Sima Shrestha

Sima Shrestha

Australia VISA Success

COE Started on
: N/A
VISA Applied on: N/A
VISA Received on:June 28th,2017


With my experience i get to know that “Kathmandu Infosys” is one of the best educational consultancy for abroad study. The team is very kind, friendly and helpful as well. It also provides free interview preparation class. Now with successful result i am glad that i choose Kathmandu Infosys for study Australia. And with my experience i recommend you to choose Kathmandu Infosys for abroad processing. At last i would like to thank the whole team for your help during my processing.

Sima Shrestha

Course Details

University/Institution: Skill Training Australia
Campus Location: Melbourne, Australia
Course: Advanced Diploma of Nursing
Fees: AUD 18000/Year

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