Statement of Purpose


Source: KIEC Student  (BAL15KAB)

Briefly description of my education history & IELTS

I am Applicant Name, a permanent resident of Dakshinkali municipality ward no. 6, Kathmandu Nepal. I was born on 14th November 1XXX. I am the daughter of Parents Name.

The devotion of a decade that I have spent for completing my school life has proved to be the most fruitful and formative one. I had completed my school leaving certificate (SLC) from Shikharapur Community School, Pharping Kathmandu securing XX% in 2XXX and completed Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nursing from Shree Phulchoki Nursing Campus, Banepa Kavrepalanchok securing XX% in 2XXX [3 years course from 2XXX-2XXX]. Since English is not my first language, I have given my International English Language Testing System [IELTS] in 18th May, 2XXX where I scored overall 6 band. After that I researched about different countries and universities, mentoring International students. After all the researches, I came to conclusion that Australia is best suited for me. Due to all these hard works and experiences, I am accepted to the one of the reputed universities in Australia to pursue my undergraduate studies. And at last I had prepared all my financial documents and other required documents and applied for visa.

Brief record of my employment history

Work and experience is another way of learning. After completing my proficiency certificate level, it is very necessary to gain the experience at the field of nursing, that’s why I joined Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital from 2nd Dec. 2XXX to 2nd Jan. 2XXX as a three month training and full time job as a staff nurse. I received my Nepal Nursing Council License to work as Registered Nurse in Nepal in 24th Feb, 2XXX. After that I joined Vayodha Hospital in 15th Jan. 2XXX to 12th Feb. 2XXX where I worked as staff nurse. Then again I joined Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital in 19th Feb. 2XXX and working as staff nurse up to 31 Dec XXXX.

Reasons for gaps of one year or more in my academic and/or employment history:

Understanding knowledge use in everyday nursing practice is important to the improvement of educational preparation and quality in health care. The aim of the study was to elucidate nurses’ experiences of knowledge use in work situations. For students to understand these interpretive modes of knowledge use and to develop personal abilities, we should have access to and be active participants in certain health care situations, and we should have the opportunity to reflect on acting personally in professional relationships so I worked in hospital as a staff nurse.

Financial arrangement for my study:

My family is well settled in Nepal. Their happiness equals to my happiness. They have compromised their dreams for my achievements. My parents strongly believe in parenthood, that they want me to achieve the height of success and reach the summit. What I am today is due to the support and love of my family members. My parents are Nepali Citizens. ( Parents Name My father, Husband, Father in law, Brother in law ) will be my sponsor for me throughout the study course time in Australia. Our income sources are from my father’s salary who work as loan department head at Name Sahakari Sanstha Pvt Ltd, he earns NPR.XXXXXX annually. My husband works at Name Tibet Trek Pvt. Ltd as assistant manager, he earns NPR.420000 annually. My father-in-law runs the restaurant and he earns NPR.XXXXXX annually. My brother-in-law works at Name Sahakari Sanstha Pvt. accountant who earns NPR.XXXXXX annually. We have a bank loan of NPR.XXXXXX in Sunrise Bank Limited for my further living and study expenses where I already paid my initial tuition fees I will get support through my sponsors to secure my education goes smoothly as possible to my university.

My proposed living arrangements in the particular city of Australia:

A new regional initiative is set to introduce the 300,000 plus international students who come to study in Australia to the Sippy Downs. Sippy Downs is all about to promote the outstanding education, lifestyle, work and career opportunities that are available in a safe, natural and inclusive environment to international students. And also I like to study on the Sippy Downs because there are so many beautiful places to relax and less expensive than Sydney and Melbourne. I am very new in Sippy downs so I have done some research via RTA website. There are a variety of accommodation options close to USC’s campuses. Among them I am willing to choose varsity apartment in varsity view court Sippy downs Queensland 4556. It is more economic and convenient as it only takes 3min. walk to university of sunshine coast and rental cost AUD 150 per week.

