We would like to suggest you all to stay safe from the rapidly spreading coronavirus. It has been warned that the spread of the deadly coronavirus is expected to accelerate, heightening concerns about an outbreak that has killed over 80 people in China and reached a dozen other countries including US, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Nepal.

Please maintain sanitation around your neighbourhood. Be safe and help others remain safe from such a virus threat.
Together we can combat any threat to our lives.
Let’s join our hands together to aware the unaware.

? Wear Gloves and socks: When you leave your home, wear gloves—winter mittens or outdoor gloves—and keep them on in subways, buses, and public spaces.

? Wash your hand & face:
If you are in a social situation where you should remove your gloves, perhaps to shake hands or dine, do not touch your face or eyes, no matter how much something itches. Keep your hands away from contact with your face. And before you put your gloves back on, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, scrubbing the fingers. Put your gloves on.

? Change gloves daily, washing them thoroughly, and avoid wearing damp gloves.

? Change Mask: Masks are useless when worn outdoors and may not be very helpful even indoors. Most masks deteriorate after one or two wearings. Using the same mask day after day is worse than useless—it’s disgusting, as the contents of your mouth and nose eventually coat the inside of the mask with a smelly veneer that is attractive to bacteria.

? Stay Clean: Inside your household, remove all of the towels from your bathrooms and kitchen immediately, and replace them with clean towels that have the names of each family member on them. Damp towels provide terrific homes for viruses, like common colds, flus, and, yes, coronaviruses.

? Be careful with doorknobs. If it’s possible to open and close doors using your elbows or shoulders, do so. Wear gloves to turn a doorknob—or wash your hands after touching it. If anybody in your home takes sick, wash your doorknobs regularly. Similarly, be cautious with stairway bannisters, desktops, cell phones, toys, laptops—any objects that are hand-held.

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