Sadhana Regmi

Sadhana Regmi

Australia VISA Success

COE Started on
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VISA Applied on: Feb 06, 2017
VISA Received on: Feb 27,2017

Remembering the day I entered Kathmandu Infosys Butwal for the first time, it was a complete homely experience for me. Although, I have visited other agents in my home town, I was not able to get proper information about best course and education provider that meets my profile and socio-economic background. When I was counselled in Kathmandu Infosys Butwal for the first time, I got to know about every minute details about the processing, expenses during and after, documentation guidance, my course information, my career outcomes and my higher education opportunities after completion of my current course. I was properly guided to pursue my dream of studying in Australia.
                Friendly environment, expert staffs, suggestion of best course and institution choice, positive vibes in all staffs, ready to assist at any time, etc. are best qualities of Kathmandu Infosys Butwal. Nowadays, I always recommend everyone to apply through Kathmandu Infosys Butwal and get proper counselling from Amit Paudyal sir and Kapil Kafle sir, with the assistance of kind-hearted and very friendly Kriti Thapa miss and Barsha Poon Magar miss.


Sadhana Regmi


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