Statement of Purpose (DIP01CHI)


The Visa Officer, Australian High Commission New Delhi, India


Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to state my reason for my interest for further study in Australia as follows:

INTRODUCTION AND ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: My name is Applicant’s name, a young and enthusiastic student having permanent residence of Location Name, Nepal. My date of birth according to my birth certificate/passport is D.O.B and my passport number is D.O.B. I live in a nuclear family including XX members consisting of father, mother, brothers and myself. I am son of Mr. Father’s name  and Mrs Mother’s name . My father and mother are business person. My two brothers are younger than me and are in school studies. As my hobby or interest, I have hobby to be busy in agriculture, research and surfing internet. My parents are very optimistic to my career, they are very supportive to invest on my education.

| completed my 10th grade better known as S.L.C from School Name  in the year A.D  with Score %. After completion of my S.L.C., I joined college name  for my further studies. I completed my +2 in the recent current year A.D with the aggregate of score % in Science faculty with biology as major subject. With view to upgrade my studies in my desired subject (Agriculture), I start preparing IELTS and sat for exam on year A.D  and got my IELTS result XX overall with no band less than XX.

IMMIGRATION HISTORY: Since I have just visited Place name to participate program name ‘, this is my first trip (year A.D  to year A.D) to abroad country and my immigration history is recorded in my passport. This time I wish to travel Australia for my further education in Agriculture Business Management at Diploma and Advanced Diploma Level


The reasons behind choosing Australia because of stimulating environment, safety, friendly, laid-back nature, excellent education system and high standard of living. I prefer Australia as a destination behind US and UK because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. Schools and employers all over the world recognize degrees from Australian schools. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. This system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country. Australia’s standard of living

is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and United Kingdom. Australia is the wonderful country with naturally beautiful in itself and technologically advancement and it has unlimited future for genuine students. Quality part of the Australian education is the great rewarding point in international scenario. Institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, so international students can easily find the school and field that are right for them. One of the most appealing aspect of the country for international students is the quality of scientific research. Australia is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Students in Australia can take advantage of the country’s impressive technology and research resources. Over the years, Australia has been producing thousands of skilled manpower for the different field in the world. So, it has been popular for best education hub over a decade for international students.

Due to Australia’s high commitment for providing quality education, it has been placed 3rd study destination after US and UK. Moreover wide varieties of practical courses are available in 1100 institutions of Australia. Also Australia has low crime rate and strict gun control laws providing a safe environment. The Education Services For Overseas Students (ESOS) framework protects the right of international students studying in Australia. Australia also protects the tuition fees of international students through the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) provision. Though the other faculty of Agriculture as Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management (B.Sc. Environmental Management), Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering, B.Sc. in Environmental Science, B.Sc Ag, B.Sc in Forestry, Bachelors in Veterinary and Animal Husbandry are listed and taught in my home country but the particular Subject Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Agriculture Business Management which I want to study is not included in any university and college. Hence, considering all the above, I decided to study in Australia.

WHY NOT OTHER ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES: Australia is wealth creator country with agriculture on 2nd rank as well as food importer and producer with advanced agriculture technology as it is an important component for a strong economy in Australia. It’s infrastructure and it is growing rapidly which will definitely give me a cutting-edge type of education is gaining a lot of knowledge about agriculture management, agriculture funding and food security. This is the main reason to choose Australia for study as I will be able to experience more about its business and agriculture sector development which I will implement in my home country in order to develop agriculture business sector as its a major factor for country’s economy and also titled as country of farmers from ages.

Tuition fees is high and as US is not a gun-free country which eventually makes it a dangerous country. US crime rate is high as we have been hearing frequent violence in a public place due to gun-free status. Whereas U.K high living expenses, a recent change in immigration rules and the cold climate were an unappealing factors to me. Canada is mostly cold having 8 months remained very cold (Snowy) and it’s quite hard to bear for the international student like me.

WHY NOT HOME COUNTRY: Nepal as being the developing country is far behind the modern learning and teaching methods. The academic institutions of Nepal still lack the skilled professional staffs, modern revised courses with

International exposure. Nepalese education gives more value to student’s grades rather than their abilities and possibilities. Nepal’s University rankings are very low compared to Australia. And also, it takes a longer time to finish an alternative course. Sometimes whole year lapses for the result publication. I have seen my seniors who had done their bachelor from Nepal are still struggling to get satisfying jobs as they lack in practical operational and communication skills.

