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Keeping the faith of achieving something big in life, I am Applicant Name daughter of Parents Name have been giving my best since childhood because of which I have always been able to get good results. I finished my school leaving certificate (S.L.C) from Edify International School in year 2XXX obtaining XX GPA. Then I enrolled in Everest Innovative College and completed my higher secondary education in management stream with Accounting as major in 2XXX securing XX GPA. I did score overall 6 in IELTS dated on 13th September, 2018 reading 5.5, writing 6, listening 6.5 and Speaking 6 (IELTS score Sheet Enclosed).

Since I had decided on studying abroad, it was very easy to choose Australia for further studies. In my personal research, I found Australia as the best global education provider with 8 out of 100 top universities in the world. Australian universities are best known to provide world-class education in a vibrant and dynamic environment. Graduates from Australian schools are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the Australian education system. Students can choose among 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions along with various scholarships options such as Australia Awards, etc. The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) and the Post Study Work (PSW) services are also available for international students. There is also a provision of part-time work facility available for students through which one can learn about the Australian culture along with earning some pocket money as well. These facts reveal the world-class education provided by Australian universities. And while talking about living in Australia, international students choose Australia not only for the excellent education system, but also for its friendly, laid-back nature, and high standard of living. It is acting as a melting point for the students from all around the world. Australia has to offer vibrant and dynamic cities like Melbourne and Sydney to the international students for city life experience.

Because of these features, Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Already there are more than 2.5 million international alumni who are making a difference around the world. And also, 5 out of 30 best student cities are Australian. Till this date, Australia has already produced 15 Nobel Laureates. These facts reveal the world-class education provided by Australian universities.

And while talking about living in Australia, international students choose Australia not only for an excellent education system but also for its friendly-welcoming nature and high standard of living. Personally, I feel Australia is the best country in the world for international students. In comparison to the USA, UK and Canada, Australia is the safest, more affordable, and best in international students supports system. Australia’s standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the United States and the United Kingdom. And also, the weather is also nice and more suitable for students like me. Along with quality education, a student can get socio-cultural experience and unparalleled study experience in Australia. This country offers vibrant and dynamic cities like Melbourne and Sydney to the international students for city life experience. And at the same time,6b students can enjoy wide open outback bushes, natural beauties and the world-famous.

The Bachelor of Business (Accounting) offers a broad understanding of the concepts and practices of accounting, supported by related areas in finance, law, economics, marketing, information systems, management and statistics. The course focuses on preparing students for accounting careers in the modern business environment, specifically preparing students for management roles in the accounting industry. It aims to equip students with decision-making and critical analysis skills required in a professional accountancy practice, as well as a variety of functional areas within the business. There is a particular emphasis on the development of professional and personal skills which underpin success in accounting.

The course requires students to study a total of 24 subjects over 6 trimesters. It contains 20 core subjects and 4 electives providing students with an in-depth understanding of accountancy practices, and an appreciation of other business-related disciplines. In addition to the solid core of accounting subjects, including legislation related to accounting practices and an appreciation of ethical practice, students can also study a selection of related business, management and finance subjects designed to provide a broad understanding of the total challenges faced by accountants and their clients. 

I choose Bachelor of Business (Accounting) because it is a very broad subject that goes beyond recording and reporting of economic data. The organization can make better decisions on the basis of internal and external economic information provided by accounting graduates. So, they play an important role in the decision making of an organization/business firm also. The progress of an organization depends upon the ability of the business accountants. Thus, they are in demand in all parts of the world. For me, business and accounting are interesting subjects. Business and accounting professionals help to make a better decision because they have a proper understanding of logic, set of methods and orders. Choosing this course, I will be able to learn about business concepts as well as concepts of accounting. I believe this course would offer me the essential knowledge to become a successful professional in business and accounting related fields. The graduates pursuing this major have broad opportunities since they can work as public accountants, government accountants, management accountants, and private accountants, internal or external auditors and so on. The scope of the accounting industry leads to many areas of specialization, such as general, budget, cost, property, systems, forensic and tax accounting. Private accountants are also in demand for nonprofit organizations that need specialized expertise in tax regulations and policies unique to them. The graduates can also work as a supervisor in the business firm since they have a proper understanding of business logic and terms. So, I find a broad scope and career in this field.

Undoubtedly there are many universities in Australia, among them I am sure this is the most promising one for me. I did quite a research on different universities such as Australian Catholic University, University of Sunshine Coast, and Central Queensland University etc. But among those universities AIHEfulfills my requirement. Australian Institute of higher education providers quality of education with different courses and suitable fee structure which is an important aspect to be considered by international students like me. The same I have found the course is very affordable with AUD $ 16000 annual tuition fee comparing to the annual fees of Southern Cross University which have AUD$ 20,560 and Charles Strut University has AUD$ 24OOO for the same course and also I am eligibility for 12.5% scholarship. In an age demanding invention and digital development, AIHE graduates can immediately demonstrate competence and fluency with technology for early success.

