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About the Course – Criminal Law

Criminal Law is concerned with all aspects of crime, punishment and its annulment. It can be further categorized into ‘misdemeanors’ and ‘felonies’. In this program, you will not only study about existing laws, but also the procedure of an entire criminal trial, including the gathering of evidence and courtroom protocol, whether on the side of the defense or the prosecution. Criminal Law aims to prepare students to participate in the crucial work of ordering society and protecting the vulnerable. This course covers the law of crimes and the criminal justice system. It also examines the mental element involved in crime. In addition, it also deals with criminals and law enforcement. Criminal justice deals with all aspects of a crime from the time the crime is committed right up until the criminal is found guilty and sent to prison.  Students will learn common terminology in criminal law and how to consider a crime thoroughly in terms of its elements. This program offers a very good insight into the body of criminal law.

           Listed here are some of the principal objectives of the course.

  • To investigate crimes, try and punish criminals, and rehabilitate those who are convicted.
  • To use skills and strength for good, whether through aiding victims of crime, counseling and rehabilitating criminals
  • To define and classify misdemeanors and felonies
  • To keep individuals, communities, and populations safe

 To identify, acknowledge, punish and educate the greater community and would-be offenders about the consequences of their actions.

Career Prospect

Criminal law has great career prospectives for people passionate about solving criminal cases. Criminal law is one of the specializations under Law that deals with the cases related to crimes. A person who practices  criminal law is called a Criminal Lawyer. Criminal Lawyers can work as a criminal defense lawyer and public defender. Criminal law involves the most serious issues in society, such as murder, rape or robbery, and involves people from solicitors, barristers and legal executives, to judges, interpreters and reporters. For lawyers involved in this sector, opportunities are available in both private and public practice.

Career Opportunity

Police Officer, Paralegal, Correctional Officer, Private Investigator, Crime Scene Technicians, Bailiffs

Employment Opportunity

Criminal Law degree opens up doors for many career opportunities. It covers a broad range of issues ranging from assault to international fraud, from housebreaking to bank robbery, to organized crime and so on. A career in the Criminal Law offers the opportunity to work for the good of your community every day. As a Criminal Lawyer, you need to maintain order and ensure that the innocent are protected and the guilty are punished. Criminal justice jobs include positions responsible for prevention (like youth counselors or security officers), prosecution (legal aides and paralegals who work closely with the courts), victim advocates, correctional officers (maintaining order in prisons, jails, and detention facilities), and parole officers. A Criminal Lawyer earns between  $1800 and $3500 per month.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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