It is my great pleasure to introduce myself as Applicant’s name, a Nepalese citizen owing Nepalese citizenship number XXXXXXXXXX and Passport number XXXXXXXX with a permanent resident of Location name. I was born on D.O.B to my parents Mr. Father’s name and Mrs. Mother’s name. I am the elder daughter of my family and live in a single or nuclear family consisting of XX member. Besides, I have also two uncles who live separately in the same hometown. My father and two uncles are also job holders whereas my mother is engaged in the agriculture profession. My brother is also a student. Learning is my passion and so, I would like to present myself as an enthusiastic, genuine, disciplined, hardworking student with a keen learning attitude as well. I wish to study abroad to qualify me with competencies in skill with an international degree so that I can overcome future challenges in a professional career.

Talking about my academic background, I was always an honest, disciplined and hardworking student from my junior level of schooling. I completed my School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C.) level education from School name, located at Location name, Nepal in year A.D with score score%. Then, I joined college name, located at Location name, Nepal and passed +2 in management in year A.D with major in Computer Science. In fact, computer/technology was my field of interest from the early of the school period.

After completion of my intermediate level (10+2), I thought to achieve creative and practical skills related to computer/design. So, I joined a local computer institute in my hometown Location name for a basic diploma course ‘Diploma in Application Software’ which I undertook from year A.D to year A.D which really helped me to know the value of design/IT sector in the present context of design and IT world where IT and its related sector is flourishing in radical development in every sector. I learned many life-needed skills in the computer application sector. Thereafter, after completion of my training course, I got chance to join a company name where I worked as ‘Junior Graphic Designer’ and worked from year A.D to year A.D which gave me more confidence in this field and give me the inspiration to take more advanced knowledge in animation as it has wide scope not only in the home country but also in the entire world.

From the research, I came to know that animation sector’s scope is growing day by day as its application is used in most of the commercial visual production, then, I realized that I need extra knowledge and skill in my preferred field (animation), I started searching about my study plan in abroad. Then, in my free time, I participated in a few education workshops and seminars in my home town- Location name. I also did research on the internet/web and online too. I concluded that the quality of education is the main concern of modern time which helps a graduate to settle in his/her desired field in any part of the world. So, I found aboard study is more valuable than home study as my home country’s education and skill is not competent and recognized globally and saleable in the market too. So, after great research, I decided to study in Australia. Then, I started preparing for my IELTS test for around XX weeks; appeared for the IELTS examination on year A.D, and got an overall score of XX ( Listening: XX Reading: XX, Writing: XX and Speaking: XX, IELTS test result is attached herewith). Besides IELTS test preparation activities in my gap time, I engaged myself in abroad study research activities, attending abroad study workshops & seminars, career planning, the course selection and so on.

Australia is the renowned education destination for international students because of its good management and system maintained in the educational growth sector. Australia offers a conducive educational environment; launch the latest course/degree, effective curriculum design with a wide range of research in academia. There is students friendly study environment with student-friendly educational laws/policy. Australia has become the world’s 3rd largest education hub for international students after UK and USA because of its safety and comfortable study environment. For safety parameters and creating good study environment, Australia comes forefront compared to other study destinations in the world. The class in colleges and university are provided by long experienced, professional and by brainy professors with rich infrastructure which is a great matter of appreciation of Australian education. Australia has ascertained the safety of international students in terms of living and protection of tuition fees by arranging the educational law/policy like ESOS Act and TPS which ensures the best study environment in Australia for international students. The friendly native and welcoming environment is another charm to study in Australia. PSW facility after study which is rare in other study destinations in the world is granted to international students to get the real world’s work experience and graduates make them more professional with advanced skill and knowledge. So, I always wanted to gain globally certified education and establish my career with a high social reputation and prestige. After my +2 education in management, with specialization in Computer Science, I researched many things about best possible study options and consulted with education counsellors, attended abroad study seminars, workshops and visited various websites like a website link, website link, website link and so on and concluded Australia is the best place for me.

All these positive facts penetrated me to choose this destination to pursue my desired study- Diploma leading to Bachelor in Animation in colleges of Australia- college name Media Institute, run by renowned professionals who have international recognition worldwide too. I found that I am quite eligible to study this course as my academic and IELTS easily match the requirement. This is a quite modern career-oriented course genre under Science and technology. Being a computer science student with a keen interest in the animation sector and deep passion for bringing some in the animation sector of my country, my interest grew in this sector. I believe that I am eligible to study this subject based on my academic performance, IELTS score and my ardent desire in this sector. 21st century is the age of technology, innovation and creativity and I believe that my desired subject/country can contribute a lot to build this age/century for vibrant and beautiful where new and new ideas and technology is developed day by day by youths like me. To quench my thirst for this knowledge and skill, I have found college name Media Institute can address my desire to be a qualified animation professional and by equipping me with the required skill and knowledge to work effectively in my professional sector.

