Statement of Purpose(DAVAASUN)


Introduction & Academic Background
I am Applicant’s name, son of Mr Father’s name and Mrs Mother’s name, a permanent resident of Location name, Nepal born on D.O.B. I grew up in a family that values the diversity of opinions and perspective. My home provided me with an opportunity to develop my independent thoughts and wise decisions. I am analytical and take initiatives to improve them and I always found myself challenging with new ideas and thoughts.

I finished my school level in year A.D in first division with distinction (score %). In year A.D I completed Higher Secondary Level with (score %). My both school level and higher secondary level was from College name, location name. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Hotel Management from college name, location name with Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) XX  in year A.D

Along with my studies and I also got to get involved in industrial exposure training for 4  months  XX days from year A.D to year A.D at company name. I have also achieved the specialized training in the kitchen of XX weeks from company name holding XX grade.. Then I felt I should gain some more experience and after completing my bachelors in India I returned back to my home country and joined the casual program in company name soon after I managed to get a job at company name, location name and I had been working with the same organization as a Commie when I started on year A.D and recently concluded my work and resigned from my post as the company name on year A.D.

After more than XX years of work experience in the kitchen, I had an urge to pursue my education furthermore and gain some more experience and more professional knowledge and managerial skills. So, for my further studies, I decided to take IELTS exam and on the date of year A.D I gave one and scoring overall band of XX (Listening – XX, Reading- XX Writing- XX and Speaking- XX). After that, I initiated to find out best university by surfing Google and counselling from consultancy I came across many of the universities and colleges but with after a prolonged thought and understanding, I choose college name located in location name, Australia to be a better option for my career to embark upon a further academic career.

I would like to add that I am married and I will apply along with my spouse Mrs. Spouse name. I got married on year A.D (year B.S.) as per the social tradition, values and norms. It’s an opportunity for my wife to visit abroad, plus it becomes easier for her later as she can also join a college or university later if she wants to pursue her further studies. She has her relatives and brother in Australia who can support if there is any need of it but before that, we will be quietly sustained from the support of our families for living there. Also being a self-working person, she has been working since after her higher school. She has done some jobs like teaching for 4 months, a receptionist for XX months as well she has taken barista training from company name, location name and is currently practising it. So, she can easily manage to do some jobs there to manage the living cost.

Why Australia?
Australia is a highly developed continent and is becoming a growing destination for international students to further pursue their study and career path. It is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. This country has 1500 academic institution with more than 22000 courses along with world-class universities and colleges providing a wide range of selection to choose from. Thus, becoming a hot educational hub, students around the globe are captivated towards the education system of Australia.

Top notched universities and colleges and their globally recognized degree obligated me to pave a road of an academic career in Australia. It’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and United Kingdom.

The climatic condition of Australia is similar to that of Nepal, which is an advantageous part for Nepali students like me to adapt in Australian environment unlike that of United Kingdom which has a rather cold climatic condition which is rather difficult to cope with. Also on my research, Australia has lower crime rates than that of USA. Also with exclusion on the need to learn another extra language plus high-quality education, high human development index and low crime rate are other factors that motivated me to take Australian degree. There is also the possibility of scholarships, which helps to lower the cost of studying for international students. Another reason for choosing Australia along with the quality of education, worldwide recognition of Australian education, there is the Education Services for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act that sets out the legal framework governing the delivery of education to the international student in Australia on a student visa. The ESOS Act covers everything from financial protections and laws protecting the rights of international students through to work rights, student welfare and complaints along with Tuition Protection Service (TPS) and Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC). The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) assists international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study whereas OSHC is health insurance arranged to assist the hospital and medical costs. This shows the dedication of the Australian government to provide quality education and protect the rights of international students due to which there is a safe environment for international students. The diversity in culture, beliefs, food and all the amazing people from different countries that one can find in here is an experience that I would definitely want to gather during my stay there. Hence, regarding the entire above-mentioned scenario; I came to the conclusion that Australia is a perfect destination to explore my academic avenue.

