Statement of Purpose


Source: KIEC Student (KAR21MAN)


My name is Full Name , daughter of Parents Name  born on 01 December 19XX and I am a permanent resident of  Address . My parents have been a great source of inspiration who has always taught me about humanity and to serve for it. Also, they have motivated me to be dexterous for a better career and I have always dreamt of having an international degree, to learn in a multicultural environment, to groom myself in an advanced, sophisticated and modern corporate culture so that I can compete in this global world. Therefore, I have decided to study a Bachelor of Business at the Australian Institute of Higher Education, Sydney Australia. 


Talking about my education background, I have always been genuine in my studies. I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) examination in 2XXX securing XX from  School Name. Recently, I have recently passed my National Educational Board in 2XXX in Management Stream securing XX from  College Name . I have taken IELTS classes and attend my IELTS examination on October 13, 2XXX where I was able to score an overall score 6 (Listening 6.5, Reading 5.5, Writing 5.5 and Speaking 5.5). After my IELTS scoring, my next step was to study aboard for my career educational plans. I was involved in different sorts of curriculum and programs held in schools and colleges I have visited different consultancies and counselors provided different views for choosing different universities. Finally, I decided to choose the Australian Institute of Higher Education and further proceed for the offer process on February 11, 2XXX.

As I was interested in the Management stream in the Business field, I decided to go to Australia as the best rank college and universities are located there. Moreover, I choose Australian Institute of Higher Education, Sydney because when I explore on the internet, I found it to be one of the best colleges with good feedback overall. I choose the course in AIHE is a Bachelor of Business where I came to realize that interesting subjects are passion towards me.  


I have chosen Australia for further education due to the following reasons. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world, has grown to become one of the most preferred destinations of many students like me in recent years which seems unstoppable now. It’s being a diverse country has always warmly welcomed international students and I have found that Australia is the right place to continue my Bachelor’s Degree with international standards. There is no doubt about the countries like USA and UK which provide world-class education where UK and USA have a high crime rate, tuition fee and cost of living is very high there compared to Australia. Australia is the safest place, education fees are quite affordable and a good and friendly education system as compared to other countries like the USA, UK and so on. So, I prefer Australia because it is a top country to go for studying where it has some of the best colleges and universities in the world. Australian education accepts students with the skills, knowledge and contacts that will last a lifetime and gives every student that study with them, whether I study at a university or any other Institute or school, I will receive a quality education that will form a strong foundation for my future success. So, the main reason for choosing Australia as my educational destination is because of its high-quality education. It not only provides qualitative education but also provides affordable fees and living costs. The favorable climate and good social environment with a low crime rate can be added on the plus points of Australia as it helps to acquire qualitative education. The systematic education system in Australia attempts to prepare its students to enhance their education as well as careers by providing them with the latest technology. International students like me are attracted to Australia because of its quality education with worldwide recognition. There are different possibilities of scholarship where the Australian government provides more than 200 million Australian dollars for each and every year to international students which helps in the low cost of studying in Australia. Moreover, Australia facilitates its students with an advanced educational system. 

The education system is properly inspected by the government in order to maintain the quality of education. Moreover, the most trustworthy part is that Australia has the provision of the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) which is a register of Australian education institutions that recruit enroll and teach overseas students. So, everything is legalized and secured. On top of that to specify the standards for educational qualifications in Australia, it has an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). As AQF is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training; it incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive national qualifications framework. Australia follows the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Student) Act 2000. The ESOS Framework ensures that students have access to tuition assurance (which acts like consumer protection). The ESOS framework includes an element like Tuition Protection Services (TPS) where the fees are safe and secured. On the other hand, the Post Study Work (PSW) which allows international students to work temporarily in Australia is a bonus to the international students which helps to widen the knowledge and gain experience that we can utilize to provide service to our nation. Australia has special health insurance coverage for the international students called Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) which will cover the unexpected sickness or any health emergency care. These rules and systems make Australia stand out from the rest of the world when considering the country and environment where we study. The learning and study process happens at a multi-cultural and global level, which enables me to work in any part of the world when I complete my studies. Due to multiple advantageous factors in the educational system in Australia for student and best ranges of courses, I choose Australia as a destination for further study. 


