Dear Students,
The Government has replaced the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement for student visas with a Genuine Student (GS) requirement. This is effective for student visa applications lodged on and after 23 March 2024.
This requirement does NOT apply to student visa applications lodged before 23 March 2024.

All applicants for a student visa must be a genuine applicant for entry. They must stay as a student and be able to show an understanding that studying in Australia is the primary reason of their student visa. The GS requirement is intended to include students who, after studying in Australia, develop skills Australia needs and who then go on to apply for permanent residence.

What Is The Genuine Student Test (GST)?

Replacing the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement, the GST takes a more comprehensive approach to assess an applicant’s true intentions and suitability for temporary study in Australia. The Genuine Student Test (GST), introduced in March 2023, marks a significant shift in Australia’s approach to student visa applications. This test is mandatory for all international students applying for a subclass 500 visa.

The goal of the GST’s multidimensional strategy is to assess student visa applications more fairly and accurately.
The Genuine Student Test (GST) takes a more holistic approach by evaluating:

Sincerity of Purpose   • Language Skills   • Financial Stability   • Enrollment Offers

Topics Genuine Student Test (GST) Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
Introduced March 2023 Previously in effect (replaced by GST)
Primary assessment for student visas student visas
Approach Holistic, evidence-based Intention-based, subjective
Focus Sincerity of purpose, language skills, financial stability, enrollment offers Applicant’s intentions to genuinely study in Australia
Evaluation Scope Applicant’s background, skills, plans Applicant’s current situation and immediate study plans
Complexity More complex, and requires more documentation Less complex
Emphasis Data-driven, objective Subjective, reliant on personal statements
Assessment Process Detailed documentation, statements, potential interview Written statements, interview
Target Attract genuinely committed students Verify genuine intentions for immediate study

Benefits of the Genuine Student Test (GST)

  • Discouragement for fraudulent visa requests
  • Quality Students
  • Continuation to serve as the best study-abroad destination

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