People say that money makes the world go around. Truly everything is designed to encourage people to make and spend more and there come to the roles of finance and accounting. A desire to extend my knowledge and an enthusiasm to solve the demanding problems, leading the team as a leader, interest to communicate with professionals and non-professionals motivated me to pursue Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).  I am Applicant Name, permanent resident of Address. With the strong financial and moral support of my family, I wish myself to get closer to my future goal by gaining an international degree on the intended course.


I have been successful in passing each and every academic milestone in my life as a student. I have completed my school level in 2015 from  School Name, securing first division marks with 77.00% in School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) examination. Then, I continued my further education from the College Name & Score in 2017. I have also attempted IELTS and scored XX overall with Listening XX, Reading XX, Writing XX and Speaking XX.


Since I had decided on studying abroad, it was very easy to choose Australia for further studies. In my personal research, I found Australia as the best global education provider with 8 out of 100 top universities in the world. Australian universities are best known to provide world-class education in a vibrant and dynamic environment. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. Students can choose among 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions along with various scholarships options such as Australia Awards, etc. The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) and the Post Study Work (PSW) services are also available for international students. There is also a provision of part-time work facility available for students through which one can learn about the Australian culture along with earning some pocket money as well. These facts reveal the world-class education provided by Australian universities. And while talking about living in Australia, international students choose Australia not only for the excellent education system, but also for its friendly, laid-back nature, and high standard of living. It is acting as a melting point for students from all around the world. Australia has to offer vibrant and dynamic cities like Melbourne and Sydney to the international students for city life experience.

Because of these features, Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Already there are more than 2.5 million international alumni who are making a difference around the world. And also, 5 out of 30 best student cities are Australian. Till this date, Australia has already produced 15 Nobel Laureates. These facts reveal the world-class education provided by Australian universities.

And while talking about living in Australia, international students choose Australia not only for an excellent education system but also for its friendly-welcoming nature and high standard of living. Personally, I feel Australia is the best country in the world for international students. In comparison to the USA, UK and Canada, Australia is the safest, more affordable, and best in international students supports system. Australia’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and the United Kingdom. And also, the weather is also nice and more suitable for students like me. Along with quality education, a student can get socio-cultural experience and unparalleled study experience in Australia. This country offers vibrant and dynamic cities like Melbourne and Sydney to the international students for city life experience. And at the same time, students can enjoy wide open outback bushes, natural beauties and the world-famous beaches.

Reasons for choosing University Name for my studies

University Name is one of the top universities in Australia with an excellent international reputation for academic excellence. University Name has its beginning in 1870, making it the third-oldest tertiary institution in Australia. It is a modern university. With over 130 years of tradition and excellence, University continues to serve its students whether they wish to advance their current knowledge, or pursue a completely different career. One of the Fed. Universities values are excellence through effort; this applies not only to students but to Fed. Uni as a whole. Australia has become one of the best modern universities in the world dynamics, agile and prominent in national and international rankings for the quality of teaching, research, students experience and outcomes. With students and staffs from 150 nationalities, they have nurtured a welcoming multi-ethnic community that helps to strengthen the university experience of students from all backgrounds. is one of the largest cities of Australia. Besides all, Federation University provides an inspiring study environment. It also offers an affordable and reasonable tuition fee to its students with a wide range of courses to choose from. I will be also getting the scholarship on behalf of the university scholarship program. After going through my research to identify the perfect and suitable universities considering the factors like cost, place, scope, so on and advice from my friends I choose university Name for my bachelor degree and I strongly believe that after successful completion of the course, I can shape both academic and professional career in near future.

Why Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)?

The Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) provides specialized formal knowledge, capabilities and competencies in accounting and related business areas. The Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) is designed for students looking for a change in career, and opens the way too many vocational choices in areas of financial management, public practice, commerce and industry, government and semi-government organizations, and accounting. I choose Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) as I want to become a professional accountant and my hobby of communicating with people is also fulfilled through this course as it intends to provide the skill to communicate with professionals and non-professional. Key subjects under this course are Economics for managers, Managerial Accounting, Foundation of Financial Accounting, Auditing and Ethics, Company accounting, Taxation law etc.

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) is the relevant subject to my previous study also. The main focus of my previous study is on finance and accounting as a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) main subject matter is also related to the same subject matter. I believe that these each subject and practices will equip me all needed skills and knowledge which can be applied to the real business world in my future Accounting and Business-related profession back to Nepal.


In terms of a career, I see myself as a professional accountant of a reputed national or multinational company in Nepal. After completion of my intended course in the university, I am pretty much sure that I will have something unique than the graduate of the home country. I will be returning back with academic and work-related experience to start my professional career in accounting and business field. From my research, I come to know the situation of professional accounting in Nepal. There are only a few professional accountants who have a successful career in this field and I am hoping to be added in that list by utilizing my academic skills and experience earned from Australia.  Your program in Accounting will enable me to achieve the goals I have set for myself. I expect to have a long career in this field and benefit a wide range of companies. In this way, I hope to add to the general development of my country’s economy and become a leading professional in my field.
By analyzing the present scenario, the Nepalese economy is rising gradually. Many national and multinational companies are emerging, which has increased the scope of the different professional manpower in different fields and I am confident to be benefited from this. I have a strong desire to use my knowledge and skill in my home country. I will be seeking a job in professional accounting related field in various organizations that may be national or multinational such as Nepal Unilever Limited, Chaudhary Group (CG), Pepsi Beverage, Bottlers Nepal, Ncell, Nepal Telecom, and Hydroelectricity. Also, I can have a career in accounting and as a financial advisor, as a loan officer of a reputed bank and Financial Institution. I am confident that I will get something much more than those local degree holders of Nepal. I will be able to have a better salary ranging from NPR 60000 to NPR 80000, per month for the first couple of years depending upon the nature of the organization.


I assure you that I will be studying well to obtain an international degree on a chosen course which is my only intension and after that, I will come back home to start my professional career. I am confident that I will get a much better opportunity and facilities in my own country with an international degree than in Australia. And will remain happy with my family.

I know that your university is ideal and appropriate for me and have also found that the program suits my needs and answers my requirements perfectly.

Hope for your positive consideration.

With regards,

Applicant Name

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