With great pleasure, I feel glad to share my moments with you, myself as Applicant Name , born in D.O.B daughter of Mr. Parent’s Name and Mrs. Parent’s Name. I am a permanent resident of Location name , Nepal currently residing at Location name, Nepal. I have been married to Mr. Spouse name since year A.D  permanent resident of ward no 16, Kathmandu, Nepal. He used to work Company Name . My husband has completed his +2 (High School) in Commerce in year A.D. It has been almost 2 years since my father in law passed away. My mother in law is a house wife and sister in law is a student. My grandfather in law and grandmother in law are involved in real estate business of their own.

As concerned to my qualification, I completed my SLC School Leaving Certificate from School Name  in year A.D, distinction with score % under the Board of Government of Nepal Ministry of Education and Sports. In year A.D ,under Indian School Certificate (year-12), year A.D to year A.D I did my high school in College name , Mussoorie, India in Commerce faculty with ‘A’ grade. For bachelor’s degree (year A.D to year A.D), I did my majors in Information and Computational Science (Statistical and financial Actuarial Science) from (University name), Hangzhou, China with overall GPA: XX out of 5 scale on year A.D. During my last semester, I got an opportunity for an internship, which was a compulsory task, at Company Name. The internship was as unpaid volunteer in Accounting Department for XX months of year A.D to year A.D in Company Name which is located in Kathmandu-35, Koteshwor, Nepal. During my work period, I worked in accounting department with the auditors. This period was a good learning experience for me as I got an opportunity to gain academic knowledge, develop personal skills and implement the theory into practice. Even though I enjoyed working, I found it difficult to understand few aspects of business and the skills of managing the human resource and decision making became very complex and complicated. After my graduation I returned back to Nepal and started my IELTS class which was held for XX months from start of XX to the end of XX. Right after I completed my classes, for a month till the date of exam I prepared for the test. I sat for the test on year A.D. I got my result on year A.D with overall XX band scores XX on Listening, XX on speaking, XX on reading, XX on writing.


Reasons for gaps of one year or more in your academic and/or employment history (if there is gap)

I had completed my Bachelor Degree on year A.D than after I return back to my home country and spent some time with my family and started preparing IELTS and gave exam on year A.D and success to score XX in overall band.  Than after I started my documentation process for abroad Study.    

My father will be my sponsor throughout the study and Stay period in Australia. Our income sources are form my father’s company named Company Name from where we are gaining NPR Amount per annum and we have also given our House from house rent and earn NPR Amount per annum. for my living and study expenses we have taken Educational loan of NPR Amount from Bank name through which I have already paid my initial tuition fees. I will get support through my sponsors to secure the most possible smooth functioning for my education. I am aware about our living  expenses and travelling expenses i.e. AUD 21041 for Student and AUD 7362 for dependent and AUD 2000 for Each Applicant Respectively. we can cover our all expenses through our education loan and family annual income during Australia and there will not be any problem while we are in Australia.

I prefer Sydney as Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia with a population about 4.6 million and is the capital of state New South Wales (NSW). The city boasts a varied gathering of diverse people from over 180 different nations who speak over 140 languages. Sydney’s diversity has become one of the city’s strengths as the people have a solid reputation for their hospitality and friendly environment. The main reason to choose Sydney is because is one of the most livable cities in the world and has great weather with peaceful environment. I am Aware About living arrangement in Australia for International student, there we can find various accommodation option in affordable cost we can various of accommodation option like as Homestay, rental Apartment, Sharing Rooms, Hostel, etc. and it will cost Approx. XX-XX AUD Per Week. and I will choose one of them which will be near about my university and Market area. 

Since after my completion of SLC(School Leaving Certificate) I have been studying abroad India,China. In the context of Nepal, there are limited universities and institutions but most of them consist of courses which are not related to MPA (Master of Professional Accounting). Nepal’s universities like Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, teach some of the accounting related courses like MBA (Master in Business Administration), MPA(Master in Public Administration), MBS (Master in Business Studies) but MPA (Master of Professional Accounting) is not available in any universities. Also, the universities lack of proper system and standard education. The course structure is rather theoretical and not practical which does not make me competent in the industry. Not only that, the recognition of Nepalese degree is only limited until the home country and not globally Competitive. Since, Nepal is a developing country it lacks behind in new technology, research, infrastructures and other education facilities. Institution here in Nepal not affiliated with proper international universities and the degrees are not acceptable globally. In this 21st century Nepalese Universities still adapt to theory based education system therefore after doing some research I decided to do Master of Professional Accounting in Federation University, Australia..

