Statement of Purpose


Student: KIEC Student


My name is ( Full Name ), a permanent resident of ( Address ), daughter of ( Parent’s Name ). My passport number is (XXXXXX ). I was born on 30th January, 1XXX. I am writing this statement of purpose in connection with my Higher Education Bachelor of Science (Nursing) to pursue in Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.

Academic Background.

Regarding my academic background, I completed my School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from ( School Name ) with XX % in the year 2XXX. After that, I joined Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nursing in ( School Name ) ( which is affiliated to Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training – CTEVT) and completed PCL Nursing with XX % in 2016. Further, after the completion of PCL Nursing, I prepared for the Nursing Registration exam which was conducted on 11th March, 2XXX by Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) and successfully became the registered nurse with the registration no. XXXX on 12th March. 2XXX.

Employment History.

As per my working experience, I have been working at ( Company Name ) from 1st April, 2XXX to till date as a staff nurse in department of General ICU and Neuro ICU. After getting some work experience in the related field, I decided to continue my study in an international platform in order to get an internationally recognized degree and gain experience which will make me more competent and dexterous. Therefore, I started preparing for Occupational English Test (OET) and appeared for the examination on 14th April, 2018 where I was able to score B in Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking respectively. After getting my OET results, I started research on finding the favorable destination for my future study. And then I came across the decision that Australia would be the best option for my Bachelor degree level. So, I started searching for the universities of Australia and finally chose Edith Cowan University.

Financial Sponsors.

With regards to my sponsors, my parents and in-laws are my sponsors who are financially sound to afford my tuition fees, living expenses, OSHC and travelling. My father is an employee at ( Company Name ) Nepal and my mother is a teacher in a government school. Also, I have an elder brother who resides in abroad. Moreover, my in-laws have their own family business named (Business Name ). We are financially sound and do have the capacity to afford my study and our stay in Australia.

Why Australia?

I wish to continue my further studies in Australia because of various reasons. First and foremost, it offers top notch education which is recognized as among the best and innovative in the world. Secondly, Australian universities are widely recognized for its existence as they deliver practical and career –oriented education so that students can acquire skills and knowledge required to enhance their career. Thirdly, it stands among popular study destinations with international students from across the globe. It is a multicultural, safe, friendly and welcoming society offering excellent environment for international students to adjust and study. On top of that, Australia has grown to become one of the most preferred destinations of many students like me in recent years which seems unstoppable now. It offers globally recognized and qualitative degree. Almost all the universities in Australia are government recognized which makes the international students safe about their future and education.  The Australian Government has formulated the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) which regulates the education system in order to maintain the high standard of education associated with the country, due to which Australia graduates are highly sought. In addition, there is a clear and standard system regarding the courses that is CRICOS CODE (The Commonwealth Register of Institution and Courses for Overseas Students) which allows the providers to offer courses on student visa. Moreover, I have chosen Australia because it has implemented rules which protect the rights of education. Australia is the country in the world, which allows ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Student) Act 2000. The ESOS Framework ensures that students have access to tuition assurance (which acts like consumer protection). The ESOS Framework includes element like Tuition Protection Services (TPS) where the fees of international students get safe and secured giving students peace of mind. Apart from academic standards, what I want to say is that Australia is itself a continent which is culturally diverse as a large number of students from across the world like Nepal, India, Africa, China, Brazil and so on are studying there. The people out there are quite friendly and supportive. Australian lifestyle and living is among the best in the world. Seven of Australia’s capital cities regularly rank among the world’s’ most livable’ cities. So, studying in Australia will provide me an ample atmosphere to live in and learn different culture, tradition and languages that will add extra flavor in my profile. Moreover, PSW (Post Study Work) provided to graduate and post graduate students for 2 years is really inevitable and an opportunity for the international students to gain experiences in the related fields. 

The cost of living in Australia is reasonable considering other English speaking developed countries and the scholarship offered by the universities makes the fees really affordable. I have gathered the information from these sites,, Owing those reasons, I have selected Australia for my further study.

Why not other countries and Nepal ?

