“PQP + Master of Project Management”

Statement of purpose (CEl01LO)

Dhadhing, a small village surrounded by mountains, is one of many beautiful and simple places in Nepal. On D.O.B, I was born as the youngest daughter of my family. I, Applicant Name, never could be able to know anything about my parents. I was told that I didn’t have a pleasant birthday story to be told. My grandfather name , when I was 4, brought me to FOUNDATION NAME   to give me a family that I deeply missed. I can barely remember what my life was before being a part of FOUNDATION NAME family that works as an organization to bring freedom, health, education and shelter to Nepal’s most impoverished Children. Achieving a master’s degree is a liability I owe to myself. My upbeat outlook on life makes me actively seek and go after the things that I want to accomplish in life. Given my skillet and interests, I believe that I would make successful project manager. I am a hardworking passionate person and as much realist as anyone can be. My decision to study PQP leading Master of Project Management is completely rational and is a result of countless hours of research and evaluation of my own skills and interests.


FOUNDATION NAME   a U.S based non profitable organization, whose greatest mission lies in providing children with education, housing, medical care and support. The organization was founded in the year 1990 by lovely Women Olga Murray and we call her “mummy”. FOUNDATION NAME is one great organization that rescues and supports underprivileged children through different programs and FOUNDATION NAME is one organization to abolish “Kamalari System” in Nepal. I am also one of the lucky children to have been supported by FOUNDATION NAME since the age of 4. FOUNDATION NAME provided me with all the basic needs that a child of would require; starting from the best Shelter to Best Education. We particularly had two separate buildings for boys and girls and called FOUNDATION NAME and the name was after the location of the houses. I was in House name – a house for Girls till the 8th grade and then I along with other friends at FOUNDATION NAME shifted to Hostel Name  for better higher secondary education and after completing my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) from School Name  as per the system we had to stay in private hostel for higher education (+2). For two years I along with some of my friends from FOUNDATION NAME stayed in a private hostel while studying our +2. As per the system of FOUNDATION NAME, it only supported their children till they graduated (Bachelors). So as we hear from our seniors and the alumni it gets hard for us to settle on our own directly after the Bachelors so on their suggestion me with another friend of FOUNDATION NAME decided to live on our own in rental while we were still in FOUNDATION NAME support for the last few years. It was quiet nerve wrecking and challenging yet I was quite positive to be fully responsible for myself and about life with FOUNDATION NAME no longer supporting me in another few years.

 Now in this meantime I and friend’s name were already friends. We knew each other through common friends while studying +2 in College Name. He was an alumnus of FOUNDATION NAME as he passed his SLC from School Name and I was a student of School Name, School Name  and College Name are very closely related organization and we use to have a common Fairs or “Mela”. And In one of those fair I got to meet Friend’s name through a common friend and since then we use back and forth communicate and we gradually began sharing everything: good times and the bad. And in between all these once I was quite very ill, I used to faint of low Blood pressure and use to be physically very weak and this was in the time of Dashain festival when my roommate had gone out of town for celebration and that was one of the hard times when you are physically unwell and emotionally very low too. (My roommate was also planning to shift to her sisters very soon) As Friend’s name came to know about it he talked to his parents and they decided to keep me in one of their spare rooms to be given as in rent. And with Friend’s name and his parents help I moved to their house. At the beginning I use to live there as in rental but still Friend’s name and his family were so supportive of me and took care and treated me as their family and I was deeply touched by that. With time we grew closer like a family. They were a family of four, his mom and dad and a younger brother. I was so well taken care of and felt so fortunate to have met him and his family; I felt I have a home. So with 4 years of knowing Friend’s name and his family, his parents decided Friend’s name and I to get married on Year A.D and now Friend’s name and I are happily married for almost 5 years now. Life with him is so much better. Friend’s name is engaged in “Company name ” and earns Amount per month and I am working in Company name as a counselor. It wasn’t a very easy journey yet of now but I feel I’m blessed.

Academic Journey:

To talk about my educational journey; FOUNDATION NAME provided me with quality education.  I am such a lucky individual who got chance to study at School name Website name  and completed my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) in A.D, one of the best schools in Nepal, Likewise I completed my +2 from College  Name  Website name     in the year A.D followed by graduating from  College Name  Website name   taking Bachelor of Arts and Social Work in year A.D but the result was out on year A.D as per the system of University Name .  I appeared in PTE Examination and achieved overall XX% on year A.D.

Professional Experience:

I always feel as though I am ready for another stage in my career and my resume doesn’t seem to have consistency as I always tried on which field I enjoyed and be able to give more. Below is my work highlights.

