Statement of Purpose




Student: KIEC Student


I am a student name daughter of Father name and Mother name born on DOB. It has been my prodigious willingness to gain an international degree, to learn about global cultures, languages and systems since my childhood which will build my caliber to cope up with the pace of time. Therefore, my parents and I have decided to study a Master of Public Health Advanced at Torrens University, Sydney  Australia.

Academic Background:

As regards my Academic Qualification, I completed my School Leaving Certificate in first division with Academic % from School Name and Address in the year 2011 under the board of government of Nepal and completed my Higher Secondary Education from Science faculty having Biology as my major subject from Institution Name and Address  with Academic % in the academic year 2013 under Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. Having a keen interest in serving people, I decided to join Nursing and earned four years of Bachelor of Nursing from Institution Name and Address with an overall academic %. I have done my IELTS on 27th October 2018 in which I secured 6 overall. As per the plan, I began to visit Education Fair and consulted QEAC certified counselor and went through different website like,, , to gather information and then finally, I have decided to study MPHA in Torrens University, Australia.

Employment History:

I worked as an ICU  nurse at Company Name from 13th  Mar 2018 to 20th June after appearing for Nepal Nursing Council (NCC) Examination where I got the Registered Nurse License on 11th Mar 2018. My Key deliverables during my tenure as an ICU nurse in the Company Name  were:  To maintain record of admission and discharge of Patients, to assist Seniors doctor during critical care procedure, providing efficient and effective nursing care to critical patient, being responsible for developing and implementing nursing care plan for assigned patient, Assisting patients with all aspects of their medication, treatment and rehabilitation. From 21st June I got promoted as Hospital Matron and I   have been working as a Hospital Matron to date.

Regarding financial Sponsors:

With Regards to my financial Sponsors, my parents are my financial well off who can easily afford the tuition fee, living expenses, traveling, OSHC and more during our stay in Australia. 

Why Australia?

I finally chose Australia for its globally recognized education in a safe environment and lower living cost. Australia is a diverse country that has always warmly welcomed international students and I have found that Australia is the right place to pursue my Master Degree. Almost all universities in Australia is government recognized which makes the student safe about their future and education. The Australian Government regulates the education system in order to maintain a high standard of education associated with the country. Students have great choices of universities, as there are almost 43 universities, which provide qualitative, practical, and future-oriented education. Moreover, the most trustworthy part is that Australia has the provision of Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) which is a register of Australian education institutions that recruit, enroll and teach overseas students. The education system of Australia emphasis on practical study. The education system is renowned and the teaching technique is unique. This standard education system escorts individuals to a better future and more job opportunities in every part of the world. Australia in the past few years has become one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world; it is now home to some of the world’s best universities with excellent education and infrastructures for students. It is evident from the fact that 24 of Australian universities were ranked among the top 400 universities of the world according to the Times Higher Education World Ranking 2018. Graduates from Australian Universities are highly sought after education system, which is carefully regulated by the Australian Government in order to maintain high standards of education through the Department of Education Services for International Students (ESOS), Tuition Protection Act (TPS) to ensure and maintain high standards to facilitate quality education to the international students. Australia also provides an opportunity for international students to apply for a Post Study Work (PSW) visa after the completion of a university degree which will help students gain practical work experiences after they graduate and enhance their overall international study experience. I have gathered the information from these sites,  .Owing those reasons, I have selected Australia for my further Study.                                                                                

The reasons for not choosing other countries:

With clear cut intention to leave my home country in the pursuit of higher education and many study destinations were upon my mind. Then, my personal research got initiated. The obvious choices were the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and European Countries like Germany and Norway. Then I started comparing and contrasting these countries and. The reason for not choosing the United Kingdom is that the master education is generally of one year which is not globally competitive. I searched about the University of Nottingham  London for a Master of Public Health which of a year course and IELTS score should be of overall  7.0 ( College are not reliable as we have already faced the bitter experience in the past that many providers were shut down. So far as the USA is concerned, I searched Boston University in the USA for Executive Master of Public Health but the entry requirements are quite tough as one has to have a minimum of five years of full-time experience in Public Health and IELTS requirement is overall 7.0 ( On top of that, the current scenario of these countries is no safe and secured, so my parents did not keep these countries in choice. Also while contrasting among other European countries for instance in Germany, Norway, etc. there are certain language requirements and as Australia is English speaking nation and don’t have to take language classes for it as I have been studying in English medium school early from childhood. One of the other, I have thought of India too but the owing similarity in Culture, Tradition and even education paradigm, I left the idea. Therefore, I decided to study in Australia only. 

Why not my home country:

With regard to my home country, I have also had intensive research about the universities and the course in my home country. There are some Universities and associates colleges that provide Masters in Public Health, like Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) and The Institute of Medicine (IOM- affiliated to TU). As per the research, the Master of Public Health in Tribhuvan University and affiliated colleges are of one year course and the Total number of seats in the MPH program is 27, whereas Pokhara University has launched MPH in BS 2073 where total quota for the enrollment is 14 (each specialization has 6 paying seats and one scholarship seat).  Therefore, the factors like duration and seat availability are the major concerned where it is very tough to get enrolled too. On top of that, there are limited resources and the syllabus is not updated as per the demand of time and the teaching system here is more of traditional and theoretical based rather than innovative and practical. Also, there is no flexibility in choosing subjects for specialization. Although the tuition fees in Nepal are inexpensive in comparison to Australia, the degree I pursue here may not be internationally recognized. The reasons above have significantly contributed to my decision to seek to complete my masters’ degree elsewhere than in Nepal. 

Living Arrangement:

The living arrangement is one of the most sensitive necessities for everyone. In my case, I have searched and found that in Australia, there are different kinds of accommodations, like Homestay, Hostel or Backpacker, Share Accommodation, Property lease (flat or house). I prefer to share accommodation; however, I will contact my agent to arrange accommodation for me.  It will cost approximately AUD 250 to 300 per person for accommodation. 

Why Torrens University?

Before I make the decision to study at Torrens University, I also did several types of research for other Universities. I did a comparison of tuition fees, course structures, and location and entry requirements by different education providers of Australia. Most of the universities. For instance, Western Sydney University which has the AUD $26,000 annual fee. Similarly, I searched about La Trobe University; the annual fee is very expensive which AUD 33,000.00. Likewise, Australian Catholic University has the fee is AUD $22048.0, Torrens University is very much affordable with respect to the above-mentioned universities and It has a provision of EAP which I have got of 10 weeks which will help me to enhance my language skills. As per the subjects, total study subjects includes 13 core subjects with 3 elective subjects and the student need to collect 160 credit points to complete the Masters of Public Health Advanced and the most important thing is the Capstone project and qualitative research which will help me to explore disease related to public health of my own choice through a six month research project. From extensive research, I came to conclude that receiving an International Degree in Master of Public Health (Advanced) from Torrens University, Brisbane, Australia will surely help me in achieving my goals. Torrens University, Australia is a part of Laureate International University, a leading international network of quality institutions of higher education comprised of 70 universities across 25 countries. Torrens University is located in prime cities of Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It is considered as the fastest growing University of Australia according to Students and graduates have rated Torrens 8.9 out of 10 in teaching quality, research, employment rates and students’ experience.  Torrens University operates on a trimester system that allows the courses to be completed in less time than other universities. Going through the university website it was evident that Torrens focuses on providing students a learning environment with face to face interactions with industry experienced professionals and lecturers with initiatives like touch point weekend sessions, small and interactive classroom environments. 

Regarding the Course:

Master of Public Health (Advance) develops a broad range of background knowledge and skills to address public health challenges. This field is deeply rooted in my passion and my academic background. This course from your esteem university will act as a precursor to developing skills relevant to management, leadership in public health, health services and the broader human health sector, including government health services and networks or welfare and human service delivery organization.  I will gain an understanding of current global and environmental health issues, health policy, systems, and economics, along with social, behavioral and cultural determinants of health. Moreover, I will be trained in skills such as planning, implementation and evaluation of public health programs, health promotion and disease prevention strategies, advocacy, leadership and management, statistics and epidemiology and analytical and communication skills. In the Capstone project, I will have the opportunity to explore a public health issue of their choice through a 6-month research project. This knowledge and experience will open the doors of opportunities in any part of the countries for me. To graduate with these qualifications, a student must satisfactorily complete 160 credit points (13 core subject+10 credit points) and 3 electives of 10 credit points each, for a combined course total of 160 credit points. I will be studying the following subjects in this course, Quality Research Methods for Public Health, Public Health Informatics, Capstone B: Applied Research Project in Public Health, Capstone A: Applied Research Project in Public Health,  Community Health and Disease prevention, Statistic for Public Health, Leadership and Effecting Change in Public Health, Health Policy and Advocacy and more. This course will be focused mainly on health economics, health administration and other health fields which will enable me to successfully manage the integration of health care delivery and new innovations for the public. Thus, I can build my career as a Health Policy Adviser, Health Promotion Officer, Project Officer/Manager, Community Development Worker, Research Officer, and Health Service Administration.

