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About the Course – Environmental Engineering

While engineering has brought significant advantages to contemporary life, industries such as mining and manufacturing additionally have a terrible impact on the environment. A more and more in-demand specialization, environmental engineering ambitions to offset these impacts with the aid of discovering solutions to minimize and control pollution and waste, consequently enhancing and keeping the quality of air, water and soil.
Like other engineering degrees, environmental engineering programs are broad, overlapping with different topics such as mathematics, chemistry, geography, technology, biology, economics and different branches of engineering (such as civil or mining). It would possibly also go well with students involved in public health, as the connection between environmental quality and health means opportunities to find out about issues such as waterborne illnesses and pollutants, as well as the implementation of sanitation laws.
Environmental engineering typically starts with a look at simple engineering ideas and how they relate to the environment, analyzing topics such as fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, engineering mathematics, engineering thermodynamics, the fundamentals of process engineering, and introductory chemistry.
Student will study how to use this understanding to analyze conditions and determine on the fine use of technology to remedy environmental challenges, as well as ensuring that social improvement and useful resource usage are saved as sustainable as possible.

Career Prospect

The intention of an environmental engineer is to maintain or improve the natural environment in order to assure a proper and healthy lifestyles fine for human beings as well as for other organisms.
A degree gives you the probability to either expand your grasp of a specific query or take off in a totally exceptional way using abilities you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.
Due to increase in recognition and increasing understanding the world is becoming greater involved about the Environment. Therefore, nearly each NGO and government requires services of an Environment Engineer. Apart from that, these experts are enormously paid. Environmental Engineering is an built-in study route provided by the faculties of applied sciences and civil engineering.

Career Opportunity

Some of the jobs where the Environmental Engineering is useful include: Environmental Engineers, Environmental Project Manager/Geologist, Environmental Health and Safety director, Environmental Engineering consultants, Green Building Engineer

Employment Opportunity

According to a survey, the median salary of an environmental engineer is more than $78,000 a year. The median salary is the salary at which 50% of the workers earned more and 50% earned less. The lowest 10% of engineers earn less than $49,000 a year, and the highest 10% earn more than $119,000 a year.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG) and Master (PG) levels.

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