Company: Company Name

Post: Academic Counselor

Period:  From Year A.D to  Till Date

Company: Company Name

Post: Admission Officer

Period: From year A.D to from year A.D

Company: Company Name

Post: Researcher

Period:  From year A.D to from year A.D

Company: Company Name

Post: Admissions Officer Intern

Period: From year  A.D to from year A.D

Besides my work experience I actively involved myself as a volunteer member in several organizations working on education, health and community development. Volunteering and participating in programs have always been something that I am passionate about and I am active member of “Club Name ” from Year A.D till date.

Why not Nepal for further education?

I visited and researched on universities that offer Project Management course but sadly came to find out there aren’t any providers offering that project management courses. Before coming to the final decision where to study and the reason why I did not chose Nepal for my further studies have justifiable explanation as today’s generation is super competitive and to make a stand and be a successful one needs a quality education and sad to say Nepal seems to lack the quality; education system of my country emphasizes on theoretical knowledge and minimum practical knowledge having traditional teaching method with no sorts of modern teaching methodologies that doesn’t meet the level of today’s generation. Hence, Nepalese employers already have started giving preferences to international graduates rather than local degree holders. The decision is based on the fact that international graduates are more exposed to real working environments, solution oriented learning and problem solving positive attitude and equipped with stress handling mechanisms as researched. I have already spent more than almost over a decade studying here in Nepal and I strongly feel I need to get an international exposure to stand in today’s world and get better opportunities back home as the international degree is given extra priority than domestic degree holder.  Therefore, this degree from Australia is going to make me highly competitive in Nepal and also around the world, rather than I would be with a degree from our subcontinent region. Therefore, in hope of a better career, I believe Australia would fit well about the description of not choosing Nepal for my further studies.

Why Australia?

After completing my higher secondary education I online researched in websites www.studyinaustralia.gov.au, www.internationalstudent.com , to know about the education system and merits about studying in Australia and came to know that Australia has one of the best education systems in the world and all of its universities are among the ranked ones and as an academic counsellor for “Abroad study Australia”, it already did gave me a better understanding and why to choose Australia over other education destinations is barely on the experiences I gathered as a counsellor. They have a bigger reputation worldwide which makes Australia an iconic destination among International students. Australia is at the front position of new technology and innovation and has contributed to science and research through fascinating discoveries, high-quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration. In Australia captivating facilities ESOS Act; works for the protection of students rights. Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS) assures that the fees paid is safe and the investment is properly made. Australia offers more than 22,000 courses from its above 1100 education providers. Different research indicates that around 25% of the students in the Australian universities are international students which show that the universities there hold a multicultural mix of students and a diverse culture. This brings about an opportunity to learn and know more different communities. This creates an interesting and novel environment for international students. The universities in Australia offer updated degrees whose courses are developed and approved by industry experts. Australian education providers are popular for providing industry-recognized degrees. Out of 100 top-ranked universities globally, 7 are located in Australia. The Government has regular monitoring and investment in the education system and this has made Australia one of the most preferred education destinations.5 out of the best 30 student cities worldwide are situated in Australia. Students from over 150 nations currently studying in Australia make friendly and good student fix to exchange ideas for enhancing academic learning. In addition, Australia also provides opportunities for international students to get exposed to their field of studies after graduation in the form of Post Study Work (PSW). This practically enhances academic qualification. Such facilities are rare in most of the other education destinations. As a result, I believe that Australia is an excellent destination choice for international students like me

Why not other education destination?

Priority leads us towards the way of destiny. For international students, there are peculiar multifarious choices. For instance: USA, UK, India, and European Countries like Germany, Italy and so on. The UK is well known for the strong education it provides but the tuition fee in the UK is quite expensive and not everyone can afford to study. Many students going to the United Kingdom are returning to their home countries because they are finding it difficult to deal with education system there and they are mostly forced to return and this is because of the instability of education provider where the institution gets blacklisted and universities and colleges shut down without having any tuition protection scheme and keeping my life in jeopardy is something an individual wouldn’t do. The United States is home to some of the top universities in the world, the tuition fees and living costs in the USA are quite expensive. Cities in the US are not as safe as in Australia. There is a four years bachelor degree program in the US, whereas in Australia the bachelor degree program is three years, which saves valuable. Furthermore, most of the universities in the US require students to give GRE or GMAT tests to get an admission which is time consuming and to talk about INDIA as we share open borders we share a similar culture and the educational system in India doesn’t really vary from Nepal. Likewise, choosing a European country as a study destination will cost around 6 months to learn basic communication. Indeed, the language barrier can be a big factor in understanding their education system and culture. So, these mentioned points clearly state the reason behind choosing Australia over other education destination.

Does course selection match my previous academic background?

