Statement of Purpose


Student: KIEC Student (ADH1NEL)

Introduction/Family Background

I would like to introduce myself as Applicant Name , a permanent resident of Address . I was born on April 13th 1996 and my passport number is XXXXXX. I live in a small family with my parents  Parents Name  and my elder sister Name. My father has been working in CG Brewery (Nepal) Private Limited since December 17th 1XXX and currently he is working with the capacity of Manager. Similarly, my mother has been working as a primary level teacher since August 15th 19XX in a government school known as Nepal Secondary School. Lastly, my sister has been too working as Staff Nurse (sub-in charge) in the College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital since March 18th, 2XXX. I am excited to pursue Master of Management in Central Queensland University in Australia and my family are as excited as me too. 

Academic Qualification and Gap explanation

I completed my SLC (School Leaving Certificate) in 2011 from  School Name  securing XX%. Right after SLC, I joined  College Name  in Science stream for higher secondary education which I completed in 2XXX with XX% under HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board). Later in August 2XXX, I went to India to pursue BE (Bachelor of Engineering) Mechanical branch in University Name and graduated by June 2XXX (publication of results online) securing First (Honors) Division with CPI (Cumulative Performance Index) of 8.44 out of 10. 

As soon as I completed my last semester exam in May 2XXX, I returned back to Nepal with ample of technical knowledge within myself. Right after the final result was published online in June 10th 2XXX, I got a wonderful opportunity from a Company to work with the capacity of Service Engineer thanks to my respectable academic profile. Since June 15th 2XXX to 15th May 2XXX I was an employee in Autoways Engineering Private Limited which is an authorized dealer and service center of vehicles branding Toyota and Eicher (Experience letter is attached). 

On the early stage of my professional career I took the advantages of time abundance as the work load was less and started preparing for IELTS knowing the fact that the validity of IELTS score is for 2 years. After around two month of well preparation followed by several mock tests, finally at 21th Sep 2XXX I took the IELTS test and result was published in 4th Oct 2XXX where I obtained overall band of 7.5 (Listening 9.0, Reading 7.0, Writing 6.0, speaking 7.0). The IELTS certificate is attached.

 I am technically sound though my roles and responsibilities were a package of technical as well as managerial works and as I started gaining experience in professional field, I understood how crucial is management to operate a company/ industry.  The 23 months of experience have strengthened my knowledge to the extent that I feel eager to explore them further. I was precisely searching for the subject that can relate Engineering with Management and I find myself lucky to find Master of Management for Engineers in Central Queensland University and without a delay I applied for the same course. Promptly on June 2nd 2019 I received an offer letter from the University and on date 14 June 2019 I submitted my GTE document and I got my GTE approval on June 20, 2XXX. 

Why not studying in Home Country?

As I had already made up my mind to pursue such a course for masters that would relate Engineering and Management. As a matter of fact, there are only four universities in operation in Nepal and I promptly did my research on the website of Universities in Nepal but I could not find any matches for the Management subject in the context of Engineering. However, they provide somewhat related subjects like Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in Business Studies (MBS). Hence, I decided to pursue degree internationally and found Master of Management for Engineers as a perfect match for me in Australia. 

To be honest, there are no apparent facilities of updated educational tools required for admirable education here in Nepal. The education system still practices traditional and conventional teaching methodology consisting major of theory-based course resulting in lack of international recognition. 

To point out the major reasons for not opting my home country to pursue a Master’s degree are:

  • Absence of Management subject related to Engineering.
  • Traditional/ conventional teaching approach
  • Major theory-based courses
  • Lack of international recognition
  • Graduates from Nepalese universities hardly fulfill market requirement 

Why not Other Countries?

I did research on my own on various European countries, USA, UK along with Australia to pursue my Master’s Degree. To talk about USA, we are repeatedly getting news about random gunfire and mass killing which is very unsecure and unsafe environment for an individual international student. UK on other hand have a petty standard life standard but comes with the cost of expensive fees structure and accommodation. Similarly, Canada does also have some interesting course offering but the climatic condition there is not as suitable as Australia, it tends to get freezing cold hitting minus degree in winters. Contrastingly the summers in India can reach around 50 degree which it a lot to cope up with. 

