Got problems in IELTS writing???

Wanna know why you always end up having less score in IELTS writing???
Well, there is no denying that writing tasks in IELTS is no joke. Constant struggle in IELTS writing is a common thing, it applies to everyone.
So, where does the problem lie???
If you are not aware of and familiar with the assessment criteria [TR, C&C, LR and GRA], it’s literally impossible for anyone to crack a good score in writing.
Task Response/Achievement(TR/TA), Coherence and Cohesion(C&C), Lexical Resources(LR) and Grammatical Range & Accuracy(GRA), these four criteria are immensely important for student to understand. Not being equally good in these 4 areas would mean a poor score in writing.
So, don’t waste your time worrying.
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