A specialized course under Architecture and Building Stream

About the Course – Urban / Regional / Rural Planning

Urban and regional planners play a huge role in determining how cities and regions should respond to current and future challenges. This course provides the foundation for those who wish to involve in the urban and regional planning profession. Urban and Rural Planning is mainly about improving the quality of life for everyone. Innovative and sustainable development and management of urban and rural areas is the prime focus of this course. This course will provide you with tools to formulate strategies for sustainable land use and development based on social, economic, environmental, legal, and political aspects of an area. You’ll then implement those strategies through urban management and development control processes. Overall, this course will provide you with skills relating to land-use planning; design, economics and law; professional communication; and ethical and professional practices.

Career Prospect

Urban planning involves a technical and political process related to the welfare of people and land. Use of land, design of the urban environment including transportation and communication networks, and protection and enhancement of the natural environment are the areas where the professionals of this field work on. Urban planners must be equipped with a lot of specific knowledge and experience to be good at their jobs, along with certain soft skills to help them manage the sometimes challenging environment of government work.

Career Opportunity

With a degree in Urban/Rural Planning, you can work as: Sustainability consultants, Civil Service administrator, Environmental manager, Transport planner, Local government officer, Town planner, Housing officer, Conservation officer – Historic buildings inspector, Planning and development surveyor, Landscape architect, Building surveyor, Planning Manager, Urban Designer, Historic buildings inspector/conservation officer etc.

Course Available by Providers

The courses are generally provided at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor (UG), and Master (PG) levels.

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