So, these were the penetrating reasons to choose Australia rather than in my home countries.

WHY did I choose to study Agriculture course starting from DIPLOMA? Regarding the selection of course, that is the Diploma of Agriculture leading to AD of Agri-Business Management. Agriculture is one of my area of interest of study as well as I have a family business background as my father owns a farm named ‘Cherry Agriculture Farm and Research Centre’. It offers me the opportunity to develop the technical and conceptual skills required business as well as the agro-based industries in my home country. Being the largest and oldest country on traditional agriculture concept and more than 85% of total population-based agriculture income, my country has been backward due to the lacking of technical as well as food grading concepts on daily basis markets and industries. To overcome all these drawbacks and to revolutionize the agricultural industries in my country as well as to upgrade my family business, i preferred this course. So, an internationally recognized Australian Diploma degree definitely will assist me for my future career and underwrite the revolutionary attempts on the fields on behalf of my country’s potentiality.

The Diploma of Agriculture course is designed to meet the global demand for high-quality as it is the world’s oldest, largest, and most important industry. It is the business that enables the world to grow, trade and feed everyone utilizing the Earth’s finite resources. Agribusiness encompasses half the world’s labour force, half the world’s assets, and 40% of modern consumer purchases. It drives the public policy issues in economic development, food security, trade, nutrition, natural resources, protecting plant and animal diversity, genetics, and economic, social and environmental priorities. Agribusiness has achieved industrial-scale efficiencies in the developed world, but these are not replicated evenly throughout the developing world. I have just passed my +2 level and learned few traditional methods of agriculture through my farm which is, I think insufficient for my career life, but, at the same time, I feel a dire need to upgrade myself by taking advanced knowledge of agriculture business management for promoting my upcoming life and career, at the same time it also makes me to be more confident and competent to face many global challenges and take global opportunities in my related sector. In this sense, I feel it is necessary to study Advanced Diploma of Agriculture Business Management which will instil me the necessary knowledge of agriculture and some business entrepreneurial skills. Completing this course from Australia one of the genuine and established academic institute-Academies Australasia Institute will make me complete and whole in all sense for my sound career development.

COURSE AND SUBJECT UNIT TO STUDY: College name  Diploma of Agriculture and Advanced Diploma of Agriculture Business Management is the course designed for XX years with XX semesters. The course consists of XX core subjects. According to the college website (website name) , College name ‘Diploma

of Agriculture (AHC50116)’ will provide you with skills and knowledge related to broadacre crops, livestock production, natural resource management, business management and marketing. This course enables student to be the farm manager.

Likewise another program ‘The Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness Management (AHC60316)’ will extend and deepen our understanding on ‘farm management and decision making skills’, both of which are critical for success in farming. The course units I will have to study are:


Develop climate risk management strategies


Monitor and manage soils for production AHCAGB505

Develop a whole farm plan AHCBUS507

Monitor and review business performance AHCBAC505

Plan & manage long term weed, pest and/or disease control in crops AHCBAC507

Develop production plans for crops AHCBAC508

Apply plant biology to agronomic practices AHCBUS502

Market products and services AHCBUS508

Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports AHCWRK503

Prepare reports

Likewise, I will have to study the following units/course in my Advanced Diploma of Agribusiness: AHCAGB502

Plan and manage infrastructure requirements -AHCAGB604

Analyse business performance-AHCAGB605

Manage business capital-AHCBUS608

Manage risk-AHCAGB603

Manage the production system-BSBMGT605

Provide leadership across the organization-AHCBUS605

Manage human resources-AHCWRK503

Prepare reports

With the scientifically designed and crafted academic course at Academies Australasia, it would give me a required level of skills, confidence, knowledge and empower me with full level of perfection and performance in my related sector from very basic to advanced level.

WHY College name?

With more passion and interest, further studies at better educational centres can be appropriate options to build my dreams to be true. Actually, education providers as it is still on the way of development in my home country. Deprivation of proper facilities and unusual management curriculum of Nepal compelled me to choose another option for my better future. Extensively searching over

the internet and from various counselling, I came to know about AAI in Armidale, Australia through the website (website name ) and then I thought that my dream commenced being true. I finally got some better reasons behind studying at college name rather than other providers. There are several colleges and universities along with College name but looking each and every possible benefit give my vote to College name Moving to comparisons with the universities and few college and institute of Australia providing facilities on this course, there are well University, University of Sydney, University of New England, University of Queensland, Marcus Oldham College, The Cantillon Institute and more compared with these providers, College name is the best option for me because of affordable tuition fee and has good student support for international students where the massive number of student inclined towards College name to have their further education. After analyzing and interpreting various course offered, excellent background, supportive environment, affordable fees, College name is enlisted firstly in my choice. This is one of the most innovative, dynamic and richly diverse education centres in College name helps student in achieving their career development and professional aspiration through career education, guidance and information.

