“Sample “

Student’s Affidavit


Mr/Mrs Applicant Name, DOB: DD/MM/YYYY, a resident of Permanent Address.

The above-mentioned deponent hereby solemnly declares that:
• I,Applicant Name , am a bonafide citizen of Nepal holding a Nepalese Passport number- Number issued by District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal on Date Of Issue) and Nepalese Citizenship (Citizenship number : Number, issued by District Administration Office, (Place of Issue),
• My in-law family: (Name & Relations), and my biological parents, (Parent’s Name) have sponsored me for my study in abroad,
• I have completed my S.L.C. from ( School Name), located at (Location Name) in MM/YYYY, +2 from (College Name & Location) in MM/YYYY and finally Bachelor/Master from (College Name & Location) on MM/YYYY under University Name,
• I am planning to study ‘Course Name at University Name & Location as I have received the Letter of Offer and COE from my respective university,
• My academic expenses, travelling expenses, accommodation and any other unforeseen expenses during my stay in Australia will be borne by my sponsors,
• I belong from an economically sound and stable family,
• All the documents are genuine with this application,
• I/we will return to our country Nepal after completion of my course and do promise to abide by and obey the rules and regulations set out by the Australian Immigration Authorities.

The above-mentioned deponent declares and verifies her responsibilities and the contents of the paragraphs and are true and no part is false.

Deponent                                                                                                  (Notary Seal)

Applicant Name