A few Visa Interview Tips:

  • Prepare for the interview questions in advance.
  • Get a copy of your all documents with you for the interview.
  • Be courteous, friendly and polite throughout the interview.
  • Be confident as you the best about yourself, where and why you have made applications.
  • Give brief and clear answers. If not sure, then you can ask the question again. Be thoughtful in your answers.
  • Go through the website and handbook of your university of College carefully.
  • Know about your course contents thoroughly including course duration, fee, commencement & end date, credits points etc.
  • You should be clear about your future plans after completing the course.
  • Be ready for any strange questions and don’t get nervous when you have them. They are meant to test your intentions, skills or IQ.
  • Interview may take 20-30 minutes or more, so be comfortable with it.
  • Enjoy the interview!

Visa interview is an important step prior to the final confirmation of student visa approval for most countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, UK and USA. Your interview could fasten or delay your visa processing. Therefore, it is crucial that you prepare for the interview and address all concerns of the visa officer.

The interview is taken by the ambassador or visa officer who may ask you a range of questions mainly to ensure that your application case is genuine and your intentions align with what is being written in the application form. The officer is a trained professional, who could ask multiple unrelated questions, not to annoy you but to know your real interests and objectives. If you are prepared, you can enjoy this process and meeting with someone who opens the door of a new country for you.


Questions Usually Asked

  1. Why did you choose this university and how did you find  it?
  2.  Why did you select the AUS for higher studies? Isn’t this course offered by any university or college in your country? 
  3. Why did you select this course? Is it relevant to your previous studies? 
  4. Can you tell me the location of the university/college? 
  5. What if you get AUS degree here, would you like to go to AUS again for higher Studies? 
  6. What is the scope of your course? 

  7. Why are you taking this course? 
  8. What is the course structure? 

  9. Do you intend to work in AUS after completion of your studies?

  10. What do you intend to do after completion of your studies? 
  11. What are your future plans?  
  12. What benefit will this course bring to you? 
  13. How much money can you earn after your completion of studies? 
  14. Where will you stay in AUS? 
  15. Who is your sponsor? How much do they earn in a year? 
  16. What proof do you have that your sponsor can support your studies? 
  17. What is the source of income of your sponsor? 
  18. How are you related to him? 
  19. Why are they sponsoring you? (if not father) 
  20. Do you have any relative or friend in AUS? 
  21. What is your father income source? How much he earns in a year? 
  22. Who all are earning members in your Family? 
  23. What is the course commencement date? 
  24. What will be the total cost of studies per year? 

  25. What will you do during the off period/semester? 

  26. How much money is available for your stay in AUS? 

  27. Have you researched your career prospects? 

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