Statement of Purpose (SOP) for New Zealand

” Sample “

Visa Officer,
Immigration New Zealand, India

Introduce yourself with your permanent address and briefly description of your education history
from Year 10 to my highest qualification including the names of the qualifications; education
institutions, academic percentage, course completion month/year & IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/CAE score
& date of exam:
Here student should mention their introduction with the permanent address and all the academic qualification
they have completed with full details of the course, duration, pass year, percentage and institutions. Also need
to mention English proficiency details i.e. score, date of taken

Brief record of your employment history by listing the names of all employers, job designations and
commencement and end dates to indicate the duration of each employment position held, duties &
Here student should mention all employment history listing name of employers, job designations and
commencement and end dates of each employment. Also, include your duties and responsibilities and link this
with your further chosen course.

Reasons for gaps of one year or more in your academic and/or employment history (if there is gap):
Here student should mention clearly about gap and activities done in the gaping time with clear details. Also it
has to be relevant with student’s previous study and further chosen study course.

Details of the financial sponsors who will fund your New Zealand studies and living expenses by
listing their full name, country of residence, current job designation, employer’s name and amount
along with Bank Balance/Educational Loan amount & Bank:
Here student should have mentioned all the income details, sponsors, bank balance/Loan amount, banks and
understanding of future financial support from sponsors for the next year fees and living cost.

Your proposed living arrangements in the particular city of New Zealand:
Here student should mention understanding of the types of accommodation they will be looking, approx. per
week living cost in the particular city, research they have done to get information about accommodation
available and how they will arrange that? Also mention little about the city i.e. Why that particular city?

Research that you conducted about study in my home country, before you made the decision to choose
study abroad: (Why not to study in Nepal?)
Here student should have very strong research done for finding the same course in Nepal and also there has to
be very strong reason why student is not studying here in Nepal? Which are the colleges and universities you
have research in Nepal and why not in those colleges and universities? What other things you will get while
studying in abroad which you will not get studying in Nepal? Student should focus for weakness of our
education system not political reason. It has to be independent research.

Research that you conducted about study in other countries, before you made the decision to choose
New Zealand and reason to study in New Zealand not other country:
Here student should have very strong research about other countries. Which are other countries you have
researched and what are the reasons for not applying in those particular countries? Student should have done
research for multiple countries not only one country. It has to be independent research.

Reasons for choosing this particular academic program.
Here student should mention why you are choosing this course? What is your understanding about this course
and what skills and knowledge your will get at the end of this course?

Reasons for choosing this particular college/University rather than a similar course at other
college/university inside New Zealand:
Here student should have done good research about the College/University they are applying. Also, has to show
very good research about which are other Colleges/Universities they have researched before finalizing their
decision to study in this particular College or University? There should be very strong comparison with other
providers. Why this college/University? Comparison can be done on the basis of course availability, academic
and English entry requirements, tuition fees, course structure, specialization options availability, scholarship
options, location, internship facilities or any other facilities provided to international students).

Understanding about course and core contents, electives with tuition fees, duration of course of your
selected academic program:
Here student should have mentioned about the course requirements, total duration of course, fees for the each
course, duration of each course, total units need to complete, any electives units, some subjects they need study
under this course, any specializations, professional association membership of the course of any professional
body in New Zealand for the particular course.

Your future study or career plans upon successful completion of your selected course of study from New
Here student should have mentioned very strong career plan after completing this course and PSW
experience. What are the jobs you can apply with this course, which are the possible companies where you can
apply for the job? How much salary you can expect initially and how you can increase that salary in future?
How is the demand of your skill in your own country? How it can be possible recover your study investment
working in those companies? If you are planning to do your own business student should show that they will
work some year, will get experience and savings and after that only they can operate any business. Here you
should show your understanding to get the competitive job in your country, if you are unable to find
competitive job can also show the planned to do international job. It has to be independent research by the
student which has to be very strong not generic. Here student also needs to show their return intention from
New Zealand. Can show their family, social, cultural tie up with Nepal.

Understanding the visa conditions that you must satisfy whilst studying on a student visa in New
Here student should mention their understanding about the student visa conditions in New Zealand.

Your previous immigration history, visa refusal, previous international travel for any country
including New Zealand:
Here student should mention about the previous immigration history of any country if there is no any
immigration history.

Name: –
Passport Number:
Date of Birth: –