Passion to explore my skills has always driven me towards attaining satisfactory life goals. I am Applicant name, daughter of Father`s name and Mother`s name, permanent resident of Permanent address. I was born on DD/MM/YYYY. I am recently ** years old holding passport digit ****. My father Father`s name is working as a heavy in Company name at Location and my mother Mrs Mother`s name is a*****. I was married on DD/MM/YYYY. My husband’s name is Spouse name currently working as a post name in Location in Company name. He has completed his primary school. After that he worked at his own agricultural land for a few years. Then he went to Location work as a Post name for ** years. He had worked in the **** Department as a “Post name” in the company name. for ** years. I am now residing with my mother, brother and sister at Ktm. My younger sister is doing BHM in Company name affiliated to *****in*****. My younger brother is studying Higher Secondary School in college namelocation in faculty. Regarding my in-laws family members, my father-in-law is an ****** and my mother-in-law is a *********

Academically, I have done my schooling from School name in Year  A.D scoring % or GPA. After that, I completed my Higher Secondary School in Faculty in Year A.D scoring % or GPA from College name. I then completed my Bachelor degree from College name affiliated to Pokhara University (Location) scoring % or GPA in MM/YY. Also I did score overall ** in Test name dated on DD/MM/YYYY reading**, writing**, listening ** and Speaking ** (Test name score Sheet Enclosed). I finished my bachelor’s degree in MM/YY, waited for the result and the entire certificate; transcript was handed over to me by DD/MM/YYYY. From  December onwards I started preparing for  my Test name test at the same time I visited different websites, consultancy and best International educational provider as in UK, USA, Australia, Canada. Consult with a counsellor. Then I took my  Test name exam on MM/DD and waited for its results as soon as the Test name sheet handed over to me I submitted my document for application of offer letter in MM/YY. My time was occupied by doing all that productive work.

I decided to gain more practical knowledge in the field of accountancy. During my bachelor program, I did an internship at Company name from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY where I acquired a unique blend of experiences. Visiting various departments of the bank during my internship period helped me to learn not only accounting and auditing techniques but also various cultures and traditions over there. With my growing interest in the accounting world. My performance in the workplace steadily improved as a result I got to improve my skill in a financial transaction. During this working period I came in contact with many professionals and worked with very talented people and thereafter  I developed an understanding that accounting is the backbone of any business and in order to hold Managerial position in one of those industries that  I  am seeking, one needs to have a reputed degree and experience, prevailing competition in financial and development sector, increasing interest of foreign investors and thriving success of business firms inspired me to upgrade my academic qualification from the management graduate to professional accounting degree holder.

Nepal consists of seven universities out of which four are the popular ones: Tribhuvan University (TU), Kathmandu University (KU), Purbanchal University and Pokhara University. Most of the Master’s courses focus on theoretical knowledge and ignore the practical part. With this determination, I started doing research on courses available in my home country. There were various courses like Masters of Business Studies (M.B.S), Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.), and Masters of Business Management (M.B.M.). But as I went through their course structure, it was not what I was looking for. Those courses were more focused on business management than accounting. I found enough renowned colleges offering professional accounting degrees and a handful of them with international affiliation. The most eminent were Apex Educational Academy, IBMS, National College of Accountancy, and King’s College. Though these colleges had the inclusion of numerous subjects, it did not satisfy me as their curriculum, expertise, technology and facilities were limited. Furthermore, their degrees had low demand and less market value on comparison with international degrees and international work experience. So, in order to make my future degree valued and wanted, it was necessary that I expand my research abroad.

During my research, I found that the USA, UK, Australia and Canada are the best education providers in the world, and all these countries have globally recognized top universities. Talking about the USA, although the education system is quite good, it is not much safer compared to Australia due to the high crime rate. Also, the expenses of living and tuition fees are considerably high in the USA. In the USA the students need to sit for competitive exams like GRE(Graduate Record Examination) for science streams and GMAT( Graduate Management Admissions Test) for Management streams which takes a lot of time and is very tough to crack. The USA visa process is complex and hard to get I-20. The living expenses and travelling cost is high in the USA,UK compared to Australia.  Likewise, Canada has an extremely cold climate throughout the year, which will be primarily difficult for me to live and adapt in Canada. Australia has a climate variable like that of Nepal. Also the processing for studying in Canada is complex. In the UK, there is MSC Accounting for only 1 year but I am interested in a 2 years course and this course is not valid for a Government job in Nepal.  All of these comparisons have made it easier to choose Australia for further education.