Reason for not studying in home country Nepal:

I have completed my PCL Nursing in Nepal and now I want to pursue higher education. For that, I have researched study options which are available in my home country Nepal but I decided to study in abroad. As per my research, in Nepal, there are few universities but they are only providing specific courses as only public health and only available at few universities like Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, Kathmandu University with a limited number of seats and there are no other partner institution and campuses for pursuing this course.  Furthermore, the degrees in Nepal has low demand and less market value in comparison with international degrees and international work experience. After that the education system in Nepal is very weak. The teaching approach is more theoretical than a practical one.The board examination notice and results are never published on time. So, in order to make my future degree valued and wanted, it was necessary that I expand my research abroad. And my plan is to study Bachelor of health science which provides many options as communication and thought, behavioural health, public health, scientific research methods. And I am also more interested to experience a new education system from a developed country like Australia.

Reason to study in Australia, not in other countries:

I have done a brief research about education in Nepal, Australia and other countries. As per the research, I found that Australia is an advanced and developed country with the world’s 12th largest economy. It is a huge landscape and rich in natural resources. Australia is a multi-cultural country where people from different part of the world living together. 8 out of 100 top universities in the world are Australian. 5 out of the 30 best cities in the world are in Australia. Almost all the universities in Australia are government recognized which makes the students safe about their future and education. Australia is the safest country in the world which makes it less crime rate and gender discrimination country in the world in comparison with other countries like the USA and European countries. In Canada, it takes really long for the admission process and visa process and weather is also not suitable for me. But the climate in Australia is quite similar to Nepal. Living expenses and tuition costs in Australia are considerably less expensive than the UK and USA. Australia offers post-study work [PSW] opportunities for international students after a bachelor degree and such provision is not available in the UK. Australia has an ESOS [Education Service for Overseas Student] act which deals about the right of the international student. Australia has a tuition protection service [TPS] which means tuition fee is safe and secured. Australian course and curriculum are systematically and scientifically designed as per the need and demand of the modern education system. So, I decided to study in Australia than in other countries.

Reasons for choosing this particular academic program

The Bachelor of Health Sciences is a three-year program that provides a comprehensive overview of health and health care, including biomedicine, healthcare ethics, public health, psychology and nutrition. Receive a solid foundation that will allow me to move into a clinical or non-clinical career. This is an excellent pathway into postgraduate health programs, including medicine. Choose to major in Health Promotion, Nutrition or Public Health. I will study a range of specialized courses during my second and third year and will also undertake health and management related electives. Get hands-on experience, integrate my knowledge and develop key professional skills in a busy health setting as me to undertake supervised work experience in my final year. Bachelor of health science prepares or, helps to tackle current and future health and well-being needs of individuals, communities and population, both locally and globally. It offers a detailed overview of healthcare and is the perfect springboard to a variety of clinical and non-clinical careers in the health care sector. In Bachelor of Health Science I will:

  • Gain a strong foundation in health science.
  • Understand the current and future health needs of the community.
  • Specialize in a health discipline.
  • Gain work experience in my area of specialization 

I will specialize in one of six extended majors, including health promotion, environmental health, epidemiology and public health, prosthetics and orthotics, or aboriginal and Torres strait islander health, equipping me with the skills to improve population health and wellbeing. The Bachelor of Health Science has many career opportunities like:

  • Environmental health officer.
  • Health promotion officer
  • Prosthetist and/or orthotist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Health communication specialist. 

And also it has a great future scope in a developing country like my home country Nepal. 

Reasons for choosing this particular education institution no other Colleges & Universities:

Before making the decision to study bachelor of health science in university of sunshine course [USC], I have done a brief research about the course, cost recognition, duration and future scope for my career.

I took my time comparing the course and subject materials as well as a teaching environment. Among various world-class education provider in Australia I found many universities and their courses suitable for me but among them, the University of Sunshine Coast, is the one that stands out for me. Since its establishment, USC has been providing a suite of quality education in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs to domestic and international students. As per the research, I found that USC is the only public university in Queensland to be awarded 5 stars for teaching quality in 2017. USC is rated as one of Australia’s best universities for overall student experience. USC will help, whether it’s practical to work experience or the chance to pursue a lifelong passion, to connect with the community or to travel. USC Programs include a strong focus on the core skills in the future workplace. All programs include hands-on training, practical experience and internships. USC has over 70 partner institutions worldwide and the opportunities are endless. In short, I will get everything I will need for a bright future. During my research, I have gone through the website of few other universities like Victoria University, Australian national university, Australian catholic university, university of Melbourne and many more but I found USC more preferable and suitable. USC provides a high graduate employment rate with advance technology and teaching, learning facilities. I am also attracted to the affordable tuition fees and suitable location. Also, I compared the tuition fees with other college and found that Australian national university [ANU] has AUD 43,632 per year tuition fees for the same course.

