Statement of Purpose (DEN01TAN)

My mother would say, ‘Don’t be afraid to take an unfamiliar path, sometimes they’re the ones that take you to the best places.’ In my case, it was my decision to stay away from home in a residential school. Born on D.O.B, I am originally from the Applicant Address. As the youngest member of the family, I have always been cared for and provided the best facilities by my parents and my elder brother. Going all the way to the central district to attend the country’s reputed institution- School Name in Year was initially one of the most ambiguous decisions my family and I had to make. School Name had instated my belief that it is indeed true that unfamiliar paths can take us to the best places at times. In search of an alma mater with similar values and dedication for excellence in education, I chose College Name for my further study. And, with my desperate interest in pursuing my undergraduate degree at College Name, I am writing this Statement of Purpose.

Speaking of my academic credentials, I completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in Year from School Name securing a GPA of Score. Subsequently after the SLC examinations; I studied my +2 courses in College Name and passed the examination in June Year AD with Score GPA.  I had chosen Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer as my major subjects whereas English Language and General Paper were the side subjects. During my high school years, I was actively involved in extracurricular activities and clubs. In my senior year, I collaborated with the teachers from IT department and helped the club to organize all the financial data digitally. Gradually, I realized that I loved the power of digitization and collaborating with my team members for the proper execution of the formulated plan. My involvement in the club activities ignited my interest in technology and inspired me to learn more about information technology as a career path. Since that time, I developed a keen interest in web designing and digital data management. Mathematics always being close to my heart and my subject of interest, adding computer-related skills in this mathematical mind will surely bring out a lot from me.

Being the youngest child from my family, I have always received immense love and support from my family. My parents and my elder brother has always been a source of encouragement for me. Since the beginning, they have always supported me in every aspect and have let me choose my passion. They are well satisfied with the fact that I have chosen Australia as my destination for the Bachelor Degree. Moreover, they are ready to bear my expenses for Australian study. I have seen their sacrifices and hard work put on to ensure quality education for me and my brother. So, with the completion of this degree, I am fully confident that their investment will really pay off. This fact adds more vigour and enthusiasm on me to move much further and work better.

I stayed in a residential school for around 10 years. All those years, I was not able to explore my horizon as everything was mostly limited inside the school compound. As an enthusiastic learner, I was excited to know more about the world outside my school grounds. So, soon after I completed my +2 exams in June 2018, I joined an organization named Company Name on 1st July 2018 as a data analyst assistant where I work with amounts of data, facts, figures and number crunching. I was gathering information about colleges I was planning to apply for. As an intern in Company Name, I mostly handled data and managed the list of participants for seminars and workshops conducted by the organization electronically. My 8-month long tenure at the organization has helped me boost my leadership and managerial skills and has further magnified my interest in the field of technology as my contribution was highly focused on digital system management. Over there, I multiplied my interest in digital technology, web handling and data analysis. With that experience, I realized Information Technology is my hunger and I got to fill it with all the knowledge I can gain. My internship lasted for around six months but indirectly I am still associated with this organization.

Alongside, I was also visiting some top institutions in Nepal like the British College and the Islington College to inquire about the courses offered in BBIS for undergraduate years. After some research and inquiries, I found out that there were no such institutions in Nepal that provided an interdisciplinary course of study in information system as the infrastructures were not well flourished. In the sophisticated field of IT, colleges in Nepal are unable to keep pace with the innovative approach of education around the world. They focus more on theory than on hands-on experience. I also researched about the reputed universities of Nepal like Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University. Due to limited seats available in these institutions, it was tough to get offered a seat in the subject of our choice. Hence, realizing the need for excellence and competence in today’s global world, I concluded to opt for foreign education. After some months of preparation, I took the IELTS test on 8th September 2018, scoring an overall score of 7. At that time, I was unsure of my destination. As suggested by the seniors, I took IELTS it is said to be accepted in all the English speaking countries as an English Proficiency test.

Gradually, I sorted out the list of countries that could provide me with quality education and multicultural environment. USA, UK and Australia being three of the most popular destination for an international student, were my preferred destination. Previously, Germany was also in my list as the university in Germany like Jacobs University was being popular in the recent few years among the students aspiring to get quality education in international platform. But language seemed to be a barrier for me to choose my destination as Germany as English is not a commonly used language out there. While the cost of education would be a financial barrier for a UK education, the need to learn a foreign language would make it further difficult for me to adapt to a European environment like that in Germany. So, the USA as Australia was left as an option.

