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Student Visa Conditions

(This condition that you will find on your visa copy so you need to know these)








Types of VISA

B-1: Athlete, amateur or professional (competing for prize money only)
B-1: Business visitor
G1-G5, NATO: Employee of a designated international organization or NATO
I: Media, journalist
F, M : Student: academic, vocational

FAQ |  Related to Study in Australia

Why do you wish to study in Australia not in Nepal?

Australian education has great value here in Nepal and in order to increase my competitiveness in the local Nepalese market. I have select Australia, not in Nepal… (try to give the name of Nepalese successful Australian Graduate).

Why Australia?

(Australia is a young and vibrant country with a strong international reputation. Known as 3rd best place to study and live after the USA & Canada. Global recognition, Adaptable climatic conditions)

Why not India which is near from Nepal?

(Health and safety reason or any other reasons)

Why not UK and USA?

(Affordable living expensive when compared to UK and USA. It is a safe country when compared to US and UK. High standard of living)

Why ? (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin etc.)

(Might be many reasons like climate, population, relatives etc.)

Why not study in Nepal?

(Please do not mention any bad about your home country like Political Instability, Education Strike etc)

Some Important & Possible Interview Questions for Australia

  1. Your Full name, DOB, Passport Number, Marital Status, Marriage date, spouse’s name, profession, accompanying together or not
  2. Full name of all family members/Siblings/Law Family
  3. Complete professional details of family members (Work, Business, etc)
  4. All previous academic details, GPA, course, completed a year, college name, location
  5. If taken an extra year to complete the course reason for taking an extra year
  6. Total number of backlogs if any
  7. Full information about the gap activities (training, internships, work experience – companies name, phone number, email address, name of the company owner, working duration, duties and responsibilities, salary amount, salary in cash or bank, Website of the company, etc)
  8. IELTS/PTE overall score, each band score, exam date
  9. Previous immigration history of any country including Australia (Student and Dependent)
  10. All financial details of the family as per the documents submitted like a loan, family income (Per month salary, house rent, land lease, business income, business types, business owner, business location, foreign income, agricultural income, vehicle income, and many more as per the documents)
  11. Why not study in Nepal?
  12. Why study in Australia?
  13. Which other countries you have researched and why not in those countries?
  14. Why this college or University?
  15. Which other Colleges/Universiteis you had researched and why not in those Colleges/Universities? 
  16. Address of your College/University, Website’s name, Proximity from Central station or Central Business District (CBD) via public transport
  17. Which are other Colleges/Universities you have researched, Comparing of tuition fees, Scholarships, location, Ranking, Graduate Employment rate of a particular course, Internship opportunities, class size etc
  18. If you are applying for a Diploma + Bachelor course, what is the reason for applying for Diploma not direct bachelor’s?
  19. Professional Accreditation of your course in Australia like the Australian Computer Society ACS, Engineering Australia EA for BIT and Engineering) 
  20. Why this city? 
  21. Why this course? 
  22. How many core and elective units do you have to study in your course?
  23. Mention 6/7 units’ names of each course
  24. What are the specialization options available in Bachelor or Master in your course and which one you will prefer?
  25. Duration of your every course, intake, 
  26. How much are the tuition fees for each course (Per year, Total)
  27. Any scholarship you have received? If yes, amount, conditions, apply intake
  28. What are the career opportunities of this course?
  29. What are the things you will take away from this course?
  30. What are your future career plans after completing this course (Nationally/Internationally)?
  31. Future career plans outside Australia like Europe, the Middle East, South East, and South Asian countries
  32. Possible Initial, Midlevel, and Higher level job designations
  33. Some online portals names from where you can apply for international job
  34. Per year Average & Higher level salary for particular job designation in the country where  you are planning to work, Weblink to support that salary range from where you got that information 
  35. Future plans in Nepal with some company’s name, job designations, and expected salary range as per the Nepalese pay scale along with the web link from where you got that salary level information
  36. Understanding Return on Investment (ROI) while working nationally/ internationally. How you will recover your study investment?
  37. If the business plans – types of business, funding arrangements for the business, and scope of that business in your country
  38. Your family ties, social ties, cultural ties, financial ties with Nepal, the value of your family’s assets, family responsibilities & job growth rate in your chosen field in your country to justify incentive to return home country in future
  39. How much is per year’s living cost in Australia for a student/dependent/Child? 
  40. How much is the travel cost in AUD per person?
  41. How you will arrange your accommodation? Any websites you have researched, friends that you are planning to share accommodation, their location, and any family member with whom you will be staying, per week approx cost for accommodation
  42. Do you have any relatives or family members in Australia? If yes – Visa status, relation with you, the city where they are staying, etc. 
  43. What are the working hours for students in Australia? 
  44. Will you work in Australia? If yes – what kind of work you will be doing? What is your expectation from that work?
  45. What are the student visa conditions in Australia?
  46. If you are applying along with a dependent, what your dependent will do in Australia?
  47. Marriage date, Reg Date, Registration number

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Questions relating to your Career Opportunity after study

  1. What are you plans after completing your studies? (Be specific with your exist outcomes after study from Australia)
  2. Career scope of this course in Nepal after completing course from Australia? (Discuss with your Consultant)
  3. How much salary do you expect in your home country after Australian Degree? (Discuss with your consultant and research about it.)

How many hours will you work in Australia in a week?

40 hours per fortnight during school term, no limitation during school holiday

Will you work while study?

Yes, I want to know international work experience

Can you pay tuition fee from part time work?

No, my sponsor will spend for those; I use part-time earning for entertainment, research, travelling etc

Why you want to do part time work?

To learn overseas working practice, personality development, increase level of confidence and add profile on my cv.

Do you know about PSW?

PSW stands for a post-study work visa which is available for Australian graduate under new rules.

Why PSW is important for you?

It will provide graduates with a good understanding of the job market in Australia and how to prepare for the next step in their international career. It will also enable you to network with potential employers and develop an understanding of Australian work standards and work culture leading to a new and exciting career in Australia. It will add value to your CV.

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