As we all know, Australia is a country and also a continent. They are boundless and rich in nature. The location also temperature-wise, I can have healthy stays. Their financial market was stable while most of the countries were influenced by the global financial crisis in 2008. The government of Australia is also popular for its stable governing system. Australia is economically and politically stable which will not hamper my learning season, demonstrating itself as the best place to study. There are some of my friends and neighbours from my home country in Australia I found they are more consent and positive towards it. So I choose Australia as a destination for my further studies to be honest. Similarly, the superior education system, governed institution from government, good employment opportunities and motivational environment for international students are the other factors that eased my decision.

I have chosen Australia to pursue my Master’s degree because I find the Australian Universities provide internationally recognized degrees and Australian graduates are highly qualified, proficient and accepted all around the world. As for a student, study expenses is a great matter of concern, the tuition fees and living expenses are considerably lower in Australia compared to other countries. High quality of will is a better experience in Australia. Australia has a friendly, multicultural & safe society and people from around the globe have migrated to this country making it one of the most culturally diverse countries. I also can enjoy different kinds of festivals as well as enjoy indigenous culture across Australia. Australia has been one of the most famous destinations for Asian students and I being an Asian find the climate of Australia variable as that of Nepal which will be easy for me to adapt there. Also international students in Australia can work up to 40 hours per fortnight, allowing them to earn money for daily expenses, gain useful work experience in a foreign country and meet a variety of new people. Another important reason is that Australia has got ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Student) act which is the only country which helps international students if their institutions do not carry their responsibility. Australian government grants financial assurance to international students through the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) . This act ensures the refund of tuition fee incase if the education provider defaulted or failed to deliver the course for which payment has been made. National code of Practice for Provider of Education and Training to Overseas Student 2007 ensures the higher standard of education to international students through Commonwealth Register of Institution and Courses for Overseas Student (CRICOS).

And Post Study Work permit which allows eligible graduates to gain more practical exposure is one of the best attractions which other countries merely offer. Studying in Australia, especially in Sydney, would be very exciting as Australia is the third most popular international student destination in the world and Sydney being one of the best student cities in the world and more than 2.5 million former international students of Australian institutions are making a difference around the globe. Moreover, on an international scholarship, the Australian government is investing more than 200 million dollars every year. Also based on student mix, quality of life, affordability, employer activity, and world-class education. Australia is the best international study destination and even ranks higher than the likes of Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. Most importantly, its education system promotes innovation and creative thinking along with the skills of teamwork which I believe is very essential for any student and their future career opportunities.

In the course of my finding, I had a very hard time choosing one institution from all the good universities available in Australia. I took my time comparing the course and subject materials as well as the teaching environment. Macquarie University, Sydney, has tuition fees per year: AUD$ 28,992 (Total tuition cost: AUD$ 57,984). The University of Western Australia, Sydney tuition fees per year: AUD$ 36,000 (Total tuition cost: AUD$ 72000) the University of Adelaide, Adelaide tuition fees per year AUD$ 34,000 (Total tuition cost: AUD$ 68,000).Among various world-class education provider in Australia I found many universities and their courses suitable for me which were more expensive than my university so from among them University name, study centre in Sydney, is the one that stands out for me. One of the reasons is the University name provides 20% scholarship in its total fees.  The vision and mission statement of the University name fulfil my desires and requirements of my study. In just ** years University name has achieved some amazing feats and emerged one of Australia’s truly great universities. It has been ranked among the best in the world for their teaching and learning and are internationally recognized. University name encourages all students to participate in global study tours and helps to facilitate many exciting programs that allow students to experience the world, build compassion and make a difference. Graduates from University name have some of the best employment outcomes with recent data released by Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) that CQ University has an overall full- time graduate employment rate of ** per cent. This figure is almost ** per cent higher than the national average of ** per cent for Australian resident bachelor degree graduates. Data released by the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching(QILT) website also shows that the University name outperforms the majority of Australian universities when it comes to studying support, graduate employment and graduate salary outcomes. University name is known within the Australian higher education sector as the nation’s most inclusive university. CQ University has good student support services such as Emergency and health services, Complaints and appeals processes, Legal services, Support and welfare services available at the institution, Facilities and resources, any student visa condition that relates to the course they are studying etc.

