Myself Applicant Name permanent resident of Kathmandu Nepal.I have completed my schooling from School Name which is a renowned School in Kathmandu, Nepal. I acquired score % at my year 10 in year A.D  . Then I completed year 11 and year 12 in Management stream from College name and secured score %  at my Year 12 level of studies in Year A.D to year A.D. As I had keen interest on social work, I joined Bachelors of Arts in Social Work in  College name affiliated to University Name  on Year A.D to year A.D  which is renowned college at Kathmandu, Nepal. I achieved score % in Bachelors degree.

I conducted my IELTS exam on Year A.D. I got an overall band score of XX where I got XX in Listening, XX in Speaking, XX in Reading and XX in Writing. I meet the English entry requirement for this course. I assure you that I can perform better if I get this opportunity to enroll myself in this course (Master of Project Management) at university Name .

As from the recommendation of my college I had joined Company Name for my internship from Year A.D to year A.D. Upon merit basis during my internship phase, they selected me to work with the organization as Assistant program coordinator. I worked as Assistant program coordinator in Company Name from Year A.D to year A.D and also I was active Volunteer on Need Basis till Year A.D

I am the eldest son of my parents. There are 5 members in my family including me, my parents, my younger sister and my wife. My father is working as a driver in Company Name at Qatar. My mother is also a job holder. She is engaged in a company name which works for social development for women awareness at Sindhuli Nepal.

I am married to Miss. Spouse name on Year A.D in accordance with our social custom. My wife had completed her schooling from School name in the year A.D securing 1st division score %. Then, she passed her College Name securing 2nd division score %.I want my wife to accompany me to Australia so that I can concentrate on my study without any hurdle regarding household activities. I will feel safe and it will be easy to manage all things together in new environment and new place.  She will also support me morally and emotionally.

My father in law is working as a driver in Company Name store and his annual income is NRS Amount and my mother in law is also working in Company Name as an office assistant. Her annual income is NRS Amount

I would like to pursue Post Graduate Qualifying Program (PQP) + Master of Project Management- (Graduate Entry) from the University Name, Australia. After completing my Post Graduate Qualifying Program from University Name, I would like to continue my master degree in project management from University Name.

The course of Master of Project Management will provide students with the advanced project management skills they will need for hands-on project management. This course is an ideal complement to students on the job experience and will equip them with the fundamental methodologies, modeling and analytical techniques for the design and implementation of projects across a wide range of industries. It also helps to develop skills that are highly sought after globally in a wide variety of sectors, such as industrial, construction, architecture, engineering, information technology, government and events management. Students will learn how to run complex projects with a range of stakeholders, managing all phases on time and to budget, and contribute to an increase in business effectiveness. This course will develop the practical skills and knowledge to students to become a capable leader.

I had a keen interest to study abroad and my inquisitiveness made me to spend hours researching different institution for my further studies. Furthermore, I did various researches on different universities for my intended course i.e. Master of Project Management. It’s a skill which can be applied in almost any industry and across a range of projects, including developing new products or service,

Affecting a change in structure, staffing, or style of an organization, developing or acquiring a new or modified information system, constructing a building or facility, organizing an entertainment event, running a campaign for political office, or implementing a new business procedure or process. As I did my bachelors in social work, I always had a strong urge to do my masters in the related field.

When I researched further I wanted to know more about the education system of Australia. Then I came to know that Australia is the third most preferred destination for the international student which offers globally recognized degree which is accepted worldwide. Choosing to study in Australia provides me with various opportunities and experiences, as well as world-class education. World-renowned and most top universities in the world are located in Australia. Almost every university in Australia are government recognized which makes the student safe about their future and education. Australia has a Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) which means the fees are safe and secured. The climatic condition is quite adjustable and similar to Nepal. Australia has a modern, highly educated culture with a thirst for knowledge and research. Australia has an excellent education system and a high standard of living making it a hot spot for international students. Australia is a country of diversity. Australia is safe with low crime rate, friendly people, a sophisticated and harmonious society in which students can learn and travel. People from almost every aspect of the world reside here where students can be a part of the multicultural environment and cultural activities too.

