Statement of Purpose



Statement of Purpose

Student: KIEC Student

I am Name son of Father Name and Mother Name. I was born on DOB. I am the proper inhabitant of your Address. I have had a strong desire to get an international degree. I believe we are gifted for something and that thing must be attained to survive in this competitive world. Even, my teachers, family members and relatives have always encouraged and inspired me for the same as it is the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top. Therefore, I decided to pursue my Master of Management for Engineers at Central Queensland University, Sydney. As regards my family, my family consists of father, mother, brother, sister-in-law, my spouse and myself. My father (Name) works as a Fitter at Company Name. My mother (Name) is a teacher at School Name. My brother (Name) is a Sr. Executive Operation at Company name. Sister-in-law (Name) is a housewife. As for my in-law’s concern, my Father-in-law (Name) is a retired C.M.A officer (level-6, Government Job) from Hasandah, Morang District of Nepal. My mother-in-law (Name) is a housewife and my Brother-in-law (Name) is a District Health officer at Bajura district of Nepal.


Academic Background:

As for my Academic background concern, I passed my schooling from School Name and Address from Nepal board with First Division, Academic % on 23 June 2008. Then I accomplished my Diploma Examination in Civil Engineering (three years course) of the year 2011 in Distinction Division, Academic %, getting a 100% scholarship from Institution Name, affiliated to CTEVT. After that, I got the opportunity to work in the same college as a Lab Instructor in the Civil Department from September 2011 A.D. to November 2012. During that period I made myself prepared for BE Entrance Examinations for IOE, Pulchok, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University. Later in the year 2012, I got admission to Institution Name (affiliated to Purbanchal University) for Bachelor in Civil Engineering is an entrance topper (awarded 100% scholarship for full four years course). I completed my Engineering with your CGPA in November 2017. It took one more year to complete my engineering due to lack of proper management from universities like untimely semesters exam and result publishing, unstable political issues of Nepal like Madhesh Agitation and most affecting reason for 2012 batch was the devastating Earthquake on 25 April 2015 that almost prolonged fourth semester period by four months. During my bachelor, I got an opportunity to be familiar with different courses like Cost Estimating, Survey, Transportation, water supply, Hydropower, Construction Project Management, Concrete Technology and masonry structures, Earthquake Engineering and many more engineering related subjects having major elective subjects as Structure Dynamics, Seismic Resistance Design of Structures and Geographical Information System (GIS). During my academic year, I was able to develop my analytical skills, decision-making abilities and Leadership quality. Besides, the research activities conducted and the criteria for involving in internship activity, field visit listed in the credit hour further prepared me to go and work confidently in a real environment. I think these abilities developed within me will help me to go further and study in Australia. While waiting for the result of the final semester and according to my plan, after finishing my final exam I prepared for IELTS and took the exam on 24 March 2018. I scored overall 6.0: Listening-6, Reading 6, Writing-5.5 and Speaking 6 (IELTS score sheet attached).

Employment History:

During my Bachelor of Engineering, when I was in the final year I got the opportunity to work and practice my academic knowledge, skills in the real field as a Civil Sub-Engineer in Company Name. since 1st November 2016 (Attached work experience letter and salary slip). I got an opportunity to learn about the practical world and Nepalese construction system. The skill developed in this company is very important for me in the field of Civil Engineering Management to make the correct decisions and achieve the desired goals and objectives. My major responsibilities are structural designing, costing and estimating, property valuation and report preparation. It also helps in the economization of project total cost by timely completion of works, making proper utilization of the available resources and scarce management. I worked before in Company Name, Birgunj as Lab Instructor in the Civil Department from Date. I have enclosed a work experience letter.

After that, I began to visit different consultancies and counselor for abroad study. I researched different countries too. Finally decided to study in Australia and I chose CQU and applied for an offer, faced the interview and received my offer letter on 21 August 2018. After that, I prepared my GTE documents and submitted them on 9th October 2018.

Why Australia?

