Statement of Purpose  (JYOAABHA)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I humbly wish to introduce myself through this statement of purpose for the enrollment in Bachelor of Nursing at The University name  in Australia. I feel it’s a nice opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions in concern of my past, present and intended future steps of education and career. Most importantly, my career objectives following with the reasons to choose the indicated course, university and Australia as my study destination.

This is me University name, daughter of Mr. Father’s name and Mrs Mother’s name, a permanent resident of the Location name, Nepal. I belong to a nuclear family of XX including my father, mother, sister, brother and me. My father has a business and he is a farmer. My mother is a housewife and supports my father in his business, whereas my brother and sister are students. I got married to Mr Spouse name on year  A.D and he will be accompanying me to Australia. My husband has worked as Sales Officer in company name for 1 year and as a Team leader in the company name for XX years since year  A.D. Currently, he has been working as a Sales Manager for company name Depart in Location name since year  A.D. My father-in-law Mr. (Name)and mother-in-law Mrs.Name is a farmer. With full financial, psychological and moral support of both of my families, I am looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and experience by studying Bachelor of Nursing in Australia.

Academic Background
According to my academic qualifications, I have completed my School Leaving Certificate in year  A.D from School name, located at location name scoring score%. As I was highly interested in the nursing profession, I started preparing for the nursing entrance examination. I got admitted to college name to pursue Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nursing course. During my three years of nursing course, I got a chance to learn about nursing tools and technologies, practical and theoretical knowledge and co-ordination among friends. It is all about hard work and priority that leads you to gain good knowledge and experiences, skills and scores. With hard work and full dedication, I completed my PCL Nursing in year A.D with percentage score%I became a Registered Nurse of Nepal on year A.D. I have also taken IELTS class and appeared the exam on year A.D and obtained an overall score of XX

Work Experience
Soon after being a Registered Nurse of Nepal, I started working as a Staff Nurse at company name since year A.D  to till date. After completing PCL Nursing and having gained about 3 years of work experience, I have realized that I should further continue my study in nursing, which will support and enhance my knowledge and skills in order to have a proper understanding of the role and mechanism of nursing in saving and promoting health status of patients. It has become clear to me that to develop a successful career in nursing in the modern health care system requires advanced training in nursing and related subjects. So, I decided to continue my studies further and pursue a Bachelor of Nursing. This course will overall help me to provide a balanced program of theory and practice relevant to advanced career opportunities across the nursing sector. It will further benefit me to achieve more in this current scenario where there is a lot of competition in the marketplace.

Reasons for not choosing Nepal
As I decided to pursue Bachelor of Nursing, I looked at colleges offering the course at different universities of Nepal but I was highly discouraged. It is not that Nepal has no university for undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. But Nepal being a developing country, it has fewer universities and thus fewer institutions. The existing institutions provide limited choices of courses which include more theoretical exposure and lack of physical and practical knowledge. Whereas I believe nursing education is not just about theoretical knowledge but it also should include practical knowledge so that students can develop personal abilities and understand interpretive modes of knowledge. Nursing education in Nepal also lack educational resources, modern technologies and skilled manpower. Moreover, there is lack of student support facility and the degree earned here in Nepal is only limited to my home country and not competitive globally. Being a developing country, the educational system here is still traditional and requires a lot of amendments. Presence of only fewer universities in my country and lack of accreditations to many global institutions and organized education system here does not encourage and motivate students to be creative. Hence, all these weaknesses in the education system of Nepal made me opt for an international degree that is universally recognized and accepted. An international degree will not only enhance my horizon of knowledge and skills, but it will also help me boost my career in the coming future. Also, international degree holders will get high priority for the job in Nepal and also get a high salary. There are some colleges in Nepal offering Nursing course under the Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University but most of them have very limited seats and also requires entrance examinations for the admission.

Reasons for choosing Australia over other countries
When it comes to gaining highest education degree in an internationally reputed university, the USA, UK and Australia have been the top three English speaking study destinations today because of their quality education, latest technologies, effective teaching and research which are not available in my motherland. So, I searched upon these countries in order to choose a country to further my higher education. Education in USA is not only costly but the Post Study Work (PSW) visa in USA is only of 1 year while it is of 2 to 4 years in Australia giving students with greater exposure to practical knowledge and skills. There have been a lot of gun crimes happening recently in USA and a lot of them happening near colleges, universities and schools where school kids were targeted by criminals. This lack of safety in USA made me look for another country instead of USA. Likewise, due to higher currency exchange rate, tuition fees also become comparatively expensive in the UK than in Australia. When it comes to better education system, I found Australia producing better results in all categories and subjects for students because of the higher standard of teacher training and subject material. Further, the living expenses of Australia is also affordable in comparison to UK and USA. Hence, considering all these factors, I decided to study in Australia. Getting admission in US universities for Nursing is hard and also student needs to sit for the SAT exam, which takes time. It takes 4 years to complete in the US where I can complete the same in just 3 years from Australia. In the UK there is no Tuition Protection System like Australia and also limited intakes are available in most of the Universities. Most of the European countries require additional language for admission where Australia is English speaking country.