I have chosen University Name for many reasons; First of all, I chose this university to carry out my further study because it is a renowned institution and one of the top-ranked universities in Australia. University Name is ranked Australia’s top public university for student experience. It provides different quality courses to international student and has modern equipment, facility and services. Moreover, the fees in this university are affordable for international student in compared to other universities. Courses in these universities are developed in consultation with industry, and teaching staff have extensive industry experience and networks. It’s why here students can expect placement opportunities, fieldwork, practicums and networking events as part of their studies. This approach has been rewarded with five-star ratings for teaching quality over the past eleven years in a row, along with consistently high ratings for overall education experience and skills development, as reported in the Good Universities Guide.

The reason why I choose to study the intended course, not in my home country is that it has less global recognization around the world. There are very limited options. There are only five accredited universities in Nepal at the moment. In addition, the learning patterns and systems are not updated. Moreover, after researching for several institutions providing master of project management here I truly feel that though course contents are good but teaching methodology in colleges offering project management degree here are not satisfactory and up to the level that is should be and also there is very less resources and expertise in the field of project management. The methodologies and perspectives are totally out of date. Overall the education system is theoretical in Nepal. There is no proper timing of exam and result for which the students have to wait for months for the result.

Before selecting Australia, I also researched on the countries like U.S.A, U.K, Canada and Japan. First of all, the climatic condition of Canada is unfamiliar and very cold which is not suitable for me. However, I checked few universities like university of British Columbia and University of Western Ontario offering courses in project management, but that did not really satisfy me and also the weather of Canada itself is very challenging especially for Nepalese people. On the other hand, to enrol in the universities located at Japan, first I should learn 1 year Japanese Language which is unfamiliar and time-consuming. Then I moved my research to U.S.A which was also time-consuming due to SAT exam preparation. Also, the duration of the bachelor’s programs in most universities at USA is 4 years whereas I hold a three-year bachelor’s degree. And also the universities in USA are expensive. Then I enrolled my research to UK University and they also seemed to be expensive compared to Australia’s university. In UK the currency

Value is really high. The Australian currency is a lot more economic for international students. Being an international student, I would have to face a lot of circumstances due to the fluctuation of rules and regulations for immigrants. In addition, some cities of this country were not safe compared to Australia. In UK and USA there is no Tuition Protection Scheme and fees like Australia. Besides, I can get post study visa as well after completing my master’s course in Australia which will help me to boost my experience.

After completion of my master’s degree in Australia, I will be a highly eligible candidate in the project management sector. Qualified project managers are high in demand across the multiple industries in my country. As Nepal is a developing country there is always a demand for skilled manpower, holding an international masters degree of project management and experience in my hand will open lot more doors of opportunities for me in my country. I will return to my home country and get involved with different project works regarding the development of various sectors and areas of my country.I will work as a project manager in different NGOs or INGOs or in any industrial company related to the development of my country and I can achieve a successful carrier.I will contribute my skills and knowledge that I achieved from this university, and help people in some extents.

As a genuine student, i will have my academics and financial support from my parents. The land and building belonging to my family has the present value of NRS amount which is equivalent in AUD amount. The annual income of my father is NRS amount. My father is also an retired Nepal police and his annual income from pension is NRS amount. My mother’s annual income from her job is NRS amount. Another income source of my family is our house rent from which we get NRS amount. The total annual income of my family is NRS amount which is equivalent in AUD  amount.  I am also getting support from my In-Laws. The total income of my In-laws is NRS amount which is equivalent to AUD Amount.


Talking about my accommodation plans I will live in Location Name with my friend. It’s around XX minutes away from my college.

I am aware of the rules and regulation in Australia. I am also aware that I am applying for a temporary student visa and I will return to my home country after the completion of my course.

Anticipating your positive response,

Thank You,


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