Introduction & Family Background

I want to introduce myself as Applicant’s name, born on the D.O.B and a permanent resident of Location name. I am an unmarried high school graduate and I hold Nepalese citizenship with passport number XXXXXXX. I am a fast learner and one of my most remarkable characteristics has been my curiosity to learn and create new things. Specifically, I am deeply captivated by the creative, innovative and having the attitude of changing the world of fashion since my childhood. My father, Mr. Father’s name is my role model who always urged me to pursue art education and my mother is our homemaker in my family. My parents have always been supportive of my education endeavors, providing me the full financial support and inspiration throughout my life.

Academics qualifications:

With regards to my education, I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) conducted by School name of Location name in year A.D in first division securing XX GPA.  After that, I joined college name of Location name to pursue my higher secondary education and passed National Examination Board (NEB), Faculty of Arts, in year A.D and achieved CGPA XX in aggregate. After achieving my NEB results, I decided to continue my higher education abroad in the field of Branded Fashion Designing is one of the developed English speaking countries like Australia. For this purpose, I started preparing for Pearson Test of English (PTE) and took the test on the year A.D and scored an overall score of XX (equivalent to IELTS XX) (Listening – XX, Speaking – XX, Reading – XX, Writing – XX).  After scoring an overall score of XX  in PTE, with serious brainstorming and intensive consultation with my academic counsellors and parents, I researched in-depth and compared relevant courses and facilities available in different universities around the globe. At last, with detailed study and comparison, I have decided to study “Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design” at the reputed University name.

Why not Nepal for higher studies?

Although there are a handful of colleges/universities in Nepal like Pokhara University, College of arts and fashion, Numana College of Fashion Technology, etc. provide undergraduate fashion design courses like Bachelor of Fashion Designing, these education providers lack the world-class facilities, modern learning materials and highly qualified academic professionals that I esteem to learn from.  There is no doubt that the education system in Nepal is good but I want better and advance degree in my field. Nepal’s education system, especially in Fashion Designing sector is more theory-based with less practical knowledge whereas the students in Fashion Designing sector in Australia get the chance to be evolved more practically in this education with more advance facilities. There are only limited colleges which provide fashion designing course in Nepal which are Nepal Institute of Fashion, International Institute of Fashion Technology, IEC College of Arts and Fashion and Namuna College of Fashion. The biggest disadvantage I will get in this college are that the duration of the Bachelor in Fashion Designing course is 4 years, which I can complete easily in 3 years in Australia. After graduating from Australian University, I can spend that 1 extra year to work in the Fashion Industry and gain working experience to excel my knowledge and ideas. After completing my education, it will help me get settled in the Fashion Designing Industry in my nation more easily, which will not be possible if I will study in Nepal. Although there are some improvements in the last few years in Fashion Designing courses here but are not really up to the mark like Australian degree. The majority number of colleges are teaching students just through MS PowerPoint slides rather than teaching students from practical fashion designing labs. Moreover, I will have the opportunity to meet students from various countries and become lifelong friends, learn self-reliance, experience new culture, gain independence, share thoughts and knowledge if I study abroad. Thus, to obtain the quality education that is centred on real-world experience and also for wider professional opportunities, I have made the decision to travel overseas for my higher study.

Why Australia?

In the present world, among many study destinations, the popularity of Australia is immensely increasing among international students due to some of the better aspects of the Australian education system. It has secured its name among the top 3 destinations for higher Education regarding International Students in regard to English speaking countries; after the USA and UK. Australia now has over 800,000 international students from over 140 countries in disciplines at every level of education. One of the major reasons for the rapidly growing popularity of Australia as a study destination might be that out of 100 top universities in the world, 8 are from Australian providing over 22,000 courses over a range of 1100 institutions. Likewise, the Education System in Australia is governed by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The Department of Education and Training monitors and maintains the AQF, supports its users and promotes the AQF and its role in Australia’s education system. Also, Australian Education is the perfect example of a blend between Practical and Theoretical Education as it provides emphasis on work-integrated learning and focuses students equally on the practical requirements of its programs.


