Statement of Purpose


Student: KIEC Student


My name is ( Name ) daughter of ( Parent’s name) born on 20th December, XXXX and I am a permanent resident of ( Place Name ). I have always had a prodigious willingness to have an international degree to learn in a multicultural environment, to groom myself in an advanced, sophisticated and modern corporate culture so that I can compete in this competitive world and for this my parents have been my motivational factors. Therefore, I have decided to study Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) at Torrens University, Sydney, Australia for my higher education, quality teaching and career perspective.

Academic Background:-

Talking about my education background, I have always been genuine towards my studies. I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) examination in 19th June, 2XXX securing 81.88% from ( School Name ). I have passed my National Educational Board in 2XXX in Science stream securing 64.60% from ( College Name). After my 10+2, I went Kathmandu for Medical preparation Course and appeared for Medical Examination but due to high competition and less seats I could not get the admission in Medical Field. Finally, I enrolled for IELTS classes and attended my IELTS examination on 08- December, 2XXX

\where I was able to score an overall score 6.5 (Listening 7.0, Reading 6.5, Writing 6.0 and Speaking 5.5). After my IELTS scoring, my next step was to study aboard for my career educational plans as I have always thought of pursuing my higher education in abroad and gain an International Degree.

So, I visited different consultancies where counselors provided different views for choosing different countries and colleges\universities. As I was interested in science stream in the Medical field, I decided to go to Australia as best rank college and universities are located there. Moreover, I choose Torrens University, Sydney because when I explore on internet, I found it to be one of the best college with good feedback overall. I choose Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) as it is relevant Course of my Choice.

Gap Explanation

Since, I’ve always believed in utilizing ideal time, therefore, during a year gap of my study break I joined Nepal Red Cross Society, Morang and worked as a volunteer from 1st December, 2XXX to 31st May, 2XXX. At the same time, I worked as a program coordinator in Nepal Red Cross Society on 1st June, 2XXX and working till date in the post.

Why Australia?

Australia is a country with diverse culture and safer environment and ranks as third most sought destination for international students with its universities consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. Australia has low crime rates compared to other countries Such as UK, USA and Canada. There is no doubt about the countries like USA and UK which provide world class education where UK’s climate, weather and cost of living are not as attractive as those of Australia and USA’s tuition fees are more or less similar with those of Australia; however, USA does not practice a uniform, whole nation accreditation system like Australia. The Australian Government regulates the education system in order to maintain the high standard of education associated with the country. Australia has a nationally accredited system for their vocational studies framework and this gives strong confidence to its quality. Australia provides dynamic and progressive education program with a reputation for excellence, globally recognized course and qualification and also provides unique kind of education and a learning style that encourages innovative, creative and independent thinking culture. Australian Institution rank among the world and it offers a wide range of courses from science to management and commerce, humanities to engineering and law of health science. There are 43 universities in Australia (40 Australian universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university). Along with our universities, many other institutions offer higher education courses. 

The Australian education system has produced scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians who have changed the world, won awards from Oscars to Nobel prizes. Living and studying in Australia can be very rewarding and puts me at the great social, cultural and educational opportunities. The education System of Australia is very different from other countries due to Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). As AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training, it incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework. It also provides better support services to international student than any other countries i.e. it has ESOS Act (Education Service for Overseas Students) that protects the rights of international students. Commonwealth registers of institutions and courses for overseas student (CRICOS) code. The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) ensures the protection of tuition fees. On the other hand, the Post Study Work (PSW) which allows international students to work temporarily in Australia is a bonus to the international students which helps to widen the knowledge and gain experience that we can utilize to provide service to our nation. The health insurance opportunity (OSHC) in Australia also provides safety against any health issues. Added to it, Australia offers Post Study Work opportunity for international student which is a good opportunity to have an international working experience. Australia, being an English speaking nation, is a home to student’s from various countries. This will, certainly provide me better exposure and share ideas with a varied audience. Living standard in Australia is the highest compared to other destinations across the world, while the living expenses are comparatively lower. In addition, lots of friends and known persons are studying and working in Australia whose satisfaction also attracts me and would really be helpful during my study tenure. I would be blessed to get opportunity to continue my education in Australia.

Reason for choosing Sydney:

After my research in different cities in Australia, I chose Sydney as a destination for my further study as it is the largest state in Australia. Also, Sydney is the oldest, biggest and most beautiful of all Australian cities, lies amid a seductive intermingling of land and sea. Famous tourist spots like Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor and Blue Mountain also lure people Sydney. Sydney offers plenty of historical and contemporary Australian flavors. Sydney is the most popular education destination where the top ranked colleges and universities like Western Sydney University, Southern Cross University, Victoria University and so on, are located. The geographical climate of Sydney is quite similar to that of my country Nepal. A lifestyle that is hard to match as Sydney offers one of the highest standards of living in the world and yet is more affordable. International students receive a 40% discount on all public transport and buses within Sydney city centre. It has the humid sub-tropical, shifting from mild and cold in winter to warm and hot in the summer, with no extreme seasonal difference as the weather is moderated by proximity to the ocean.

