You will have to appear one face-to-face interview with consular officer for US visa. So the following mantras will let you win the heart of consular officer and convince him/her to give you your ticket to U.S.: the student visa.

Demonstrate ties to your home country

Because you are going on a temporary visa, demonstrate to the consular officer that you have strong ties to your country of residence and show that you intend to depart the United States after your temporary stay.
Be concise, be relevant
Because visa interviews are short, do your best to explain why you want to study in the United States and how you plan to support yourself while in school.

Know your program and university selection well

If you can’t sufficiently convince the consular officer why you have chosen a certain field of study in particular university/college, then the chances are you are looked upon as an intended immigrant rather than a prospective student. So be prepared to answer the questions related to your course of study. You should also be able to explain how studying in the United States relates to your future professional career in your home country.


Bring all required genuine documents and supplements. If the documents are written (like recommendation letters) make sure they are short and present a clear picture of you.


Understand that you are going oversees for study and be ready to show adequate funds to support your living in that country. Do not base your plans to pay for colleges on the work opportunities that might be available to an international student. You will not be allowed to work full time and income will not be sufficient.

English language skill

You might be taking the TOEFL or taking the IELTS score report to the interview. But what matters is how persuasively you can talk and convince the officers of your real intention of studying in the U.S. The skill is also assessed because strong command over English is important to succeed as a student in U.S.

Be confident, be positive

Being confident and maintaining a positive attitude always helps. Do not engage the consular officer in an argument. If you are denied a student visa, ask the officer for a list of documents he or she would suggest you bring in order to overcome the refusal, and try to get the reason you were denied in writing.


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