Statement of Purpose

“Bachelor of Medical Research”


Student: KIEC Student

For my schooling, I did the IB MYP course from Year 7 to Year 10 in Dili International School in Dili, Timor-Leste with a general average of grade A in my studies. I undertook the Victorian Curriculum of Education (VCE) from the same school, however, the school named themselves Haileybury Dili International School for Years 11 and 12 because the school was affiliated with Haileybury College of Melbourne. I graduated from VCE on the date. I graduated high school with an ATAR of 86.85 with study scores 35/50 for Chemistry, 32/50 for Biology, 33/50 for Mathematical Methods, 32/50 for English, 32/50 for Portuguese and 40/50 in Media. I received a score of 7.5 in IELTS test taken in 24th November with no band lesser than 7.

My decision to study in Australia is due to my background in taking the Australian curriculum. Taking the VCE provided the necessary skills I need to go to university anywhere in the world, but furthermore would make studying in Australia much easier as I know more about the Australian system of education. I was considering to study in Germany because of the chance to go to university no tuition fees however, the language was a barrier. Plus, the possibility of financial support from my parents has made this possible. The reason why I chose Australia over the USA and going to Ivy league colleges such as Brown University is that the financial tuition being extremely high, with tuition fees being around $54,320 USD per year. Australia provides high-quality education at a lower price and has higher minimum wage jobs for students working part-time which can be $20-25 AUD per hour for skilled workers compared to $11-15 USD in the USA. Earning more in part-time jobs can let me more spend time in my education which is the sole purpose of going to University rather than the necessity to dedicate many hours into financing that study. Finally, I chose Australia due to the presence of laws and regulation for international students such as through the Tuition Protection Service and Post Study Work opportunity in Australia can especially be beneficial as I intend to finish more than one tertiary education degree in Australia and would be beneficial to work and save money in between courses.

The course I intend on taking is the (53E) Bachelor of Medical Research which lasts for 3 years requiring the completion of 24 units. I am intending to major in pathology because I am interested in learning about diseases and methods of curing them. The career opportunities I’m looking to pursue after the completion of this course is working as a medical researcher in hospitals in Nepal, possibly as a teacher as well to teach how to do medical research to doctors. My career plan I have not yet completely decided for the future. What I know is I want to make a positive contribution to the community and to the world and will do this in whatever way I am able to do so. I know that am keenly interested in the sciences, especially Chemistry and Biology, due to the influence of my father who is a doctor. From a young age I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to him talk about medicine and how mysterious and complicated ways the human body works. My father as a doctor mentions medical research in Nepal is substantially adequate, but not as advanced as in
developed countries such as the USA or Australia therefore with the completion of this course I intend to help develop this area of my country further with my skills.

The reasons of my choice for this course are due to this course being the only pathway course for entry to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery course as well as being a degree that will equip me with skills to be able to start working. I am keenly interested in medicine, however, I have not decided if I should pursue medicine in Australia due to the commitment to many years of studying and course fees for international students. I am looking to study the German language in my time in Australia to and keep my options open for the future. Therefore for these reasons I have decided to study this course at the University of Tasmania.

The University of Tasmania ranks as the tenth best university in Australia and prides itself in its medical department. Other universities I keenly was looking at were Deakin University in Geelong and Victoria University in Melbourne. Deakin because of the prestige in their science department with a large budget for medicine, as well as generous scholarship opportunities such as the international merit scholarship of 25% or the Vice Chancellor’s scholarship of 50% or full scholarships to able international students. I already received an offer with the 25% scholarship with Deakin University, however, I have the University of Tasmania as my first preference because of again, the prestigious medical department and many close friends of my father who are just like family from work, which would avoid the feeling of homesickness during my studies. Finally, the tranquility of Tasmania with fewer people and a more natural environment can boost my studies by helping me to be calmer and focused. The Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS), which the tuition fee help of 25% has caught my eye and I would be very grateful to receive this scholarship because this financial support will lessen the financial burden of my sponsors, my parents and again will let me focus to perform better in university.

Similar courses are available in Nepal, such as the Bachelor of Science with major in microbiology in Kathmandu University, one of the well-known universities of Nepal however I chose to study in the University of Tasmania because of the availability of a stronger education system and receiving of other skills such as taking a practical approach to studies. I studied the Nepalese curriculum until Grade 6 and I noticed when I did my IB and VCE that while our education system is good, it does not account for critical thinking opportunities to apply the knowledge learned. I saw from the exam paper of some of my cousins in Biology, the examination questions are fairly straightforward. In my VCE exams, I was encouraged to think, which was definitely more challenging but also better for my learning of the subject matter.

I am going to fund my education through my parents, and they will be my sponsors for tuition fees and all other accommodation costs when studying at university. My father works as a consultant ophthalmologist for the East Timor Eye Program in Timor-Leste managed by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons based in Melbourne. He has been working there for the past 6 years and I am the only child of my family, therefore, my parents do not have the financial burden of supporting another child.

I understand that the Australian government provides me with a student visa in the entire duration of my time studying there and that I will need to maintain sufficient grades in order to achieve this. I also understand that this can be difficult if I take breaks in between studies so I will with confidence give full attendance in the university except for during sickness. I understand I need to be covered by the Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC) which I am ready to buy for 3 years period until finishing my bachelors. I will be under 18 years old when coming to Australia, therefore, I am also ready to have my welfare arrangements as recommended by the University before my arrival. I will also provide the University of my Address immediately after arrival. I have not been refused a visa for any country until now and have traveled to Australia four times until now from Timor-Leste on a tourist visa.

I know for sure that I can be a valuable asset to the university because I am hardworking and sincere with my work, therefore I would be very grateful if you would consider my application and my candidacy in the Tasmanian International scholarship.

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