Statement of Purpose (GAN01BHU)

Genuine Student (GS) and Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Profile

The information below has been supplied in support of the following applicant’s student visa application to assist them to demonstrate that they satisfy DHA GS and GTE compliance requirements.

Applicant’s Name: Applicant name Date of Birth: D.O.B
Citizenship & PP No: Citizenship number Marital Status: S/M
Institution/s: University Name Teaching Location/s: Location name
Course/s: Course name Intake/s: Intake

  1. Briefly describe your education history by listing all qualifications (even incomplete ones) from Year 10 (or equivalent) to your highest Include the names of the qualifications; education institutions, teaching locations, academic results and inclusive course dates to indicate the duration of each course: 

I accomplished my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in year A.D from School Name with score %. Then I completed my 12th from Higher Secondary Educational Board of Nepal (HSEB) and passed in the division with score %. in the year A.D  from College name.  Likewise, I admitted at College name, an academic institution affiliated with University name,to study 4-year Bachelor degree in course name and completed it with score % in year A.D

  1. Provide a brief record of your employment history by listing the names of all employers, job designations and commencement and end dates to indicate the duration of each employment position held: 

After I completed my bachelor degree, I did an Internship in Company name  Pvt. Ltd. as a Programmer on Web GIS Mapping Portal for XX months. Then I worked as an IT officer in Information Officer at Company name from year A.D to year A.D.

Give reasons for any gaps of one year or more in your academic and/or employment history: 

There is no gap in my academic as well as employment history.

  1. In order to explain your immigration history, give reasons for any previous international travel          undertaken; describe  the associated visas granted to you and state whether you complied with the specific conditions of each visa: 

I have not travelled yet for any country so there is no immigration history.

  1. Disclose any previous visa refusals or cancellations you have received from any country, including Australia and describe how you addressed the issues identified that resulted in your visa refusals or cancellations: 

I have not received any visa refusal or cancellations from any country. This is my first application.

  1. Provide the details of the financial sponsors who will fund your Australian studies and living expenses by  listing their full name, Date of Birth, citizenship, country of residence, current job designation and employer’s name: 

The first person who is sponsoring me is my Father, father’s name inhabitant of the location name, Nepal. He was born in D.O.B. Currently, he is servicing as a Teacher in Company Name, location name, Nepal. The Second person is my Brother, brother’s name an inhabitant of the location name, Nepal. He was born in D.O.B. Currently, he is associated with Company Name as a Communication and Programme Coordinator, location name Nepal. I have provided all income-related documents along with the Bank Balance documents along with visa application to support my financial arrangements. I have already paid my initial tuition fees and health insurance.

 Briefly describe your proposed living arrangements in Australia: 

I will stay in rented accommodation near the university which cost approx. XX to  XX AUD per week. University Name is located in XX  city where I will be staying. I have visited some website to know more about accommodation in Melbourne i.e. Website name, Website name. I will also get support from my agent after my visa for the accommodation.

Briefly describe any research you conducted about study in your home country or in other countries, before you made the decision to choose your selected academic program and education institution in Australia: 

I searched countries like USA, UK and Australia etc. I have compared that it is very difficult to get admission in USA considering its entrance requirement of GMAT/GRE test and also study cost is not affordable in USA. The master degrees offered in UK are of only one-year duration that doesn’t recognized in Nepal and I want to do 2 years Master. I Choose Australia because Australian studies are well known for quality education and the students from all over the world are studying over there and after obtaining proper qualification they make their future bright. Australia offers a diverse range of study options for international student. Australian institutions focus on developing real knowledge in students by offering the courses which are practically designed as per the current company’s requirement which is totally lacking in Nepal study. Also, Australia offers Post Study Work opportunity for international students which are good opportunity to have international work experience. It has Tuition Protection Scheme which makes secure about the paid fees and it has ESOS Act which deals about the rights of international students and such good provisions are not available in most of the other country i.e. USA, UK, New Zealand. The climatic condition in Australia is also similar to Nepal where it will be easy for me to adjust. Other some European country requires learning own language for the admission which takes a longer time.

The biggest reason for choosing abroad study rather than my home country is the lack of practical knowledge in Nepal. I have researched about some Universities i.e. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University in Nepal and found that most of the Universities offering the IT course have limited specializations and have limited practice facilities in the classrooms & also Nepalese qualification is not globally competitive. I already studied a long time in Nepal and now I also want to experience new education style from abroad which will not only gives me qualification but also will get opportunity to interact with the students from different nations, can exchange culture and ideas each other’s, will know the international environment, time management system, will develop my personality. So, I have decided to study in Australia not in my home country Nepal. 