My selected course of study is related to my educational background as I am a graduate in Bachelor of Arts and Social Work and there is this deep connection for social work deals with organizations, projects, people, etc. similarly in the organization be it profit or non-profit, the organization needs a project manager to function well to draft a project and project manager comes in handy. They see to it whether the project of any sort of organization is working effectively. So, it’s a Project manager who plays a significant role in organizational development. They definitely hold a prior responsibility for organization policies, rules, execution need for administration and management in-depth and I being very outgoing. I strongly have faith in myself to develop a network, partnership and coordinated management. I acquire a quality to develop a relationship, coordination, partnership, activities with Nepal government and other agencies concerned to institutionalize project management sector.

Why University Name?

I was anxious about choosing a university which I should opt for. It took me some time to finalize the University name as my desired education provider for Nursing. To begin with knowledge on  University name; It was established in Year A.D which was named after University name the first woman to be elected to an Australian Parliament whose campus is located in Location and offers more than 300 courses.

University name has grown rapidly into a quality university with excellent student satisfaction and internationally recognized research. Research at University name extends knowledge and improves the quality of life for people across the globe. Its research priorities focus on solving real-world problems across social, economic, physical and environmental domains. It is a university that values diversity and this is exemplified by its multicultural student cohort spanning a wide range of ages. University name graduates have given us a star rating for teaching in a row.

University name located in Western Australia. University name world-class research strives to make a difference in Western Australia. University name recognized as one of the best “new breed” global universities named in the Times Higher Education. Through my extensive search for universities and my interested course for PQP Leading to Master of Project Management, I came across University name which satisfies all my requirements.

Moreover, this university education falls under the world’s best learning. It also has a distinctive contribution in research, learning and teaching. There is also the right balance of practical and theoretical learning. Recently in an article published by Newspaper name this University secured 86% satisfaction. It means Uni Name  Students are Australia’s most satisfied public University.

Why Master of Project Management?

Project Management in the modern era could be considered as the backbone of every sector. It touches nearly all aspect of our lives: the way we work, learn, communicate, socialize and even entertain ourselves. It is an interdisciplinary subject and business focus course. Moreover, it is also a corporate strategy. Project Management may be the perfect all-rounded degree where a career could see me as a good leader. Even in a successful public organization commonly relies on Project Management skills. This course provides a bight career almost in any industry. Prominently, it is a skilful course that involves developmental activities in NGOs and INGOs or other sectors. It may not be necessary to study Project Management to become a Project Manager, but here are three reasons why a degree in this subject could help me build a successful career:

Varieties in Course

The structures of Project Management courses are in place to keep students engaged and teach them a versatile skillet. There will be lectures, seminars and many more practical works. Project Management is an art of planning, defining, executing, performing, controlling and evaluating. Even a small public humanities organization relies on common project management. It is all about organizational behaviours and economic strategies.

Job Opportunities

Currently, Project Manager can develop new theories, new contacts and new methods. This is a course that relates to day to day life. A degree Project Management in does not necessarily mean that I have to become a Project Manager. Pursuing a Project Management degree adds to my natural talent for organization, time management, attention to details, persistence, interpersonal communication and ability to adapt to problems and changing priorities. Graduates have filled a wide range of different professions like executives, resource manager, coordinator, administrator, and project officers in any sector like community services, public organizations and many more. For example; developing a new product, changing in structure, organizing schedule or running campaigns required Project Management skills.


Especially in Project Sectors, people will directly see what I make a difference. Working in Educational or organizational sectors is helping to pioneer the future; I will inspire younger generations who will continue making the world a better place. Many people say that the best aspect of their jobs is seeing “a child overcoming a struggle and understanding something being taught.”

Career Outcome

Mostly, project management falls under business and management programs. It includes more practical workplace and theory. Master of project management courses has been endorsed by the Australian Institute of project management (AIPM). After completing this course, there are lots of career benefits like;

  •         Resource manager
  •         Event manager
  •         Project manager
  •         Advisor/consultant
  •         Management Analyst
  •         Supervisor

Career benefits after completion of course:

A postgraduate qualification in project management coupled with researched oriented learning will open doors to a wide range of opportunities around every corner.5 years down the line, I see myself as a project manager providing professional advice so that others can make the best decisions. As someone in the mid-20s, it’s too early for me to quote exactly how my future will turn out, but I am confident that the project management degree from your university will develop the future perspective for my long term goal is venturing into entrepreneurship world where I can start on my own firm in organizational sector in Nepal.