Why Sydney?
As the largest and oldest city in Australia, Sydney is also the ideal and preferred city for many students who are attracted to its cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere. While researching about Sydney, I found out that Sydney truly is a world-class destination. It is the capital of New South Wales and the most populated city in Australia. On top of that, many students enjoy the moderate climate in Sydney which promotes healthy outdoor living throughout the year while they immerse themselves in this beautiful, clean, modern, and safe harbor city. It also operates as a financial and commercial capital not only for south Asian and eastern states, but also for Australia. Sydney offers a world-class education to a large number of international students from over 50 countries. Also, it is the world’s highest rated cities in term of quality of life. While the city is flourishing with infrastructures like education, communication, transportation, business and security it provides me with more opportunity to gain experience and knowledge on new technologies and gather more proficient skills. Also it will cost me around 250-350 AUD per week as a living cost in Sydney.

Why not Nepal?
In Nepal, there is less selection of college and mainly 4/5 universities that would provide further education on the field. There are mainly 2 colleges under two different universities which provide MHM course them being Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management, Kantipur International College which also faces with limited seats, entrance exam requirements, big class size in the classrooms. Therefore my thought even after BHM, doing a MHM in my own country would seem only limited. On the other hand MBA course provided here lack wide selection on a course for me. With my research done currently, 5 Nepalese Universities namely Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, and Mid Western University, offer MBA/EMBA program none of them don’t provide a specialized course in accounting despite the high demand and importance placed on Accounting at a professional level. There are courses like Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Statistics, Masters in International Business (MIB), Master in Marketing & Sales and Masters in Business Studies etc. But the bitter truth is that none of the universities in Nepal offers a Master’s Degree which specializes solely in Accounting and the specialization I required on or matching my previous academic career.

Nepal’s education system lacks worldwide recognition like of Australian education. Therefore the pursuit of job with the expected income in even own or in a foreign country after the completion, of course, comes with rather unsatisfactory results. For example, if one has to complete their Masters form Nepalese education standards, with that certification they would manage to secure a job on a firm with salary ranging from NPR amountNPR amount per month but with the same certification from Australian education standards or with Australian certification, it will give a much more priority than the native one, therefore, the salary on a firm can range from NPR amount to NPR amount at start and can increase up to NPR amount on a long term. It is not that the education system here is very poor it is more understood and even accepted that the exposure, knowledge, skill and experience gained from a rather developed country from Australia is rather high than that of Nepal.

The diversity in culture, beliefs, food and people from different countries that one can find in Australia, also helps to exchange culture and ideas from different people from different locations.  Also employers all over the world recognize the Australian degree thus the graduates are successful in finding jobs and holding prominent positions worldwide. Now in today’s competitive world many countries prefer international standard degree for the job and other official operation which also makes it more of a reason to look for a foreign degree.

Why not the USA/UK/Canada?
I always dreamt to continue my higher studies from a foreign country. I even did my bachelor from my neighbouring country India to get an exposure on the different education system and I find a lumping difference within their and our system. Then for my future study after some years of experience on the field, my personal research got initiated. The obvious countries of choice were US, UK, Australia, Canada and European Countries like Germany and Norway. Then I started comparing these countries I was very much fascinated to find a cluster of universities and colleges that would offer me a course on my field but everything came with rather unsatisfying remarks, some having a high cost for the course while some having a longer period of time and no exposure outside after the completion of the course than with a very long hectic research and going through many comparisons I finally chose Australia. Not only for its globally recognized education in a safe environment, reasonable entry-level requirements and lower living costs but also for its reasonable and fair fee structure on my selected subject/course.

