Statement of Purpose


Student: KIEC Student

Introduction & Academic Qualification

My name is ( Full Name ), a permanent resident of ( Address )  My passport number is ( XXXXXXX ). I was born on 7th June, XXXX to( Parents Name ). My father is a government officer and is currently working as an Electronic Supervisor at Nepal Electricity Authority, Kulekhani, Nepal. My mother is a housewife. Being future oriented from my childhood, I have decided to be a successful professional in my future as dream by my parents.

I have completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from ( School Name ) in 2012 scoring 86.50%. Then I did my intermediate level education from( College Name ) in 2XXX scoring 78.40%. Later on, I completed Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from ( College Name ) with XX CGPA in September 2018. I too have done internship for 2 months at Rastriya Banijya Bank, Kathmandu, Nepal. Recently, I have joined Sansri Technology Pvt. Ltd. As Junior Accountant from March 1, 2XXX and working till date.

I have completed my intermediate level education in science faculty. During my intermediate level, I was not so interested in science stream. After completion of higher secondary level, I was confused either to continue my further studies in science or choose a new stream. As I was little inclined towards management stream and thought I can make my career in management field, I decided to join BBA which became best decision of my life. My realization turned right when I enjoyed studying every subjects and every topics in BBA scoring good grades. During my internship when I went to real practical field to work, it generated more scrutiny in me to develop latest skills and gain more knowledge towards my field of interest. While working in an institution, I analyzed that continuing my further studies in international level and gaining international experience and exposure will provide me with best options and opportunities to build up my career. This motivated me to become a competent by uplifting my personality on personal and professional level. Later when I joined a company as a Junior Assistant, I eventually realized my decision of continuing my decision of continuing my further studies in global reputed level is correct when I have daily interaction with my colleagues, clients and seniors. I noticed that people with international reputed degrees and global experience are having good job opportunities on high level job profiles with handsome remuneration than the people with national degrees and local exposure. With my strong determination, passion and interest in accounting field, I believe that doing Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) course with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills will lead me to become a successful professional in future. I am confident that MPA course will equip me with all professional skills with right guidance and take me to the point where I want to be in coming days. 

Realizing my strong desire and importance of international degree and education, my husband agreed to my view of continuing my further studies in abroad. My husband ( Name ) will be going with me as a dependent.We got married on 23rd November, 2XXX. His passport number is XXXXXXX. He was born on 11th July, 19XX. He did his SLC from Devkota Public Secondary English School, Biratnagar, Nepal. After that, he did his intermediate level education from College of Business and Social Studies (COBASS), Biratnagar, Nepal. Currently, he works as a Supervisor in FOCUSONE Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal. Back then, he used to work as a Supervisor in Saptakoshi Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Biratnagar, Nepal from 17th September, 2012 to 5th December, 2015.My father-in-law Mr. Udhab Prasad Paudel is a retired government officer and is a pension holder from District Agriculture Development Office and my mother-in-law Mrs. Gyanu Paudel is a housewife. With full financial, psychological and moral support of both my families, I am planning on pursuing my study at Central Queensland University, Sydney, Australia.As a first step towards international degree I gave my IELTS exam on 12th January, 2019 scoring overall 6 bands with 6.5 each on Listening and Reading Module, 5.5 on Speaking Module and 6 on Writing Module. With different research and exploration, I decided Australia would be my preferred destination for further studies and Central Queensland University would be my educational institute for my MPA course as I was impressed by overall feedback from past and present students on the website of the university.


Why not my home country (Nepal)?

I wanted to broaden my knowledge and skills of accounting and financing, therefore I decided to give further continuation to my studies. So, I started researching for master courses in financing and accounting in my home country but as we have only 5 accredited universities in Nepal namely Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Tribhuvan University, Purwanchal University and Lumbini University, these Universities have limited seats for students. So, competition is fierce for entrance examination. The student needs to sit through various entrance examinations which are the derivatives of GRE/ GMAT.This takes time to do and even when done, the education is not globally recognized.Similarly, courses which are practically focused on Accounting System cannot be found in Nepal. 

Further, Nepalese study is totally based on the theoretical system rather focusing on its practical implications. It has traditional teaching method and only few modern technologies are used in classroom. Lack of study materials, resources and very limited specialization subjects are available for post-graduate study which is leading to less skillful manpower in this fierce global competition. So, after observing the theoretical based education system of my country Nepal, I and my family were quite positive about my decision to study in abroad.


Why not other countries?

After planning for my future studies in foreign country, I was looking forward for such setting which will provide me with universally accepted theoretical and practical platform with facility for a post graduate degree. I did research regarding master in accounting course in USA, UK, Australia and Canada. On researching, I found that in order to get enrolled in USA for a master of accounting course, one needs to sit in many competitive examinations like GMAT, GRE, etc. which would take a lot of time and would be difficult to crack.

