About KIEC Lalitpur

Located at in front of SB Furniture, Patan Hospital Road, Lagankhel, KIEC provides students with a wide spectrum of opportunities to study across the globe and assists them with making the best decision for their future. KIEC is education consulting organization with excellent credentials that provides value-based services to both international institutes and aspiring students in Nepal. We believe in educating people through international education.
We are a well reputed organization duly supported by well placed systems. We offer a professional platform to students seeking opportunities in universities abroad through our strong professional network of our offices in major cities of Nepal and Australia.


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Preparation Classes

Along with the counseling services, The office also run IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, PTE, GRE, Computer Courses preparation classes with flexible teaching and learning hour and professional instructor.

Career Counselling

KIEC is a rated professional education consultancy in Nepal in the areas of test preparation for standardized tests and placement of Nepalese students in Universities and Colleges abroad.

Admission & Visa Assistance

KIEC has been providing outstanding services to the Nepali Students who intend to go abroad with the gainful motive of pursuing their further studies. We have served the students shape their academic career abroad as well as at home for over incessant twelve years.


   Opposite SB Furniture, Patan Hospital Road, Lalitpur, Nepal
   01 5442615 / 9851179451

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