One of the main reasons that I choose Australia over other European countries is ease of language. English being my second language, I am as comfortable in English as I am in my mother tongue. Exceptionally some European countries might also be good as educational destination but there are only a few universities that have provision for only English language in Master’s degree program. Not only this but the student would be obliged to learn respective country’s native language in order to communicate and cope up within the society and workplaces in countries like Deutsche in Germany, French in France, Spanish in Spain and Norwegian in Norway which can take several month and amount of money to complete.  

Moreover, the currency is also one of the defining reasons for me to choose Australia, the currency conversion of U.S. Dollar is 1$= Nrs 110, Euro is 1€= Nrs 125 which is marginally expensive than AUD i.e. 1$ = Nrs77. That’s why for me Australian University fee, living expenses, travelling cost would be a tad affordable than that of US, Germany, UK without compromising the quality education and life standard as the amount need to be sent from Nepal. 

Why Australia?

Having a pretty good desire to travel, explore new places, cultures; meet new people define me as an adventure loving person. Bearing keen interest for further study and keeping my hobbies in consideration I was in my quest for abroad study. Not just one or two but various reason convinced me that Australia is a country where I can develop academically and personally too. 

Firstly, Australia has the superior educational atmosphere that a student always admires. Australia has already been a study home for students from all around the world due to its student favorable environment and friendly natives. Not only this but also the education system there is believed to be one of the most sophisticated yet reasonable and satisfying systems with world class infrastructures and academicians. Australia receives thousands of international students every year and has become the third most popular destination for students throughout the globe. Secondly, Australia is an English-speaking country resulting in ease of communication and study process for students unlike the language barrier in European country. 

Similarly, Australia has a wide range of Universities with various subjects to choose from with diverse tuition fees which give freedom for students to select a right subject for him which he can afford. I must mention that the cost of living in Australia is also quiet affordable despite being attractive lifestyle. Surprisingly living expenses and tuition fees are considerably lower in Australia than they are in the UK or Canada. 

Consecutively, one of the most tempting aspects of the country for the international students is the seriousness of the concerned personnel in the field of research and development. Students there can take benefits of country’s top-class technology research resources. Australia doesn’t compromise to provide updated technology and course work to the student resulting elevated quality in education. I believe that after being exposed and experienced in such an environment, it will raise my chances to get better employment facility in my country when I return to Nepal after accomplishment of my studies in Australia. I have decided to study in Australia so that I can develop myself with professional capability in a multicultural environment. 

Australian degree has worldwide recognition thanks to its efficient and quality education. There is a national policy called Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which ensures that there is a uniform and recognized progression for study. Moreover, Australia practices the ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) Act which is designed to protect the standards for international students studying in Australia and not to forget that Australia is considered as one of the safest countries for students around the globe. Hence, I will always feel safe and secure over there. Also, the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides a contribution towards the cost of medical treatment for overseas student in Australia.

For peace of mind of students; Tuition Protection Service (TPS), an initiative of the Australian Government to assist international students whose education providers are unable to fully deliver their course of study. The TPS ensures that international students are able to either complete their studies in another course or with another education provider or receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees.

Among several cities in Australia, I found Sydney to be more interesting city to live as it provides superior educational facilities, better transportation, healthier infrastructure and numerous career opportunities with attractive lifestyle and climate condition. Last but not the least, Sydney consists of some of the well-known universities like Central Queensland University, Charles Sturt University, Western Sydney University, UTS. 

In summary, some key points behind choosing Australia for my higher studies are:

  • Internationally recognized Degree
  • Safe and Secure Atmosphere
  • Quality education with updated technology
  • Affordable yet standard lifestyle and reasonably priced fee structure
  • Suitable climate condition as my hometown
  • Sydney being high rated city for study and living
  • Courses with global recognition
  • National policies for welfare of student and study

Therefore, all the above mentioned are the motives behind choosing Australia for my Masters’ degree. 

Why Central Queensland University?

While exploring a number of universities in Australia, filtering Universities offering Engineering Management course I narrowed down the results to two Universities: Central Queensland University and University of Technology Sydney offering similar courses with fees AUD 27,300 and 30,060 respectively. I found Central Queensland University as a perfect match for my quest of education thanks to the availability of desired course with affordable education fees and on top of that I was even eligible for 20% scholarship which would make the payable amount even more affordable. 