Motherland is the nearest one for all the natives and I even love my country too. As I am a student of IT, I want to gain an international degree in one part of the IT sector and contribute to the nation. After completion of my latest qualification +2, I researched about various subjects and career field, I found the faculty of animation under the IT department. I tried to search for animation related courses in my home country but I could not find a reliable institution that offers a Bachelor of animation course program in Nepal. Though, my desired program is offered in some private institutes with the low time duration that has very low recognition nationally and internationally as a short crash course. There are limited seats available for the course too and the duration of the course is also short. Besides, Some IT-related programs are offered in some of the Nepalese universities like Kathmandu University, Pokhara, University, Purwanchal University, and its affiliated college. However, compared to the value of globally recognized education and career-oriented courses from an Australian degree, our education has very limited recognition in the world. The course taught in Nepal are not as qualitative as theory-based teaching-learning is mostly used. There is low practical exposure, research-oriented education, quality manpower, infrastructure, educational investment/budget and educational planning/vision which matters a lot in quality education’s concern. In addition, Nepalese degree is of 4 years which is lengthy and time-consuming. Furthermore, the courses are not updated with the real need of the industry. Due to this reason, I decided to pursue my higher education in a foreign country (Australia). 

Before finalizing Australia as my ultimate destination, I had researched other alternative study destination too. Speaking about the USA, it needs a pre-enrollment test like SAT which is time-consuming and most of the college and universities high tuition fee and the exchange rate of the US is higher than Australia. There is always a feeling of insecurity in American society as frequent violence is occurring time and again. The UK has got expensive living expenses and tuition fees compared to Australia and its currency conversation rate is also high compared to Australia. Admission in Australia is easy and student-friendly and less time-consuming. Further, I could not fully be convinced with the UK education system/policy since there was a great number of collages were collapsed and thousands of international students were victimized and they were compelled to return home without completing the degree and without refund from the institution they were studying. Europe is also the great study hub for international students but there is a high tuition fee, high exchange rate. More importantly, there is the use of various local languages in various parts of Europe that may create difficulty to adjust to European society. Canada is also an emerging destination for abroad study but due to its excessive cold weather/climate, I will not be able to tolerate such a cold environment. The exchange rate of Canada is also higher than in Australia. Likewise, Our neighbouring country India is also providing an international level of education in some subject are like IT, accounting, nursing but there is no difference between Nepalese and Indian education as both countries have cultural and educational similarities. So, I could not find a good environment to study in India too.

Brisbane; a vibrant, lively and modern city of Australia which is located in Queensland states. It is recognized as the city of sunshine and city of well-planning of its city structure. Moreover, it is an emerging city for education and tourism. The city is full of cool and serene environment which is conducive for any kind of study and tourism purpose. Far from the maddening crowd of the major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The city is isolated from the noisy environment making it easy to concentrate on the study for students. Brisbane offers a very soothing environment and comfort for international students. It is a multicultural city consisting of various castes and culture is like a cultural bowl. Since I am from naturally beautiful part of the county of Nepal, I prefer to live in this type of environmentally serene place – Brisbane. For few years, Brisbane has been taking great attention of international students due to offering student-friendly environment, quality of life, multicultural environment. Brisbane has low living cost and tuition fees compare to other cities. Brisbane enlists world-ranking college and universities, perfect and suitable weather, world most beautiful natural wonders. Brisbane lies in the Queensland state where 300 days of sunshine days are there. Brisbane/Queensland has an award-winning university like: the Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland and Griffith University. Student can get 50% special discount on TransLink public transport services. Students can get a 25% discount on the bike hire with City Cycle. Moreover, Brisbane is a safe and welcoming city for international students.