Australia undoubtedly has been one of the most preferred destinations of international students owing to many reasons, so do I. Mainly, it offers excellent education system and high standard of living, growing destination (3rd most people destination for international students after US and UK, chose to study because globally recognized and qualitative degree, quality of scientific research, forefront of new technology and innovation. Almost all universities in Australia are government recognized which makes the international students safe about their future and education. In other words, the Australian Government has formulated the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which regulates the education system in order to maintain the high standard of education associated with the country, due to which Australian graduates are highly sought. In addition, there is a clear and standard system regarding the courses that is CRICOS CODE (The Commonwealth Register Of Institution and Courses for Overseas Students) which allows the providers to offer courses on students visa. Moreover, I have chosen Australia because it has implemented rules which protect the rights of education. Australia is the country in the world, which follows ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Student) Act 2000. The ESOS Framework ensures that students have access to tuition assurance (which acts like consumer protection). The ESOS framework includes an element like Tuition Protection Services (TPS) where the fees of international students get safe and secured giving students peace of mind. Apart from academic standards, what I want to say is that Australia is itself a continent which is culturally diverse as a huge number of students from across the world like Nepal, India, Africa, China, Brazil and so on are studying there. So, I will get a chance to grow in a multicultural environment and get to know different languages and customs which is itself a great opportunity in life. The people out there are quite friendly and supportive. Australian lifestyle and living are among the best in the world. Several of Australia’s capital cities regularly rank among the world’s ‘most livable’ cities. So, studying in Australia will provide me an ample atmosphere to live in and learn about different cultures, traditions, and languages that will add extra flavor to my profile. Moreover, the PSW (Post Study Work) provided to graduate and postgraduate students for 2 years is really inevitable and an opportunity for international students to gain experiences in the related fields. The cost of living in Australia is reasonable considering other English speaking developed countries and the scholarship scheme offered by the universities makes the fees really affordable. I have gathered the information from these sites, those reasons, I have selected Australia for my further Study.

Why not other Countries, UK, USA, Canada, and India or China?

I finally choose Australia as my study destination as it is a peaceful and stable country that provides an excellent infrastructure and a welcoming community that celebrates diversity. Australia is renowned for its research-intensive universities. It is ranked among the top countries’ in the world for scientific research. Australia is also one of the safest places with a very low crime rate. The Number statistics about the Safety Index of Canada is 62.42, UK (57.90), USA (49.99) and Australia is (57.94) which is second much higher than the safety indices of another popular study abroad destinations. Also, while comparing Australia with UK, USA, and Canada, the cost of living as well as tuition fees in Australia is quite moderate. As per the intensive research, I have found that Australia is a much better option for me compared to other countries. I searched about the University of Manchester for MSc Engineering Project Management in the UK which is of one year only and the tuition fee is £24500 (full-time). The reason for not choosing the UK is that the duration of a master degree in the UK is one year which is not globally recognized in terms of course duration and living cost is very much expensive in the UK. On the other hand, in the USA, to get into good universities, students have to go through GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) which takes a long time. As per Canada, I have searched about the University of Windsor which provides a Master of Engineering management program where GRE or GMAT is required. So, I have chosen Australia as an appropriate place to acquire quality education which is practical based and sound compressive. Besides this, the tuition fees and living cost is also more affordable as well as the entry requirement in the universities is very simple and easy for the students to get enrolled in it. As per India, it is familiar with the educational pattern, facilities and all. India is my neighbor country which has got almost the similar education pattern and we have battered the similar cultures and tradition too, the crime rate is increasing day by day in India which make unsafe for living there, so I think there is nothing much to explore. Also, China is a growing nation in today’s old; however the language and unique custom and cuisine will be a great hurdle for me to adjust there. Therefore, I did not put them into my priority.

Regarding my home country There some reasons why I have not chosen my home country. There are few renowned Universities of the nation like Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University in my country, but universities are facing problems to accomplish their graduates in time. However, there is no such course that focuses on Management for Engineers rather these universities run Master in Construction Management, Project Management, MSc Engineering, MBA programs. Secondly, there are other colleges affiliated to the different Universities like Birgunj Public College, ACE Institute of Management, Apex College, Kantipur Valley College, and Nepal Engineering College, where there is no specialization in Management for Engineers and have not qualified and experienced faculty members. Therefore, despite being BE graduate, I have committed to getting a world-class degree which will assist me to lead my life and find a job opportunity in my nation as well as around the world as Team Leader. Teachers are not qualified, there is a lack of expertise.

My preferred Location:

My preferred Location in Australia in Sydney as it is the largest and oldest city in Australia. Sydney is also on the 13th spot for the world’s best cities for international students. The ideal and preferred city for many international students who are fascinated by it because of its multicultural and cosmopolitan environment. Students from England, China, India, New Zealand, Nepal and many more are pursuing their educational degree in Sydney, the city with the utmost effort against the climate change, this makes Sydney as a multicultural society, I can get the opportunity to meet people from different countries and can share ideas and culture. On top of that, it has a moderate climate that promotes healthy outdoor living throughout the year. The outdoor activities, like sightseeing, shopping, joining recreational activities are really fascinating, diverse festivals and events, exotic animals, breathtaking landscapes, sea and sands, art appreciations, free stuff, quality lifelike galleries and exhibitions, livable cities, economist intelligence unit (EIU), stylish fashion. Sydney has great weather with hot summers and gentle, mild winters which is very much favorable for me; this type of weather is not found in other cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, etc. Moreover, Sydney is home to many top educational institutions like Macquarie University, the University of Sydney and many more. Finally what I want to say is that I have friends in Sydney for any kind of educational or accommodation and moral support, so I have chosen Sydney.