Reasons for choosing Torrens University, Sydney:

Torrens University Australia was recognized by an act of the South Australian parliament in 2013 (Torrens University Australia Act 2013), making it the 40th university in Australia and the first new university for 20 years. Torrens University, Australia is a part of Laureate International University, a leading international network of quality institutions of higher education comprised of 70 universities across 25 countries. Torrens offers courses through its Vertical structure in 5 fields of study being Business, Design, Health, Hospitality and Education. Torrens University is located in prime cities of Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Torrens University Sydney is considered as the fastest growing University of Australia according to Students and graduates have rated Torrens 8.9 out of 10 in teaching quality, research, employment rates and students’ experience. Torrens University operates on a trimester system which allows the courses to be completed in less time than other universities. Going through the university website it was evident that Torrens focuses on providing students a learning environment with face to face interactions with industry experienced professionals and lecturers with initiatives like touch point weekend sessions, small and interactive classroom environment. Torrens University, Sydney is Australia’s fastest growing university, offering innovative and industry-aligned courses led by industry-experienced academics. It is on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) and welcomes international students from across the globe to study at Torrens University, Sydney. Graduates can apply to remain in Australia for further study and employment opportunities or return home with their Australian qualification and work experience. (

Torrens University Australia offers a range of career programs in the faculties of Business, Design, Health and Hospitality for study on-campus, online or a hybrid of both. With further exploring through internet, I came to conclusion that I will choose Torrens University, Sydney for studying the course Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). Beside, Torrens University, I also did several researches for other colleges providing Bachelors Degree. I did comparison of tuition fee, course structures, and location and entry requirements by different education providers of Australia. Most of the universities like Western Sydney University, Endeavour college of Natural Health, University of Sydney, Australian college of Natural Therapies also provides Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) but was amazed when comparing the fee structure of these universities with Torrens University. Torrens University is very much affordable in respect to the above mentioned universities and provides several programs to support International students including leadership and diplomat programs designed to provide skill development and mentor training which will help me become a better person in life. Therefore, studying in Torrens University can be very beneficial in both economically and financially.

Reason for Choosing Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

The dream of people is always based on the time and situation. The course is based on inquiry-based learning, critical thinking and reflective practice in relation to the theory and practice of about the responsibilities involved in engaging with groups of people and individuals about their growth, development and observing to learn about their interests and needs. Nutritional medicine is based on the traditions of food as medicine and dietary planning. It combines these disciplines with scientific advances in the treatment, management and prevention of disease using food and nutrient as therapeutics. I strongly believe in ”Survival of the fittest” as every single individual tries their best to earn a Healthy, happy and satisfactory life. I have always believed that my real and strong determination to face the challenges in life will lead me towards the path of success. This also requires assisting with health, safety and care needs and helps in maintaining clean and hygienic environments, and interactions with parents. (

I have completed my +2 studies from Nepal and have decided to study Bachelor of Health science (Nutritional Medicine) from Torrens University, Sydney to get international education to achieve my goals. The CRICOS Code of Bachelor of Health science (Nutritional Medicine) is 084577G. It is the course study of duration of 3 years course study where I need to complete all together 36 units. In each year of Bachelor of health Science (Nutritional medicine), there will be 12 units in each semester. The subjects credit of this course is of 24 of 36 where credit points is of 240 of 360    (1 units= 10 credit points) during the time interval of 3 years. In this course, I will study human and therapeutic nutrition, food pharmacy, biochemistry, path physiology, the food system and public health as well as the government policy that regulates them. It will help to gain an understanding of how diet and nutritional status can impact our health, and how therapeutic nutritional intervention can achieve wellbeing. The total fee structure of this course in 2019 is $64,260 AUD and the inductive annual fee in 2019 is $ 21,420 AUD for this courses.  The students will develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as interdisciplinary approach needed to deal with current and emerging health issues. The course Bachelor of Health Science equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to be job-ready with professional placement, elective options or special courses as required by extended majors. On the brighter side, achievement of Bachelor of Health Science degree will open doors of different possible career outcomes for me which includes Health Policy Development, Project Development and Management, Environmental Health Officer, Epidemiologist, Research Analyst, Health Communication Specialist, Health writer, Health Education Officer, Technician, Clinical prosthetics or Orthotics, etc. These career outcomes will help me to strengthen my previous working experience skills as well as it will open varied opportunities at my door step on the completion of my course. Hence, Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) is the right place to continue my studies and fulfill my dreams to achieve its goals.