It is a private leading education provider of Australia having many campuses located in different cities of Australia: Cities name. I found that this is an esteemed institution launching various IT related programs. While research, I had gone through some Australian Institutions’ websites that offers Bachelor of Animation course like: Deakin College under Deakin University (Melbourne), Torrens University (Fee: AUD. amount per year), Curtin University (Fee: AUD. amount), University of Technology Sydney (Fee: AUD. amount per year), Swinburne University (Fee: AUD. amount per year), Queensland University of Technology (Fee: AUD. amount per years ) etc. Comparing with other institutions, I finally chose college name,  due to its affordable fee structure, college’s international recognition, career-oriented and well-packed design of the course and curriculum specializing in Animation. I found that college name has been widely recognized for academic excellence with a focus for its research-oriented approach of teaching and innovative job oriented academic courses. college name has been categorized as top-ranked College for international student support. Its good rapport with industry has a good link with social organization and creating a multi-culture society within the college area. college name is committed to delivering career-oriented courses in a culturally diverse educational society in college locations. It provides students with a full level of quality in education and learning facilities offering state-of-the-art facilities with students’ satisfaction. The college embodies the team of professional experts in teaching faculty. The management team is visionary, active, educational professional. The course which it offers under IT-related genre is:  audio, film production, game production, mobile application, animation, and design is rare in Australia. The course fee at college name is very affordable than other providers. Different facilities available on college’ premises: modern well-equipped teaching room, up-to-date library, modern lab as well as different types of food and beverage outlets like Restaurants, cafes, Bar, etc have made my mind to choose these providers. I believe, college name will be a great platform to make my career to achieve my career path in the animation and the IT industry.

By regular visiting of college’s website and studying the course structure that I am going to undertake, I am able to conceptualize the learning outcome from the course in college name Media Institute. Basically, achieving this degree, I will be able to do:

         Learn advanced-level industry-standard animation tools, such as Auto desks 3DS Max and Maya and the Adobe Creative Suite.

         Experience an Animation course designed in collaboration with industry partners, develop the skills the film and interactive media industries want.

         Work with artists, designers, web, mobile and games developers, film makers, animators and audio specialists.

         Learn from Animation industry veterans who are masters of their craft.

         Develop high-level special effects in collaboration with filmmakers.

         Learn and apply narrative theories to produce compelling animated films.

         Work with games developers to produce rich worlds, assets and animation for interactive media titles.

         Learn in a collaborative, studio-based environment where your teachers are also your mentors.

         Learn and apply industry-standard project management methodologies from day one.


Before finalizing this course in this esteemed institution college name, I studied about other institutions where similar courses were offered by various providers. During my research period, I had studied about some provider like RMIT University (Bachelor of Design, Animation and Interactive Media, Fee AUD amount, the University of Technology Sydney (Bachelor of Design in Animation, Fee AUD amount AUD for the entire course, Queensland University of Technology, Bachelor of Fine Art (AUD amount for all course), Torrens University (Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Digital Media (3D design and Animation, Fee AUD amount etc.

All these above-mentioned providers are of good quality with a higher ranking in their position based on their performance with a worldwide reputation. I tried to compare my education provider (college name) with the rest of the other these providers mentioned. Basically,  I want to say that I have found the exact course that I was looking for in such an esteemed college with a high reputation for animation and design. The provider I have taken is universally competent in educational performance and recognized providers of Australia. My expectation is to get good education providers that could fulfil my dream, and in this context, I found college name Media Institute that has a good reputation, a good program and effective management. Moreover, I found the exact college that offers my desired course at a very affordable fee (AUD. amount for the entire program). The location of college (location name) is another good point I was looking for. So, I found my provider is best for me in terms of location, affordable tuition fee, comparable international reputation/recognition, diverse ranges of campuses across Australia like other esteemed providers, effective management and customized student support, professional and expert teaching body, micro size class with state-of-the-art facilities. Moreover, I found that this college (college name) has offered the course specialized area of IT/animation course such: Animation, Audit, Design, film production, games development, web and mobile) which is a very appreciating factor of this college in my opinion. The students’ feedback, its graduation outcome, job employment ratio in the market is other attractive features of the college name Media Institute. So, all these factors led me to choose this college.

college name
has launched globally accepted course and curriculum to produce quality manpower. By visiting its official website to know detail about the course and its curriculum, I got full information about the course and college information from its website (website link), as scheduled, I am studying from Diploma to Bachelor of Animation course at college name. The intake is run by the trimester system. There will be 2 trimesters in Diploma level course and there will be 6 trimesters in the Bachelor degree course. The tuition fee for the Diploma course is: AUD amount and for the Bachelor level, the course fee is AUD amount, the credit point that my intended course carry is: 80 and 240 respectively. Some of the course units which I need to study in my preferred degree are Employability Skills in the Creative Industries, Animation Studies, and Practice, Drawing for Animation, Foundations of Computer Graphics, Introduction to Animation, Intermediate Computer Graphics, Animation Production, Media Studies, Animation Studio 1, Cultural Perspectives, Animation Studio 2 (3DModelling), Animation Studio 2 (Character animation), Animation Studio (visual effect), Major project development, Animation Studio 3 (Modelling), Work Placement, Elective, Major Project Production. I am confident that the course units and subjects will make me proficient in my subject area;


As a science student, it is my aspiration to study this course as I have seen boundless opportunity in this field inspired by various Hollywood / Bollywood’s animation movie or film. I have seen various advertisements where animation is widely used. Though I have not done any kind of this project yet but have a deep interest to study the course for which I am fully dedicated to carrying out the course and complete within the prescribed duration.