Career Plan: 

I have planned to complete my Masters in Public health. After completion of my course, I will return my home country Nepal gaining experiences by doing PSW if possible. Then, after coming to Nepal, I will apply for membership in the Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN) at first and then I will engage in health promotion jobs, Health service administration jobs, Social awareness jobs, health promotion officer etc. in one of the reputed national or international organizations such as, UNICEF, UNISCO, WHO, DZI foundation (USA), Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), FIDA International and so on that are currently serving public. Truth be told Health care services in Nepal are provided by the public and private sector and generally do not reach the benchmark of international health standards. The pervasiveness of disease is significantly higher in Nepal than other South Asian countries, especially in rural areas. A paradigm shift in health management and awareness is obligatory in contemporary Nepal and I believe a Master in Public health from your esteemed University will edify me for this challenge to confront. Nepal has now become the Federal Democratic Republic and the government has allotted huge budget in health promotion and awareness in every Local Level due to which there will be a requirement of numbers of health promotion officers and Health care administrators. For government Job in Nepal, Public Service Commission (Nepal) will organize an exam and select the best candidate else to give rights to Local government to select as per Local Government rule and requirement. Furthermore, I will have an opportunity to choose my career in different sectors such as Health and Safety Engineer, Environmental scientist, Biostatistician, Epidemiologist, Community Health Workers, Health Educator, Health Care Social Worker, Health Specialist Teacher, Medical and Health Service Manager, Counselors and many career option. This post-graduate degree will help me to get recruit for a position in many different firms like Biotech agencies, Environmental Protection agencies, regulatory consultant with a New Jersey-based scientific consulting firm, or a Public Health Regulatory in Canberra Hospital and Health Service, Business Analyst in Public Health Sector in Brisbane, as a MPH Professor in high ranked universities, as researcher with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York or Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Boston, MA. I can also have a career in Surveillance with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta or San Francisco. I can grab the opportunity as a manager or research analyst at some other companies like New York State Psychiatric Institute or National Centre for Children in Poverty.  I will be delightful to help in every sector to provide better health services in developing countries like Nepal. With new strategies in health service and knowledge acquired from this course, I will be able to provide health services to ruler areas of Nepal where people are still not getting proper health services. Working in one of this reputed firm in Nepal, I expect to have my basic salary ranging from NRS 50,000 to 80,000 depending upon the nature and standard of the organization.

Furthermore, what I want to mention is that my family members are here in Nepal. They have always inspired me to contribute something significant for the country and secondly, I have a passion to serve my nation as much as I can. My relatives and friends are here with whom I have shared all the moments, celebrated festivals, how can I be away from them forever? My sole purpose of going to Australia is to pursue further education.

Visa Condition

I am well aware of the visa subclass 500 student category. This includes restriction in working for more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. There must be adequate maintenance of satisfactory attendance in the course i.e. 80 % attendance should be maintained and course progress for each study period as required by the education provider. Notifying the education provider of residential address in Australia within 7 days of arrival is a must. Complete Health insurance should be done by me during the stay in Australia which will be provided by obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). I cannot change University before 6 months, independent case-dependent cannot study for more than three months. Further, the subclass also includes that students should have maintained sufficient money to pay for travel, tuition and living expenses for the period of stay in Australia.



I hereby certify that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy the Australian High Commission, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that I will sincerely obey all rules under visa subclass 500. I affirm that with great dedication, I will complete my course within the mentioned time period. Therefore, it’s my humble request before you to open the doors and provide me an opportunity to be a student at Torrens University. I wish to learn under the proper guidance of highly qualified and dynamic experts available in Torrens University This opportunity is sure to add a milestone for my future endeavors.

 I am looking forward to the positive response from your side. 

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely, 

Student Name