Central Queensland University is one of the well-known University, in Australia and round the globe. Central Queensland University was originally founded in Rockhampton in 1967 and since 1992 it is granted University status; it has already crossed successful 25 years of education achieving amazing fleets and emerged as one of Australia’s great University. With all those experience and excellence Central Queensland University is rated 101-150th in Young University Ranking, 101-200th in University Impact Ranking and 501-600th in World University Rankings by the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) which is recognized for its learning and teaching, inclusiveness and research. It has 16 campuses spreading all over the country through cities like Brisbane, Adelaide, Bundaberg, Cairns, Noosa, Melbourne, Mackay, Gladstone, Townsville and Sydney and is a home to more than 30000 national and international students. 

Central Queensland University is also regarded as the nation’s most inclusive and involved university, with award-winning academic research staff making a real influence on the communities. Consecutively, Central Queensland University is also recognized as the first and only Change maker campus. Furthermore, this University entertains a strong emphasis on international study and outreach programs, internship opportunities for international students and international philanthropic opportunities. The University is also constantly generating new opportunities to ensure international and domestic students to be exposed to the world around them. Central Queensland University is also a National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) quality endorsed institution. Furthermore, it has also been awarded five stars for Internationalization by the QS Stars ratings system. Moreover, it consists of lecture theaters, learning centers, big libraries, multi-faith and disability services, student advice centers etc. 

To sum up, what convinced me most to choose Central Queensland University are as follows:

  • Affordable fee structure with international scholarships
  • Wide range of educational facilities
  • Mature enough university to understand student and study
  • Reputed university with high ranks in various aspects
  • Enriched international students
  • National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS) quality endorsed institution with award of five stars for internationalization 

Why Master of Management for Engineers?

Right after completion of my Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from India, I returned back to Nepal and started working as a Service Engineer. My roles and responsibility consisted of technical and managerial work in nearly equal ratio. After working for nearly two years I feel eager to study further and I was equally open to study masters in technical/ managerial stream. To be honest, my country is still underdeveloped in the research field concerned to Mechanical Engineering hence it was a career risk to opt for master degree with pure Mechanical Engineering.  

On the other side numerous undergoing constructions, introductions of new technologies and increasing number of industries is a proof that Nepal is a developing country now but still many products, plants, machines parts we use are imported ones. That’s why I see wide possibilities in Industrial sector here. My goal now is to conquer an in-depth competence and enhance my intellectual ability in this field and apply the knowledge to contribute in the future certain industrial revolution in Nepal. Therefore, to grab the calculated opportunity and as a wise move I decided to pursue Master of Management for Engineers for my Higher study. On completion of master degree on this subject I believe to be qualified to manage engineering projects in industry and government. The course focuses on management and business precisely relevant to engineering specialists. 

During the study I am required to complete a total of 12 core units and 4 electives.

The core units are; Management and Business Context, Effective Business Communication, Managing Human Resources, Marketing Management and Digital Communications, Innovation and Sustainable Business Development, Think Big, Design Thinking for Managers, Project Management Concepts, Leading Lean Projects, System Science and Engineering, Research in Business, Professional Project. These are the compulsory subject and I am bound to complete them all. 

And on the electives, I am free to choose 4 units among: Accounting in Australia, Business Internship, Business Research Project, Managerial Finance, Global Marketing, Money and Capital market Analysis, International Human Resource Management, Organizational Change Management, Management Law, Business Ethics and Sustainability, Business and Management in the Asian Context, Advertising and Integrated Communication. 

I am already enticed by the unit Business Internship where I will be placed in a company for a 10-week internship requiring 4 days per week working within Host Company. I will also have to undertake an applied research project based on particular issue within the host organization on the final trimester. In short, this master study will certainly help me to compete and seek successful career in various undergoing private/ government projects in Nepal. 

Future career Plans

International degrees are considered as one of the most promising degrees in Nepal and are given more importance over other national degree. There is less recognition of the degree provided by the universities of Nepal in international market. However, international degree consists of greater recognition and greater exposure in Nepal and in other various countries around the world. Moreover, there are no any courses like Master of Management for Engineers in Nepal which produces Engineers with excellent management and leadership skills.  

After successfully completing 2 years Master’s Degree in CQU in Australia, I can apply for Post study work visa (PSW). PSW provides an opportunity to gain qualifications relevant to the profession on the skilled occupations list. At this time, I can apply for the relevant post (Manager/ Project Manager) and which will provide me the opportunity to learn and develop skills in leading and managing Projects. Australia is enriched with various mechanical based company like  MESTO, Larsen and Turbo, SMEC, Ford, Boeing Company etc. which are well-known Industrial giants and I already have sorted out some job portals in Australia;,,, where I can explore job vacancies and apply for the post.Firstly, I will start my career with any job like Human resources officer, Retail officer, Sales executive, Management consultant, Client service analyst, Business analyst, Marketing officer in company or organization. 