The 21st century is the age of technology, advancement in every sector. Information technology along with design/animation is taking its extreme height for business and career development. In today’s business world, the industry has many kinds of demand. Animation comes under the sector of arts and design. Except for another profession, we need the skill and ability needed to be animators, multimedia artist and so on. As morning shows the days, the future is looking for a new and smart type of work in art and design to quench the thirst the human to see the world in a vivid and supernatural way. The animation work has been professionally and broadly used in the field of the movie (film) with 2D/ 3D effect, 3D mapping, and advertising field and so on. Video gram producer company/industry is another big industry that provides jobs to thousands of employees. For example, Disney, Pixar and Dreamwork use animator for different purposes. Another sector like Law, medicine, Military use this animation for recreating crime scene and for medical and military procedure too. I found that countries like India, China, Canada, USA. Germany, Japan, Denmark, South Korea, Iceland. These advanced countries are using this technology for various purpose including city planning, big business house/construction too. Initiation has been made in Nepal to use this technology to modernize Nepal as we are more backward in this field. So, my passion to study this subject will give me new career development height and I could give my best effort for the development of my country too. So, I am fully confident that this is the very right course that suits me perfectly as my inner sense is pushing ahead to take this course to give some new momentum in my country’s development in animation sector as we are mostly dependent on a foreigner for such kinds of projects paying a high rate for the hired professional. So, realizing the dire needs of an expert in Nepalese market and adding my support to national development as a girl, I wish to take this course and prove me as a qualified citizen of my country.

Realizing the dire needs of the animator in my country, I am very excited to take up this course to shine my future career. In a sense, I am very hopeful of my bright future career in animation sector as this is the demand of present and future time in the global context. As soon as I complete Diploma of 3D animation production course leading to Bachelor of Animation course from College name, , Australia with hard work and passion, then, I will apply for PSW facility which is granted for international students after successful completion of the course which would empower me giving additional practical skills and knowledge from real-world job experience. I think I may get involved in some of the esteemed animation company of Australia as: The Scope Production, Soul Arch Media, The Novita Group, 10 Tickles Animation, Admark Communication, Able and Baker, BMJ Design, Bulimba Studies, Chris Rae Design, Cream Studio, Digital Bunker, Digital Media Creation and Creswick Creative etc. In fact, technology is an ever-changing matter for which we need to take a very in-depth and proficient knowledge. I found that animation technology is a very essential part of today’s media, advertisement and entertainment’s industry, then, we can’t imagine life without this sector. Today’s practical scenario shows that its use and implication of animation will appear in different sectors of business, IT and entertainment industry in the world which will be intensified in the future too. Today’s business, digital, advertisement, entertainment field is enthusiastically waiting for the arrival of the aspirant youth who are active, creative and dedicated manpower in the IT/Animation sector. 21st century is the age of digital revolution world where this sector will be used in a great deal to bring radical change in all strata.

First of all, my all effort will be to complete my 3 years of bachelor’s degree studies with good score/competencies. After taking some experience from a real-world job in Australia under PSW facility; I will come back to my home country and apply for a suitable job by both online and offline mode. I wish to clearly mention you that my study in Australia will be temporary and it will be for study and gaining some experience related to my study only. Honestly saying, I have seen lots of job vacancies are announced in online portals and offline print media in Nepal. Forecasting for future, I want to say that based on my international degree, PSW work experience in a similar field, English language confidence, exposure in multi-culture society, I will apply for job and can join the companies like IT companies (Nepal Telecom Company, NCELL, VERISK, F1 Soft Pvt. Ltd. Webtech Nepal (https://webtechnepal.com), EB Pears, YOMARI Solution), Animation companies: Hive Animation, Incessant Rain animation studies, Arcube games and animation, Idream Animation Academy, advertisement design companies, media companies, Television companies and so on. My research finds that very few numbers of proficient animation experts are in Nepal working in this field. So, there is a need of a high number of experts in this field. And, there is an increasing trend of technology companies which are being introduced in Nepal. There is frequently announcement of job in Nepalese market too. I have seen regular job vacancies for such kind of skill manpower in the field of animation as:




After returning from Australia, I wish to serve my country wish to use the gained knowledge and expert skill in the development of the IT/animation sector in my country (Nepal). With the degree in this innovative genre of animation, I will be offered an attractive salary ranges from NPR. Amount to NPR. Amount plus salary per month easily whereas the locally graduate people in the IT/Animation sector are getting around the salary of NPR. Amount NPR. Amount per month normally seems very high different in salary due to my exposure in an advanced country with a high quality of education and good exposure. So, my Australian degree and skill will significantly change in the status of my professional career. With skill in the animation sector, I can join the job in any above sector and settle my life with high dignity and social prestige in my country. I think this degree from Australia will make me successful in my career to get my career goal.