College name has offered more than XX qualifications to about XX students across campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Dubbo – in 5 states in Australia. Its students come from over 126 countries. This diverse student population creates a truly unique learning experience for our students. College name international orientation program and on-campus International student support officers are available to assist students in making the transition to living and studying in Australia easier.

I have entirely wanted to gain an internationally recognized qualification that would make me a capable candidate to face the globally competitive world. The College name offers the university pathways to Australian degree which is worldwide recognized and reputed because of high-quality education and excellent educational laws of Australia. So, I came to the conclusion that the College name would be the most appropriate destination for me to pursue my Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

CAREER OUTCOME/FUTURE PLANS There is no doubt that the Diploma and AD in Agriculture Business Management can have a myriad number of career opportunities in the field of agriculture. As I have made a research on the career prospects, I know the career opportunities can be built in this sector: Farm Manager, Agricultural policy analyst, Farm appraiser, Crop producer, Grain and livestock buyer, Market analyst, Financer, Quality controller, Marketing head, etc

After the completion of my course (VET course) level from Academies Australasia, I will be joining the job in Nepal for more experience and serving on my subject field. When I will be back to my home town and I will use my knowledge and skills which I get from this AAl for the betterment of my country and family business. Moreover, I believe that this level is not enough for the revolution. I want to bring a new concept in agriculture business and production sector in my country. My study in Australia will give me a lifetime gateway to real Agriculture business world to continue my family agriculture business/profession in my home country. The agricultural profession is that type of profession which is necessary in major industries as it provides raw materials for daily needs, quality lifestyle and economic stability in the wide world. After the completion of my study, I will do the job in a different nation.

international company, government and private organization such as: Dabur Nepal, Gorkha Brewery, Bottlers Nepal Ltd, Chaudhary Group, etc and many more in the post of the Quality controller and crop producer for some years for my vibrant experience. My Australian degree along with experience gained during internship opportunity will be an added advantage for me in a competitive job market. As my starting salary will be Nepalese Currency Nrs amount–per month. I am investing my time, effort, and money for the intended course and I am confident enough that this investment will bring me back a better and happy life for a long-term professional career. Having an international degree and working in my own motherland give me more benefit like personality development, reputation and fame, wider popularity and easy adjustment in my own hometown.

There is no doubt that I will return back to my home country from Australia after completion of my study because all of my family members are in Nepal and for sure and certain assurance, I also want to spend my entire life with my parents under their blessings. Moreover, all land and properties of my parents are in Nepal and as being a Son of my parents, I have to provide needful support in their old days.


Regarding my financial support or sponsors, all my expenses during my studies are solely covered by my parents. My father is currently employed as the owner of ‘Company Name ‘ and my mother being an entrepreneur and employed as owner of’Company Name ‘. Furthermore, my parents have deposited saving NRs. amount in bank name which is equivalent to AUD. amount as on the day of year A.D and currently, there is a balance amount NRs. amount(AUD. amount ) after the swift transfer of college fee. Apart from

there, we have a regular business income of around NRs. amount(which is equivalent to AUD. amount as on the day of year A.D. The saving amount in the bank, the regular business income will be sufficient for my living cost in Australia, further tuition fee and domestic household expenses that may occur at my home. So, financially, my family is sound and I can assure you that my study will be completed without any financial difficulties.


> Students need to maintain minimum 80% attendance > Students are allowed to work 40 hrs per fortnight on part-time basis > Students need to clear 50% of subjects each term

Students need to have OSHC for the whole staying period in Australia

Students cannot change the university for 6 months upon enrollment > Students need to maintain the adequate health insurance until they remain in Australia > Students must notify to University/ DHA within 7 days, if they change address/contact details.

CONCLUSION: Hence, I have strong confidence that I will be getting strong moral and financial support during stay in Australia from my parents including my tuition fee and living expenses. 

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