Course requirements of my selected Australian academic program:

Bachelor of Health Science in USC is three years course divided into six semesters of study. Altogether I have to study 288 units as outlined in the program structure in three years duration. I have to complete no more than 10 introductory levels (100 coded) course as well as a minimum of 14 advanced (200 or 300 coded) courses (168 units). The unit value of all courses is 12 units and I am responsible to enrol correctly according to course requisites, program rules and requirements and be aware of the academic calendar dates. At the successful completion, of course, I earn 400-500 credit points which is enough credit points acclaimed by different employers, educational institutions as well as Nepal Government here in Nepal. As I am Sippy Downs students so some course will be taught at the Sunshine Coast Health Institute. Under this course, I need to study units such as Communication and Thought, Introduction to behavioural Health, Public health foundations, Science research methods, Prosthetics and orthotics, Human resource management, environmental health, public policy, sociology, Human Physiology, Functional Anatomy, Motor control and learning etc. The total tuition fee for one year is AUD 24,000 according to the offer and COE have given by the university.

Relevancy of my selected academic program to my past education history. 

The term ‘health’ is a positive and dynamic concept. In common parlance, health implies the absence of disease. Having grown up in a middle-class family, I used to have a keen interest to care about my health as well as for my parents too. With the age, my interest to work in the health sector also grown simultaneously.  At the end, to become a healthy person is already my dream so I studied Nursing from Shree Phulchoki Nursing Campus from which I have gained quite a knowledge of health. To make what we have studied effective, it is really important that we carry out our knowledge in a practical way. Thus, not letting the precious time slide I have worked in hospital after complete my proficiency level of a certificate so, as an undergraduate student, I can unhesitatingly say that this course of Bachelors of Health Science is relevant to my education and employment history.


My future career plans upon successful completion of my selected course from Australia:

First of all, if I go to Australia and get an opportunity to be a part of University of sunshine coast. My plan is to study a bachelor of health science from Australia. It provides a comprehensive overview of health and healthcare, including biomedicine, healthcare ethics, public health, psychology. I will make best out of these three years by portraying my hard work, zeal, sincerity, and dedications and ace my different exams for achieving my goal. With an accomplishment of three years of studies and with the extension of my visa I want to polish up my practical knowledge and would like to be working in any of the course-related fields over there. As per the research, the potential field of employment includes environmental health officer, epidemiologist, health education officer, project manager and many more. After completing my course from Australia and having some experience under the PSW I will return back to my home country Nepal. If I am not able to get PSW also I will return to Nepal and will apply for the job utilizing all the knowledge and information which I got from Australia. I would like to see myself working towards the benefit and development of the health industry. I have a genuine intention to go to Australia, I will return to my home county after the completion of my course as my birthplace has always been a place of comfort for me. With the Australian degree, I would be able to get employed in much reputed big organization of my countries like UNFPA Nepal, WHO, ADRA Nepal and many more. I have got all the information regarding job through online job portals like,, They are giving more priority to international degree holders than local degree holder. They are paying NPR 65000- 75000 per month to International degree holder but for the same job Nepalese Degree holder will just pay NPR 25000 -40000 per month. It seems that my investment to get an Australian degree will be more beneficial for me to get a competitive job nationally and internationally as Australian degree is globally accepted.


Understanding the visa conditions in Australia:

I am aware of the visa conditions in Australia where 

  • I should maintain satisfactory attendance in the course and course progress for each period as required by the education provider.
  • I must maintain adequate managements for health insurance.
  • I should not work more than 40 hours per fortnight.
  • I must remain enrolled in a registered course.
  • I should update my address.

I assure you that I will be maintaining my student visa conditions as well as other rules and regulations. I would be very thankful if I get the lifetime opportunity to educate myself in Australian way at esteemed university with Australian culture and lifestyle, which I believe will be both challenging and rewarding and when I come back to Nepal with my degree I can make myself and my family proud.

Thank you!


I hereby certify that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy DIBP’s GS and GTE compliance requirements, has been completed in my own words and writing and is a true and correct account. I understand that if any incorrect, misleading or non-genuine information is found in this SOP, my student visa application will be refused.


Applicant Name                                                                               

Passport Number: XXXXXX

Date of Birth: 14-11-1XXX