So, after that I would like to return back to my home country Nepal and utilize the skills and knowledge gained to successfully build career in my own country. After moving towards federalism and with the stable government at present, Nepal has shown a great potential of economic growth. Government has already tied up with Vietnam for investment in industries and is on the way to sign up with couple of other countries that will results in rapid industrial revolution. Government is also already working on surveys for railways in Nepal, the project is huge and will run for years opening various vacancies for mechanical professionals. With the starting of this fiscal year 2076, Laxmi Hyundai is all set to establish the first international automobile production plant in Nepal. Not only that but also Nepal is already a home to some multinational companies like Chaudhary Group, Sharada Group, Coca-Cola etc. where I can flourish my professional career. After the completion of Master of Management for Engineers I will be eligible for the post like Project manager, Dealer manager and my professional experience will also help for the better career possibility. 

In Nepal with Australian Degree and professional experience, I can easily find such professions which can pay me around Nrs 80,000- 90,000 per month whereas Nepalese degree holder (near equivalent) earns around Nrs 45,000-50,000 per month. At the first few years my salary will only Rs 80,000-90,000 per month and after some time span my salary will increase. Having good amount of saving in my hand I will run my own business in the related field so that in the long term I can get my returns of investment in my studies. In Nepal too we have some trusted job portals like,,,,,, etc. 

Reason to come back to home country:

In past to I had numerous of opportunities to stay, work and live in India but a strong patriot inside me did not let me do so hence I returned to my nation and served for nearly two years. 

I have well settled family here expecting me to come back and I will live up to their expectation after my return by taking care of them during their retire life and taking care of family property. We have house worth nearly 15 million and land accounting nearly 80 million and me being the only heir I am bound to return back to Nepal and take care of those. We in Nepal practice such culture where instead of living alone far from the family we stick to the family and take care of them during their old ages. 

Nepal is a developing country with lots of opportunities in industrial sector. And to evolve as an industrialist my family have enough of land to start up with. What I will have an additional asset is my father who has more than 20 years of experience in managing Industrial giant Chaudhary Group.

Lastly, I would like to assure you that I will be completely dedicated to complete my study within the prescribed duration and return to my home country. 

Funding arrangement of my study in Australia:

My father is a permanent employee in a biggest industrial giant of Nepal, my mother is a permanent government school teacher and my sister is also a hospital employee. Consecutively, we have certain area of our land in lease too which sum up the annual income of my family to be around NRS 19 lacs which is enough for my educational expenditure but we don’t believe in keeping bulk cash at bank rather than that we keep on investing in land, share stocks and jewels.  

We have nearly 80 million worth of land and as per requirement we took an educational loan of Nrs XXXXX keeping small plot of land on mortgage, which actual value is Nrs XXXXXX. so my family is capable enough to repay the loan in the future. 

Obligations of Student Visa Subclass 500

The Australian Government is committed to providing quality education to the international students through ESOS Act, 2000. Under this act, overseas students are looked after in various sectors due to which students feel safe and protected which is most important for an international student to survive in a foreign country. Similarly, I am also well aware of the obligations for students under higher education visa sub-class 500 as mentioned below:

  • I need to maintain 80% of attendance.
  • I can work 40 hours per fortnight on a part time basis.
  • I need to have OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) for the duration of my stay in Australia.
  • I cannot change my education provider for first six months upon enrollment.
  • I need to update university / DHA within 7 days of change in contact details or accommodation.
  • I need to maintain 50% pass grade throughout my study program. 


At the end, I am mature enough and mentally prepared to follow all the visa conditions that are associated under visa subclass 500. I am determined to complete my course of Master of Management for Engineers in good grade and return back to Nepal to build my career here. I also do want to inform that my family is capable and will cover all of the expenses including living costs, educational costs and other costs. 

I have no any immigration history previously and I am applying as a student visa first time for Australia. It will make me very happy if you provide me the opportunity to study in Australia and make my career in Nepal. I certify that the information provided above is true and correct. I understand that any incorrect and/or misleading statements made by me may result in my student visa application being refused.

I eagerly wait for your acceptance and granting me an admission in my desired course. 

Respectfully yours,

Full Name