Do these questions come in your mind when thinking about abroad study?

– Should I choose one of the highest-ranking institutions?
– Or, one that offers me ample opportunities to try out something new?
– Or, should I focus on strengthening my employability?

The answer to all these relevant questions is “Yes, you should”. And, the good news for you is that the UK offers all of that and much more. So, why bother thinking about other options.

Why choose the UK for the pursuit of your higher education?

– world-leading teaching and ground-breaking research
– 29 of the top 200 universities in the world are in the UK
– As an English speaking country, the UK is a perfect place
to polish your language skills
– A UK education provides you with a powerful platform to
kick-start your future
– Your UK degree will be recognized and respected, no
matter where you end up being employed
– Affordable universities
– Part-time work opportunity up to 20 hours per week
– UK universities are inspected regularly to ensure that
they maintain the high standards of teaching and learning
set by the government
– Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK tend
to be shorter compared to other countries, which can help
to keep the cost of tuition fees and living cost down
– Apart from education, the UK is known for its historic
legacy, its world-famous music, arts, fashion, film and
– A plethora of travel destinations to discover
– UK’s multi-cultural atmosphere makes your life easy

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