Sydney is considered as one of the most popular oldest and largest cities in Australia, let alone in the world. It is situated in New South Wales and is known as the first city in Australia. Famous tourist spots for your travel tour in Sydney are Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor and Blue Mountain. Sydney offers plenty of historical and contemporary Australian flavors.  Sydney is Australia’s financial and educational hub where many prestigious colleges and universities are located in offering world-class education. Australia has altogether 43 universities where 13 universities are located in Sydney. A lifestyle that is hard to match as Sydney offers one of the highest standards of living in the world and yet is more affordable. International students receive a 40% discount on all public transport and buses within Sydney city center. It is a multicultural city and has the largest population where thousands of international students come to fulfill their educational background. The climate of Sydney is as similar to Nepal where it won’t be harder for me to live there sustainably. So, Studying in Sydney will definitely give me an international degree to build my career in the future.  


Australian Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) located in central Sydney, Australia and offering high quality accredited degree, diploma and certificate courses in Business and Information System. It has competitive and affordable course fees comparison with other colleges and universities like Kings Own Institute, Kaplan Business School, University of New South Wales, etc. The Australian Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) is a registered CRICOS provider and a member of the Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS), an Australian Government initiative to protect international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study. AIHE is student-centered, friendly and has a supportive learning environment. It provides courses designed to encourage students to develop a sound mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. AIHE has qualified professors, huge facilities, and a good reputation. This really encouraged me to study here. It will be an honor to be taught by such qualified professors. AIHE is suitable for students due to cultural diversity and friendly environment, the college is a great choice for students seeking out the benefits of a more personal learning environment which offers small class sizes so the student can get personal attention from teachers while studying. Fees offered by the College are more affordable than other Colleges and Universities. It is a great opportunity for me to study here and build my career on the right path. During my research for a suitable education provider, I explore on the internet where I got to know more about AIHE. Hearing from many international students about their experience in AIHE from their perspective, it excited me further to be a part of the AIHE family. It also offers the scholarship to deserving students like me (20 %). AIHE being internationally recognized education provider, it supports students to achieve their goal in a very friendly and supportive environment. I believe the facilities offered by the AIHE will help me gain experiences instrumental in my professional and intellectual development. I choose to study a bachelor in Business from the Australian Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) to complete my dream to become Successful Business Women. 


The dream of people is always based on the time and situation.  The Bachelor of Business prepares students for a wide range of careers in the world of business. The course is designed to provide a broad general education relating to business management, which brings together the sub-disciplines of accounting and finance, operations, people and organizations and marketing and strategy. While the introductory units are dedicated to one of these areas and collectively provide a balance of specialized treatments, the higher-level units tend to provide a more integrated treatment of all areas in each unit. The course is based on inquiry-based learning, critical thinking and reflective practice in relation to the theory and practice to achieve this aim the Bachelor of Business requires graduates to demonstrate both educational and professional outcomes. These studies are designed to produce graduates who have effective and industry-relevant knowledge and skills and who demonstrate capabilities for leadership in the business area. 

I continue my further course studies in Australia by joining Bachelor of Business which is of 3 years course which includes Business Knowledge. In a Bachelor course, I can get a chance to learn more about culture, people, science, technology and also learn the Business skills to establish a business start-up, new enterprise, or support business innovation. For having a better career, quality education courses are much more important. I came to realize that my interesting subjects are a passion for myself, so I came to choose the Bachelor of Business degree because of my true interest and passion. I have completed my SLC and +2 educations from Nepal and want to complete my Bachelor of Business to get international education to achieve my goals. The fee structure is quite affordable for Bachelor of Business in the Australian Institute of Higher Education is of $48,000 which is of 3 years course including a 20% scholarship. To complete the degree, There are altogether 24 units that are included in this course and the CRISOS code of this course is 069532B. These units are divided into three levels based on contents and level of difficulty. The first level (Level 1000) has 8 core units. The second level (2000) has 1 core unit and the third level (Level 3000) also has 1 core unit. In addition, I will get to select 14 electives (7 electives from 2000 Level and 7 electives from 3000 Level except for ACC3005, ISY3002 & ISY3003). The course intake is in March, July and November. Under this course, I need to study subjects like; Business Communication, Organizational Behavior, Economics of Management, Business Research Project, Business and Corporations Law, etc. 

