The discipline of Law is suitable for people wanting to become lawyers, legal advisers in business or pursue a career through law enforcement agencies. Law programs in Australia cover the following specialisations:

  • Banking, Business and Commercial Law;
  • Constitutional Law;
  • Criminology;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Economics Law;
  • Environmental Law;
  • Health Law;
  • Human Rights Law;
  • Indigenous Law;
  • Intellectual Property Law;
  • International and Comparative Law;
  • Jurisprudence;
  • Justice Studies;
  • Employment Law;
  • Legal Process;
  • Legal Practice Administration; and
  • Maritime Law.


Professional Associations

Law programs in Australia sometimes include a practical component where students acquire some practical experience in a law organisation such as a solicitors office. Students are also exposed to Moot Courts and assessed on their performance.

Most Australian law programs are recognised internationally. However, some students from select countries may be required to complete further studies to practise in their home country.

On graduation from a law program students may be eligible for membership to an international professional association such as:

  • Law Council of Australia (LCA)
  • Council of the Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)
  • International Law Students Association (ILSA)
Law Enforcement
  • Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA)
  • International Police Association (IPA)
  • Australasian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP)



Career Opportunities


  • Criminologist;
  • Intelligence Analyst;
  • Lawyer/Barrister/Solicitor/Magistrate;
  • Legal Aid Officer;
  • Legal Secretary;
  • Police Officer;
  • Private Investigator; and
  • Youth Worker.

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