Statement of Purpose


Source: KIEC Student (BAS15MAN)

I, Applicant Name, Permanent resident of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality Ward no.1, Dhading (Previously Salyantar V.D.C Ward no.1, Dhading) is writing this Statement of Purpose to make you clear about my career goals, reasons behind choosing my course and the reasons behind choosing Australian college. Furthermore, I want to make a positive impression of myself on you so that you would provide me with an opportunity to pursue my dream of graduating from Australia, one of the best education providers in the world. Describing myself, People find me to be upbeat, self-motivated and career-focused guy. I am a dedicated person with a family of four. My Grandmother is involved in commercial farming, my father is a government officer and my mother is a businesswoman.

The only motto I have followed in my life is,” You should never compromise on things while building your career”. So, I have never done carelessness towards my Study. I have completed my S.L.C (School Leaving Certificate) from VS Niketan School, Kathmandu securing XX GPA and my high school from The Ashirwad College in Management faculty scoring XX GPA. From my early days, I dreamed of studying in Australia. So, immediately after my high school   I booked the date for IELTS and worked very hard for the test. I was able to score an overall 6 with each band as –Reading-6, listening-6.5, Speaking- 5.5 and Writing 6.5. I believe the test was my entrance gate to a bright future.

After I decided to join Bachelor in Accounting, I started researching about the colleges and universities where I can complete my education in the subject of my interest. Firstly I searched for colleges in my homeland. I came to know that Nepal has some colleges which offer this course. The problem here is that Education is completely theory-based with little or no practical knowledge. Having only theoretical knowledge about my course, I will not be able to compete in this modern world. I also searched if I can get an International degree from Nepal and found that there are some colleges which offer international degree in “ Bachelor in Accounting” such as Shankar Dev college of management (affiliated to Tribhuwan University) , the Atlantic college  affiliated to Pokhara University) ,but these are non-research based and have low international recognition.

I was in a complete dilemma about my future study. I was in contact with some senior students who suggested to me that I can get a world-class education in countries like Australia, USA and UK. The value of a degree from these countries is far much greater than of here. The courses here are not updated and education is hampered time and again by education strikes. After my research, I found that Australia has the most peaceful environment to study. The living rates and tuition fees of USA and UK are also comparatively higher than Australia. Also, the duration of a bachelor’s degree is 4 years in the USA and UK but 3 years in Australia. So, I can save one year and use that time to gain more experience in my working field. Due to the above mentioned reasons, I prefer Australia over my homeland and any other countries.

I have always wanted to study in a nation that could offer me the best education in an overwhelming environment. I found Australia to be my best-fit. Australia is one of the most popular destinations for international students. The cultural diversity, friendly natives and high-quality education are the major factors for international students to choose Australia as dreamland to pursue their educational career.

The Australian Universities provide lots of research opportunities and also provide internship opportunities which help students to gain real-world experience. These facilities will help us to excel academically as well as professionally. Australia practices ESOS act (Education Service of Overseas Students) which safeguards the rights of international students studying in Australia, which is one of the best ways to make students feel secure. The other specialities include AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) which is a national policy that ensures there is a uniform and recognized progression for study. Similarly, the quality that is maintained under CRICOS ensures that the international students get the same standard education as Australian do. Australia is attracting more and more international students every year. Reports show that the average enrollment growth is 4.4% over the previous 10 years. Australia has a similar climatic condition as Nepal. So, it would be easier for me to adjust. I want to gain practical and research-based knowledge in which Nepal is lacking behind in the present situation due to various reasons. There is political instability, courses are not updated and are not fit for the modern world and competitive environment. Countries like the USA, UK are much expensive to study. Hence, I believe I have done the right thing by choosing Australia as my future destination for completing my studies. 

The jewel in Australia’s crown is without question the beloved city of Sydney. Being an Asian student, I would be very familiar with the climate with warm summers and mild winters, Sydney is multicultural and welcomes people from all over the world. Sydney offers world-class study options for students with an international background. Besides, there is a lot to do in Sydney. Due to adventure activities like jet boating big wake surfing, climbing the bridge or riding a roller coaster at Luna Park, Sydney caters to all personalities all of the time.