 In the USA the entry-level requirements are tough and to get into a good university with scholarship a student needs to sit for competitive exams like GMAT which is often time-consuming process from preparation to securing the required scores. In comparison to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Australia has a low tuition fee and less expensive living cost. (U.S Dollar 1 = NRS 114.21)

Through my research from various sources, I found Australia to be the best and safest educational destination for international students. It is not overcrowded like other overseas countries. They do not have a language barrier as it is an English speaking country with a mix of diverse people and friendly natives. Similarly, if we compare the tuition fees and living expenses of various countries, the tuition fees and living costs of Australia is comparatively affordable. Even though places in the USA (like Texas) are affordable, for an international student like me, security issues will always be there. The crime rates in the USA is 21% more than in Australia while that in the UK is 4% more than that in Australia according to reports in different sites.

Similarly, the weather of UK is far too cold for me to cope up. Also, the tuition fees and living costs will be considerably lower in Australia in comparison to the US and the UK. (UK Pound 1 = NPR amount). Tuition Protection System TPS is not facilitated in the UK like in Australia. The major reason for not applying to European countries is due to the language barrier. On the other hand, the weather is not favourable as there is an extremely cold climate. (1 EURO= NPR amount)Furthermore, in other non-English speaking countries like Germany, Japan and so on, students are required to learn the native language even if it is to have a day to day conversation with the shopkeeper. Furthermore on my research with Hotel Institute Montreux, (Switzerland), Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS), (Switzerland), University of South Carolina, (United States) on other countries as well that provided for my higher education with the chosen field (hotel and tourism) also along with them I looked into University of Warwick (London), Schulich School of Business (Canada) providing MBA  courses. In comparison, I found that the prices are almost double than the subject I planned to study.

Hotel Institute of Montreux (Switzerland) for the course Master of International Business in Hospitality Management (with specialization) it would cost amount EUR/ amount AUD (yearly)

 Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)(Switzerland) for the course The Masters of International Business in Hotel & Resort Management (with Specialization) the tuition fee is around amount EUR/ amount AUD.

I could also have studied in my neighbouring countries like China and India, but the language barrier with China is the main problem is we have to speak their native language for study purpose and daily lifestyle. As for India, I will not feel like I will be studying abroad as we have an almost similar education system and culture.

On the other hand, Australia is one of the best destinations for international students to gain highly qualitative education in prestigious and top-ranked universities which will benefit in future flexibility. Comparing the exchange rate of Australia and other countries, Australia has a lower exchange rate which makes the fee structure affordable for international students(1 AUD = NRS amount)

Hence, after carefully analyzing every aspect such as affordable fee structure, course structure, cost of living, climate, health and safety, low crime rate, cultural diversity, friendly natives and so on, Moreover, Australia’s policies are highly favourable for international students which made me choose Australia over other countries. I simply believed that choosing Australia is the best decision for shaping my educational career.

(Exchange rate as per year A.D)

Why college name Australia?
Among the cluster of educational institutions, it was actually tough to make a decision to enrol in one institution for a further academic carrier. It would have only made sense to choose a master’s degree with the same field of studies being Hotel and Tourism Management, therefore; after prolonged research of various institutions like Edith Cowan, Griffith University, University of South Australia, Western Sydney University, Bond University and hence after elongated research I made a decision to pick MBA course with college name as it had the suitable masters course with specialization in Tourism and Hospitality Leadership which seems almost perfect for me boosting my academic career on my preferred area of hotel and tourism.

Also after reading the brochure, plans, areas of study, teaching method provided on the page of college I came to know that college name is a globally recognized provider of higher education degrees in Australia. There are students from more than 80 different nationalities with that college name mentions promoting greater cultural awareness, social connections and diversity in the classroom. On the other hand, small class size with supportive and nurturing learning environment (college name) it emphasizes on providing expert lecturers ability to enhance individual support, an intimate learning environment, which helps to receive genuine care and close attention and thus making it easier to connect with peers. Also making a wide range of services available like qualified counsellors, on-campus tutors, after-hours coaches, student forums, study skills workshops, career mentors, in-class industry guests all of which are specifically designed to ensure students feel supported and had managed it on succeeding to obtain more than XX% more positive rating than the average across all business and management institutions by postgraduate students which added to my plus point on choosing college name

From the story of college name timeline as mentioned it all started from a basement in the U.S by college name and has only been growing since then from the U.S to London to Australia hence with also the main countries like them being its foundation. college name now operates in over 30 countries and regions and maintains relationships and partnerships with more than 1,000 school districts, colleges and universities, and over 2,600 corporations. In addition, Forbes magazine named college name among the top 100 in “America’s Best Employers for 2015.” college name ranked XX on Forbes’ ranking of 500 U.S. employers across 25 industries this achievement only shows how recognized it is on the globe. So the only question I was left with was why not Kaplan?

