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Student: KIEC Student

I have always been thinking of making my future bright, building a career, becoming a successful person, and especially finding my own path in life. I have always been quite different compared to all the children growing up. Always wanting to learn more and implementing more on what I have been doing has been my way of life.

I completed my School leaving certificate (S.L.C) from one of the renowned school in Kathmandu valley School name) in the year 2015, where I scored distinction division securing academic %. I was so eager to learn more about Accounting terms and principles and apply them in real life, so I decided to pursue my education in management field. For this, I further completed my Higher Secondary education (+2 levels) from Capital College and Research Center securing academic % in the year 2017. Since I passed my higher secondary level education from Nepal, I have been planning to study abroad for my higher education in one of the best universities in the world. For completing my dream to study in the world’s recognized university I had to take the IELTS exam which was the first gateway for my dream. I appeared on my IELTS exam on 21st September 2017. There, I have acquired an overall band of 7.0 (Listening 8.5, Reading 7, Writing 6 and Speaking 6). As I am under 18 years of old I will be applying for my visa after I turn 18 so I am applying now for the November intake. I have utilized and will utilize this time for abroad study research.

After completion of IELTS, I felt a strong urge to pursue my further education in an Australian University since the value of Australian education is of exceptional quality and has an excellent reputation all over the world. Australia has been one of the most sought educational destinations for students all over the world. It has some of the world’s best universities which provides excellent education and infrastructures for students. It is evident from the fact that 19 of Australian universities were ranked among the top 400 universities of the world. The degree provided by Australian universities is recognized globally all over the world. Therefore, I am keenly looking forward to being part of an Australian University which will provide me globally recognized education and degree which will help me pursue my career goals.

Another important factor for selecting Australia is its popularity among International students in the standard of living. Australia’s standard of living is highest amongst other universities, living expenses and tuition fees are considerably lower in contrast to the United States of America and the United Kingdom. For an international student staying away from home a safe and friendly environment is another factor which Australia has been able to provide. Being one of the attracting destinations for International students, Australia has been able to provide various facilities during and after the study for students which help them to learn the skills there and implement those skills in their home country, which will help them pursue their dreams after the study.

It is difficult to understate the importance of Accounting in companies and the business world as a whole. It is because of my recognition of the importance of accounting that I have decided to seek further education and a career in this field. After careful consideration, it has become clear to me that developing a successful career in accounting in the modern business environment requires advanced training in accounting and related subjects. Always being keen to learn Accounting and its principles made me easier to decide to study Bachelors of Accounting in one of the most recognized University in Australia. Another major reason for me to select Accounting as my career is the immensely growing Business capitalization in my home country Nepal, which will provide me various career opportunity when I will complete my study in Australia and return Nepal.

Except that, looking at the several successful personalities all over the world in the field of Accounting influenced me to do something in the subject which I have always been interested in. As the above shows, I am highly motivated and ambitious in pursuing my Bachelors of Accounting in Australia. By studying Bachelors of Accounting, I hope to extend my vision and skills in the field of Accounting. After completion of the program, I plan to return to [my country] and work for one of the leading multinational accounting/finance firms as an accounting professional capable of dealing with a broad range of people, companies, and financial situations.

After making a decision about my course plan it was very hard for me to choose the education provider. But after a couple of research of my own and suggestions from consultancies in Nepal, I stumbled upon Southern Cross University. Southern Cross University is an established Australian public university, with campuses at Lismore and Coffs Harbour in northern New South Wales, and at the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland. Southern Cross University was placed at 150 world’s best young universities for 2016. Moreover, it has been consistently ranked in the top two in Australia for international student support by the International Student Barometer survey. In addition, quality of education, learning environment, extensive language resources, reasonable tuition fees, world-class facility is some of the reasons behind selecting this university for my further studies. Also comparing to other universities (James Cook University, La Trobe University, Griffith University) Southern Cross University offers the same course at a very reasonable price for International Students.

Besides, the following facilities provided by SCU encourages me to prefer SCU to other Universities.

Student Support Services: SCU provides a wide range of Student Support Service to assist the students via The Hub throughout their learning process SCU has academic advisors who are committed to understanding our individual needs and endeavor to help us gain an academically, culturally and socially enriching experience from international student’s time with them.

Welfare Support: Student Services facilities provide various facilities and support to students. These include campus clinic, counseling, disability services, clubs and societies, Centre for Student Engagement(CSE), Student advocacy services, Student Relations Coordinators (SRCs) and ally network.

Academic Support: SCU’s academic support teams work closely with lecturers and tutors to monitor students’ academic performance and provide assistance where necessary. The University provides a relaxed and friendly environment and various workshops to enhance learning among international students.

Career Support: SCU provides students with support in the areas of internships, professional placements and work experience. It provides assistance with the extracurricular workplace learning experience and helps with co-curricular Work Integrated Learning. It also has various other online tools and resources to assist with job search which is particularly designed for first-year students like me to stay ahead in their plan for the future.

Study Support: The staff in SCU are available to help provide suggestions and guidance on how to enhance students’ study skills and make the best use of their study time, including time management, exam preparation, stress management and group work. In addition, there is a range of online resources to further help students achieve their best academically

In my home country Nepal, there are several courses available for the field of Accounting. But there is not any specific course which focuses on Accounting, which is one of the reasons for me to choose Southern Cross University. Except that, there are limited universities and colleges which becomes too hard for us to choose between the Universities. Providence of a limited number of seats for students is another main reason for me to study abroad. Due to all these reasons, I want to complete my undergraduate program and learn several skills and practical knowledge in Australia and return to my home country.

After completion of my Bachelor’s Degree, my plan is to go back to Nepal and utilize the globally recognized degree and International work experience I will have attained in Australia. I would like to use the knowledge and experience I will have acquired in Australia to contribute to the development of my developing country. I am sure that there are a lot of things that Nepal can learn from Australia and me, being a responsible citizen of my country, take it as my duty to use the skills I have learned to the advantage of the nation. I believe I can be one of the few people who contribute their foreign experience to make Nepal an ideal workplace and aid in the economy of the country. Studying in Australia is the first step moving forward towards achieving my goal.

As per my knowledge, Australia has a lot of workplace standards, ethics, professional codes and employee rights which seems fascinating to me. My motive is to be a part of that culture in Australia, learn from them and implement it back in Nepal to make work for people like me in Nepal a better place and meet the international standards.

I am very confident in financing the funding of my studies and living expenses through bank balance and my family income as my family is very supportive in terms of financial support regarding my decision to study abroad and will sponsor me throughout the course period. My parents always encourage me to study what I want and are very happy with my decision of joining one of the most recognized universities in Australia. Therefore, I assure that financing the fund for my studies won’t be any problem.

Finally, I would like to assure the admission of SCU, that my only purpose of going to Australia is my study and would like to assure you that if given the opportunity to be a Southern Cross University, I will do my best to live up to expectations of the university and to contribute in making its image. I also realize that studying for a Bachelor degree away from my home country will require huge persistence and hard work. I feel sure that my past education has prepared me for the demands and challenges that I will inevitably face. I am eager to apply myself and develop my skills further in your esteemed university. I must return to Nepal after the completion of my bachelor’s degree because I have to take care of my parents. Since I am an elder in my family it’s my responsibility to take care of my family & the assets that my parents have joined in their name.

I look forward to joining Southern Cross University. I agree to abide by the Australian Immigration rules and regulations.

Many Thanks,

Sincerely Yours,

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