After graduation, I intend to grab the opportunity of PSW (Post Study Work) and I intend to return to Nepal and work as a Consultant manager (Short Term Career Plan) and start my own business of education agency (Long Term Career Plan). I have detailed out my short term and long term in the paragraphs below:

With an excellence international degree from University name I am certain that being a Consultant in Company Name as company name has altogether 8 offices in Nepal and I do know Company Name will definitely broaden its horizon into another part of countries.  My chosen course from Australia would make me a very competent and confident candidate to compete. Combination of both humanities and management, I contend that I can dream a Consultant with challenges to move ahead in my career back in Nepal. I am confident that with the previous work experience, a degree from Australia, Work Experience from PSW will allow an easy transition for aiming to become what I have dreamed off. Likewise, attractive salary ranging NPR Amount to NPR Amount per month salary including bonus, benefits and various facilities will not at all be a problem and there are other alternative job prospects since there is already numbers of an international organization like APEIRON (Italy), AMA Foundation (USA), Happy House Foundation (Switzerland) and many NGOs like Greater Vision Nepal, Maiti Nepal, Feed Nepal, Nepal School Projects, Project Management Association of Nepal (PMAN) and many more.

One might consider why to start a firm in Nepal but it has immense potential for growth where the competitors are few. So, my long term career plan is to start an education agency here in Nepal where every individual gets the accurate information and data so no future is pushed to dimness additionally I plan to coordinate proximately with the government to extemporize the scenario. Since I already have experience in this field, and through work, I had the chance to develop the connections which can be useful for me to commence the business. I am aware of the fact that word of mouth plays a significant role in this business so if work genuinely in the long haul I will have more clients. I love my work because I provide a minute avail to foster someone’s future. At the same time, I do financially well enough to live a quality of life and carry on with personal satisfaction. The success stories give me tremendous joy, and I take proud in myself.

Education agency is mushrooming in Nepal, and I feel dismal that there are numerous amateurs in the market than experts. By far, most of them are in business for their own benefits and earnestly playing with student’s future. I belong to one of the educated category. Nevertheless, there are many first generations students, and there is a gigantic hole between guardians and youngsters. It is so natural to bait them for city life as well as going overseas is taken as a sign of respect among the close and extended family members. The carelessness of government to address issues such as exams and result on time, less politicization in education, no strikes, and update of the old courses to an international standard force student to opt for abroad education. At the same time, it is the right of every student to study in their country of choice.

However, many students, especially at the undergrad level completely rely upon consultancies, and they barely work to get enough information on their own. I don’t entirely blame them as this has been the pattern for long. At the age of 17-18, how much maturity can we expect of someone who has been brought up and raised in a traditional Nepali protective atmosphere? So, it is the duty of parents, consultancies and government combined to provide the correct information. There have been cases where students who went to abroad have been caught up in excluded foundations and school. There are a sizeable voluminous number of counsellors who do not have a certificate to counsel students. The absence of checking and representing bodies many education consultancies find its way to getaway. The degree from nations like USA and Australia is recognized all around, also through experience, students learn to be independent, more disciplined, and accountable, which are the components required for a successful future. An individual can get a job in any edge of the world with foreign degrees, but unfortunately, it is not the case with the degree of Nepal. In this way, I believe everyone has rights to receive an education that has more value, yet not every institution and every country is opportune to all. This is where correct guiding assumes a key part to shape the future.

When I had a chance to interface with one of the cultural officers at US consulate, they said many meriting students are sent with an option of school, which does not coordinate their profile and area of interest additionally student himself is perplexed about the place he has picked and that is the point at which they figure students are provided erroneous information through agencies.  Australia; it has 41 universities, and it is comparatively more practical to stay aware of the directions and regulations. The entire visa obtaining process is stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion so the shot of settling on any wrong choice is negligible. I provided an example of USA and Australia as these two are the most popular destination among Nepalese students because both countries provide a degree which is valid worldwide. In summary, no matter which country student chose for their further studies USA, Australia, Japan, UK, Russia, European countries or any other place in the world they have rights to get the proper guidance. So, my major goal would be changing the mindset of students thinking consultancy will do everything and bestowing the knowledge to people who don’t have an idea how genuinely they can give guidance to students and their future.

I have been self-dependent ever since my bachelor’s and I have been fortunate enough to acquaint with some high profile people along the way, learning. I have found that dealing with all kinds of people is my second nature. “Be the best you can” has always been my dictum and I feel that by choosing to pursue my master’s degree in this field that is my niche, will pave way for a rewarding career and fulfilling life. I feel that the Post graduate level studies in University name, Australia would be the most logical extension of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. But my journey towards success is still a few miles away. I need to enhance my career with my Master in Project Management without which my career would not be full filled. All I need is a chance to prove myself.

Thank you for your time throughout my statement of purpose

Yours Faithfully,

Applicant Name

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