Comparison of the colleges
The main point on my comparison with other colleges, university and institute was the course, fee structure and career opportunities. college name has a suitable fee format that was quite acceptable. In this I would also explain why I would defer selecting Masters in Hotel and Tourism Management from other institutes to Masters of Business Administration (Specialization in Tourism and Hospitality Leadership) because from the research I have done I found the course or MHM would cost rather high than that of MBA.  Moreover with this course also, I can easily approach for my long term goal that is a Hotel General Manager or even other possible fields like Tourism Executive, hospitality entrepreneur, Food and Beverage Director etc. Addition to that form selected course of mine I would get equal as well as more managerial skills which I have been lacking throughout my working days.

James Cook University (Australia) for the course International tourism and hospitality course charges around amount AUD yearly.

University of South Australia (Adelaide, Australia) for course Tourism and Event Management costs around amount AUD yearly.

Griffith University (Australia) provides MBA with no specialization for the cost around amount AUD for a year.

Edith Cowan University (Australia) provides Masters of International Hospitality management for which it charges amount AUD indicative fee on a year.

Western Sydney University charge about amount AUD yearly, for a Master’s in Business Administration course.

Torrens University Australia for Business Administration Advanced it charges about amount AUD per year.
Therefore with a very affordable fee structure also providing the specialization course on my academic field college name came to the 1st choice. Although other education providers had the Masters of Business Administration they didn’t have the option for the specialization course according to my previous academic career. Also with the education system in Australia, I would be getting a similar degree from college name from that of other universities or education providers in a very affordable price. It is also located in the city area which makes it easy for managing other requirements and facilities of transport, markets and food.
Along with College name nationally accredited and recognized qualifications it provides professional recognition on the future. Also mentioned it has career prospects which dedicate career services for current students and alumni and with the individual methodology (described) as capped class sizes to nurture students need and aspiration plus the tools to manage, lead and succeed in real work environment plus intern and gaining practical knowledge as well theoretical understanding provided on your hand it seems I would benefit a greatly from being a student in College name

Why Master of Business Administration specialization on Tourism and Hospitality Leadership?
At first I was wondering on what is MBA with specialization on Tourism and Hospitality Leadership but after thorough research and understanding, it came to me that it was actually the combined package of a course I was hoping. Studying a Master’s in Business Administration forces to get out of comfort zone. As encountering the latest International Business trends and applying the newest management techniques, will only keep one challenging to try and find new ways, answers and actions. And hospitality is amongst the fastest growing areas of business, it is the most expensive and diverse industry. Some source estimate that the number of people employed in the industry globally stands at over 100 million. Hence the rewards for talented and focused individuals are high. As I had completed my bachelors in Bachelors in Hotel and Tourism Management thus studying this subject will only add up to my benefit on my further career as the Master’s degree will prepare me for a successful career in a number of high-level positions. My future plan I would be explaining that on the below section on detail but on the small part of its benefiting on my career/goal I would like to embark on the opportunities after the completion of degree I can work as a Tourism Executive, Hospitality Entrepreneur, Hotel General Manager, Events Planner, Food And Beverage Director, Tour Operator etc.