When comparing the US and Australia, I found out that the different testing requirements and visa procedures made the US application process complex. Along with that, the universities of USA situated at cities were highly expensive. While checking the annual fees, even the average ranked Universities like Caldwell University costs around $35000 excluding the living expense.  Australia, on the other hand, with its easy application procedures and comparatively affordable cost of education, uses English as its native language, the one that has been the primary language of instruction since my early schooling days. The exchange rate of AUD is comparatively cheaper than US$ which makes it much more affordable. Upon further research, I found that Australia provides the best education services and facilities with strict quality standards that meet the need for all international students. Australia offers post-study work (PSW) opportunities for international students after a bachelor degree and such provision is not available in UK. Australia practices ESOS act (Education Service of Overseas Students) which safeguards the rights of international students studying in Australia, which is one of the best ways to make students feel secure. Australia has tuition protection service (TPS) which means tuition fee is safe and secured and same facility is not available in UK and other European countries. Similarly, schemes like Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provide health insurance for international students to ensure their secure stay at a faraway land.

After realizing my growing interest in Information Technology, I further inquired more about it through various sources and expanded my horizon regarding this field. I enjoy technology, specifically keeping myself updated with the latest advances in the field of information technology. Studying IT will let me turn my hobby into a career. Information technology jobs fall within the full spectrum of computer technology and business. As an IT professional, I will be supporting my clients in reaching their goals and nurturing their corporate culture. Businesses rely on information technology to help them be more productive. This is a career that benefits any business by allowing companies to work more efficiently and to maximize productivity. And with that come faster communication, electronic storage and the protection of important documentation. Information technology is incredibly diverse and it’s not just about fixing computers or laptops. This course will allow me to take my career in a number of different directions. Careers vary from a technical writer, web developer, information technology director, chief technology officer and so much more. I was fascinated by the concept of how technology can be used to analyze, secure, implement, and perform core business operations and I specifically wanted to learn more about information flows and resource management and, ultimately, how companies evaluate that information in decision-making systems in different environments. I also realized the growing demands of business IT professionals in Nepal in the near future as Nepal is taking a leap in the development of business and IT sectors.  So, I researched courses focusing in Business operations and Information Technology and found BBIS exactly matching my course requirements. Studying something that I am interested in will give me a sense of achievement and I can take my interest a step further and pursue it as my career in the days to come. These identified influences gave rise to my focus on pursuing my further education in Business Information Systems.

Even among Australia, I had quite many options to choose regarding finding an appropriate place for a better study. After web research, I concluded my choice as Sydney. Not just in Australia, Sydney has been declared as one of the world’s best cities for international students via few sources. Sydney is home to many top educational institutions that have high rankings around the globe. Sydney is a favourable destination for many multinational corporations and companies of all sizes. Also, unlike in other cities of Australia, in the city of Sydney around 50,000 new jobs were created between 2010 and 2014. This surely is a plus point for an enthusiastic learner like me to gain some experience in some reputed companies as an intern. Alongside, Sydney is one of the world’s most multicultural cities It. has students from over 50 nations with various social and religious backgrounds. This surely enhances the potential of a student in building up a quality network and gives exposure to a multi-cultural environment.

Bachelor of Business Information Systems provides students with a better and broader perspective of the world, society, business, information systems, and life by combining the study of Business, information systems, and information technologies. This field has a wide variety of career prospects and job opportunities in Nepal which are growing day by day due to the advancement of technology and corporate companies.  The Bachelor of Business information system (BBIS) is designed to prepare students to become competent, skilled, confident and socially responsive management professionals with sound knowledge, abilities, and skills in the information system. This program helps students learn how to use and manage information technologies to revitalize business process, conduct electronic commerce, improve business decision making, and gain a competitive advantage in today’s global market as well-bred independent managers of people and resources. Business information systems is an essential element in bringing together technology, people (individuals, groups, or organizations), and information to effectively manage organizations. Moreover, A degree in BBIS will offer rewarding career prospects and opportunities where one can choose upon including,

  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • IT Technical Support Officer

To complete the degree, I will need to pass 24 Units. These units are divided into three levels based on contents and level of difficulty. The first level has 8 core units. The second level has 6 core units. The third level has 6 core units. In addition, I will get to select 4 electives. During my study, I’ll work to enhance my communication and Business information skills. I’ll also learn up-to-date skills and knowledge for a career in BBIS, including Foundations of Information Technology, Statistics, Professional and Ethical Practise, Discrete Mathematics, Database Management for Business, Foundation of Programming, Systems Analysis & Design, Information Systems Networking Essentials etc.

