I would like to thank for allowing me to express about my past, present and future concerning academic achievements, experiences and aspirations in this statement of purpose which includes my educational background, reasons for choosing a specific university in Australia, future educational plans, its relevance to my career goals along with financial details.

My name is Applicant’s name, a permanent resident of location belonging to a middle-class and happy family. My parents have always provided me with full support in each step of my life since my birth. I was born on the D.O.B and currently hold a Nepali passport number XXXXXXXX. Likewise, I can be described as a young, energetic and motivated person having good behaviour. My goal is to acquire good knowledge of business and marketing from a reputed university and gain enough experience and skills to contribute to the developing business companies of Nepal for the development of the economy in my country. 

Academic Background:
As a student, I completed my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) from school name of location name in year A.D  securing XX GPA. After completion of my SLC, I joined Business (Marketing) program at college name located at location name  . The subject I studied included Business, Accounting, Economics and Marketing. I secured CGPA XX in my high school examination which was held in early year A.D. Meanwhile, I have decided to pursue Bachelor of Business (Marketing) to develop my skills and knowledge in this field from Torrens University, Melbourne, Australia. I am determined and prepared to continue my further study in Australia and for that purpose, I have also attended the IELTS examination held on the year A.D  where I achieved an overall band score of XX

Why not Nepal?
Nepal is a developing country and the quality of education lacks in comparison to Australia. As a matter of fact, quality education is essential for a better future and that is why I am willing to pursue my further education in Australia rather than in Nepal. I have done a lot of research about business courses in Nepalese universities and colleges like Acme College, Kathmandu College, Pokhara University, Tribhuvan University etc. but most of them run the BBA and BBS program. These courses basically focuses on other specialization but not marketing as a major. Also, the education system in my country lacks and stays limited in theories while we can expand our knowledge by doing case studies, conducting surveys and many more practical works in Australia. Similarly, most of the multinational companies of Nepal prioritize the graduates with an international degree as they are internationally credible. Majority number of colleges have fixed and old syllabus, moreover they always served the plate of the same old subjects whose content will never change. Teachers and Lecturers are reluctant to change their teaching techniques and everyone has to follow a rigid notes and syllabus.

Why study in Australia?
Australia offers truly world-class education and regularly features in global education rankings. Eight Australian universities placed in the top 100 in the latest QS World University Rankings, honored on different academic factors such as reputation, employer reputation and International students’ ratio etc. Likewise, the important aspects that made me choose Australia are its world-class education, multicultural society, and globally recognized degree programs. Living and studying in Australia can be very rewarding and puts me at the great social, cultural and educational opportunities. Research from different websites like www.australia.gov.au, www.studyinaustralia.gov.auetc., I came to know that the education system of Australia is very different from other countries due to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). As AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training, it incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework. Furthermore, its Tuition Protection Service (TPS) under the ESOS Act will help students like me to safeguard against any risks. The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, or ESOS Act, establishes legislative requirements and standards for the quality assurance of education and training institutions offering courses to international students who are in Australia on a student visa. 

Moreover, the Tuition Protection Service ensures that international students are able to complete their studies in another course or with another education provider or receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees. The health insurance service (OSHC) in Australia also ensures our safety against any health issues. Australia is also home to some of the best student cities, as revealed in the QS Best Student Cities ranking and international students can work up to 40 hours per fortnight in Australia, which will help me pay for basic living expenses. I will also have the opportunity to stay in Australia to work once I have graduated, taking advantage of the post-study work visa to gain some experience. Therefore, Australia appealed to me the most in contrast to other study destinations. 

Why not study in other countries?
I have done an elaborative research in the world’s best education destination countries like UK, USA, Australia, and Canada and concluded that the best destination would be Australia. To talk about the USA and UK, these is one of the best destinations to study but there are some other factors like high tuition and living expenses, comparatively longer degrees, unavailability of TPS or health insurance and even higher admission requirements etc. which makes Australia more preferable than these nations. And to talk about Canada, it’s unfavorable for me because of the difference in geography, culture and weather. 