Moreover, another factor that appealed to me to Australian education is student services like Education Service for Overseas Student (ESOS) Act which ensures that overseas students have a safe, enjoyable and rewarding place to study place in Australia. The ESOS Act framework protects the rights of international students studying in Australia including the right to receive, before enrolling, current and accurate information about courses, fees, modes of study and other information from the institution and institution’s agent. Australia also protects the tuition fees of international students through the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). The TPS assists international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study and ensures that international students are able to complete their studies by transferring to another course or with another education provider or they receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees from their education providers. Similarly, the Australian government has given a golden opportunity to international students by giving them the opportunity to work in related fields after completing their respective degrees. under the Post Study Work Visa. Lastly, Australia also has the best student cities in the world and one study suggested that out of 30 best student cities in the world, Australia has 5 of them. And the reason is that they have considerably lower living expenses and tuition fees than that of the US and UK. However, Australia offers a relatively high living standard compared with other comparative nations. The weather and climate of Australia is better than any other country and very much similar to my homeland which will be easier for me to adjust myself. This is also one of the factors that affect living and studying.

Australian Education System has proven reputation for academic excellence due to its effective structure, facilities and innovative policy developments. The curriculum followed by Australian institutions is constantly upgraded and modified according to the standards to suit the changes made in the international context. Having world’s most advanced system for the health of international students, every international student has got benefited from OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) where the health insurance will cover all the expenses during the tenure of the education if students require any medical emergency. These facilities and supports to international students studying in Australia is another important reason to choose Australia for my further study. Furthermore, it has a safe and peaceful environment for international students to study. It has also a very low crime rates comparing to countries like U.K and U.S.A which makes its education safer and sound.  In addition, being a small nation Australia is a country with cultural diversity where I can meet and interact with peoples from different cultures and different background which I am sure to help me to develop my overall personality. Australia’s multiculturalism and different international diversity is a social paradise for people like me. Therefore, with all these reasons and cultural diversity, I believe I will be able to blend and complete my studies in Australia with ease.

Reason for not choosing other English speaking destinations:

Before finalizing Australia as my destination, I researched and contrasted various study destinations for my higher study such as USA, UK, and Canada. In my research, I found Australia more comfortable and suitable in comparison to other English speaking study destinations. Regarding the USA, bachelor degrees are normally longer of 4 years and the living and tuition fee for its education providers are also high. Also, studying in the US requires international students to appear different scholarly tests like the SAT which requires a longer time frame. The crime rates in the USA are also very high compared to Australia, which will not make the USA education safe and sound for many international students.  Similarly, I found that different Universities in Europe give free education to deserving students but they require students to be fully proficient in their native language and students are prone to culture shock. But the rules and regulations for global students in Australia are significantly friendlier as in contrast to the USA, UK, and other European destinations. The universities in Australia are directed by the government so the quality of teaching is assured. I also found that the UK and Canada have unfavourable climatic conditions that can hamper students. Thus, Australia turned out to be the best fit in contrast to other study destinations. Moreover, UK and USA do not provide the facility of TPS (Tuition Protection Service) like Australia where international student’s tuition fee is protected by a government body. Apart from this, 1 GBP is 149.87 NPR and 1 USD is 114.18 and if I compare this rate to Australia then its 79.75 NPR only which makes the Australian education much more affordable for my parents. As a result, I choose Australia apart from another English speaking for my student destination.

Why Melbourne?

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria State. It is one of the most popular destinations for international education to overseas students. Melbourne is a safe and secure city and known for the local Australian culture it offers. It is nevertheless, counted as one of the well-facilitated cities of Australia that has a number of world-class universities and numerous education providers. It has been named the world’s most livable city two years in a row, as well as the best place for international students to study. The QS World University Rankings listed Melbourne as the leading student city in the Asia-Pacific region in 2012, putting it among the world’s top four student cities. Qualifications from educational institutions in Melbourne are recognized globally, which means that a degree from a Melbourne university will help me find a job in almost any country. Melbourne’s world-leading universities are equipped with cutting-edge facilities, an internationally experienced faculty, and fantastic student services. Melbourne universities provide their students with the opportunity to make their mark in prominent research and innovation facilities. Thus, I found Melbourne as the best place to study as it provides insights into dealing with a vast multicultural society that has a healthy and innovative lifestyle.

Why University name?

I have explored various universities in Australia for my desired degree and compared them in factors like course availability, fee structure, location, degree credibility, and overall, learning environment. Among the universities like Queensland University of Technology, RMIT University, Curtin University, Flinders University, Torrens University and so on, I found University name as the best option for me in every regard. I have also compared the tuition fees in this universities like AUD amount, AUD amount, AUD amount, AUD amount and AUD amount which goes like, Queensland University of Technology, RMIT University, Curtin University, Flinders University, University name respectively. This university is highly appealing in terms of courses, teaching facilities, teaching location and international student support. Likewise, the Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design at University name has a fee structure of AUD amount per year which is noticeably less than the above-mentioned universities. University name places emphasis on preparing students for the rigours of a career, with faculty who are leading researchers with expertise in industry best practice which is not possible in other universities which I have researched. The university runs networking sessions, providing students with the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and build relationships, giving them the best possible chance of getting work after graduation which is a stand out feature in comparing to other universities which I have listed above. University name  (part of the Laureate International Universities network), is a highly reputable private university with a proven record of preparing its students with skills and knowledge that are needed for real-time employment. This university offers a range of degrees in business and management, education and public health. The university also facilities international students like me to settle down smoothly in a new environment. The opportunity to communicate and collaborate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds while gaining a global learning experience at this university greatly appeals to me. Moreover, the University name provides a broad welcome to international students of all beliefs, background and uphold a respectful culture. The small classrooms in this university are student-centred allowing the student to have a more open interaction session. Unlike other universities, University name operates on a trimester basis which leads to the completion of many courses in less time. University name also runs a touchpoint weekend session which gives the opportunity to build and expand the multidisciplinary network. The University is also committed to providing career advising and guiding the students with their educational and career pathways. I believe I can bring the best out of me by studying at this reputed university and build a great career in the near future. Thus, University name is comparatively the best option for me to advance my academic and career goals.

Why Bachelor of Branded Fashion Designing?

As I have mentioned previously, I have been deeply enchanted with the development and innovation of fashion around the globe. Growing up, I was inspired by famous celebrities such as Donatella Versace and Gigi Hadid who are both immensely popular fashion icons worldwide. I usually spend my free time researching and following such esteemed personalities of the contemporary world and gain their ideas. Through my research, I have also released that successful fashion designers are the ones who devote much time and effort to their studies and professional work, and have a passion for this field. I personally believe that the fundamental task of fashion designers to be creative and to devise new artistic techniques that allow them to form and flourish their own brand in the market.

As a developing country, Nepal also a great range of career opportunities for professional fashion designers. Although the fashion designing field still has a long way to go, and the academic programs are equally limited, many companies and studios have already been established in Nepal and the demand for required skilled manpower in these firms is numerous. And thus, having carefully considered my study and career options at the present time, I have decided to pursue a bachelor degree in branded fashion design in order to learn and develop the expertise and abilities that I will need to begin a rewarding and successful career in the field of my interest.

The Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design (CRICOS CODE: XXXXXXX) at University name is of 3 academic years and is structured to meet the demands of the modern fashion industry. This course emphasizes the study of branding, production processes, digital design skills and fashion design for brands. Students are also provided with the skills to form a range of brand-design solutions, collaborate with others across the fashion industry, and use the latest software to communicate product design ideas. Likewise, students are guided by highly experienced industry professionals in investing the theories behind design and marketing, evaluating communication and brand-fashion strategies, and inspecting past, present and future fashion trends. As a while, this program equips students with the overall know-how, skills, and confidence for a successful career in the branded fashion design industry. To successfully complete the program, a range of core and elective units must be completed which include interesting units such as Enterprise management, International Fashion Systems, Professional Portfolio Production, Design Studio 1 & 2, Design Context, etc. After successful completion, students are able to create their own fashion label, and also design and brand garments. Understanding of latest fashion designing skills and Forecasting, project management and drawing skills are other skills obtainable from this qualification. Lastly, students can begin their career as a brand fashion designer or establish their own brand fashion design company after completing this program.