The reason for choosing Australia is the global recognition of an Australian degree. It is more interesting to know that Australia has more than seven of the top 100 universities in the world and provides over 2,200 courses across 1,100 institutions. It has got 5 out of 30 best cities in the world for students, based on affordability, quality of living and employment options. Australia is a multicultural and multi-racial nation. It is well known for welcoming and accepting students of different nationalities with an open heart. The excellent practical approach in learning, flexible curriculum and available ranges of scholarship makes the country a perfect destination for international students to study. Australia is the fastest growing most innovative and influential research country which encompasses the legal environment that concerns the field of nursing. The degree and certificate of Australian education provider are acknowledge accepted globally as the education system is carefully regulated by the Australian government in order to maintain the high standards of education. Education Service for Overseas Students (OSHC) Act protects the rights of overseas students studying in Australia which includes right to know the accurate information about the courses, fees, modes of study from the institution before enrolling, transparency in a written agreement between the institution and the international students, and Tuition fee Protection Services (TPS) helps international students get refund smoothly when the institution is unable to teach the desired course or in case of student visa rejection. Compulsory OSHC insurance to all international students and their dependents help all international students and their dependents to cover doctor visit and limited pharmaceuticals. In addition, Australia offers post-study work arrangement services after completing 3 years of academic courses. Furthermore, Australia has very beautiful and suitable weather and has diverse landscapes, beautiful coastlines, modern cities, unique animals like kangaroos, koalas, etc.

Reasons for choosing university name
For my Bachelor of Nursing program, I chose the university name to enrol at. I did thorough research on this university and decided to study in university name . I also researched on the similar courses in other universities such as Victoria University (websitelink), Edith Cowan University (websitelink, RMIT University (websitelink), Western Sydney University (websitelink), etc. Victoria University and RMIT University offered Bachelor of Nursing course while Edith Cowan University offered Bachelor of Science (Nursing) all having 3 years of course duration and higher tuition fees as compared to the university name. Although the fee structure of Western Sydney University and the university name are similar, I preferred university name as it has a high number of positive reviews and satisfaction provided by students. The Bachelor of Nursing course at the university name is further accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and is also listed as an approved program with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

university name differs from the best universities in Australia as it holds the excellence in teaching and learning, caring for students and staffs and maintaining honesty, simplicity and accountability. The college also provides employable and work-ready students who value lifelong learning. I feel that I still have a long way to go in order to elevate myself to a higher altitude of success in my professional life. In my view,  university name will equip me with all the essential knowledge and skills required for my profession as a qualified nurse in the future, which may lead me to better future towards my career, as university name is ranked in the XX position. university name ensures that, as a regional university, its curriculum serves local and regional employment needs, it engages in regional social and economic development, and serves local and regional employment needs, it engages in regional social and economic development, and serves the regional community. university name is located in the growing region of the location name. The campus is home to university name health programs, which has laboratories for clinical nursing students, custom-built training facilities for paramedicine, psychology and counselling as well as tertiary preparation programs. The campus also includes a library with a rainforest and water features designed to increase air quality and provide an ideal learning environment.

Course Details
I am required to complete XX weeks of English for Academic Purposes with CRICOS Code XXXXXXX and with the total tuition fee of AUD amount. This course will prepare students for entry to university. Through this course, I will have access to great teaching and support in a friendly caring environment. It will develop my language skills and provide me with the confidence that I will need to succeed at university. Bachelor of Nursing is a structured program that allows Diploma qualified nurses like me to qualify with a Bachelor degree. This program uses learner-centred approaches including enquiry and situation-based learning to enhance students experience as well as their readiness for the workplace. The Bachelor of Nursing degree opens the door to a number of job options in diverse sectors such as armed forces, schools, voluntary organizations instead of just limiting to private and public hospitals, health services, clinics and healthcare providers. Further, they can even choose to work as a children’s nurse, high-intensity therapist, mental health nurse or as a lecturer, counsellor, social worker and health service manager.

Bachelor of Nursing with CRICOS Code XXXXXXX is a XX years course at the university name, prepares nursing students for practice as a registered nurse in hospitals, community settings, mental health settings, clinics, rural and remote health services and aged care facilities all over the world. The program aligns with current Australian professional nursing standards of practice and will be able to deliver high-quality nursing care to people of all ages. The Bachelor of Nursing at university name is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and listed as an approved program with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Throughout the courses, students will connect theory to practice and may have the opportunity to undertake a clinical nursing speciality in your final semester.