Bachelor in Business is a program which has been offered by so many countries like USA, Canada, and UK. I did a huge research for my Business in marketing program in various countries and compared their education system pattern, cost of program, subjects they are teaching to Business candidates and their business study exposure which they provide to their students. Then I move forward my research for USA and I found that the tuition fees are really hard to afford in top tier universities. Studying in USA is really costly, according to the research of collegeboard.org and Princeton review for colleges and universities, the tuition fee for Bachelor in Business in Marketing program in renowned universities is between USD amount  to USD amount  excluding the living and other expenses. The University of Texas at Austin charges USD amount /year, Georgetown University charges USD amount  /year, Washington University in St. Louis charges USD amount  /year and the University at Buffalo School of Management charges USD amount  / year just for tuition fees for Bachelor in Business Marketing program which makes my education really expensive, apart from that, majority numbers of U.S universities require additional exam for Bachelor degree which is SAT and ACT. 

Canada could also be the better option for Business in marketing, however there are several cons in Canadian studies. First of all the temperature in Canada is brutal during winters, it goes up to -30 Celsius sometimes and the winters usually last around 6 to 8 months in majority number of cities of Canada. The cost of living in cities like Toronto and Vancouver are very expensive for international students. It starts from CAD Amount  to CAD Amount  .

After researching all these facts, I have decided to continue my education in Australia. By consulting with my academic counselors from my consultancy, college teachers and professors, my friend circle and based on my own personal research through various educational websites and educational videos, I have found Australian education is the best match for me. I have choose Australia after researching all the educational benefits, international student exposure, diversity culture, perfect weather conditions and improvement in communication skills. I believe the skills I acquire after my graduation in Australia will help me to become a wise person in future and by contributing my skills to society, I will be able make the changes in future for my nation. 

Why Melbourne?
Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is regularly rated as one of the most ideal cities to live as a student, because of its exotic climate, friendly people, lively culture, and world-class opportunities. Melbourne holds the population figure of 4.936 million and is famous for international study, cultural diversity, excellent dining options and street art. The educational institutions in Melbourne promote multiculturalism and celebrate diversity, enabling students to learn about and study different cultures from their peers. Melbourne can sometimes be an expensive place to live and study but it is because of the opportunities, lifestyle, and culture that the city offers. Regarding my accommodation, I will be booking the accommodation through various websites like www.atira.comwww.semesterinaustralia.com, www.unilodger.com and so on or share an apartment with my friend living in Queen street. But my preference is to find a place near the University within affordable rent.

 Why University name ?
I have explored and researched different institutes and universities that facilitate my desired program and within my financial capabilities. I found different institutions like University of New England ( website name) provides Bachelor of Business with total tuition fee AUD amount  but does not instill marketing as specialization. Melbourne Institute of Technology (website name /) provides Bachelor of Business with tuition fees of AUD amount  per trimester which is quite expensive, Charles Strut University Study Centers (website name /)  provides Bachelor of Business with tuition fees of AUD amount  per year and Victoria University (website name) provides Bachelor of Business with tuition fees of AUD amount  per year which are expensive as well. At the end, I decided to go for Torrens University as I found it best in terms of fee (AUD amount  per year), location, reputation, facilities, and overall student facilities it provides to international students. Moreover, I have found the similar type of subjects in handbook when surveyed these universities through its websites except for University name. I have found that, the business degree in Marketing in University name provide me the skills to critically analyze and create strategic business and marketing plans that will help me to identify strategic business opportunities. Additionally, every international student must complete a subject industry consulting project to experience a business environment first hand and gain practical skills for the business industry market. This facility of University name attracted me to complete my degree from there which was missing on all the other universities which I have mentioned in my research. 

Likewise, I have some other straight forward reasons for making the decision to apply for University name. Firstly, The Bachelor of Business (Marketing) of University name offers units across the complete spectrum of the marketing area including the study of sports marketing, strategic management, people and organizations and many more. They have creative and non-specialism units of study like human resource management and international marketing which are only available in University name and surely add more value to the business degree. In addition to it, they have a minimum of 320 hours practical workplace experience to carry out hands on experience and prepare work ready graduates. Torrens places emphasis on preparing students for the rigors of a career, with faculty who are leading researchers with expertise in industry best practice which is not possible in other universities which I have researched. The university runs networking sessions, providing students with the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and build relationships, giving them the best possible chance of getting work after graduation which is a stand out feature in comparing to other universities which I have listed above. The good universities guide 2019 provides five starts for its teaching quality & overall student experience and these ratings put the University in the top 20% of universities all over the Australia.

Secondly, University name is a part of Laureate university network which is a leading international group of nearly 75 universities and institutions which have over 1 million students. It also continues to be committed to delivering quality education to establish an excellent student experience through investment in facilities, student support services, and teaching resources. It offers a range of courses in the faculties of Business, Design, Health and Hospitality for study on-campus, online or both.  The class sizes are comparatively small and equipped with modern facilities which make it easy for an individual student to get a professor’s attention and quality instruction. There are also other benefits of studying in University name, like the teachers and professors are highly trained and different professional learning center are provided to students to improve employability and industry knowledge. Considering these facts, I found University name as the best university for me to pursue higher education in regard to different factors such as location, quality instruction, course availability and student support and facilities. During my education tenure, I can interact with more peoples and learn about their culture which will enhance my communication skills even more. There are a lot of students from Nepal currently studying in University name, so I will not feel any cultural shock or homesickness by communicating with them. Studies is not the only reason to join University name, I believe it’s for the living experience as well. These aforementioned reasons attracted me more towards to University name rather than any other above listed universities and colleges. 

Why Bachelor of Business (Marketing)?
I have always been interested in business and management since my relatives run businesses and I have always dreamed of starting my own business and make it as large as theirs. Now after studying business(marketing) in high school and seeing the operations different business companies, I have realized that new business ideas like digital marketing was poor among operated businesses in Nepal which is actually the major cause for the business to be successful and earn a drastic profit. Successful companies should analyze industry trends and demand for products and services then create a strategy to market the product or service This should be one of the reasons to study Bachelors in Business (Marketing) rather than BBA as Accounting in Nepal which is much more specific and specialized in contrast to marketing which is creative. By studying this course, I would be easily employable in reputed companies of the Nepalese commercial industry. As one of the most flexible professions, securing a job as a marketing manager or a market research analyst in different business companies can help me achieve the perfect work-life balance in the future. Also, part-time roles and career breaks are possible, and the global demand for marketing professionals also creates many self-employment opportunities. Studying Bachelor of Business (Marketing) also gives knowledge about market ideas and networking. After studying continuously for 12years now, I realized there are still so many things in managing a business and marketing knowledge which I am lacking. During my high schooling, I have only learn the basics fundamentals of business and marketing and now I want to learn it in more advanced level so that I can upgrade and polish my skills which I have learn from my college so far. Thus, I have decided to give continuity to my education by pursuing this modern and creative degree. 

The Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at University name is of 3 years full time which offers essential knowledge in marketing theories, practice and a strong business foundation. Students in this subject learn directly from industry experienced lecturers at University name and gain practical experience of XXX hours in total while studying. The course equips students with different commercial skills to influence customers, develop brand loyalty and achieve strategic marketing campaigns and projects. I will be able to recognize marketing’s role in the success of modern business companies and organizations and examine the industry’s trends, responsibilities, needs and opportunities by studying this course. Likewise, the Bachelor of Business (Marketing) contains XXX credit points and has XX core units like marketing fundamentals, customer experience management, the business environment, ethics and sustainability etc. and a range of elective courses to specialize skills in digital marketing communications, consumer behavior, etc. And some special units. After graduation, I aspire to gain professional marketing accreditation as the course is developed in consultation with Australian Marketing Institute (AMI). I believe successfully completing this subject will lead me to a wealth of opportunities in the area of business marketing. Being a developing country, Nepal is full of opportunities to the students like me with an international degree and exposure. Looking at the current scenario most of the major projects such as Hydropower projects, Telecommunication projects, trade promotion program are handled by foreign profit motive organizations which has resulted in huge loss of money to the Government of Nepal. Thus if I am equipped with good technological and managerial skills, it won’t be a difficult task for me to replace those international organizations. Getting a job in such projects means getting a healthy salary, resulting in a good return on money investment.

 My Future Career Plans:
I am familiar that Australia offers Post Study Work opportunity for an international student which is a first-class opportunity to have international working experience. In order to sharpen my skills, I would be doing PSW aftermath the completion of Bachelor’s degree. I believe that with PSW, I will be able to implement the gained knowledge from the subject and achieve some experiences in the field in some of the leading business firms in Melbourne. With the degree and experiences gained, I will definitely return to Nepal to build my future and look after my family also maintaining a decent lifestyle. Firstly, I will look for employment opportunities as a Marketing Coordinator in some developing companies of Nepal rather than a multinational company because I want to support the small business of Nepal and contribute to their growth. Being a marketing coordinator, I will be able to develop and implement new marketing and advertising campaigns and even track sales data. I will also have to keep up-to-date with the Nepalese industry’s latest developments and form new strategies.

The experience and skills which I will gain during my work tenure will help me get a desirable salary and job position in my work field. I will try to gain as much knowledge as I can and learn the working system of International organizations in Australia so that I can implement the same strategy over here and achieve better results. Nepal currently being a member of World Trade Organization (WTO), BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) has a prospective business career. I will involve in multinational companies like Dabur Nepal, Unilever Nepal Limited, Bottlers Nepal/Coca-Cola for my future career. According to current market survey after my Business Marketing degree and 2 years work experience from Australia will ensure me to enroll as a Business Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Strategic Business Manager, Human Resource Manager, Business Analysts and Business Executive. Throughout the survey from https://www.merojob.com and different other websites like www.naukri.com, and https://thehimalayantimes.com/tag/vacancy-announcement/ I can expect the entry level remuneration of NPR 80K to 100K per month after completion of my Marketing course which will definitely increase after getting more years of experience in my related field. In developing countries like Nepal, despite of huge unemployment in Nepalese multinational companies, it face a shortcoming of qualified and capable human resource. There is a very high demand of International Business Marketing graduates in market and I believe after completing my studies and work experience from Australia it will equip me with the skills and knowledge to excel my management skills in Nepalese job industry.

Thus, undoubtedly in the long run, I have a mindset to secure a good job and spend the rest of my life developing myself personally and professionally. In addition, I have my parents in Nepal and I bear the responsibility for them. I cannot live without my sweet family for a long period and my dreams certainly include them as they had done a great contribution for my studies and myself. Being a girl child, I am more attached with my parents since they have taken care for since from the beginning of my life and it is my duties and responsibility to take care of them in their old age time when they need my love and care the most. I also have responsibilities towards to my nation as well. I strongly believe that, if the nation wants to be developed then the every citizen have to give their work contributions towards to its development and being the citizen of Nepal, I have also some responsibilities towards to its development. It is obvious that I can grab a good and desired job being an international degree holder in Business from a reputed university of Australia. I have to serve for my country and be one of the pillars for its development. I want to be one of them who will be going to root out the Business Management problems in working class industry in Nepal. 

Financial Details:
I have a very supportive family and they always inspire me to learn more. They have always fulfilled my needs and requirements no matter what the cost is. My parents are employed and hold admirable job titles with good income. My mother have income sources from business named company name . And as well as from House Rent. My sister has been working as an Assistant accountant in company name. Total annual income sources of my family is Nrs amount ( AUD Amount) . We also have sufficient ancestral property as well as education loan from bank name  of Nrs amount and all of this would be used for the purpose of my education in Australia if need be. 

Visa Conditions:
I am aware of the entire visa conditions for international students in which I should maintain 80% or more attendance in my course in Australia and course progress for each study period as required by the institute. I must continue to satisfy the requirements for the grant of my student visa. This means, for example, that I continue to have sufficient financial capacity to support my study and stay in Australia. And I must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance during my stay in Australia. Moreover, I am now allowed to work for more than 40 hours per fortnight. I must inform my education provider about the address where I live within 7 days of my arrival or after changing my address.

As I have decided to pursue my higher education in Australia and I will follow the rules and regulations of Australia as well as respect Australian values and cultures during my stay. I have good knowledge about the student visa condition and will not violate it. And with no doubt, I will firmly return to my country after the completion of my studies. 

Lastly, I declare that I am a genuine student and a genuine temporary entrant to Australia. I also state that everything I have written here is true to the best of my knowledge, I am familiar with a misstatement can cost me a refusal in my admission.

 Yours faithfully,
Applicant’s name

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