Suraj Sharma

Suraj Sharma

Australia VISA Success

COE Started on
: N/A
VISA Applied on: N/A
VISA Received on:July 3rd,2017


Well escorted Team, want to express sincere thanks to MR. Shyam Sir and Rajendra Sir for career enhancement.
All dedicated team members were very helpful during the documentation.
Definitely i will recommend this consultancy to my family and friends who are willing to go abroad
either for study or for visits. I would say it is the best Edu Agent at Kathmandu and Australia.
Planning for abroad study! Australia-USA-New Zealand remember KIEC(Kathmandu Infosys).

Suraj Sharma

Course Details

University/Institution: Southern Cross University
Campus Location: Sydney, Australia
Course: Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management
Fees: AUD 35000/1.5 Year

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