University name began as the Queensland Institute of Technology in Year A.D and after two years under the name of the University college of University name, in Year A.D became an official university named the University name. In Year A.D, it adopted the name University name. In Year A.D, it became a University name in recognition of the institutions’ expansion beyond the University nameUniversity name has different campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Noosa, Rockhampton, Mackay, Gladstone, Emerald etc. University name has been on a phenomenal trajectory since 2009. Its remarkable growth in student numbers, new courses, new campuses, infrastructure, research impact and reputation has seen the university emerge as one of Australia’s truly great universities. University name`s unique vision for diversity, outreach, engagement, research, learning and teaching, and equity has led to its being recognized within the top 500 universities under 50 years old by the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings. CQUniversity is also ranked among the world’s top universities by the international QS world universities ranking system. I submitted an application to University name for offer letter on 6th March of 2018 and received offer letter on 12th March of 2018. It took 1.5 months for the GTE document arrangement. After that documents sent for GTE approval on 27th April of 2018 and GTE approved on DD/MM/YYYY

When I completed my schooling, my aim was to be a Banker. This aspiration led me to study commerce in my high school and Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) as an undergraduate degree. But BBA had a diverse scope and I wanted to focus on one area. I was in a dilemma which field to choose. Then I came across a Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) at University name. Following are some of the reasons I chose a Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) as a postgraduate degree out of many options. I was pursuing a BBA which offered theoretical knowledge about how to operate a business and I wanted to learn about the analytical and technical part in business and with my thorough research, I found out that units in MPA provided both analytical, technical skills and helped in professional development. Not only banks but other organizations also require accountants and with the increase in new ventures, the demand for accountants is escalating both in Australia and other parts of the world so I thought it was a great step towards the career ladder. I had basic knowledge about the basic accounting but I wanted professional skills in accounting and am able to compete in the competitive job market. Therefore, I thought Master of Professional Accounting is the best course to choose from. The world is full of competition and one need to consider pay rate while choosing a path to a career and accountants are paid a high salary. The normal debit and credit have been replaced by new technology and I wanted something that would teach us how to be competitive in this technological world and as my answer to this question the MPA courses provide hands-on knowledge about MYOB(mind your own business) and Xero which are the famous accounting services in the world. Travelling is one of my hobbies and I want to be able to get jobs even if I travel to other parts of the world and since MPA is an internationally recognized degree it will also help me get a job in the international arena.

The MPA course is 2 years in duration with 16 units in total which consists of 12 core units and 4 electives. Under this course I need to study units such as Economics for Managers, Managerial Finance, Information Systems for Business Professionals, Accounting in Australia, Foundations in Accounting, Foundations of management accounting, Accounting systems and information Assurance, Company Accounting, Contemporary Accounting Theory, Auditing and Ethics, Research in Business, Statistics for Managerial Decisions, Corporations and Business Structures, Taxation Law of Australia etc. Students are required to complete 240 credit points (16 units) of which 180 credit points (12 units) are from required units and 60 credit points (4 units) are from electives; Principles of Accounting, Financial Accounting, Accounting for planning and control, Auditing, Accounting Theory and Practice, Principles of Economics, Quantitative studies, Principles of Finance, Commercial Law, Company Law, Taxation Law, Information System challenges in Management. Plus 4 units from International Accounting,  Financial Modeling, Financial Markets and Institutions, Managerial Finance, Investment Theory and practice, International Economics and finance, Asian legal and political systems, University English for postgraduate. I have performed different activities in Electronic banking departments during the internship which are customer service department, Embossment and letter generation, Re-new, Re-issue and Regenerating of ATM cards, ATM cards packaging, member settlement and dispute settlement. Placement in these departments provided the exposure and understanding of the various services and procedures of the bank and its relationship with its customers. All the experience and knowledge gained in the 8 weeks of the internship has helped in my practical life. 

This course will demonstrate mastery of the coherent body of knowledge fundamental to accounting and related disciplines, by being able to apply effective professional communication skills to analyze and interpret complex accounting issues, use analytical and research skills to investigate, analyze and synthesize complex accounting problems, use appropriate project skills to design, evaluate and implement proposed solutions to accounting problems, communicate effectively in a range of contexts with professionals and non-professionals.