All of the mentioned opportunities are more than enough to start me on a determined career. Therefore with specialization in Tourism and Hospitality Leadership, it will help me learn how to lead teams and organizations with the world’s largest and fastest-growing (hospitality and tourism) industries. Examine consumer decision-making and other aspects of the service economy. Also, explore the important role of the service economy and the ‘service user experience’ in service-based industries. Other than that on next approach on advance and managerial content it will add to my advantage:

  • Manufacture, advertise and sell own products.
  • Keeping the company’s finances healthy.
  • Maintain the company’s positive image.
  • Gather and interpret industry data.
  • Hire the right people and keep them motivated.
  • Create hierarchies that help the company thrive.
  • Making the tough calls at the right time.

Thus making Masters of Business Administration [specialization in Tourism and Hospitality Leadership] more preferable selection of course for me to advance through for my master’s degree.

Course Details
I am well aware of the course details, fee structure, and duration of the course in College name, Australia. The course Masters of Business Administration Specialization: Tourism and Hospitality Leadership. (CRICOS Course Code: XXXXXXX). The course commences from year A.D and ends on year A.D. The total course fee is AUD amount. To graduate with the Master of Business Administration – Tourism and Hospitality Leadership you must complete a total of 12 subjects. Under this course, I will be studying Tourism and Hospitality Leadership, People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership, Governance, Ethics and Sustainability, Financial and Economic Interpretation and Communication, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Psychology Managing in Service-based Industries, Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Operations Management and Decision-Making Models, Introduction to Data Analytics for Business, Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring, Thinking Styles, Negotiation, and Conflict Management, Internship, Strategy and Leadership in Tourism and Hospitality, Destination and Visitor Management etc.

Financial Background
My family has a sound financial background and can afford for my studies abroad. With my mother working as a Manager in company name and father working as a security guard on company name in location name. My mother also is a landowner and has given it on a lease for a poultry farm from which also adds on to the family income. They have sound income being NRS amount. (AUD Amount) yearly form my mother’s income as a manager, NRS amount (AUD Amount) from land lease and NRS amount (AUD Amount) income of my father. As well for the further help my mother-in-law who is also a landlord and also has income from land lease NRS amount (AUD Amount) and NRS amount (AUD Amount) form house rent as well my brother-in-law is also happy to be the sponsor to facilitate on my abroad studies in Australia, he has an income of NRS amount (AUD Amount) working in Company name.

Future Career Plan
think for me to joining my Bachelors in Hotel and Tourism Management was solely to pursue my career in the same field as it provided the option to my goal. After completing my bachelors I freshly joined a service industry and spent my wholesome time there and had a wonderful opportunity to see and face new challenges as a newbie for good time period. During the time I came to face many hardships that I couldn’t solve on my own and had to take suggestion from my supervisors and managers. The experience was excellent even though, on the long run it came to me that I was lacking more managerial knowledge and professional problem solving skills. Indeed, with the completion of this degree and a sound professional training I am certain that I would be able to tackle problems in more professional way.

The Post Study Work (PSW) visa allows graduates to work in Australia temporarily after they finish their studies. After the completion of the MBA, I expect to get the PSW as it will strengthen my knowledge regarding the concerned field. It offers extended options for working in Australia to eligible graduates of a higher education degree. Students get two years of PSW visa which will help me to acquire international working experience and exposure in Australia. It will help me to implement the theoretical knowledge learned into practical experiences. It will provide real work experience as well as will give me the opportunity to enhance my skills related In the two 2 years of PSW visa, I am planning to work in different institutions and companies as. In case if I am not able to achieve the PSW option, I have planned to return back to my own country and will execute and explore hereby with the knowledge acquired in a two-year master’s degree. Ultimately, Post Study Work Visa will help me to gain different international working experience, develop different Analytical skills, Enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, global exposure which will be one of the most important aspects to shape my future. I can also develop technical knowledge, professional communication skills and know the workplace culture. The Knowledge I obtain from all during my PSW visa will also help me a lot after I return back to Nepal as it will be a plus point to my career and help me to get a good job in one of the renowned institutions here in Nepal.