Whereas in UK, the master course is of only one year which is not globally recognized and in the same way, the cost of living is also very high which would be difficult to afford. In Canada, the weather is too cold which I am less fond of. So, I have chosen Australia which enjoys similar climatic condition as my home country and provides highest quality of education at the same time with affordable living cost. 


Why Australia?

Australia is the third most popular study destination for international students and is becoming a preferred destination in terms educational experience. It is one of the most developed countries with diversity of people of different origins. Australia offers a peaceful and comfortable learning environment for students which will facilitate clear understanding and learning. Similarly, the degree that will be gained from Australian University is accepted worldwide and will open the door to various job opportunities in my home country in future days. Being specific, Australia is the best destination for accounting students as the demand of accounting and financing always remains in the lead. It provides platform for learning and comparing theoretical knowledge to practical setting. It even provides rostrum for students to apply their knowledge and skills in real practical field. Australia is the perfect choice for accounting students and I am confident that I have selected a perfect country for my further education. 

Moreover, the environment of Australia is very safe as the crime rate is very low. In the same way, there are many ACTS that are developed in Australia so as to make sure that the rights of international students are not violated. Almost all universities/colleges in Australia are government recognized and it makes students feel safe about their future and education with its tuition protection scheme (TPS). Internationally recognized students are ensured through Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and ESOS regulations 2001. Therefore, being a part of such society would provide me with completely new experience. So, because of all these reasons Australia has become my first priority for pursuing my further education.  


Why Sydney?

Sydney is the biggest and oldest city in Australia and is the capital of New South Wales. It is widely considered to be one of the most livable and beautiful cities in the world. Studying in Sydney opens new horizons for everyone who chooses it for studies. Sydney has great weather with gentle hot summers, mild winters which would be favorable for all. It’s one of the cities where life is culturally rich and exciting.Apart from the sunshine, food culture and relaxed lifestyle that everybody enjoys, Sydney has been rated as one of the top student cities in the world. Sydney’s universities are recognized internationally for academic research. In terms of world rankings, 4 (out of 5) of Sydney’s universities are in Australia’s top 10. That’s why it takes pride as one of the top destination for international students which have attracted me to choose Sydney for further studies.


Why Central Queensland University (CQU)?

After having research through online and other ways I learnt about some universities that offer the course that I am intended to learn about such as Macquarie University, Charles Sturt University, The University of Sydney, University of New South Wales. The fee structure of all these universities is higher than that of CQU with an annual fee i.e. Macquarie University (AUD 36,000), Charles Sturt University (AUD 29,712), The University of Sydney (46,500), University of New South Wales (AUD 47,040) whereas annual fee of CQ University is (AUD 28,380) and has also offered 20% scholarship which has made it more affordable. So, comparing allthese universities, I found that CQU is best among all of them in every sector and I have identified CQU as an institution whose values align with mine.

CQU is among top two percentages of universities worldwide and its accounting related courses has been recognized among the best in the world. The overall feedback on the internet by the present students as well as passed out alumniis impressive regarding infrastructure, teaching methods, faculties as well as whole management which have attracted me towards the university. CQU is a public university with strong ongoing relationships with its communities, industries, and businesses. This engagement provides students the opportunity for multiple learning experiences, enriching their learning process. Education courses are designed to deliver both discipline-specific skills and generic transferable skills relevant to life-long learning. Education curriculums of CQU provide one of the best combinations of practical, classroom-based and theoretical, workplace-based learning across any Australian university. CQU takes pride in visualizing the students’ learning journey as a transformation learning curve supported by staff and the university itself. The university is flexible, and aims to make study fit different students’ personal commitments and learning style. The right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge provided by the university helps graduates to be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch successful careers in the international workforce. Combination of all these factors has led me to apply for the Master of Professional Accounting at CQU.


Why Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)?

Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge and expertise needed for a rewarding career in accounting starting with associate membership of professional accountancy bodies. Accounting is the subject that I have always been passionate about and I intend to pursue Master of Professional Accounting as I am backed up by my keen interest in accounting and finance. MPA equips a student with professional skills with accounting, finance, computer software application, economics, statistics and business law. This course is designed for students to obtain specialized knowledge and research skills in accounting and related areas of business. This will help students to learn to apply advanced conceptual and solve much practical accounting knowledge to undertake rewarding careers in accounting and related areas of business.

Accounting graduates can undertake research and fieldwork that immerse them into the application of the latest concepts and techniques and provide them with fresh perspective, values, and competencies to lead business and management of technology. There is no doubt that after completing of MPA from CQU, I will be able to evaluate and analyze the impact of business environment research, technology and accounting process on the organizational operation. This program is suitable for me to meet the entry requirements and seek a career as an accountant in the banking sector or in financial institutions. This course offers the opportunity to gain crucial life-long learning and transferable generic skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. This will add up an extra benefit for my career in professional accounting field coming back to my hometown.