Subsequently, after deciding to attend an Australian institution in Sydney, I narrowed down my list to some Australian institute like Western Sydney University, La Trobe University, Central Queensland University and Victoria University (VU), Australian Institute of Higher Education (AIH), Asia Pacific International College (APIC). In comparison to all the universities and colleges that I had shortlisted, I found that College Name was the most appropriate choice in terms of its inclusiveness and affordability. As I did further research about universities and higher education institutes of Australia, I found that the cost of attending higher education colleges is significantly lower in comparison with the universities offering the same courses. At university, classes are huge, with hundreds of students attending lectures and vying for the attention of lecturers. Not only it is easy to get lost among the crowds, but also I find it unconducive to learning, but at higher institutions, classes are smaller which allows instructors to give one-on-one attention to the students. College Name located at College Location. College Name is among one of the reputed and a registered non-self-accrediting institution of Australia which offers a bachelor degree in Business Information Systems in affordable cost. It holds several accreditations with Australian and global accounting bodies and is committed to delivering quality education and going above and beyond to establish an excellent student experience through investment in facilities, student support services, and teaching resources. This institution is also popular for innovative courses, excellent teaching system, high-tech, and well-equipped library, modern buildings and a small classroom.  The annual tuition fee of College Name is AUD (With 20% Scholarship) whereas in some universities like La Trobe University (29,000 AUD), Western Sydney University (29,360 AUD) Southern Cross University (27,000 AUD), CQ University (27,000 AUD), the fee structures are comparatively higher than College Name for the same course.  I also came across some private colleges which offer Bachelor of Business Information System like Kent Institute Australia and Asia Pacific International College Wentworth Institute. They are affordable but lack qualitative environment and innovative teaching system and courses like AIHE. The affordable tuition fees, qualitative environment, students from a multicultural background and highly qualified industrially experienced lecturers are the reason behind my intention to pursue my further education at College Name. So, being an obligated student it’s my responsibility to choose a college that is eligible to grant me a broad measure of knowledge and I can proudly conclude College Name is one of the finest colleges that can fulfil my ultimate requirements. While comparing the College I also found that most of these other colleges are offering different specialization. College Name is also offering scholarship for international students. It offers a small class size in comparison with other colleges and has very good student support services, counselling services. It is also located in Sydney which was the place I was looking for. So, after comparison of all these things I decided to study in College Name.

As we are in the 21st century, everything is directly or indirectly related to technology. It is seen in almost every aspect of modern life.  In today’s society, information is paramount and information technology (IT) influences all kinds of human activity. Benefits of the technology include increased productivity in many work-related and personal tasks. Also, the biggest part of studying information technology is practical. Doing an information system course, I won’t just learn the theoretical part but also get the opportunity to make things. With that, I can change or adjust things and implement what you’ve learned. For a developing country like Nepal, this field is what contributes the most in the field of infrastructural development. These days, Nepal has been taking initiatives like Open Data Nepal to incorporate big data in decision making. The Nepalese government has also been working to improve the digital business field by introducing E-sewa services. Also, many multi-national businesses like the Deerwalk, Axiata, and Olive Media have been investing in Nepal and to provide them with a favourable work environment that could benefit the country, good financial policies are in order. I believe this College Name’s course would enable me with the skills to contribute to the economic development of my country in a better and more practical way. Along with the initiatives taken here in Nepal, the demand for IT specialists is also increasing over time. The degree earned from Australia is well recognized in Nepal and is also considered as one of the reputed qualifications. So, with my hard work and the degree, it will not be much difficult for me to get a job here as a beginner. Analyzing the current situation, I expect my monthly salary to be around Nrs. 50,000-60,000 in the beginning. So, after graduation, I plan to return to my home country and work in multinational companies like the ones mentioned above to gain some experience in the field of business and system management. After ample years of experience and good savings, I would like to commence my own business by establishing an IT Company emphasizing in Cloud Security and Database Management in Nepal. By taking all of these factors into consideration, I can ensure I am making the best choice for my education and my future studying in Australia.

As for the financial funding, my parents are aware of the total cost and have agreed to fully sponsor for my living and education costs during my stay in Australia.  My annual fee amounts of AUD  per year. Also, according to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, the living cost for a single student amounts AUD. With the annual income of my family and our ample of alternative sources of money, my parents are ready to bear the expense during my course of study.

Being the youngest member of the family, I feel the need to return back and look after my parents in their old age for all the sacrifices they have made for my bright future. Along with that, my dream job and reputation that I can gain in Nepal cannot be compared to any other country. While observed carefully, the opportunities Nepal provided for the innovative and new ideas are much more advantageous. So I have planned my future here in Nepal and I am sure of my decision.

As a student visa holder, I would strictly abide by the rules under Student visa Subclass 500. I understand the following, applicable to students under Higher Education Visa Subclass 500:

  • I must satisfy attendance (80% of total classes) and course requirement.
  • I must maintain overseas student health cover (OSHC) during my stay in Australia.
  • I must notify the education provider of their residential address within 7 days of arrival in     Australia and must advise any address change.
  • I must obtain a tax file number in order to work in Australia.
  • I am not allowed to work before the commencement date and have work limitations during the study period.

Since my previous school was a residential one which exemplified the idea of social inclusion in a country with numerous ethnic groups, I am confident of my adaptation abilities and am also thrilled by the prospect of engaging in a more diverse study environment. I believe that my established interest in the field of business and my enthusiastic attitude towards learning would provide me with a valuable experience at College Name. With providing me the opportunity to be a part of this family, I assure that will use the available resources and infrastructures to their optimum level.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

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