Close possible goal is continuing to gain experience and knowledge on my field of interest. I would like to achieve and gather experience as well as skill and knowledge form different international organization and service providers hence, providing my share of knowledge and experience gained through my studies and professional practice knowledge. Then after some years when I reach about my retirement age I would then be focusing and dedicating myself for sound time and I plan to open my own business firm with the experience and knowledge gained during that timeline giving back what I experienced and knowledge, sharing it with the newcomers on the field which is, of course, my final goal after acquiring a degree in Master of Business Administration specialization on Tourism and Hospitality Leadership from College name.

There are a lot of foreign people on the high post of stared Hotels and resort example being during my period of the casual program with company name, Kathmandu the general manager was a Manager name and the executive chef and sous chef were form India thus meaning there are still a lot of possibilities that with proper skill, knowledge, qualification and certification there is huge scope left unscratched and left for grab hence, bringing more opportunity to the sector. So holding a Masters in Business and Administration with specialization on Tourism and Hospitality Leadership with my experience with international companies will help me to deal wisely and change the working procedure in a more effective and efficient way which will ultimately uplift my career. Some of the portal from where I can hunt the job in Nepal are:MeroRojgari.com, JobsNepal.com, MeroJob.com, KantipurJob.com, KumariJob.com, etc. Statistically, the average salary of an international degree holder is about NRS amount to NRS amount at start and can increase up to NRS amount on a long term per month with the experience along the time and according to the job, basically helping me in the return on investment of my education expenses. The amount of salary will help me recover a lot of expenses for my studies in Australia.. So, even though the cost of studying is a bit higher, it will benefit and help me to outgrow my career in a lot better way leading myself towards a successful life.

Therefore with the course, it would help me achieve some certification acknowledged experience I want to work along with world-renowned Hospitality service providers like Marriot, Radisson or Hyatt Regency in a high-level position, and engaging with companies will enhance my knowledge being able or having an opportunity to work with them will make me financially stable which will support me to see myself as a successful entrepreneur within 5-7 years and with the experience, the knowledge gained overseas I will be able to lead and manage it properly.

After completing my masters and by storing knowledge and experience some years in Australia I would like to return to Nepal because I have my family here hence, being able to work and spend time with your family is a pleasing feeling to me.  I am the only son of my parents, and being a typical Nepali family I have the responsibility to look after them; consideration of their emotional fulfilment and moral support makes my coming back even more important. My stay in Australia will definitely make me miss that and I definitely do not want to prolong it even more after the completion of my stay in Australia. Hence, I will also have to come back to Nepal to start my own family. Not only this I am a person having deeply inclination towards my culture and nationality which I am always proud of. It is always in my mind that I should return to my motherland as much I can. As well as a career opportunity in Hospitality and Tourism in Nepal is a growing industry. From small cafes, resorts, food chains, five-star hotels, to international franchises, the field is on a growth escalator. There has been a massive shift in the country towards quality-oriented services. The increase is on an international scale. Even with many hospitality based organizations running nationwide, there is still a dire need of a ground-breaking approach. As on recent constitution as Nepal has got federalism the state division will bring upon more development on different sectors in multiple provinces of the country which bring more career opportunities. There is already a plan for two international airports which mean more tourist and more hotels and even more international outlets. A number of world-class brands are entering Nepal in the near future, and there would be a rise in demand, particularly for high-level, skilled professionals. So, as per my family responsibility and from what I will achieve during my study abroad and the experience gained on that period will make up an opportunity to work on new establishment also excites me and will make me want to come back.

Visa Obligation
I am aware concerning to student visa subclass 500 and its condition. I must encompass the following condition and qualities to deserve a visa.

  1. I must maintain at least 80 per cent attendance.
  2. I must score a minimum of 50 per cent in each exam to pass.
  3. I cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight.
  4. I have to maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) during the period of student visa.
  5. I must notify the education provider /DHA writing within 7 days of arrival in Australia about residential address and/or any changes to that address in Australia.

I am looking forward to a favourable response and hope that I can catch the great opportunity.

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