MPA is two years full-time course with four semesters in which I have to study 16 units (14 core and 2 elective subjects) which has 96 credit points that I have listed below:

Core Structure

ECON20039 Economics for Managers

FINC20018 Managerial Finance

ACCT20070 Accounting in Australia

ACCT20071 Foundations in Accounting

ACCT20076 Foundations of Management Accounting

ACCT20072 Accounting Systems and Information Assurance

ACCT20073 Company Accounting

ACCT20074 Contemporary Accounting Theory

ACCT20075 Auditing and Ethics

ACCT20080 Ethics and Governance

LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law

STAT20029 Statistics for Managerial Decisions

LAWS20059 Corporations and Business Structures

LAWS20060 Taxation Law of Australia

Elective Structure

BUSN20016 Research in Business

BUSN20019 Professional Project

BUSN20020 Business Internship

ACCT20079 Forensic Accounting

ACCT20081 Financial Data Analytics


Career Plan:

Master of Professional Accounting from CQU will help me to equip the knowledge and skills to focus on different contemporary issues in accounting and built leadership to become skilled accounting professional. After completion of my course MPA, I will be returning back to my home country and working in the potential fields of employment including bank, project management, data analyst and business analysis. After my international degree and experience, I will be ready to settle professionally in Nepal. Nepal is a developing country thus, many infrastructures, multinational companies, financial institutions are immersing. There are many reputed organizations and banking and financial institutions in my country where I can apply for my job. As all business ventures and organizations have a need for professional accountants, I would have opportunity for advancement and entry into professional positions within government and different private organizations.

With the help of internationally recognized degree of MPA from CQU, I can work as a professional accountant for one of the reputed organization and use my ideas and knowledge for newly established or already established companies or organization. In my home country along with government sector, banking sector, reputed organization there are numbers of INGOs and NGOs like UNICEF, UNESCO, etc. I would have plenty of platforms to share my knowledge.  In Nepal, there are a large number of banks, ventures, and many more reputed organizations like Chaudhary Group, Bottlers Nepal, Dabur Nepal, Unilever Nepal, etc where I can get opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge.In each and every sector there is a need of an accountant. Even small amount of investment also needs an accountant to keep the record of their financial transaction. There is always a need of record of savings and expenses; there is a need for the profit calculation and taxation in any company.  Having numbers of banks and different ventures list at my own country I have a high probability to get a job on those sectors as auditor, Public accountant, government accountant, financial accountant, tax accountant and financial manager.


Cost Benefit Analysis:

I have made a decision to invest my money, time and effort for a MPA degree in CQU and I am confident that I will be able to get expected return on investment in near future when I start my professional career in my home country after returning back. Basically, the return on investment of my education expenses is the amount of salary and the incentives that I will earn. The amount of salary will help me recover a lot of expenses for my studies in Australia. After having internationally recognized degree, my initial salary will be around NPR. 80,000 to NPR. 100,000. Furthermore, after getting some years of experience, the salary would be above NPR.100000.With the salary, I would even get allowance and other facilities like incentives, insurance, pension, housing facility and free health care facility which would be my long term benefits. 


Incentive to return back to home country:

After gaining different knowledge on the subject and spending my valuable years, the time will arrive when I have to get back to my own land after completion of my studies. So, after completing my studies in Australia, I will be returning to my home country as my whole family is residing here. Since my childhood, I have always thought of pursuing higher education, holding a degree, working in a successful organization and become a successful person as wished of my parents. Since me and my husband belong to a typical Nepalese family, there is always the tendency of living together. We have a strong attachment towards our parents and our in-laws and we cannot even think of living apart from them. As a responsible children, we realize our responsibility to take care of our parents and all the assets and properties including our house and lands. We have to be the pillar of our parents in their old age and take care of them by taking all the burden off their back and let them live a peaceful life. It’s my turn to pay back to my nation as well by contributing towards accounting and financial field by applying all my knowledge, skills and experience to uplift my nation’s economy and development that I will learn during my studies. After returning back to Nepal, I will handle all my personal and professional responsibility as a responsible child and responsible citizen.


VISA Conditions of Subclass 500:

I would like to assure you, I am very much aware that I am applying for the higher education visa under subclass 500. I know that throughout my stay in Australia, I must maintain 80% of attendance in university. I must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of my stay in Australia, maintain 50% of marks throughout the study program and should not involve in criminal and illegal activities. I should inform University and Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP) about my home address within 7 days of arrival in Australia as well as inform university/DIBP within 7 days in case I change my address. I cannot change my course and course provider for 6 months and cannot start paid work before my course commencement. Furthermore, I cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. I would like to assure you that I have totally understood the law and policies for overseas students. I have gone through the visa conditions and I understand that I have to abide by all the rules listed in visa subclass 500.


Closing Statement:

I would like to assure you that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application are true and correct. I understand that if any incorrect, misleading or non-genuine information is found in this SOP, my student visa application will be refused. With full honesty and due respect, I have put forward my intension and plans to study in international level with good grades so that I can proudly carry back home my international degree.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely