About KIEC Kalanki

KIEC’s another branch is at Kalanki, located near Kalanki Mandir, Kathmandu. We exist with a proven track record. We have rightfully gained unconditional trust and credibility from our stakeholders, be it our students or our associated institutions or our invaluable partners, because of our continuous and focused mission to provide authentic and reliable information.


Since our inception, our approach towards keeping our corporate identity has been focused towards understanding our students and providing services that they judge important. Our existence has proved to be beneficial to our students since our establishment. We exist with a mission to provide high quality counseling to the entire student aspiring to study abroad.


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Preparation Classes

Along with the counseling services, The office also run IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Engineering , Medical, CTEVT, Certified Computer, Lok Sewa preparation classes with flexible teaching and learning hour and professional instructor.

Career Counselling

KIEC is a rated professional education consultancy in Nepal in the areas of test preparation for standardized tests and placement of Nepalese students in Universities and Colleges abroad.

Admission & Visa Assistance

KIEC has been providing outstanding services to the Nepali Students who intend to go abroad with the gainful motive of pursuing their further studies. We have served the students shape their academic career abroad as well as at home for over incessant twelve years.


Opposite of Nepal Bank, Kalanki 14, Kathmandu, Nepal
01-5234892 / 9851169189

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