“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”. –Anais Nin. The meaning this phrase consists of is what motivates me most to continue the journey of my life full of positivity. Passion for learning has become an autonomous process of mine. Having my bachelor’s in education and serving as a teacher for four valuable years taught me more lessons that I have not expected. In the course of my journey as a teacher, I learned to dream higher where I decided to have my post-graduation in Master of (Arts) International Relations in abroad at a renowned University.

Introduction and my previous academic Background
First of all, I would like to introduce myself as Mrs. Aplicant’s name born on the D.O.B and a permanent resident of Location nepal. I am planning to study Pre-master in International Relations at University name . Since my childhood, I always imagined myself being involved in such professions through which changes in the life of people can be brought.  Master in Arts (International Relations) is a globally acknowledged area having a great horizon. It introduces us to the world of politics and the socio-historical impact of global development. Similarly, we will be able to learn about the different political systems and governing policies around the world, understanding how they connect with a broad range of international issues. I believe keeping changes in the idea would help us to have diversified opportunities. My teaching profession gave me one part of satisfaction whilst I love to grasp the next school of thoughts through the Master of Arts (International Relations). This subject opens a gateway to an individual to build up a career in government branches, diplomacy, non- government organizations as well as private companies and corporations. Having known all about this area, I believe, I could be a fine graduate holder with sound knowledge and skills.

I have completed my School Leaving Certificate from School name in the year A.D . Similarly, I have completed my high school from college name  in the year A.D. I chose a Bachelor’s Degree in Education for my undergraduate and it completed in the year A.D. While studying for a degree, I also took part in voluntary teaching for part-time. Upon graduation, I became a Lower Secondary English Teacher at Company Name from Year A.D  to Year A.D .  Simiarly, I was hired to work as a Secondary Level English Teacher at Company Name from Year A.D  to till date. Ever since then, I have been working at this institution and teaching young adults English for Academic Purposes. With the plan to study abroad, I researched overseas education and learned about various admission requirements such as scoring high on English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc. Accordingly, I appeared for the IELTS examination on year A.D and secured an overall band score of XX (L- XX, R- XX, W- XX, S- XX), which makes me eligible for admission in my chosen university.

Why Master of Arts (International Relation)
I got participated in programme name  conference which was held in School name , Location name  from Year A.D  There I exhibit my role as a rapporteur, where I got a chance to build relationships with high profession individuals. Particularly that movement struck me a lot that connectivity with the people around the globe is the most fundamental aspect to build exposure in the global market. That curiosity to become an exposure always pushed me to pursue International Relationship. My first witness in the programme name  conference adjoins some courage to me. Moreover, I conducted research entitled “programme name  ” in the XX Annual ELT and Applied Linguistics Conference which was organized by University name , Central Department of Education dated from Year A.D. My tiny footstep in the area of research fascinates me a bit more to pursue an international degree.

I had already made up my mind to earn a well-renowned degree from a foreign university. Between the choices of different subjects for post-graduation, I found, Master of Arts (International Relations) an amazing one. This is a two-year degree along with a pre-masters course of two semesters. The Pre-Master’s Program develops a solid knowledge of the subject which we need for the course material ahead of us. University name  is believed to be the first education provider in Australia to offer a post-graduate bridging course to a group of eight universities. The main objectives of the degrees are to provide great insights into foreign affairs, public policies, international development, economic trends, social issues law and many more. It helps an individual to be a professional in addressing a number of important issues such as human rights, dealing with organized crime,  and globalization. More importantly, the degree is closely related to my current profession and field of interest as well.  In my teaching profession, I have to teach a strong mechanism of the global market on the basis of social-cultural phenomena and how the world is becoming a global village in the hands of connectivity. So, I am sure that this course will be a milestone to develop my future. On the other hand, the knowledge about international relation is mandatory in every country especially in foreign affairs to build a healthy relationship at the diplomatic level.

My course and its requirements
As mentioned earlier, I will be joining the pre-masters course starting from year A.D and ends at year A.D. Over there, I will develop my study and research skills as well develop my academic English. Throughout the journey of my pre-masters, I need to study subjects such as Intercultural studies, Quantitative skills for postgraduate studies, Critical thinking for postgraduation studies, Approaches and issues in International Studies, Research communication, Research design etc. which will help me to graduate into the second semester of Master’s degree at the University name. The indicative total fee for my Pre-masters course is AUD amount. Similarly, the course duration of Master of Arts (International Relations) is 1.5 years which starts from year A.D. The indicative annual fee is AUD amount. This course is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency(TEQSA). Under this course I have to go through the courses like Approaches and Issues in International Studies, Strategic Cultures and Unconventional conflict, International politics in the Post Cold War World, Politics of the internet, Studies in Contemporary Art. Research Design and so on. Having Masters of Arts specialisation in international studies at the renown University like University name provides an opportunity to cope with all the global contemporary issues and make able to compete in global market. Having an international degree in this are  will led us to reach in prestigious posts like Diplomat, Intelligence Specialist, Political Analyst, Lobbyist, Communication Specialist etc.