Well, I am passionate about the accounting sector and that’s why the program “professional Accounting” could certainly assist me in my career growth. It also uplifts my existing skills and knowledge regarding the same field as I will be studying this subject, which ultimately helps me with enhanced and polished skills as I pass out. Getting enrolled in this kind of subject having wide scope and opportunities can really make a huge difference in my career. Be it in the career growth by uplifting from a position to higher or be it by commencing up a business on my own. The program “Professional Accounting” will not let me down to reach my endeavour.

My foremost aim would be to work towards my master degree and concentrate on my majors. Then after I would like to see myself working towards the benefit and development of the accounting industry. I have a genuine intention to go to Australia. I will return to my home country with my husband after the completion of my course as my birthplace has always been a place of comfort for me. With the MPA degree, I would be able to get employed in many reputed big organizations of my country like Chaudhary Group, Jyoti Group, Laxmi Group, Golchha Organization, Ncell and also government and semi-government organizations. Since I will have the experience of accounting from Australia it would be a great opportunity to practice the relevant knowledge of MPA in my country. An initial salary of NRP 50,000- 60,000 could be earned from these companies holding a senior-level post of Senior Accountant, Financial Accountant, Financial Analyst and Business Analyst. Also, currently, Nepal is in the pace of development & there is a high potential of investments in macro business sectors like hydropower, tourism, manufacturing by the major companies from China, Japan, other developed countries and the Government. Such investments are a great opportunity to the graduates and missing such opportunities should not be a choice.  Such companies want a qualified professional with the knowledge of the international market and culture to run their business successfully. With the lack of opportunities in my home country, I would not be staying in Australia for which I will definitely come back to Nepal after my study. My parents have always motivated me to the right path and fulfilled my each and every desire through many sacrifices. So I have a huge responsibility to look after them with love, care and respect. I want to contribute to my nation and the entire society through the combination of studies and its socio-cultural know-how in this existing society.

 I can search for a job through different ways like networking, referrals, job boards and career websites, company websites, temping or internships, headhunters and recruitment agencies etc. Australian degrees are more valued and internationally recognized than Nepalese degrees. Australian degrees are highly based on practical knowledge where Nepalese degrees are based on theoretical knowledge.  My short term goal is to get a finest job in a multinational company after returning from Australia completing MPA get starting salary around NPR 50,000 monthly. Then after some years I would like to commence my own business. Knowledge never goes waste. Quality education adds professionalism in one’s life and helps you become a   successful person. Studying abroad is always worth it. I can get a return from my study abroad in different forms, only the money cannot be measured as a factor of return on investment. Studying abroad boosts our confidence and independence, improves communication and language skills, becomes an explorer, becomes a full-time learner, enhances employment opportunities. In Nepal, there are great opportunities for postgraduate students. I can initially join a company as an accountant, employment in diversified sectors like market research, budget planning, corporations and consultancies. The most important benefits of internships are gain valuable work experience, explore a career path, develop and refine skills, receive financial compensation, network with professionals in the field, gain confidence, transition into a job etc. This can be used as a backbone and support in my career path.

My family is well settled in Nepal. Their happiness equals my happiness. They have compromised their dreams for my achievements. My parents strongly believe in parenthood, they want me to achieve success. What I am today is due to the support and love of my family members. My father has good earning and my mother always wants to see me in apex. My parents are happy to sponsor my study and my living expenses. For my study and living expenses, my family (father, mother and Husband) will be my sponsor. I have full support of my parents and they are financially sound to cover all the expenses including living cost in Australia. They are fully aware of the cost of my study for 2 years i.e. tuition fees and living expenses.

I understand the terms and conditions and my limits to this visa subclass 500 for all international students who wish to study in Australia at a registered education institution. I should have progressive academics, should have covered by the health insurance, should have more than 80% attendance, I will have work limitation. I can work part-time for 40 hours per fortnight or 20 hours per week. I should update my address within 7 days to the University and DIBP as if I changed my address. I assure you that I will be maintaining my student visa conditions as well as other rules and regulations. I would be very thankful if I get the lifetime opportunity to educate myself in Australian way at your renowned university with Australian culture and lifestyle, which I believe will be both challenging and rewarding and when I come back to Nepal after completing my master degree I can make myself and my family proud.

I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in refusal of my student visa application.

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant name 

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