Bachelor of Business studies is designed to produce graduates who have effective and industry-relevant knowledge and skills and who demonstrate capabilities for leadership in the business area. To achieve this aim the Bachelor of Business requires graduates to demonstrate both educational and professional outcomes. And, I want to know how I can bring changes on it and I can expect and explore them with an applied focus:

  • Reports, project documentation, case studies and presentations
  • Essays and assignments
  • Quizzes, class tests and examinations
  • Practical’s and team-based projects
  • Participation in class


I didn’t choose Bachelor of Business from any Nepalese University because of the outdated coursework coupling with instability. In Nepal, there are limited colleges and universities that provide Business courses like, Texas International college, White house international college, Kathmandu University (KU), Tribhuwan University (TU), Pokhara University, Lincoln University, etc.  The course of Bachelor of Business in Nepal is which only shows theoretical knowledge where there is a lack of practical knowledge, quality of academic resources, lack of technological manpower, competitive teaching pedagogy, institutional facility, and my choice of coursework are also notable factors leading my decision for foreign study. So, I did not choose Nepal for my Bachelor’s degree because I am looking for an international degree where I can find both theoretical and practical ways of teaching and learning which I was not able to find in Nepal. We know for the fact that the old courses have to be changed with the arrival of new ones and technologies should be added each and every year where still changes are not quite practiced in Nepal. Even with the arrival of new editions of books, we still follow the old ones focusing on theoretical learning rather than practical which is one of the main cons of the education system here. There is only a certain limited number of seats with high competition throughout the country. In Nepal, these subjects have to be studied under separate courses and degrees where the international degree of Australia is highly recognized in Nepal. I am choosing Australia over Nepal for my higher studies because I wanted to enhance my skill-set, my knowledge base, and properly explore my caliber as a global Business student, which I cannot do here in Nepal. So, I finally decided to choose the Bachelor of Business at AIHE to get an International degree. 


I strongly believe that the degree which I will get from the Australian Institute of Higher Education will provide me with good opportunities in the global workplace and enhances my career. As we know, Nepal is a developing country and we have huge potential in every sector in the present day, be it any sector. So soon after the completion of my management program, I will be returning back to my home country with quality academic and work experiences to start my professional career in the business management field. After completion of my course and graduation degree in Australia, with knowledge in mind and degree in hand, I look forward to returning back to my home country Nepal where certain responsibility is there towards me to fulfill my parent’s dreams. A degree from a reputed college and institute and relevant experience in Australia will definitely help me to get a good job in Nepal. I will first prefer to work in the business and administration department of the business organization like in the post of administrator, departmental head, corporate manager, human resource adviser as well as I can also apply for mid-level of managerial post in the various corporate houses such as Hulas Automobiles, Chaudhary Groups, Surya Nepal and different financial and banking institutions like Standard Chartered Bank, Nabil Bank, NSBI Bank, etc with a monthly pay scale of NPR 50,000 to 65,000/-. With the growing experience and network and connections with the industrial personnel and experts, I will gradually work to start up my own business in the near future and give full effort in the field of business and management and also contribute towards the development of the economy of my country. I am looking forward to achieving my study permit to study Bachelor of Business at AIHE, with the sole motive to enhance my career and wings to fly start my career ahead. 


As per the financial arrangement of my proposed education, my parents will sponsor for my study and stay in Australia. As per my family, (Parent’s Name ) will play sponsors role for me throughout the course time in Australia. Our income source is from my father’s salary who is serviceman, mother’s salary who is also Servicewomen. We also have an income from House Lease (Plot no 1728). Since my childhood, my family is supporting me in every sector mainly in education and also will be supporting me for my further study too to get an international degree. We also have bank balance in NEPAL SBI Bank Limited for my living, traveling and study expenses. My parents strongly believe that investment in education never goes waste and quality education has always been their utmost priority. I, therefore, would like to ensure that my parents are happily willing to invest in my stay and study in Australia. 


I am well aware of visa subclass 500 student categories which will be aware during the stay in Australia. Some of the student Visa condition is listed below:-

  • I cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. 
  • I must maintain 80% attendance in this course progress for each study period as required by the education provider.
  • I need to clear 50% in each subject.
  • I cannot change University before 6 months upon my enrollment.
  • I must notify the education provider within 7 days if I change my address and contact details.
  • I must maintain Health insurance during the stay in Australia which will be provided by obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).  

I would like to offer thanks for giving your precious time going through the statement of purpose. I look forward to getting a positive response.


Yours Sincerely

Full Name

Contact number: XXXXXXXXX