Reason of Not Choosing Nepal

In Nepal, there are limited opportunities for higher degrees in the field of health in Nutrition and Dietary sector. Firstly, I have planned to complete my Bachelor degree from Torrens University, Sydney and intend to continue my health science career in my home country. After exploring through the internet, In Nepal there is no any courses of Nutritional Medicine. Also, the institutions in Nepal are far from being at par with the international standards. I aspire for an education, recognized all over the world and not just within the given geographical boundary. Moreover, classroom sizes are too big that interaction between faculty and students create lot of communication gap. Further old methods are used in teaching which are more theoretical than practical. They mostly fail to provide practical skills required by the course. Not only that but studying  in Nepal is also limited only to our education system rather than learning the most modern concepts and international case studies in line with modern methodologies. Real life experience of being abroad and learning international ideas and styles will not be gained in Nepal. The education system in my country is more based on theoretical rather than casework and experiments. Probably there are very few multinational companies around the world who recognize Bachelor’s degree from Nepalese Universities and probably there are very few companies around the world who do not recognize Bachelor’s degree from Australian university. This is one important reason that motivates and leads me to choose Australia for further studies. I would love to study practically, this mean I want to exercise case studies; I want to conduct survey and data analysis. In addition, I want to develop projects and presentations, and another vital thing that I want to learn is group work and for all such practical methodology probably Australia is one of the globally renowned destinations in every stream of education. With the population of about 23 million, Australia has already received 15 Nobel Prizes. I found that after getting a degree from universities of Australia, students achieve practical knowledge and they can perform excellence in a workplace around the globe. Though Management courses are available here in Nepal along with opportunities, there is lack of graduates in our country. Not only that, the education here is theory based rather than practical and provides facilities. I discussed with my parents briefly about giving continuity to my further study in my home nation or in abroad. After understanding the education system of my country we preferred abroad for my further education. Also, it has been more than decades that I have been studying in Nepal and now I want to study in different environment where I will have an opportunity to meet people from different nations so that we can exchange ideas and culture too. Nepalese qualification is not globally competitive in compare with Australian degree. So along with the full support of my parents I preferred foreign for my further education.

Future plans

After finishing my study, I intend to continue my career in my home country in the field of health in Nutrition and Dietary sector. Firstly, I have planned to complete my Bachelor degree from Torrens University, Sydney and intend to continue my health science career in my home country. There is abundant scope of Nutritional Medicine in Nepal, but what we lack is skilled manpower working in this field because undergraduate courses offered in Nepal are not updated well. The International education degree from Torrens University, The field about bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) provides good practical knowledge which help to deal with patients and also deal with their recovery. Food, nutrition and health are fundamental to wellbeing at every stage of life.

Similarly, there is lack of quality health care services, health education & care institutions, health knowledge and health practice in most of the areas of my country. Therefore, I want to use the knowledge gained in Australia to serve those people who most require it in my country. I wish to make contribution in this field so that more people will receive quality services and somehow improve the current scenario of Nutrition and Health services which will provide with an in-depth understanding of people and how to engage with them in a healthy and good environment in Nepal. Moreover, having an international degree would offer better career opportunities in the future. In my Country Nepal, There are lots of health care facilities like Nobel Medical Health and Teaching Hospital, Neuro Hospital, BPKIHS and the number of the health science centers are also increasingly tremendously. Furthermore, if I choose to become a health instructor, I will definitely get a golden opportunity to work for popular institutes, such as IOM, KU, PU and other institute affiliated to CTEVT and can earn up to NRS. 60,000 to 80,000 per month. Besides hospitals, there are lots of National and International NGO and INGO like UNESCO, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, FPAN, etc therefore, what I believe is that there is wide opportunity for an international health science graduate in my home country where I could comfortably earn more than 100000 NRS and even more per month and maintain my livelihood being close to my loved ones. International degree of Australia is highly recognized in Nepal where Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional medicine) is a great profession. So, I am convinced that my degree and experience will not just enhance my academic achievements, but also empower the chances of my success in the field of Nutrition and Dietary in future. Therefore, I will return back to my home country Nepal where certain responsibility is there towards me to fulfill parent’s dreams. So, I am convinced that my degree and experience will not just enhance my academic achievements, but also empower the chances of my success in the future. When I will be back to my home country, I will really utilize my knowledge and expertise to achieve my goals for better career.

Financial Arrangements:-

Regarding the financial arrangements required for the completion of my study in Australia including the tuition fees, living expenses, transportation, OSHC and many others, my family members are really conscious towards it. I want to assure you that my parents will sponsor for my study and stay in Australia. As per my family, ( Parents Name) will play sponsors role for me throughout the course time in Australia. My income source is from my father’s income who is a finance officer at Red Cross Society, mother’s income who is Labour In-charge at Everest Graphic Printers. Since my childhood, my family is supporting me in every sector mainly in education and also will be supporting me for my further study too to get an international degree. My parents strongly believe that investment in education never goes waste and quality education has always been their utmost priority. I, therefore, would like to ensure that my parents are happily willing to invest on my stay and study in Australia.

Visa Condition

I am well aware of visa subclass 500 student categories which will be aware during the stay in Australia. Some of the student Visa condition is listed below:-

  • I cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. 
  • I must maintain 80% attendance in this course progress for each study period as required by education provider.
  • I need to clear 50% in each subject.
  • I cannot change University before 6 months upon my enrollment.
  • I must notify the education provider within 7 days if I change my address and contact details.
  • I must maintain Health insurance during the stay in Australia which will be provided by obtaining Overseas Student health Cover (OSHC). 


I would like to assure you that I will be under the rules of visa subclass 500 and I will give my best effort in learning and developing knowledge and skills regarding my subject matter. I will finish my intended course in exact time with good grades and will return back to my home country for achieving my future goal.


Thank you


Yours Sincerely,

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