Abhinash Tripathi

Abhinash Tripathi

Australia VISA Success

COE Started on
: N/A
VISA Applied on: N/A
VISA Received on:November 15th,2017


Thank you very much for your quality and professional service for my student visa application.
I would like to express my heartfull gratitude to counsellor Miss.Bina Gautam, it became possible due to her guidance and direction from the day one.
Many thanks to entire KIEC pokhara team for the continous support and guidance.
I cherish this sweet success with you all which was possible by KIEC Pokhara.
Thank You very much again from me and my family.

Abhinash Tripathi

Course Details

University/Institution: University of the Sunshine Coast
Campus Location: Southbank, Australia
Course: Master of Information and Communications Technology
Fees: AUD 25,200/Year

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