Accounting is at the centre of business and finance- from tracking the flow of money to analyzing financial activities. Skills are fundamental to making strategic business decisions and helping people stay in control of their money. Our bachelor of Accounting is accredited with CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia. Upon completion of the core units, I will meet the entry requirements for these professional accounting bodies. Bachelor of Accounting will enable me to gain professional qualifications in accounting. The programs cover introductory as well as advanced units in financial and management accounting, finance, tax and company law and auditing.

AIHE is a young Institution with bold ambitions to be recognized as an innovative leader in the private education sector. WE hold several accreditations with Australian and global accounting bodies. AIHE is a partner of the Australian Computer Society and a member of the Australian Council for Private Education continues to be committed to delivering quality education and going above and beyond to establish an excellent student experience through investment in facilities, student support services and teaching resources. Furthermore, I got attracted to AIHE is its affordable fee i.e. 16000 AUD and also I am capable of 12.5 scholarship.

I believe I could easily fit into dream jobs such as senior accountant which is highly required in different sectors such as hospitals, schools, military and banks as well as any other major companies. After finishing my three years bachelor program from Australia, I will be able to utilize my skill and new knowledge in my own country Nepal as a lot of highly demanded and well-paid job opportunities will be waiting for me. After graduating from Australia, I would like to come back to Nepal and work with companies like Chaudhary Group, Cross Over Nepal, NCELL, ltd etc. After gaining some work experience I would like to work with the Nepal Government and implement my ideas, skills and knowledge to develop the poor sectors of Nepal.  

Secondly, I have a dream to establish an accounting firm where I can share my knowledge and skills that I learned in Australia to Nepali students. I will be organizing workshops and training programs that can help new capable manpower. I want to create opportunities for new generation youths so that they do not have to seek help from other countries to get quality education and also our country do not have to face the problem of brain drain. I want to return to my homeland and bring some change big or small from my side for the betterment of my country.

Homeland and Family are not things to be abandoned. I can’t imagine my life without them. I am the only son of my parents and it is my duty to make my parents happy and to care and stay with them forever. They have done a lot for me and I believe it is my turn to take care of them and make them proud. Moreover, my future plans are targeted to one and only Nepal. I have been dreaming to make a change in poor management condition in different sectors of Nepal. Nepal has not been able to produce skilled manpower for these sectors in recent years. So, I want to come back to Nepal being skilled and carrying Internationally Recognized Degree and achieve something in the Field of Accounting in Nepal.

Not only me but my parents also have a dream of seeing me as a successful person with a high-level degree. So, they are more than willing to afford my education in Australia. My father is involved in government service and earns good money annually. My mother’s business gives profit annually. My grandmother is involved in commercial agriculture. We also earn from the house rent. Moreover, my family has enough savings for my future education. Our savings and the funds accumulated from my father, mother and grandmother will enable me to complete my studies easily. They have always supported me in every step of my life, may it be financially or emotionally.


  • I would have to maintain 80% attendance.
  • I am allowed to work for 40 hours fortnightly.
  • I need to keep AIHE/DIBP informed if any changes in address and contact details within 7 days.
  • I need to have valid health insurance during my stay in Australia.
  • I cannot change the College unless I complete 6 months of IIBIT in the primary program.
  • I must maintain 50% pass grade throughout the study period.

At last, I would like to state myself as a genuine student with a good academic track record who meets the English language proficiency. Also, I would like you to know that I am financially, emotionally and mentally strong and my only intention to go to Australia is for Academic purpose only and grab internationally recognized degree. I’m very much thankful to the Australian Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) that has provided me with this great opportunity to shape my future. I look forward to having a long and beneficial association with my college ahead. I have understood all the student’s visa conditions and obligations and I assure you to follow all conditions properly.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Yours Sincerely

Applicant Name

Passport No:- XXXXXXXX