About my living arrangement As per my living arrangement, I found some accommodation types where one can easily stay with confidence like Homestay, Hostel or Backpacker, Share Accommodation, Property lease (flat or house). As per my knowledge, share accommodation will be the best option for us as it will be affordable for us. For this, I will contact my counselor to book accommodation through the university.

Why Central Queensland University?

For my course i.e. Master of Management for Engineers, I have researched many universities. However, Central Queensland University is the best choice of mine in many ways. As per my research, I searched similar courses in so many Universities about, University of Technology Sydney (Master of Engineering Management) which annual cost is AUD 37,650 per year and the English Language requirement is high which is overall 6.5 (W6). Similarly, RMIT University English language requirement is overall 6.5(6) (Master of Engineering Management) has AUD 31,680 per year and in the University of Wollongong, it costs AUD 34,992 per year. The University of South Australia has AUD 34,200 per year. Therefore, I have found CQU is comparatively affordable than other universities which have AUD 25,968 annually and beside this I also have received a 20% scholarship where another University is not offering me the scholarship. Besides this, its extensive student support services that aim to endeavor for an international student to gain academically, socially and culturally is very impressive in comparison to support services that other universities in Australia provide. It is the institution for providing career-shaping experience to the student. Central Queensland University was originally founded in Rock Hampton in 1967 as the Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) Capricornia; CQ University was awarded full university status in 1992. Now, 25 years on, the University has more than 30,000 students across 25 locations Australia- wide. This reach has firmly established CQ University as Australia’s largest regional university with a proud and rich history dating back to 1889. CQ University is emerging as one of Australia’s truly great universities. It is ranked in the top 2% (two percentages) of the universities worldwide. The University has a unique vision for diversity, outreach, engagement; research, learning and teaching, and inclusiveness has always remained at the heart of the organization. These values have also led to the University being recognized among the top universities in the world by the Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings. Along with this, CQU is Australia’s only recognized Changemaker Campus, having been accepted into the global social innovation group Ashoka U. Some of the preferred and best locations are Adelaide, Biloela, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth and Rock Hampton. My choice is Sydney and it is located on 400 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia. It is easily accessible being just a five- minute walk to Town Hall station.

With over 2000 students, CQ University Sydney is the campus with the largest student population. As regards facilities, there are multifarious facilities for students, like it has High-tech multimedia labs, wireless networking installed on the campus to enable students to connect their laptops to the Internet, Photocopying, scanning and printing facilities, library with access to an extensive array of online databases so students are able to source the latest information in their chosen fields and more.. The University leases a strong focus on international study and outreach programs internship opportunities for international students and international philanthropic opportunities and creating new opportunities to ensure international and domestic students alike have every opportunity possible to be expected to the world around them.

Why chose this course (Master of Management for Engineers)? It was my childhood dream to be a good Civil Engineer in the future, for that I joined a Diploma in Civil Engineering straight after my SLC. From the school level, I was being monitored, class representative and so on. Either in Diploma or in Bachelor of Civil Engineering I was the leader for field visits, practical’s and test’s group, project team. Almost every time I got the opportunity to lead the group/team and completed every task with successful results. I am the hardworking guy in a good manner and have the quality to influence people accordingly. Most of the engineers register their own construction company, consultancy and many of them go for government jobs but due to lack of quality skills, leadership management techniques, they are being failed to sustain. I have a great desire to lead my life as a successful Team Leader of my country and lead my nation towards development. Therefore, MMgEngg is an option for me because it provides me management and leadership skills and techniques to build my career as a professional in different commercial, government and corporate sectors. As I have completed my BE Civil, in this global and competitive world, Civil Engineering plays major roles as well as the backbone of the organizations whether that is government sector industrialization, financial institution. So, I plan to study MMgEngg and gain knowledge regarding Management for Engineers fundamentals, Costing and estimating, time management, quality control, economization which is very important for every commercial firms and industry. It also provides me technical, analytical and creative skills to deal with managing projects and financial issues in planning and decision-making. It also provides an opportunity to work in senior management roles such as Senior Project Manager, Project Team Leader, senior consultant, Technical Advisor, Technical Auditor, etc. Another point to consider is that after completing MMgEngg, I will get opportunity to be professional membership in renowned management institute known as Project Management Institute (PMI), Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Programs (GAC) which is internationally recognized qualification which will add an extra flavor in my profile to seek a job after getting back to my home country. Master of Management for Engineers consists of four semesters. The duration of the course is 2 years. It includes 16 subjects (12 core units, 4 elective units. All the courses are aimed to provide full management exposures like Management and Business context, Effective Business Communications, managing Human Resources, marketing management and Digital Communications, Innovation and Sustainable Business Development, Think Big, Design It, Project Management Concept, Leading lean Projects, System Science and Engineering, Research in business, and Professional project. These are some of the examples of Core Subjects. Besides these core subjects, 4 subjects must be chosen from any other area within CQU (Research project or for Business Internship). The managerial project which is aimed at developing substantial knowledge and techniques for undertaking research or managerial techniques.