As I have already studied three years PCL Nursing course in Nepal, so I was planning to complete my Bachelor of Nursing in short period. Therefore, I began to search different universities in different countries, obviously United State and United Kingdom. I found University of South Alabama in USA which provides four years Bachelor of Nursing. Similarly, I searched a University named The University of Edinburgh having four years Bachelor degree. Moreover, India is my neighboring country, I could have made it of my choice but the Bachelor of Nursing is of four years  and spending four years of my life is really a challenging part and time taking. On the other hand, I can complete in three years in Australia which makes the cost little cheaper in compare to USA and UK. In addition, the present scenario of these countries is not favorable. I discussed with my parents regarding the same but they were not fully convinced regarding my further studies in those countries and advised for Australia. On the other hand, I had also researched a University in China named Wuhan University where the Bachelor of Nursing is of 5 years. On the top of that language, culture and foods are the major barrier for me to adjust in China, so I did not put in my priority.

With regards to my home country, there are some reasons which motivated me to study in Australia rather than my home country. Firstly, I’ve already spent more than 13 years to complete my studies and I have been familiar with the system. In order to compete in this competitive era, one has tobe highly dexterous and qualified and to have an international exposure from Nepal itself is not possible. Secondly, the universities like Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University and Purbanchal University are providing the course, and for example, Bachelors of Nursing is a four-year program of Tribhuvan University conducted by IOM. This bachelor level program was initiated since 2005 A.D. The course of 4 years is too long and time taking. Moreover, the colleges which are affiliated to other universities are not well equipped, expert and internally recognized. As the world has been a global village, so everyone wants to explore the world and gain experience and so do I as after all, I will be using all those in my country after returning.

Why Perth?

With its laid back vibe, brilliant sunsets, great weather and amazing foodie and music scene, Perth offers an excellent alternative to the more popular cities of Australia’s east coast. With thousands of miles of coastline to the north and south, Perth is the ideal base from which to explore the natural wonders of Western Australia, while the city itself is currently undergoing an intensive rejuvenation with new opportunities to enjoy the Perth lifestyle every month. Perhaps that is why for the last ten years Perth has been ranked by the Economist as one of the top 10 most livable cities in the world. Education in Perth is internationally recognized for excellence. The five universities in Perth are world-class and provide qualifications which will take students wherever they want to go. While the range of schools and colleges provide internationally recognized certifications and flexible pathways into tertiary studies. Perhaps that is why more than 56,000 students from around the world choose Perth for their study destination. An overseas education is more than just study, therefore, it should include practical skills, encourage time management, recreation and curiosity, and most importantly it should provide choice. Perth provides a diverse range of programs across a number of institutions, from technical courses to business qualifications and English language certificates, and allows students to take the direction they want at the pace that is right for them. Vacation time and the relative ease of casual employment for students allow them to enjoy the state, get to know its people and experience why it is a top 10 livable city. Therefore, on the basis of such convincing facts I found Perth approachable and have chosen it as my ultimate study destination.

Regarding Living Arrangements

With regards to accommodation, as per my research, there are many ways to arrange the accommodation, like Home stay, Hostel, Share Accommodation, Property lease (flat or house). I prefer share accommodation and that will cost approximately $ 60,870 AUD for student and around $ 14,200 AUD for a partner for accommodation.

Why ECU?

Established in 1991, ECU has grown rapidly into a quality university with excellent student satisfaction and internationally recognized research.Students and graduates at ECU are among the best in the world, with many fulfilling crucial roles in the society. Their outstanding achievements have been recognized throughout Australia and internationally through awards, grants, scholarships and prizes. However, the most important reason for choosing ECU is because I will be getting a credit of 1 year and as a result, I can directly get enrolled from second year of Bachelor of Science (Nursing).

ECU is committed to widening participation and breaking down barriers that restrict entry to education, and it has been continuing its work on the enhancement and development of alternative entry pathways to higher education.

ECU is a university that values diversity and this is exemplified by its multicultural student cohort spanning a wide range of ages. It also supports gender equality and ECU is advancing this commitment through their membership of the Athena SWAN Charter in Australia. Guided by its strategic goals, ECU is building on their reputation for excellence in teaching, developing the quality and volume of their research outputs and increasing international programs and collaborations. With such outstanding reputation and results, I believe that ECU programs will help me to strengthen my knowledge with equal emphasis on skills leading towards a better and sustainable career path in near future. Therefore, I have chosen Edith Cowan University for Bachelor of Science (Nursing).

Why Bachelor of Science (Nursing) ?

