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Tax Clearance Certificate is a document issued by the VDC/Municipality to declare that there is no any tax remain and tax payer is paying all the income & property taxes regularly to the government of that country.


A Tax Clearance Certificate is confirmation from Revenue that an applicant’s tax affairs are in order at the date of issue of the certificate. In some instances a certificate may be issued to a customer who has tax arrears provided such arrears are covered by an installment arrangement that has been agreed with Revenue.

The tax clearance certificate is issued by VDC/Municipality Officer and verified by Tax Office & Officer.

Following are the sample of Bank Balance Certificate:

  1. Tax Clearance Certificate Sample 1 Download | View
  2. Tax Clearance Certificate Sample 2 Download | View
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate Sample 3 Download | View
  4. Tax Clearance Certificate Sample 4 Download | View
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate Sample 5 Download | View

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