Love of country and love of family always remains occupied in mind which is the meaningful aspect and inspiration of each citizen in his/home country. So, I can never undermine the value and prestige of my country since it has done a lot for me. As a citizen, I love my nation and follower of nationalism which I opinion that it should foster and flourish more to set a distinct identity in the world. In fact, the motherland is dearest than heaven. After completion of my desired course from Australia, with a feeling of love, loyalty to my family and nation, I will come back to my own home country. As a citizen of my country, I am always grateful to them and inspired by them since they have provided all kinds of support, love, and encouragement to lead my academic and social life till date. I have a strong tie-up and motivations to come back to Nepal. I am fully committed that I am for my country and for the fulfillment of the lack and gap of human resource in my related sector of my country. My first and foremost reason in going to Australia is for my higher education since universal/global degree is recognized more here in Nepal and a degree from Australia can help me establish me in the concerned field in my home country as well as I can play vital role in the development of animation/IT sector of Nepal by adding some bricks in this sector. Moreover, being a girl, I want to show my capacity and active performance as a role model in the development of IT/Animation sector because very limited and marginal women are engaged in this type of profession and thee is the misconception that woman are incapable to handle such kind of work which I want to break.

My parents are my sponsors and they are my educators too in a broad sense. My sponsors are father Mr. (Name), mother Mrs(Name),, two uncles (Mr. (Name), and Mr. (Name),. They are sponsoring for my required tuition fee, living cost, OSHC and other required costs that will be needed while I will be studying in Australia. Financially, my parents have a good financial background that indicates I am an eligible student to study in Australia and can pursue my desired degree. My parents/sponsors are well-known of all necessary charges and fees that they have to take responsibility for my study including food and accommodation charges during my study period. To support financial backup/need, my sponsors have made the education loan sanctions of (Name), from recognized ‘A’ graded bank name. which is equivalent to AUD amount as on the day of year A.D. Likewise, my sponsors have an annual income of  NPR. amount (Equivalent to USD amount as on the day of year A.D). This income is generated from salary of father& uncles, dairy products sale by mother. These income sources will be utilized to bear the household miscellaneous expenses and to pay bank EMI charges regularly. In addition, my parents own the land plot no. XX which has a market value around NPR. Amount (AUD amount). Hence, the financial part will be easily covered by my parents and I assure you that there will be any financial hassles that will be occurred in my study in Australia.

I have already made my mindset for the arrangement of accommodation. If I am granted a visa, I will take the help of my college’s student help desk which is always ready to help international students to find accommodation and provide counselling services. Since I don’t have many friends and relatives in Australia, I may need to take the help of my college’s student help desk. Moreover, I have researched and found that some to the professional business organization are launching websites for providing accommodation services that can be very helpful for me to find accommodation and settle it. I think I will live in the rented house-sharing rooms with my classmates in the suburb of my college surrounding. As of my research and finding, some of the useful websites for accommodation arrangement are:






As being an international student, I have to follow the following conditions under visa sub-class 500 until I remain in Australia:

  • I need to maintain a minimum of 80% of attendance
  • I need to pay a fee before the due date
  • I need to clear 50% of subjects in each term
  • I am not allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight
  • I cannot change the university for 6 months upon enrollment
  • I need to maintain the health insurance until I remain in Australia
  • I must inform the College/DHA within a week if I change my contact details/address 

I understand that I am required to fulfil the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria to study in my preferred institution in Australia and I have successfully completed these criteria. Hence, I would like to declare that I will be fulfilling other terms and condition while studying in Australia. My innermost interest to serve my country will never wither as I will return to my home country after the completion of my degree in Australia. My stay in Australia will be of short period (temporary) as per the laws allows for international students. My only intention is to receive career-oriented practical education to increase my performance and give good calibre in my future career. I will be honest and hardworking to accomplish my mission by working hard, being honest in my life objective and do best in my proposed degree in order to build a bright future career for my professional life.

I am looking forward to hearing a positive response from you very soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Yours Sincerely,

Applicant’s name

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