Statement of Purpose


Source: KIEC Student  (THA15PUJ)


I am Applicant Name, a 23 years old Nepalese citizen holding a passport no XXXXXXX. Being a permanent resident of Kathmandu metropolitan city, I am currently residing in Kalanki ward no 14, Kathmandu Nepal. My family consists of three members including me, Parents Name. My father is working as a head of sales department in an Indian company named as Name Logistics Pvt. Ltd. which is located in Delhi, India. My mother is a housewife. I am focused in getting a post-graduate degree in accounting and my parents are supporting me financially as well as emotionally for my education plan. My Elder Father, My Father and My Mother will be my main sponsors for my further studies and the entire expenses that will occur during my stay in Australia. My Elder Father Name owns a cosmetic shop in Kalanki, Kathmandu. They are fully aware of the expenses for my two years of education and stay in Australia and are financially sound to cover all the expenses.

Academic Background
Regarding my academic qualification’s history, I completed my school leaving certificate (S.L.C) from Wisdom English Academy in the year 2XXX A.D securing XX%. Following my aim to become a banker I choose management in my high school. I joined DAV College of Management for my further study and completed it in 2XXX A.D securing XX% in aggregate. With my keen interest to study in the management sector, I decided to acquire my undergraduate degree in the program Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) from Nepal Kasthamandap College affiliated to Tribhuvan University. I completed my BBS in the year 2XXX A.D and secured XX% in aggregate.

As a student of BBS, I was introduced to various subjects like Accounting for Financial Management, Business law, Taxation and Auditing, Cost and Management Accounting, Business Research and many more. Also During my final year, I choose Finance as my major subject with some accounting principles so I want to gain more knowledge and uplift my career in the accounting field as a professional accounting degree holder. Thus, I started doing research regarding the related field in my home country but couldn’t find any course. After more research, I feel getting an international degree and came to know about the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA). The very first step for enrolling in an international degree is the completion of the English Proficiency Test. Hence, I joined IELTS classes and took my IELTS examination on 19th July 2018. I was able to secure an overall band score of 6.5 with Listening 8.0, Reading 6.5, Writing 5.5 and Speaking 6.5.

GAP Explanation
I finished my Under Graduate course (BBS) Exam on 6th June 2XXX .The result was published on 22nd November 2XXX . I have to wait for a couple of months for my final certificate. So, instead of burdening myself by doing nothing, I decided to utilize my spare time by doing something productive. We need to keep learning new skills to stay ahead in these modern times. With that in mind, I started doing job in Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd. as a Telemarketer from 15th October 2XXX A.D. I learned numerous new skills engaging in this field i.e. dealing with wide variety of people, learning how to engage them, actively listening to their queries, solving their problem on time and learned some basic computer programs in more details, as a whole a multitasking work. These skills also helped me during my IELTS listening and speaking exam.

I got the Final certificate/Transcript on 2XXX/01/02. After getting my Final certificate on hand, I took IELTS class. Then, I started preparing for my IELTS exam and took the examination on 19th July 2XXX. I collected my IELTS Report form on 6th August 2XXX. Then I started searching for colleges for MPA course and finally decided to study at the University of Sunshine Coast, ATMC, SydneyEducation Centre, Australia for March 2019 intake.

Choosing Australia 
Australia is the best international study destination. It has been a growing choice of international students because of its cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education. Australia provides a globally reputed education system which is carefully regulated by the Australian government to maintain the high standards of education associated with the country. Furthermore, Australian universities and colleges offer wide range of courses and degrees which helps the international students to find their right choice for their future career. Most importantly, its education system promotes innovation and creative thinking along with the skills of teamwork which I believe is very essential for any student and their future career opportunities. Another important reason is that Australia has got ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Student) act which is the only country which helps international students if their institutions do not carry their responsibility. Australian government grants the financial assurance to international student through Tuition Protection Service (TPS) this act ensure the refund of tuition fee incase if the education provider defaulted or failed to deliver the course for which payment has been made. National code of Practice for Provider of Education and Training to Overseas Student 2007 ensure the higher standard of education to international student through CommonWealth Register of Institution and Courses for Overseas Student (CRICOS). And Post Study Work permit which allows eligible graduates to gain more practical exposure is one of the best attractions which other countries merely offer.