Business and accounting are both theoretical and practical discipline that we do not only gain a great range of knowledge, but also learn the skills needed to apply this knowledge to real-life settings assisting with employability. Business touches on nearly every aspect of modern society and so a business degree is useful for both professional and personal life. I will have various prospective career opportunities in the potential fields of employment including financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, banking management accounting, and business supervising and so on. Currently, my motherland Nepal is also taking a step forwarding business sectors. I feel that the growth of business organizations would be quite high in developing countries like Nepal than any other developed countries which consequently need skilled manpower in a related field. So, I see my secure career opportunities in different sectors in Nepal. Many Companies like Chaudhary group, Surya Nepal, Udayapur Cement Factory are at their best in excellence and economy.I wish to take back all the skills and techniques I learned during my stay at Australia and incorporate those learning for the benefit of my country to introduce a new charm to the financial and business sector in my home nation. 

My foremost aim would be to work towards my master degree and concentrate on my majors. Then after I would like to see myself working towards the benefit and development of the accounting industry. I have a genuine intention to go to Australia. I will return to my home country after the completion of my course as my birthplace has always been a place of comfort for me. With the degree, I would be able to get employed in many reputed big organizations of my country like Chaudhary Group, Jyoti Group, Laxmi Group, Golchha Organization, Ncell and also government and semi-government organizations. Since I will have the experience of accounting from Australia it would be a great opportunity to practice the relevant knowledge in my country. An initial salary of NRP 50,000- 60,000 could be earned from these companies holding a senior-level post of Senior Accountant, Financial Accountant, Financial Analyst and Business Analyst and it will be increased as per my performance and experience. Also, currently Nepal is in the pace of development & there is a high potential of investments in macro business sectors like hydropower, tourism, manufacturing by the major companies from China, Japan, other developed countries and the Government. Such investments are a great opportunity to the graduates and missing such opportunities should not be a choice.  Such companies want a qualified professional with the knowledge of the international market and culture to run their business successfully. With the lack of opportunities in my home country, I would not be staying in Australia for which I will definitely come back to Nepal after my study. My parents have always motivated me to the right path and fulfilled my each and every desire through many sacrifices. So I have a huge responsibility to look after them with love, care and respect. I want to contribute my nation and the entire society through the combination of studies and its socio-cultural know-how in this existing society.

 I can search for a job through different ways like networking, referrals, job boards and career websites, company websites, temping or internships, headhunters and recruitment agencies etc. Australian degrees are more valued and internationally recognized than Nepalese degrees. Australian degrees are highly based on practical knowledge where Nepalese degrees are based on theoretical knowledge.  My short term goal is to get the finest job in a multinational company after returning from Australia completing degree get starting salary around NPR 50,000 monthly. Then after some years of work experience and good savings, I would like to commence my own business. Knowledge never goes waste. Quality educations add professionalism in one’s life and help you become a successful person. Studying abroad is always worth. I can get a return from my abroad study in different forms, only the money cannot be measured as a factor of return on investment. Studying abroad boosts our confidence and independence, improve communication and language skills, become an explorer, become a full-time learner, and enhances employment opportunities. In Nepal, there is a great opportunity for postgraduate student. I can initially join a company as an accountant, employment in diversified sectors like market research, budget planning, corporations and consultancies. The most important benefits of internships are gain valuable work experience, explore a career path, develop and refine skills, receive financial compensation, network with professionals in the field, gain confidence, transition into a job etc. This can be used as a backbone and support in my career path.

My family is well settled in Nepal. Their happiness equals to my happiness. They have compromised their dreams for my achievements. My parents strongly believe in parenthood, they want me to achieve success. What I am today is due to the support and love of my family members. My father has good earning and my mother always wants to see me in apex. My parents are happy to sponsor for my study and my living expenses. For my study and living expenses, my family (father and mother) will be my sponsor. I have the full support of my parents and they are financially sound to cover all the expenses including living cost in Australia. They are fully aware of the cost of my study for 3 years i.e. tuition fees and living expenses. 

I understand the terms and conditions and my limits to this visa subclass 500 for all international students who wish to study in Australia at a registered education institution. I should have progressive academic, should have covered by the health insurance, should have more than 80% attendance, I will have work limitation. I can work part-time for 40 hours per fortnight or 20 hours per week. I should update my address within 7 days to the University and DIBP as if I changed my address. I assure you that I will be maintaining my student visa conditions as well as other rules and regulations. I would be very thankful if I get the lifetime opportunity to educate myself in Australian way with Australian culture and lifestyle, which I believe will be both challenging and rewarding and when I come back to Nepal after completing bachelor degree I can make myself and my family proud. 

I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in the refusal of my student visa application.

Yours Sincerely, 

Applicant Name