Marital Status:

As per my marital status, I am married to Wife name (DOB: xx/xx/xxxx) the daughter of Father Name and Mother Name, a residence of Address on 12th Dec 2016 according to our customs and rituals at Janaki Temple, Janakpur. My spouse whom I want to take as a dependent had completed Bachelor in BSc. Nursing in 31/07/2016 from Institution Name and Address and currently working as BSc. Nursing at Company Name and Address. She will accompany me to Australia if I get an opportunity to study over there. She has been my source of inspiration and has always motivated me to achieve my dreams. So her presence will help me to perform my best in my study and will support me morally. We do not have a child yet. I feel very lucky to have families who have supported my decision to continue my further study abroad. We are financially sound and do have the capacity to afford my study and our stay in Australia.

Career Plan:

After completing my degree from Australia: Accordingly, after the completion of my course Master of Management for Engineers at CQU doing two years full-time study, I will get back to my home country gaining some experiences in the related field by doing Post Study Work if possible. There are many job portals through which I can try for the same like,,, In the beginning, I can work as a Project Manager, Project Team Leader or senior consultant and  Technical Advisor. I will give more priority to my hometown Birgunj as it is one of the most famous cities in Nepal for Business, Industries and factories. Birgunj is the hub of the industrial and business field and more than 60% of economy support for the country is collected from this city. There are lots of industries like Jagdama Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd., Himal Iron and Steel (P) Ltd., Trishakti Cement Pvt. Ltd., Hetauda Cement Ltd. where I will apply for the post of Manager either senior and junior does not matter as time passes obviously, I will be promoted to higher positions because I think I will be given more priority due to my international degree and knowledge which the applicants here hardly have. Besides this, there are lots of large and reputed companies like INGOs, NGOs, foreign projects, Chaudhary Group, Khetan Group, Jyoti Group, Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd. And lots of multinational companies like Axiata Company, Kalika Group, Coca Cola Company, Dabur Nepal, Unilever Nepal Pvt. Ltd and the private and government sector in which there is a wide range of opportunities with high remuneration including lots of facilities. On the other hand, the Consultancy and Construction Companies in my country like Roman Construction, Pappu Construction, Himalayan Builders and Engineers (P) Ltd. Prefab House Nepal, Bagmati Construction Company, Civil Homes Company Pvt. Nepal Adarsha Nirman Company Pvt. Ltd. CE Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. which always requires skilled and qualified hands like me and this will be also an option for me. The most noticeable factor is that many foreign investors are investing their capital in our country in Transportation Projects and the industrial sector. So, in the coming days, there is a wide range of job opportunities in Nepal. The degree and experience which I gain from Australia will assist me to acquire opportunities to work in a senior position in these multinational companies. As per the incentive, after getting a job in the initial phase, I will earn at least NRP 70,000 to 90,000 per month and I get to experience, I will earn more than NRP 100,000 to 150,000. So, it will take almost 4 to 5 years to retain my investment. So after completing my master’s degree in Management for Engineers, I believe that this program will benefit in my career growth and also help me in developing managing skills and talent and get a good opportunity in such a reputed company in my home country. Therefore, it is certain and sure after the completion of my course I will be heading back to my home country Nepal as I have to look after my parents and even my property. It is my duty and responsibility to serve my family and nation too.

Visa Condition:

I am well aware of the visa subclass 500 student category. This includes restriction in working for more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. There must be adequate maintenance of satisfactory attendance in the course i.e. 80 % attendance should be maintained and course progress for each study period as required by the education provider otherwise I may not get a further scholarship. Notifying the education provider of residential address in Australia within 7 days of arrival is a must. Complete Health insurance should be done by me during the stay in Australia which will be provided by obtaining Overseas Student health Cover (OSHC). Further, the subclass also includes that students should have maintained sufficient money to pay for travel, tuition and living expenses for the period of stay in Australia.

Declaration I hereby certify that the information above, which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy the Australian High Commission, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that I will sincerely obey all rules under visa subclass 500. I confirm that with great dedication, I will complete my course within the mentioned time period. Therefore, it’s my humble request before you to open the doors and provide me an opportunity to be a student of CQU. I wish to learn under the proper guidance of highly qualified and dynamic experts available in CQU. This opportunity is sure to add a milestone for my future endeavors. I am looking forward to the positive response from your side. Thank you.

Yours sincerely Name : – Name

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