I had brief research on some other destinations like USA, UK, and Canada etc. before choosing Australia. During my research process, I came to know even though the USA has MPA degree in many reputed universities but the admission procedure is complex including the very competitive tests like SAT / ACT. Also, the living expenses, crime rates and exchange rate are much higher which demotivated me to apply for the USA. Canada had a system of compulsory pathways like the Diploma before actually being enrolled to undergraduate programs; meanwhile, UK currency is quite expensive as compared to the Australian dollar. The climatic condition of the UK is cold and freezing most of the time. Both the USA and UK do not provide Post Study work permit which is a great opportunity for an international student to gain practical exposure. Similarly, the living standards and the climatic atmosphere of Australia is undoubtedly the best among the USA, Canada and UK. Talking about the European countries, one must learn their local languages as most of their universities deliver the speech in their native languages. On top of that, I was clever enough to take references of my friends and seniors who are pursuing their higher studies in Australia. They all claimed to be the best destination for higher studies. As vibrant as it is, Australia offers a fresh and different perspective on the education sector mainly because its dynamics are diverse. So, with my thorough research and pleasure, I choose Australia.

Similar Post Graduate Degrees Available in Nepal
Nepal consists of seven universities out of which four are the popular ones: Tribhuvan University (TU), Kathmandu University (KU), Purbanchal University and Pokhara University. There are various courses like Masters of Business Studies (M.B.S), Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.), and Masters of Business Management (M.B.M.). But as I went through their course structure, it was not what I was looking for. Our education system is primitive and so are the technologies and facilities for learning. Moreover, Institutions focuses heavily on theoretical knowledge but the irony is that the industry seeks professionals who are experienced and have gained practical knowledge and skills. Also, those courses were more focused on business management than accounting. Considering this, I decided to pursue my further study from a recognized international degree.

Why Sydney?
Sydney is one of Australia’s most popular destinations for higher education international students. Apart from the sunshine, food culture and relaxed lifestyle that everybody enjoys. It is one of the safest cities to live in and also regarded as the economic hub of Australia. Sydney has the best weather amongst others. Also, Sydney is one of the biggest student cities in the world with a laidback lifestyle. Its multi-cultural demographics offer students the opportunity to blend well with the people. These reasons have made me choose Sydney over other cities.

Reasons for Choosing a Master of Professional Accounting
As a student of Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), where I had already gained some knowledge about Accounting, MPA is the perfect match as it solely focuses on Accountancy. The skills required in accounting and the ability to analyze accounting-related issues is developed by the MPA. The duration of the course is 2 years which includes 16 units. Each subject weights 15 credit points which equalizes to 240 credit points for the entire course. This degree helps students with prior studies in cognate disciplines to specialize in accounting. It possesses the technical knowledge, competency and skills required to become members of the relevant professional bodies. Upon successful completion of MPA, I will gain access to a vast range of opportunities, from small-scale enterprise level to a large-scale one.  I will be able to exercise analytical and adaptive knowledge with critical thinking and problem solving skills to aid it. With growing urbanization and industrialization, the demand for experts in accounts and management fields has escalated quickly over the past years. The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) provides study of such advance level that will prepare students to become a professional accountant. This course aims to develop accountants who can work in the real world and even in the complex and challenging global environment. Moreover, I believe the education achieved through MPA will help me to pursue my career in accounting field.

Overview of the ATMC/USC MPA Degree
University of Sunshine coast, Sydney Education Centre has the right quality of resources, it meets very high standards, it has a supportive environment which allows students to communicate easily with academic staffs and other students. Its programs are regularly reviewed to ensure they have national and international relevance. As well as, around 90% of its management students are satisfied with the institution. It provides 2 years full time program for MPA including 12 core subjects and 4 electives, overall 16 subjects. Students will be studying various subjects from basics to advanced studies. Subjects like Foundations of Accounting, Economics, Financial accounting, Business Finance, Advanced management Accounting, Integrated Accounting Research, Auditing, Taxation Law and many more. These subjects help the graduates to become a true professional after the completion of course. Also, it will help the graduates to find the job in the fields like public accounting, Auditing, taxation, Financial Accounting, Management accounting, Teaching and many more. Its MPA is recognized by CPA Australia and The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA). The campus is located in a sound location with easy access to public transport. University of Sunshine coast, Sydney Education Centre also provides academic and non-academic facilities to student’s which includes housing, library, sport facilities, financial aids, online courses and distance learning opportunities. Furthermore, the fees are reasonable. I believe that, I will gain advanced skills after pursuing my postgraduate degree from ATMC USC.

Comparative Reasons behind Choosing ATMC/USC
Among various world class education providers in Australia, I found many universities like Central Queensland University, Charles Strut University, Victoria University, University of Canberra etc. that offers Master of Professional Accounting. By comparing fee structure, reputation and course units among all the universities, I found ATMC/University of Sunshine coast, Sydney a better choice for me.ATMC/USC is one of the top universities in Australia and is affordable too. The annual tuition fee of ATMC USC is AUD$ 25200 annually whereas in University of Technology Sydney (UTS) it is AUD$34080, Western Sydney University (WSU) is $27400, the University of Canberra is AUD$ 29,800 which is very high as compared to ATMC USC. I also came across some private colleges like IIBIT, KOI College which is affordable but has less reputation. Also, the course fee payment system is easy in ATMC/USC as compare to some other universities, where we have to make a yearly payment which is quite bothering. Keeping
all these in mind, I found ATMC USC to be the perfect option for me.