My Future Career Plans:

At first, after the completion of my undergraduate degree, I will return back to my nation Nepal and start to implement all those skills, which I will acquire throughout the tenure of my studies. During my Bachelor’s Degree, I will be constantly exercising my knowledge and the real workplace and gaining substantial skills during this tenure. After gaining international work experience and market exposure, I intend to return back to Nepal, apply the skills that I have gained in my Australian study and eventually, begin a successful fashion brand of my own in Nepal. Fashion designing in Nepal is the most important area of work in the fashion industry. Fashion designing is more concerned with creating designs for clothing and apparel. I can work as Fashion Stylist (Movies and Events), Fashion Illustrator, Fashion Merchandiser, Costume Designer, and Print Designer. With the influence of western culture in the Nepalese lifestyles, the Nepalese fashion industry is ever-expanding and so are the prospects of the job for fresh graduates of Fashion designing. With my expertise, I wouldn’t remain limited to the salaries of around NRs. amount/– to NRs. amount/- per month provided by local fashion designing companies and firms but rather be profitable in the long run and I can significantly earn more money and a better lifestyle for me and my family by staying in my own nation. In the Nepalese international fashion market, the fashion senses of peoples are increasing day by day and they are after for a completely new fashion for their style.  After gaining few years of working experience after my work here in Nepal, I can work in bigger positions like costume designer, fashion consultant, personal stylist, production pattern maker, fashion coordinator, apparel production manager, fabric buyer, fabric quality control manager, illustrator, cutting assistant and outside sales representative in this industry. My main purpose, though, is to be involved in a garment design with Nepalese fibres that fulfil the ever-growing demand for affordable and quality of garments in Nepal while also contributing to the field by collaborating with like-minded enthusiasts and designers in Nepal.  Although I have to pay a high amount of tuition fee during the tenure of my studies and the cost of my Bachelor in Branded Fashion Designing (BFD) program is bit expensive in Australia comparing to the Fashion Designing program which I will get in Nepal but still there are so many benefits that I will get throughout my BGF program in University name in Australia. I personally believe, education and knowledge cannot be compared with money. I am doing huge investment for my BFD degree to become a wise and professional person in my field. The advantages I will get after my BFD degree in Australia outweighs its cost disadvantage. With an Australian degree, I would certainly be able to play an important role in the development and maturity of the fashion industry in my country and serve as an example to other aspiring fashion students/designers.

Incentives to Return Back to My Home Country

I am very responsible person towards my duties and responsibilities in my family as well as to my nation. I am dedicated to my work and ambition that I will have to do in my own hometown. It is also necessary to make a good relation with my parents who gave me birth and all the things that I required. I always think to make them feel proud of me. I never think to be separated from them for a long time. I also know that I can realize happiness and recognition if I get appreciation from my family, friends, relatives and neighbours. I also have to take part in the developmental works and contribute to my nation for its further development. My career is my passion and it holds my fullest devotion, dedication and commitment towards my future in Nepal. Moreover, I have to look after my parents from my side. Although I am a girl, my parents have raised me as having no discrimination. My parents have one positive opinion that the girls also can do the best works if they have got opportunities. My father and mother have a dream that I must fulfil after becoming a Fashion Designer. They wish to see me as a professional renowned Fashion Designer in Nepali Fashion Designing Industry. There is my parental property over here in Nepal, which I equal custodian in future. I will definitely add more value in my property in the near future and enrich it in further increment.

There are many reasons for my coming back to my nation. I have my sister whom I have good relation. I have to assist her and keep my relation ahead. I will have to work and serve in my nation to make it as a developed nation. A single person cannot do anything unless there is collective work to gat achievement. My emotional attachment with my parents, sibling along with my relatives will bring me back to my own nation.

Financial arrangements for my study:

I am fully aware of my financial requirements of studying in Australia and I, along with my family members are prepared for it. My entire family is financially fulfilled and is very supportive of my decision to study in Australia. Basically, my parents have good income sources and a range of assets and ancestral property. My father has income sources from Business named company name and Land lease. My brother is an Assistant Instructor in company name. The total income of our family is NRS amount (AUD amount). Besides this, my father has a bank balance of NRS amount (AUD amount) in bank name. Thus, I strongly believe that there won’t be any financial difficulties for me and my family to pursue my higher education in abroad

Visa Conditions for International Students in Australia:

As an international student, I am quite aware of the immigration rules that every international student must follow while staying and studying in Australia. Some of the essential rules that I must understand and will strictly follow are:

  • I can’t change the university for six months upon my enrollment
  • I assure to attend 80% of attendance in each semester.
  • I must have valid health insurance during my stay in Australia which is managed already through Torrens University and even later, I will manage this.
  • I am allowed to work 40 hours per fortnight during the courses and full time during long vacations.
  • I must maintain 50% pass grades throughout the study program.

Last Words:

I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in the refusal of my admission and/or student visa application. Thank you for your valued time for going through my statement. I am eagerly waiting for positive consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

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