After the completion of my undergraduate from China, I wanted to get exposure from western cultures as I have already been exposed to Asia’s two big giant country i.e. India and China. Hence, I started to look for best possibilities Universities in countries like UK, USA, and Canada etc. There are many factors that led me to choose Australia as my study destination. In my point of view, Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country with energetic, friendly people. It has been the first choice of thousands of Nepalese and other students for their further education. Australia is known as the 8th happiest country in the world (2016). Talking about the safest place, as world knows Australia is the safest country in the world which makes it less crime rate and gender discrimination country in the world in compare with other countries like USA & European countries. Beside this, it has a multicultural society, cultural diversity, peaceful, Multi-Lingual, safe and welcoming environment. In addition to this, The Australian education system is very practical and systematic with cosmopolitan culture. The best part is the climate of Australia is quite similar to Nepal. Living expenses and tuition costs in Australia are considerably less expensive than the UK and USA. In so far as Nepalese students are concerned, the country had stood third after the United Kingdom and the United States in the list of most sought-after academic destinations just a few years ago. Now, however, it has climbed to the top spot. The fact that Australia boasts world-class academic institutions, part-time and post-study work facilities and a relatively safe environment in so far as the students’ investment is concerned are what have made it the most preferred place for higher study at present. There are also possibilities of scholarship as Australian government provides more than 200 million Australians dollar scholarships every year for the international students which can help the lowering cost of studying in Australia.

The approach of the Australian Colleges & Universities to technical and vocational education is being recognized as one of the best in the world. The top universities in Australia have the reputation of being able to adopt new technologies in the world faster than other countries. The cost of living here is more suitable as compared to other places due to the conversion rates. English being the primary language in Australia, it gets easier for the students to grasp and pursue their studies, understanding it with ease. The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist students if any institution is unable to fully deliver our course of study which means my paid fee is safe in Australia and same facility is not available in UK and other European countries. Australia also offers Post Study Work (PSW) opportunity for international students after graduation and such provision is not available in UK and USA. It has ESOS Act (Education Services for Overseas Students) which deals about the rights of international students i.e. right to know before enrolling, current and accurate information about the course, fees information, study mode etc. Most of the other European countries require their own language for the admission which also takes longer time. New Zealand is very small country where there are very limited Universities and getting admission is tough. Canada is not most preferable for me as they take really long for the admission process and visa process and the weather is also not suitable for me. 

In my view, acquiring knowledge of accounting and management will not only be extremely useful but also personally rewarding and enjoyable. There are many other courses related accounting such as Master of Business Studies, Master of Business Administration, ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CA(Chartered Accountant)courses but there is no course specifically related to Professional Accounting. This course will train me to possess professional skills in accounting, finance, economics, statistics and business law. The learning outcomes related to this course include showing mastery of fundamental accounting knowledge, using analytical skills to inspect, analyze and incorporate difficult accounting problems, using skills to create, assess and implement solutions to accounting problems, communicate effectively with professionals and non-professionals, practice a high level of professional judgment to identify and react to ethical issues and work individually, as fellas, with the team mates to gain new knowledge and identify and solve accounting related issues. The careers opportunities that this course provides are financial accounting management accounting, taxation auditing, finance, banking management, administration, consulting or business advisory services. Completing a Master of Professional Accounting Degree will allow me to have greater job opportunities in future in Accounting and Finance Sector as I will have greater chances of being employed in various accounting related jobs due to my Master ‘s degree. 

I suppose this is just a commencing step for widening my range of competency for profession which could cover future professional career of my life. Of course there are innumerable desires and hopes in life to be fulfilled. As I research about the university name after knowing from my consular, I have been influenced by the educational pathway at Institute of university name. Moreover, its teaching facilities and equipment meet the very highest standards to ensure graduates are well prepared for industry and research. The college has excellent retention rate with very affordable fee structure. It offers sample flexibility that we can attend classroom course or study online which all factors are very keen need for over further carrier. university name is based in Location name , Established in year A.D, making it Australia &XX;s third oldest tertiary institution and it has achieved five-star rating for teaching quality in the Good Universities Guide consecutively from Year A.D- year A.D. It is also committed to a culturally diverse society and is a progressive and concerned regional research university with vibrant campuses offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. University name is one of the nation’s leading reasional university. University name is regional Victoria’s largest education institution, with campuses in various location. University name is renowned for its teaching and learning performances, graduate satisfaction as well as being one of Australia’s leading regional universities.

I choose University name sydney Campus managed by University name. University name is the Premier provider of quality education. The University name has provided quality educational and training services to students from all parts of the world for the past XX years with the affiliation to University name. The University name has provided quality educational and training services to students from all parts of the world for the past XX years.  University name have Small Class than University where we can easily interact to the teacher. University name is located location Name , Australia where we can study in CBD Area. we can use modern resources in the classroom this is also the reason I choose University name. The University also seems to promote and provide opportunities for students, staff, and community to acknowledge, learn from and celebrate diverse communities to further intercultural understanding communal harmony through cultural exchange and social connection which I feel is really important for international students to feel safe and comfortable for a free and undisturbed education experience. It has also been ranked four-stars for graduate placement by the Good Universities Guide.This placed the University in the top tier of Australian regional universities. Before deciding University name as my education provider I have also Compare it with other Universities like Australian Catholic University, Macquarie University, University Sydney, La Trobe University, University of Technology Sydney, Central Queensland University etc. I have Compared their fees structure, Academic and English entry requirements,  facilities provided by university for international student etc i found all university have high entry requirements than University name and also have high tuition fees than University name like Australian Catholic University and Central Queensland University have Same Fees Structure like University name but they do not offer me scholarship, Macquarie University just have XX years MPA Program and it have high Tuition fees(Amount AUD per year) likewise UTS, University of Sydney and La Trobe University have high Tuition fees like Amount AUD, Amount AUD, Amount AUD Respectively and also University name is providing me XX% of scholarship of fees per semester so all the consideration I choose University name among other provider in australia.  