Why study in Australia not other countries? 
Australia has always been the best destination for many students pursuing a quality education. International scholars choose Australia to attain higher education because of the high quality of education, friendly environment, diverse culture and high standards of living in the world. Besides, Australia provides the best opportunities for students based on student mix, affordability, quality of life and recreational activities. The country is widely known for its swiftness in adopting various new technologies. Australia also offers an extensive range of study options for every student. Further, the globally recognized qualification of Australia with world-class educational services and facilities for the local and the international students strengthened my decision. Most of the top-ranked universities are located in Australia. It is also one of the most sought abroad destinations for study as many international students like me choose Australia for further study every year.  The Australian education system is recognized internationally for its effective structure. I have also assembled a good deal of information from very useful and reliable websites. I found Australia more secure and best for higher education in the context of living, physical and financial safety, and laid back nature. After my extensive research for about six months on a relevant course and preferable university in Australia, I am fully convinced that Australia is a great destination for me. Australia is the most affordable abroad study destination because Australian tuition fees and living expenses are affordable compare to other desired destinations. To be alone abroad leaving behind friends and family is scary but Australia is exceptional, it is the safest destination. According to the global peace index, 2017′ Australia is ranked as the 12th  safest country for people to live. Lastly, the Australian work experience is highly valued everywhere in the world. Therefore, the experience I will obtain will be beneficial for my career in my homeland. I always hope to study in abroad experiencing quality education and an incredibly natural and cultural environment. After all,  the health facility, multiculturalism and are the other facility to study in Australia. Thus, climate condition is similar to Nepal and there won’t any difficult to adjust me.  

USA:  The application procedure in the country is quite long. IELTS exam doesn’t merely fulfil the criteria to get admission to American universities. Similarly, Australia is all overdevelopment, including all the cities. In the case of United States GRE is prioritized rather than IELTS.

UK: The country has the most changing immigration rules that make visa processing difficult. The dollar price of the UK is higher than Australia which makes the cost of living and studying high. In the case of tuition protection, the government of United Kingdom has not grantee to protect.

Canada: The climatic condition of Nepal is moderate. The temperature of Canada is too cold which makes one difficult to adjust. But the climate of Australia and Nepal are somehow similar.

Financial Arrangement
My main sponsors for my studies in Australia is my in-laws who are my strength and aspiration for further studies. We have our own house in Nuwakot which is two and a half storied. All rooms are rented as a source of income. The total income from it is NRS amount. Similarly, we have land in location name  which is also rented and its income is NRS amount. My father- in law, Mr(Name) , owns a Company Name in location name which has got an annual income of NRS amount. Next is my brother- in law, Mr(Name) who is aiding finance and his annual income is  NRS amount. The last one is my sister – in law, Mrs (Name), who has got an annual income of NRS amount

Why not to study in Nepal?  
As mentioned before, having an international degree has always been my passion. When the time comes to choose one of the countries among many I chose Australia as one. Australia is believed to be one of the safest destinations for international students with affordable tuition fees. Similarly, we cannot deny the fact that Nepal has got its educational policy which highly focuses on a theoretical basis rather than the practical one. Moreover, I also come to know that some renowned universities in Nepal like Tribhuvan University Website name website name Pokhara University website name, Kathmandu University website name and so on seek the professor who has gained an international degree. Similarly, as I went through biodatas of some vibrant professors of my home country there I came to know that most of them have an international degree.  The core subjects like approaches and issues in International Studies, research design, research communication and so on are the worth contents in the course I chose. As per the research I did, I found the differences in the following areas between the educational system of Nepal and abroad:

  • Curriculum: In foreign countries, the curriculum is revised and updated as per the need and demand of the country but here in Nepal once made curriculum are being implemented though they look outdated.
  • Tutors: As it is said teachers are the changemakers, in foreign countries many pieces of training, skills are provided to them with high respect but here in Nepal policymakers do not take this matter seriously.
  • Political influence: Here in Nepal, education and educational institutions are found to have highly aspired with political teams. Rather than selecting the sound principles in pedagogy, many follow the political agendas. This case is very transparent in abroad universities with no influence on
  • Methodology: The traditional technique is still being followed by schools, colleges and universities here in Nepal due to the lack of expertise but very relevant teaching is found in foreign universities.

I visited some colleges and universities in my own country immediately after completion of my higher education and degree however, I found them to lack expert faculties and modern tools of teaching. To have a proper and strong base in education and to compete globally, I prefer acquiring an international degree rather than doing any ordinary courses in my own home country. Moreover, most of the degrees that we gain here will have no,  value. Considering all these factors and comparing them, I have chosen Australia over my home country Nepal. Similarly, in the case of the job market, the Australia degree is highly prioritized. And I am with that degree will be in the demand not only in Nepal but around the globe.  Regarding the course, here in Nepal, the courses like the following are only included in the Master in International Relation:

Theories of Diplomacy

Research Methodology

Development of Economics

Strategic studies

International conflict and cooperation

Whilst in foreign universities, practical ideas are focused more than the theories.