First-Year Courses

NUR1120   Health and Illness

NUR1102   Literacies and Communication for Health Care

BIO1203     Human Anatomy and Psychology 1

NUR1100   Introduction to Nursing Praxis

NUR1202   Professional Identity

NUR2300   Evidence-Based Nursing Practice

NUR1201   The Patient Experience: Partnering in Care

NUR1299   Foundations of Nursing Practice

Second Year Courses

NSC2500   Pharmacology and Pathophysiology in Health

NUR2101   Chronic Care Across the Lifespan A

NUR2102   Chronic Care Across the Lifespan B

NUR2000   Medications Management

NUR2299   Chronic Care in Practice

NUR2200   Mental Health Care Across the Lifespan

NUR2203   Acute Care Across the Lifespan A

NUR2204   Acute Care Across the Lifespan B

Third Year Courses

NUR3030   Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

NUR2399   Acute Care in Practice

NUR3201   Quality, Safety and Risky

NUR3599   Mental Health Care in Practice

NUR3101   Primary Health Care in Global Context

NUR3020   Professional Transitions

NUR3299   Transition to Professional Practice A

NUR3499   Transition to Professional Practice B

After completing this course, I will develop my nursing skills and knowledge which will help me to become a better nurse in future. It will provide me with professional skills to be a registered nurse and knowledge to handle and treat patients more efficiently. I will have abundant knowledge on patient care and will use all these knowledge and skills to be a better nurse in future.

My future career Plans
After the completion of my bachelor’s degree from the university name, I will return to my country Nepal. I believe that the skills and knowledge gained from universally recognized Australian degree can be more beneficially implemented in Nepal’s Health Care settings, which would ultimately help me in the personal and professional development of my career. Nursing is regarded as the heart of health care services and Nepal’s health care services need a huge change. Nepal faces significant challenges in providing universal health coverage and equitable medical care. There is a lack of regulation of hospitals in terms of quality assurance and accreditation, poor demand and supply of services as workforce and essential medications, and poor access to health care facilities in rural areas. The poor health services of Nepal compel the number of Nepalese to travel abroad for proper treatment. Further, diseases are more prevalent in Nepal especially in rural areas such as diarrhoea, gastrointestinal disorders, goitres, intestinal parasites, leprosy, visceral leishmaniasis and tuberculosis. Hence, the greater demand for health care results in a greater number of nurses.

Upon arrival, I wish to work in renowned hospitals of Nepal like B.P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Teaching Hospital, Bir Hospital, Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital, Grande International Hospital and so on. These hospitals offer a salary range of NPR amount to NPR amount per month for bachelor in nursing graduates. I will practice all the knowledge and skills that I will have learned from the in-depth learning and clinical experiences during my 3 years of Bachelor of Nursing course in the improvement of health care services of Nepal. I will use my skills and learning’s to treat and handle the patient with love and care. As there are a smaller number of qualified nurses in rural areas of my country Nepal, I wish to work in the government health care offices of those areas and work for the development of its health care services so that people there can lead a healthy life. Government hospitals offer good salary ranging from NPR amount to NPR amount per month and also offers incentives and bonuses. Furthermore, I can work in some of the health organizations like NGOs and INGOs of Nepal such as Nepal Health Research Council, World Health Organization (WHO Nepal), National Tuberculosis Centre Nepal, and United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), etc.

Although there is higher number of nursing graduates and the competition among nurses is fierce, an international degree from a reputed university will be an advantage for me as international graduates are favoured more than national graduates. There is a lot of works that can be done in the health sectors of my country Nepal with the help of an international study and a globally certified degree and I wish to be a part of it. There are many job portals available in my country through which I can search for and apply for jobs such as:




www.jobsnepal.com, etc.

Incentives to return home country
I am sure to return to my home country because of my family members as well as in-laws will be waiting for us to come back to Nepal and settle a new career with the achievement of my nursing degree. I feel lucky to be loved y, my parents, as they are supporting me to study further and also financing all my tuition fees, living costs and so on during my stay in Australia. My husband and I both have the sense to hold a responsibility to look after our parents who have many hopes kept from us. Both of our parents will be proud to us being successful after completing bachelor program and making a career in Nepal.

I and my husband are married for almost XX years now; we got married on year A.D. We have been living happily together supporting each other through thick and thin. My husband is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and I feel very lucky to have him in my life. I would like my husband to accompany me to Australia so that my families and I won’t have to worry about me living alone in a new country. I am confident that with him by my side, I can always push myself further as he motivates me to do more in life. I will feel secure and safe with him and I can focus more on my studies and pass my course with excellent grades in the intended time period. Also, being together in a new country, we can get to explore new places, experiences, cultures together.

Visa Conditions
I would like to assure you that I am aware of the student visa conditions under visa subclass 500. Throughout my stay in Australia, I must maintain 80% of attendance in University, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and also maintain 50% of marks and should not involve in lawbreaker activities. I am also aware that I must inform the University and Department of Home Affairs of my address as soon as my arrival in Australia and also if I change the address in the future. I have totally understood the law and policies for an international student. 

Final Words
I look forward to embarking on a new educational experience in Australia. I have dedication and capacity to flourish on my bachelor degree that helps to develop my skills in the field of nursing. If granted the visa, I would proudly take this opportunity to study in Australia and achieve my objectives to make my future bright in Nepal.

I would be grateful and honoured if the Department of Home Affairs would grant me the visa to pursue my further studies in Australia and fulfill my hopes, aspirations and dreams. It would be a great platform to study in the most renowned university of Australia. I would like to assure you again that after the completion of my bachelor degree, I will be back to my country Nepal to implement my innovative ideas, knowledge and skills in my home country.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

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