  1. After identifying the skilled occupation and associated international career opportunities available to you upon successful completion of your selected academic program, list any other reasons for choosing this particular academic program and education institution rather than a similar course at an education institution elsewhere: 

After a lot of research, brainstorming and web exercise, I shortlisted the Universities like Federation University, Victoria University and University of Sunshine Coast, Central Queensland University, La Trobe University and at the end, I selected University Name. I compared academic and English entry requirements, tuition fees, course structure, specializations available, class size, facilities provided to international students and location with other above-mentioned universities and finally satisfied with University Name at its Melbourne campus offers small class size and student support services. International students will gain a quality education with small-sized classrooms recognized in the top XX% of universities in the world. It’s creating new and modern facilities to all of its students and continually investing in the latest technology, spaces, and support services. It also offers a very good platform for students regarding research with a lot of training opportunities. I will have 5-star study experiences while studying in The University Name. It is one of the world’s top 150 young universities. As per my research 9 out of 10 University Name graduates are employed within four months of finishing their degree and its graduates are currently using their skills and expertise to drive change in more than 5000 communities worldwide. Comparing those factors with other universities, getting suggestions from a counselor and getting feedback from the students who are already studying in Australia I finally decided to study in The University Name which provides quality education and my interested degree in very affordable cost.

  1. Briefly list the course requirements and core contents of your selected Australian academic program: 

MICT is a perfect blend of theoretical as well as practical knowledge which helps the student to put into practice the knowledge gained during the course through professional courses in the curriculum. MICT is a chance to learn standard tools for organizing IT business activities and managing the process and get an in-depth understanding of the business world. This course helps me to grab an opportunity to get real workplace experience. I will qualify to work in roles such as IT officer, system analyst, System administrator, Data Scientist, Database administrator, and other higher-level managerial position, or as a key professional in the fast-growing industry as well as the service sector. It provides me with a comprehensive program of study in IT theory and practice. The course content in MICT is System analysis, Managing Research, Relational Database Systems, Network Technology and Management, Data and System Integration, Data Analytics. The requirement of IELTS is overall XX with no band less than XX, but I have got overall IELTS score XX, but XX band in writing. My XX band in writing will be addressed through concurrent English support and my ELICOS can be waived off by the university.

  1. Describe the relevance of your selected academic program to your past education and/or employment history. If there is no link, explain why you are seeking a change of discipline and therefore a future career change: 

Master of Information and Communication Technology is fully related to my past education courses. During my graduate-level, I had studied lots of courses related to Communication and Information Technology like Web technology, internet technology, software engineering, cloud computing, database management system, communication management system, system design and analysis,  and so on. So that it will be easy to me to get the idea in the course of study in Master of Information and Communication Technology. And talking about my employment history, I have gone through my course-related job, i.e. IT officer. During this time I fully used my ideas and skills that were gained during in the course of study. I got a chance to employ the theoretical skills into the practical fields. So, I have chosen this course that is fully related to the courses that I am aiming to accomplish.

  1. Describe the relevance of your selected academic program to your future study and/or career plans upon successful completion of your selected course of study: 

As we know, Nepal is a developing country and we have huge potential in each and every sector in the present day, be it any sector. Information Technology, database, System administration or Manager is heart to any organization and hence having thorough knowledge in this field shall open my doors to any sector and thus add unlimited scope to my career. I always dreamt of working as a System Analyst in Nepal’s big IT Institutions, i.e. IT company of Nepal, the Chaudhary Group, the Unilever Group, Banks, various company related to the communications such as Ncell, Nepal Telecom, etc. This degree from University of Sunshine of Coast shall be the best program to achieve my dream. I shall be able to fit in with the demand of the market of Nepal with this degree and thus contribute to any organization that I shall work for. I am confident that I will get a competitive job here in Nepal with the Australian degree which will recover my study investment within some years. Most of the above-mentioned companies are paying high salary with other extra facilities. Initially, I will get NRS amount to NRS amount per months but this will be increased as per my performance in future. Nepal is a developing country where there are shortages of the IT professionals in every sector so I can see good job opportunity in Nepal after returning from Australian with a degree and international experience. I am confident that I will get a competitive job here in Nepal. If I am unable to find the competitive job here in Nepal I can also apply for the international job based on my degree from Australia as Australian degree is globally recognized degree.

  1. List the student visa conditions that you must satisfy whilst you are studying on a student visa in Australia: 

I am fully aware about the student visa conditions in Australia under the visa subclass 500 where,

Students are required to maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of course,

Student can only work 40 hours fortnight while the course is in progress,

Student must maintain 80% attendance record while studying,

Student must have progressive academic while studying,

Student should update the address to University and DHA within 7 days of arrivals and have to update in future as well if address changed.

I will strictly follow all these visa conditions while studying in Australia.

  1. Disclose any exceptional circumstances related to you (or your spouse, if relevant) that may impact on your student visa profile and how any unique case specific issues have been positively resolved or addressed by you: 

There is no exceptional circumstance that hinders my student visa profile.


I hereby certify that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy DHA, GS and GTE compliance requirements, has been completed in my own words and handwriting and is a true and correct account.

I understand that if any incorrect, misleading or non-genuine information is found in this SOP, my student visa application will be refused.

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