Why the university name ?
I found the similar courses available in various universities such as Central Queensland University, University of New South Wales, Australian Catholic University, Southern Cross University, University of Wollongong and University of the Sunshine Coast. Among them, I chose the university name because it is a reputed university in Australia. Moreover, the university name college partners with the university name to offer a range of study options designed specially as pathways for students to enter easily in their chosen degrees. The university name is Australia’s third oldest university. It has a well-established reputation for excellence and progressive thinking. This legacy is sparkling till today, with the University proudly ranked in the top one per cent, among the world’s elite. As the university is well known for its world-class research and teaching institution, I take it as a positive initiation that, I will be joining for pre-masters in the initial phase and later on moving towards the degree program with all the needed foundations and basis. It is my privilege that I am accepted in G8 university. So, this ranking of University makes me more competent in the global sphere.   It is a vibrant and contemporary Australian University.  

My Future Career Plan
My career objective after completing my postgraduate program is to return to my home country to seek a career in the government branches, diplomacy, and non- governmental organizations. I would utilize the knowledge and skills obtained from there in my country. After the course completion, going through the job sites like https://merojob.com/, www.jobnepal .com, jobjee.com helps me to find out the better job opportunities in the international organizations like Save the Children(https://nepal.savethechildren.net) UNO( https://un.org.np) UNESCO( www.unesco.org)   which are working in my home country. The present market is a competitive one where one should be able to cope with international demand and need having sound knowledge of worldwide rules and policies. Every organization demands employees with analytical and practical skills at its first priority. Hence, this globally recognized subject will fulfil all the above-mentioned demands. The international degree holders seem to be more demanding for different professions in my home country where only a few people are there to have this qualification. We have a different foreign policy-related institutions and organizations in our country where they needed an international degree holder. I hope to work in an internationally acclaimed organization that will increase our potentiality and we can search for the greater scope in the coming days. The current trend in my country regarding the jobs in INGO and NGOs are hiring the reputed personnel like human resource manager from abroad also paying a high amount of salary of more than NRs amount . If we could attain a related degree, we need not worry about our bright future and my ultimate career goal is to be a well established Human Rights Officer in my own country. I will establish myself in the related field and devotes oneself to the human right provider and for social progress. I believe, involving in those leadership positions, will help me to establish myself as a change maker. Today, a standard master’s program international relation is a dynamic mix of political science, economics, foreign policy, anthropology, and sociology. Nepal, being a developing country has many possibilities of increasing the level of the aforementioned sectors. A good thinker and practitioner are a must for this. If we could change the existing economic policy of the country i.e. the haphazard distribution of means and resources, unmanaged market system and so on we could see a great change. After I could gain the aforementioned qualities, no doubt, I will be able to get the job of above NRs amount to NRs amount per month in the initial stage and after working some year I can get NRs amount to NRs amount NPR per month salary. This level of establishment and earning uplift my profile. And there won’t any difficult to pay back the investment of my education.

After, gaining various experiences in different fields, I have a great desire to open a humanitarian organization where I will be focusing on the upliftment of lifestyle of people living in remote areas and are deprived of all the basic requirements. It may not be a new idea. Many organizations have been doing it, but what I think of is, it should be done with the concrete plans and policies that should bring expected change.

Incentives to Return home country Nepal
I am planning to pursue my post-graduation from abroad just because I want to make my career secure and it’s been my passion since childhood. I cannot imagine myself being far from my family for many years. As a married woman, I have more responsibilities towards my family. My parents and my in-laws mean a lot to me. They are the ones who always try to uplift us from every thick and thins. I and my husband Spouse name  are going together due to the reason that it will be easy to manage everything together in the new place and new environment I may feel homesick and it might be difficult for me to adjust in the beginning phases in the new environment. His presence over there will add the confidence level within me where I will also be provided with the moral guidelines to set up my great career. My husband being the only son, has to take care of the parental property. We have a two and half stored house in location name which is worth approximately XX million in present market value. Similarly, we also have enough land in location name which we have given for rent to open brick industry and my father- in law owns a business that we should take care of after he gets old. We both have great responsibilities towards our family which will motivate us to be back in the country. We have a brighter life here in Nepal after gaining a reputed degree with all required skills. According to article 17 of the constitution of Nepal, which guarantees the freedom to open organizations \ associations, there are approximately 6,000 (NGO) and 200 (INGOs) in our home country. There are numerous chances of finding out the jobs when we have the expertise in the related subject matter.

Understanding of Visa Condition 
To conclude, I would firstly like to express my gratitude for getting an opportunity to apply for a study visa in Australia and I deeply appreciate the time you have given in reviewing my application. I am an honest and hardworking student who dreams of getting an Australian degree from the University name  and becomes equipped with excellent theoretical and practical knowledge, which I envision to implement in my country Nepal’s social reform system that is in desperate need of change. I have encased all necessary educational, financial and other supporting documents with my application. All the documents and information I provided are true and I am completely aware that any false detail if found, can lead to the denial of my study visa. I hope my credentials prove me worthy of getting the chance to study in Australia. I will abide by the rules and regulations of The University name  and strictly adhere to Australian laws. Hence, I hereby submit my application, hoping for your kind approval.





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