Nursing is a career where you never stop learning and it has had a significant effect on people’s lives. Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they can maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses may be differentiated from other health care providers by their approach to patient’s care, training and scope of practice. Personally, I believe that it is a highly demanding career that can be very challenging as well as rewarding. With regards to my chosen course (Nursing), there are multifarious reason to get Bachelor degree in Nursing faculty.. The first reason because we have better abilities to be hired, or better hiring marketability. Basically, what’s happening is there is initiative that’s in place, which is called the 80/20 by 2020. What that means is that by the year 2020, every hospital is basically mandated to have 80% of their staff BSN prepared. So what that means is that if they start acting now during the hiring processes and hire mainly BSN prepared nurses, they will be better able to fulfill this initiative. And I’m thinking that if we don’t meet these criteria, there could be some kind of penalties in place. So a lot of hospitals are really making sure that they do hire BSN prepared nurses, so they can meet this. So that is the number one reason and the second reason is there have been a few studies that show there are better patient outcomes with BSN prepared nurses. Moreover, I will have a great opportunity to lead a prosperous career. As a graduate of Bachelor of Nursing, I will have the skills required to work as a registered nurse in a multiple of settings in Australia or overseas including public and private hospitals, community health, mental health, aged care, home health care, indigenous health, occupational health, rural practice and international nursing. The most outstanding reason is that this program is also a pathway to graduate- entry midwifery and mental health programs and other specialty within nursing and health care. Therefore, I have chosen this course.

Career plan.

As per my career plan, my aim is to lead my life as a Nursing director. Firstly, I have planned to complete my Bachelor degree from Edith Cowan University, Australia and intend to continue my nursing career in my home country. After the completion of Bachelor, I will try to learn corporate culture and gain experience by doing PSW (Post Study Work) if possible which will enhance my level of confidence, competitiveness and professionalism. After that,, I will get back to my nation because my first priority is my family and we ( me and my husband) must have to take care of our parents. In the same way, we have lots of property to look after as well. 

Here in Nepal, I will get abundant of job opportunities, as my nation is in developing phase which need lots of qualified and experienced hands like me. I will give my first priority to my home country Biratnagar. Biratnagar is one of the largest cities in Nepal and lies in Province no. 1 (which has recently been announced). There are lots of health care facilities like Nobel Medical Health and Teaching Hospital, Neuro Hospital, Golden Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Koshi Zonal Hospital, Saptakoshi Hospital, Biratnagar Eye Hospital and the number of the health clinic and health centres are also increasingly tremendously. Furthermore, if I choose to become a nursing instructor, I will definitely get a golden opportunity to work for popular institutes, such as IOM, KU, PU and other institute affiliated to CTEVT and can earn up to NRS. 90,000 to 120,000 per month. Besides hospitals, there are lots of National and International NGO and INGO like UNESCO, WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, FPAN, Department For International Development (DFID), therefore, what I believe is that there is wide opportunity for Nursing in my home country where I could comfortably earn more than 100000 NRS and even more per month and maintain my livelihood being close to my loved ones.

Family and Marital history.

I am the second child of my parents. I have an elder brother who resides abroad. My father is an employee at( Company name )and my mother is a teacher in a government school. I have been married to ( Spouse Name ) on 13th March, 2XXX, according to our custom. He will accompany me to Australia if I get an opportunity to study over there. He has been my source of inspiration and has always motivated me to achieve my dreams. So, his presence will help me to perform my best in my study and will support me morally. We do not have child yet. I feel very lucky to have families who have supported my decision; to continue my further study in abroad. We will be sponsored by my father and in-laws.

Visa Condition.

I am well aware of visa subclass 500 student category. This includes restriction in working for more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. There must be adequate maintenance of satisfactory attendance in the course, i.e., 80% attendance should be maintained and course progress for each study period as required by the education provider. Notifying the education provider of residential address in Australia within 7 days of arrival is must. Complete Health insurance should be done by me during the stay in Australia which will be provided by obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). I cannot change University before 6 months. Further, the subclass also includes that student should have maintained sufficient money to pay for travel, tuition and living expenses for the period of stay in Australia.


I hereby declare that the information above which has been supplied in support of my student visa application to assist me to demonstrate that I satisfy Australian High Commission, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that I will sincerely obey all the rules under visa subclass 500. I affirm that with a great dedication, I will complete my course within the mentioned time period. Therefore, it’s my humble request before you to open the doors and provide me an opportunity to be a student of ECU. I wish to learn under the proper guidance of highly qualified and dynamic experts available in Edith Cowan University. This opportunity is sure to add a milestone for my future endeavors.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration towards my application.

Sincerely Yours,

( Full Name )

Contact number: XXXXXXXXX

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