The University of Sunshine Coast was established in 1994 AD and officially opened in 1996, as the first completely new university in Australia since 1971 AD. USC is renowned for its excellence in teaching and an annual guide for Australian Universities has rated the university among the best in the country for overall experience it provides to students. USC is renowned for its excellence in teaching and has ranked in the top 20% of Australian Universities for teaching quality every year for past ten years by the Good Universities Guide.USC Sydney is a specialist campus offering a small range of USC business and IT degree programs to international students only. They are operated on behalf of USC by the Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC). All courses are coordinated by a USC academic staff member and teaching is done by staff engaged by ATMC, using the USC curriculum. Apart from this ATMC-USC provides highly qualified and experienced staffs. With small class sizes and an emphasis on face to face personal teaching methods including lectures, seminars, practical classes, and students will gain the knowledge and skill needed to excel in the workforce. All ATMC students have access to welfare-related support services to assist with issues that may arise during the study, including program progress, attendance requirements and accommodation. Moreover, ATMC is dedicated in providing all their students with the very best support services, so they have a successful academic experience.

Plan Career and Growth after MPA
After the completion of my postgraduate degree in Professional Accounting, I have intended to return back to my native country, Nepal to use my knowledge, training, experience that I have learned from my studies in Australia. My chosen course (MPA) has a lot of scopes here in my country. MPA professional is highly demanded everywhere around the globe in corporate houses. The finding of my research shows that this course has a broader scope in national and international level. This course will provide me a wider range of opportunities and can diversify myself to any economy in my own country.

As the number of banks and financial institutions is increasing day by day in Nepal along with various corporate houses such as Chaudhary Group, Golchha Organizations expanding their business, the employment opportunities will surely increase and can work in positions like Credit Officer, Accountant, Relationship officer etc. I will be among those few MPA graduates competing for a job position so it gives me more advantage as MPA course is not available in Nepal. I am confident that the education of ATMC/USC will equip me with all the skills that big companies and financial institutions in Nepal like Nabil bank, Nepal SBI bank, Coca Cola, Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Chaudhary Group, etc. are looking for. 

I am pretty sure that this course will definitely boost my confidence in my abilities. A job of more than Nrs 500,000-600,000 per annum would be just the start for a graduate of this course from an esteemed college like ATMC USC. Another option is to try at various INGO’s such as Save the Children, UNDP, USAID, Red Cross etcetera where the salary for high-end management job is above NRS 100,000 per month.

Incentives to Return to Home Country
I have no intention to stay in any other country after my completion of MPA. My family is well-settled in Nepal. Being a single daughter, I have a huge responsibility towards my parents as they are ageing and I have to come back and look after them and support them. My parents have supported and motivated me since the beginning so I want to return back and be there for them. Furthermore, I always wanted to contribute to the economic development of the country so becoming an accounting graduate will help me do that and with an Australian Degree in hand I can easily secure a high-level job in my country. Also, all my family relatives are in Nepal. I can have a healthy and comfortable life in Nepal with my family by my side as my parents own family assets. So, I have no choice but to return back to my native country after my completion of a Master’s Degree in MPA.

Commitment to be a Genuine Temporary Entrant
I clearly understand the terms and conditions and my limits to this subclass 500 Australian Student Visa. I have read all the rules and regulations set by the Australian Government for Australian Immigration applied to international students. The terms and conditions and limitations for that are applicable in my case are as follows: 

  • I need to have a minimum 80% attendance in my college.
  • I should pay my fees before the due date.
  • I need to maintain 50% pass grade throughout my study.
  • I need to maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) during my study and stay in Australia.
  • I must not involve activities that are disruptive to or violence threatens harm to the Australian Community.
  • I am not allowed to work more than 40 hours per fortnight or 20 hours per week.
  • I should inform the college and Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) about my address within 7 days of arriving in Australia or if I change my address.

I assure you that I will follow the entire above-mentioned visa conditions along with the laws and moral standards of Australia throughout my 2 years stay. This is my first time applying for any abroad countries to pursue my Master Degree from ATMC USC Sydney, Australia. I hope you will take a favorable decision regarding my admission to MPA program considering my qualification, aspiration and my financial capability and I look forward to joining your esteemed university. I will complete my degree with full determination and commitment. I have a clear vision of returning back to my native country Nepal after completion of my course.

I declare that the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail. I understand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in the refusal of my student visa application.

Sincerely yours,

Applicant Name

Passport no: XXXXXXXXX