I have chosen to pursue Master of Professional Accounting program in University name for the Intake A.D with the duration of two years full time in its Sydney Campus, located at Location name provided by University name is completely accredited and fulfills the membership requirements of two accounting bodies in Australia which are CPA Australia and the Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). There are total of XX core subject with XX semesters. My tuition fee is AUD Amount per semester (AU$ Amount).also I have been granted XX% scholarship of the fee per semester. University name has XX compulsory subject and XX electives subject which I have to complete in  years i.e. Accounting Concept And Practice, Information Systems Design And Development For Accountants, Business Economics, Commercial Law, Research And Statistical Methods For Business, Corporate Accounting, Cost And Management Accounting, Corporate Law, Financial Accounting, Auditing And Assurance Services, Financial Management, Taxation Law And Practice, Business, e.tc. and this University name MPA Program is Professionally Accredited with CPA Australia and the Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Also, graduating  from this course will allow me to be eligible for admission to the CPA program of CPA Australia and the CA program of CA Australia and thus it is a gateway for me to becoming a professional and certified accountant. As a result, being a certified or professional accountant will allow me to increase my chances of being employed at a higher level of management in any accounting firm or any accounting department of organization. 

After completing my Master of professional Accounting, I have aims to apply PSW visa which is my rights provided by Australian government after graduation. where I can get working opportunities in Australia which helps me to gain addinal practical knowledge in international market and helps me to get various opportunities in future. If I am unable to find the PSW also I will have an Australian degree. After gaining some knowledge from PSW I will return back to my home country and work in Accounting Field in reputed organizations. maybe in initial stage I cannot able to get high position in big organization but this international degree and international work experience helps me to hold high position with high pays and facilities in Accounting and finance sector like as Accounting Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Business Strategist, a Chartered Accountant or Financial analyst in reputed national and multinational company like as Joshi & Bhandary, which is one of the leading, reputed and oldest accounting and auditing firms in Nepal, or other reputable business national and international organizations such as Unilever Nepal Limited, Co-cola, Chaudhary group of companies, Dabur Nepal, and various Banking Sector like as Sanima Bank, Hamiliyan Bank, Nabil Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Kumari Bank, standard Chartered Bank etc. where I  am able to earn NPR Amount  monthly in Initial stage and it will increase after some years of experience and based on my working performance, so that I can easily recover my study investment after some years of my working life and can happily establish my future in my home country Nepal.   Furthermore, with the knowledge and experience that I will gain from completing my Master’s Degree in Australia, I will have better understanding of how to manage a business and the fundamental aspects of accounting helping me to set up my own family business in future which is another career plan I have apart from being an accountant. also this degree form Australian University is globally accepted degree so that I can have more working option in other country also if I do not get competitive facilities in my home country I can apply for another third country with the help of this degree. 

My family is residing in Nepal which is another motive for me to return back. Also, my spouse being the eldest son and me the elder Daughter-in-law, as the tradition of Nepal we both have lot of responsibility that we can’t avoid from staying Australia. My spouse family have done a lot for me they have treated me like a daughter more than a daughter-in-law which I really do appreciate and I want  to return back to them to show how grateful and want to  support them and love them to their old ages. 

My husband is a backbone to me. We know each other for more than XX years. After XX years of relationship we finally we got married in our early 20’s in the year Year A.D. I was from a Buddhist family and he was into a Hindu family which was a different background. My husband has supported me in every step of my life, whether it’s education, family matters or domestic matters and everything. He also came to China before I graduated. If he join with me in Australia I felt a lot better because he will help me in every single things he could. He will help me with my household works, he will care in my health issues also I don’t feel  lonely when i am with him so that i can give my full time for my studies. 

I understand the terms and conditions and my limits to this visa subclass 500 where I must have progressive academic while studying, work limitation, more than 80% attendants requirements, health insurance requirements, address update requirements if change and I will follow all these conditions in Australia. I believe that choosing Australia for my higher studies and in specific choosing reputed university like university Name  for pursuing Master of Professional Accounting is my best decision. I also like to ensure that I am aware of my responsibilities and I truly understand the depth of request I am applying for.

Regarding my previous immigration history, first I went to India for my high school as well as my spouse though it doesn’t need visa because Nepalese do not required visa to travel India. I had Stay year A.D  to year A.D  for my Higher Secondary Program. After completing my higher secondary I went China for my Bachelor degree program from year A.D  to year A.D  . and return back to my home after graduation. my husband have travel history for India China. he also went India for his Higher Secondary level for XX year from year A.D  to year A.D  and visited China for Visit Purpose form year A.D  to year A.D  and return back to home country Nepal.  

At last, I am very hopeful that I will be given consideration and opportunity to take a step closer to my aim. It would be privileged to get an opportunity to study in Australia to complete my further studies. I believe by getting an Australian degree would bring a huge change in my future to upgrade my career. 

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