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Sudip Aryal

U.S.A VISA Success

Application Started on
: N/A
I20 Received on: N/A
VISA Received on: June 02, 2016

The key factor of counseling in my view is motivational speech turned up with assuring words. When I meet Amit Sir of KIEC Butwal branch, his counseling made me believe KIEC is best for me. After I applied for I20, I got proper correspondent from KIEC. I was made updated about universities and also received I20 in time with $10,000 scholarship. After we receive I-20, we visited KIEC head office and found US department more supportive than we expected.


They guided me for my interview preparation, possible questions and best way to tackle those questions. As a result, I received US visa for Northern Arizona University for fall Intake.


Sudip Aryal

Sudip’s Interview Experience

Stu: Namaste
VO: Namaste, Please pass me your I20 and transcript
Stu: Ok, Maam
VO: Why NAU?
Me: Well Maam, NAU is ranked 78 in forbes list of top 100 public Universities  in US and it has ABET accrediated also it has……(interupted)
VO: I don’t think rank is proper reason to choose NAU? Tell me the truth
Stu: Okay Maam, NAU has student teacher ratio 18:1 and it has small class size well maintained labs, college location and climate are also plus points….(interrupted)
VO: Rudely, I am asking same question for the third time. This is the last time I am asking you the same question. Please tell me honestly
Stu: Madam, The engineering program of NAU is very good and is ranked 44 in US according to US News and World Report ….(interrupted)
VO: Well, you are compuer science student. Do you think engineering is related to your course?
Stu: Ye Maam. It is related to my course
VO: Well then, tell me why Compute Science?
Stu: I want to develop my career as a software developer and it has tremendous scope these days. ..(interrupted)
VO: You have not studied computer Science in +2, then how can you be so sure about its scope. Have you done any programming classes?
Stu: I haven’t studied CS in +2 as my college didn’t have that course. But I have studied computer science in School level. There I have learnt about Qbasic and a bit of C programming
VO: Who are your sponsors?
Stu: My Parents are my sponsors and are involved in Business
VO: I didnt get complete answer. Tell me in details
Stu: Told the details about his income
VO: Well, then Go and pay $200 in counter no 11
Stu: Thank you Maam

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