while   surfing   job   sites   of   Nepal   like;  www.kumarijob.com,

w ww.merojob.comwww.jobsnepal.com, www.merocareer.com. I always dreamed to be a successful leader of

leading organizations and here is always a higher demand for international graduates and the chosen program will definitely help me to satisfy me to achieve my goals. In my country Nepal, there is a need for skilled manpower in

the sector of work and development which means endless opportunities for qualified professionals unlike in Australia where it is difficult to grab job opportunities due to high competition. So, after graduation I would like to utilize my learning and practical experience which I have learned in Australia for my nation’s welfare. With a well-paying salary in Nepal, the investment made in Australia for my study can be easily covered and I would also have a Master’s degree and I would have gained experience that I would never be able to get in Nepal.

After working as a management analyst for a few years, I also want to use my knowledge and experience to become a private financial manager. This will help me use my managerial skills for business development and I will be overseeing and directing the financial development of the business as well as assessing its current financial well-being. I will be generating annual financial reports and at the same time I can also instruct and educate people about their own finances as well as how to invest their money, plan for their retirement or save for their child’s college and many more. This job will help me work as a management analyst for a company and work as a private financial manager side by side.

The reason behind working as a management analyst and private financial manager is to become a Chief Financial Officer. To become a CFO of a major company one has to have a good experience and a clear understanding of the knowledge of finances. The CFO of a major corporation is responsible for managing all the finances of the company. After I get assigned as a CFO I will be assessing the state of the finances within the company frequently to be sure they are making sound financial decisions. I will be driving the company in a direction that results in growth and the realization of its financial goals. I will be working closely with the CEO of the company to manage the company’s budget and forecast the needs of the business. After I progress into the position of Chief Financial Officer with time, I will be earning a monthly income of Nrs amount- Nrs amount  . I have confidence in myself that after graduating from Australia in Masters of Professional Accounting I will be able to follow my professional path in the way I have imagined.

In fact, I believe Masters of Professional Accounting at University name will be a stepping stone for not only my sound future but for the future of my family as well. I envisage that within the span of 4-5 years of the completion of my Masters, I will have full return on my educational investments and will be working in a high-level post with good experience to handle any projects of any multitude in any company enjoying a good salary and live a luxurious life with my family in Nepal.

Incentives Return to Nepal

Nepal pal is a country that follows Eastern culture, where we are taught from our very childhood that the only god on Earth is our parents. I am highly obliged to replicate the love, affection, sacrifice and hardship that my family has undergone to help me get a bright career. As a responsible and loving son, I can go leaps and bounds to make them happy and proud of me. And at the end of the day, the only thing that makes not only my parents but any parent in the world happy is if their children are with them at their old age when they require our care. Hence, I vow to surely return to Nepal so that I can take care of my parents who have supported me in every phase of my life.

Secondly, as a responsible citizen of my developing country Nepal, it is not only my duty but a strong obligation to help my nation in the path of development. The knowledge, skills and techniques that I will learn from my time in Australia will be worthless if I won’t be able to utilize it for the betterment of my own people, society and nation. I believe that this pure and undying love for my family and my country is compelling evidence that I will surely return to my home country. Additionally, I’ve read all the relevant immigration rules including the commonwealth Australian Migration Act 1985, Direction Number 69 and Migration Regulations, 1994 which primarily assesses the Genuine Temporary Entrant Criterion for international students. Hence, I promise to abide by all those rules and regulations during my stay in Australia and sincerely return back to Nepal once my proposed educational plan is completed.

Funding arrangement for my study

For my funding arrangements, my parents are supporting from their income and savings. They received per year NPR amount income from their salary, house rent and land rent. Additionally, they have taken an educational loan from Bank name   of NPR amount from my father’s property. Its total valuation is NPR amount. My

Parents do not believe in cash keeping in the bank so they have invested their income in property, share, gold. They are capable to repay the loan from their income.

The obligation of the student under higher education visa subclass 500

There are certain criteria that international students who want to study in Australia must follow. And I am aware of all the rules that should be followed by me like;

  • I need to maintain 80% attendance record during my studies
  • I need to maintain 50 % pass grades throughout my study program
  • I should have arranged my health insurance
  • I need to update my address to University/DHA within 7 days of my arrivals
  • I am allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight while class in session and unlimited hours during the vacation
  • I cannot change my university before 6 months of my enrollments.

Final words

I believe that the course will provide me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills in some very meaningful areas of my interest making me qualified enough to help attain my career and life goals. After the completion of my course I intend to return to Nepal and hence, I declare that I am a genuine temporary entrant, intending to study in Australia with the purpose of fulfilling my dreams. I have the language command, educational ability and financial capability to undertake and successfully complete my academic plan. All the information mentioned above is true and correct in every detail and I do understand that any incorrect and/or misleading statements will result in refusal of my student visa application.

I sincerely look forward to joining University name and be part of one of the prestigious and progressive institutions in Australia. I hope to get this once in a lifetime opportunity to set foot in one of the most beautiful and charming countries of the world where I will be able to fulfill my dream of acquiring a precious degree in the field of my interest.

I look forward to a favorable response. Yours,

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